Every Sick Evil F*%k that Produced “Who Is America” TV on SHOWTIME


Sacha Baron Cohen
Sacha Baron Cohen

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- I’ve been wrestling with this for a few weeks. While I derive no pleasure from discussing it, I refuse to shy away from it, so here goes.

As you are no doubt aware, a little over one year ago, two giant figures in the gun rights community, Phil Van Cleave, and Larry Pratt were caught on camera playing along with Sacha Baron Cohen for what we now know is a sick Showtime comedy series, ‘Who Is America’.

The basic premise of the show was to catch conservatives, in this case, gun rights activists, in embarrassing and compromising situations. In both of these cases, it was extremely effective.

To be fair, they were not the only high profile victims of Cohen’s vicious hit jobs, but frankly, I don’t care about the others, only the attacks against the pro 2A community and in this case, two friends. That said, let me be clear: both of these men are longtime friends of mine. I’m not here to judge them after the fact as they have suffered tremendously, continue to suffer ridicule and embarrassment and are no doubt feeling the pressure of being publicly ostracized by many within a community they have worked so hard for over so many years.

There isn’t anything I can say or do here on this page or on my radio programs that will help either of them out of their predicament, nor will I bother trying. I can’t and I won’t. Reality is a harsh mistress and both gentlemen will endure whatever comes their way, personally and professionally, as a result of their own actions. Unfortunately, perception is reality and for the vast majority of Americans who saw the videos or will see them without the benefit of knowing the decades of selfless hard-work these individuals have put into making America great. Their legacy, in and outside of the firearms rights community, is tarnished forever.

But there is a bigger story here if that is even possible, and that is the question of how it all came to be?

Not how did each man put themselves in such a position to do or say the things they did, only they can answer that, but rather, who are the people behind the scenes who provided the platform that enabled the outcome? Who did this? What kind of people do this to other American’s knowing it would crush reputations, cost jobs, destroy lives and family? And why? For what purpose? Comedy? Money?

Think about this for a moment. I don’t know if you’ve ever been on a television, studio or movie set, (I have). There is a crew of people involved in the making of any production, especially one of the big budget types such as this. It includes camera operators, directors and production assistants, makeup artists, lighting etc. It is a busy place with a lot of activity.

In this case and because of the nature of the deception necessary to pull it off successfully, the entire crew, in addition to their individual responsibilities, were also actors, and more importantly, bonafide, unashamed, liars.

Each one of them was well aware that they were intentionally deceiving another human being who would later be publicly ridiculed, shamed and scorned to the point of what might be incalculable destruction to their lives.

Here is a complete list of the evil low life scum that willfully assisted in destroying the lives of good men and women who only want the best for our country.

Series Produced by

Sacha Baron Cohen executive producer (7 episodes, 2018)
Melanie J. Elin producer (7 episodes, 2018)
Larry Ferguson Jr. post producer (7 episodes, 2018)
Tony Gardner associate producer (7 episodes, 2018)
Nicholas Hatton producer (7 episodes, 2018)
Anthony Hines executive producer (7 episodes, 2018)
Lee Kern co-producer (7 episodes, 2018)
Jonathan Levene associate producer (7 episodes, 2018)
Corey Metcalf field producer (7 episodes, 2018)
Debra Neil-Fisher co-producer (7 episodes, 2018)
Andrew Newman producer (7 episodes, 2018)
Julia Pyzik field producer / producer (7 episodes, 2018)
Brian Reich co-producer (7 episodes, 2018)
Todd Schulman executive producer (7 episodes, 2018)
Ashley Underwood field producer (7 episodes, 2018)
Tim Allsop producer (3 episodes, 2018)
Daniel Gray Longino producer (3 episodes, 2018)
Dan Swimer producer (3 episodes, 2018)

Series Music by

Erran Baron Cohen (7 episodes, 2018)

Series Cinematography by

Luke Geissbuhler (7 episodes, 2018)

Series Film Editing by

Roger Nygard (5 episodes, 2018)
Mark Davies (3 episodes, 2018)
Drew Kordik (3 episodes, 2018)
Eric Notarnicola (3 episodes, 2018)

