Molot Hunting Rifles – VEPR .243

Molot Hunting Rifles - VEPR .243
Molot Hunting Rifles – VEPR .243

U.S.A.-( The VEPR is a versatile rifle, which makes it a solid and reliable hunting firearm. Whether you are hunting or simply hitting the range, you will want to learn more about this rifle.

Built on the same standard as the military RPK, Vepr is 50% more reinforced than a standard, stamped AK rifle. Each rifle has been manufactured using state of the art technology, effectively creating a robust rifle that will last through not just a lifetime but for many generations to come. The RPK-style barrels are hammer forged and chrome lined using techniques that make them four to five times stronger than a standard AK barrel.

Vepr .243 features a look similar to an AK, with a thumbhole buttstock and walnut foregrip.
Vepr .243 features a look similar to an AK, with a thumbhole buttstock and walnut foregrip.

Vepr .243 features a look similar to an AK, with a thumbhole buttstock and walnut foregrip. The hammer forged, chrome lined barrel, and a scope rail is riveted to the side of the receiver for easy mounting for any picatinny-compatible scope. Each rifle comes with high quality, beautifully crafted walnut furniture as well as a rear sight with adjustable windage. As you may be aware, this rifle is sanctioned and only available in limited quantities.

If you're interested in learning more about Molot products, please watch this video review by Sootch describing them as, “Accurate, easy to handle and one of the best AK variants.”

Molot rifles are also available in a number of different calibers such as the 6.5 grendel, .308, .223, and more. Please see our full inventory here.


FIME Group, LLC is a manufacturer, importer, and exporter of the finest, high-quality firearms from around the world. Founded with the mission to manufacture the finest firearms and establish long-lasting business relationships with multiple manufacturers, FIME Group, LLC seeks to provide all of the customer favorites among rifles, handguns, and shotguns.

FIME Group, LLC.’s partnerships include:

  • Arex from Slovenia – the manufacturer of the Rex Zero 1 pistols, with a proven track record of over 20 years for manufacturing highly competitive products with premium quality and precision;
  • Molot from Russia – the manufacturer of the Vepr rifles and shotguns, one of the most rigid, toughest systems in the world;
  • Zastava Arms from Serbia – the manufacturer of the rifles based on the famous Mauser system.

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  • One thought on “Molot Hunting Rifles – VEPR .243

    1. I have several ‘slant back’ Veprs (7.62×39, 5.45×39, .308 and 30-06) and while I do like them all, they could definitely improve in some areas if the intent was to use one for hunting.

      • Trigger: While I have a number of AK-pattern rifles (Yugo, Saiga, and an Arsenal SGL21-31) the trigger groups on my Veprs are, even compared to normal not-so-great AK fire control groups, are varying degrees of terrible.

      • Getting sighted for cold-barrel accuracy: One would think with such thick barrels (at least compared to a standard AK-pattern rifle) that heat-shift would not be a terribly big issues. Wrong. All of my Veprs start to walk shots relatively quickly as the barrel warms up after just a few shots. Have lots of patience waiting for that thick barrel to cool down between shots. My most egregious sample is my .308 Vepr. with about 5″ of shift at 100Y from a cold barrel to a warm barrel (not hot, just a few sighting groups warm)

      • No lefties: While I’m not a bend-sinister hunter, if you are a lefty that thumb-hole stock will not accommodate you and you need to look into a stock adapter. Since the picture shows a slant-back Vepr you’ll need to look into something like the one made by Canis Design to be able to mount your own stock and grip.

      • Scope Mount: Again, this is just my experience with my lot of Veprs but they’ve all be slightly off with the side mount for rail placement over the receiver. I expect a bit of that from my experience with other AK-pattern rifles, but the Veprs I have are quite a bit offset to right (when looking from the shooting position) quite a bit meaning, “really off”. You can adjust for this with a good RS Regulate scope mount with the adjustable top plate adapter (so you can move things around a bit).

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