Series Makeup Department

Alexis Arenas makeup artist (7 episodes, 2018)
Barney Burman key makeup artist (7 episodes, 2018)
Analyn Cruz wig designer (7 episodes, 2018)
Thomas Floutz special makeup effects artist (7 episodes, 2018)
Tony Gardner makeup department head (7 episodes, 2018)
Carlton Coleman special makeup effects artist (2 episodes, 2018)

Series Production Management

Daniel Nuzzi production supervisor (7 episodes, 2018)

Series Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Melanie J. Elin associate director (7 episodes, 2018)

Series Art Department

Elana Farley property master (7 episodes, 2018)
Greg Shull props (1 episode, 2018)

Series Sound Department

Michael Huang dialogue editor (7 episodes, 2018)
Jim Lakin sound mixer (7 episodes, 2018)
Jason Coleman foley artist (5 episodes, 2018)
Scott Harber sound mixer (3 episodes, 2018)
Francesco Lo Cascio sound mixer (2 episodes, 2018)
Chris Quilty sound mixer (2 episodes, 2018)
Derrek Jones foley artist (1 episode, 2018)

Series Special Effects by

James Isaacson special effects lab technician (7 episodes, 2018)

Series Camera and Electrical Department

Matthew W. Davis segment director of photography (7 episodes, 2018)
Michael Richard Martin camera operator (3 episodes, 2018)
Marco Tomaselli camera operator (2 episodes, 2018)
Eric Bader Additional Director of Photography (1 episode, 2018)
Nate Cornett camera operator (1 episode, 2018)
Brett Graybill additional first assistant camera (1 episode, 2018)

Series Casting Department

Kris Redding casting (7 episodes, 2018)

Series Costume and Wardrobe Department

Jason Alper stylist (7 episodes, 2018)

Series Editorial Department

Joshua Calloway post-production coordinator (7 episodes, 2018)
Jeremy Cohen additional editor (7 episodes, 2018)
Peter Daucsavage assistant editor (7 episodes, 2018)
Delaney Del Vecchio assistant editor (7 episodes, 2018)
Meghan Klien post-production coordinator (7 episodes, 2018)
Tom Nuzzalo assistant editor (7 episodes, 2018)
Valerie Summey assistant editor (7 episodes, 2018)
James Thomas consulting editor (7 episodes, 2018)
George Mandl additional editor (2 episodes, 2018)
Alexis Hanawalt additional editor (1 episode, 2018)
Brooke Rupe assistant editor (uncredited) (7 episodes, 2018)

Series Other crew

Andrew Bromley assistant production coordinator (7 episodes, 2018)
Kate Cavendish publicist (7 episodes, 2018)
Christian Garrido production assistant (7 episodes, 2018)
Lon Haber publicist (7 episodes, 2018)
Cassandra B. Laymon stage manager (7 episodes, 2018)
Tim Monich dialect coach (7 episodes, 2018)
Greg Vargo production assistant (7 episodes, 2018)

These actors and liars performed their roles perfectly. No laughter on set, no snickering or outward appearance of anything that would give away their true intent, acting as nothing more than professional crew members doing their jobs, that is until the lights went dim and the subjects were comfortably on their way home.

I can only imagine the laughter and high fives behind the scenes as they deceptively edited tape, reviewed material and added the graphics to the green screen shots in their intentional efforts to provide maximum destruction to the participants, whose own actions without edits, was bad enough.

Again, while the participants made terrible decisions in engaging in the first place and have no one to blame but themselves, this type of activity from well-funded leftist entertainment and media simply highlights the deep-rooted hatred and the lengths to which those filled with such hate, will go to destroy their enemies. The massive, behind the scenes lies and deception by dozens of sick and evil individuals that it took to pull this off, willing participants or not, shows us in no uncertain terms the lengths that those who hate us as conservatives and/or gun owners will go to destroy us. They will gleefully destroy our lives, reputations, community standings, careers, family relationships and anything else that they believe stands in their way.

Unfortunately, two of our own, stupidly, albeit unwittingly, handed them the keys to their own reputations and in the process did incalculable damage to not only themselves but their community. But those responsible for enabling a sicko like Cohen deserve to share the shame.

Mark Walters
Mark Walters

About Mark Walters

Mark Walters is the host of two nationally syndicated radio broadcasts, Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense with Mark Walters. He is the Second Amendment Foundations 2015 Gun Rights Defender of the Year award recipient and co-author of two books, Lessons from Armed America with Kathy Jackson (Whitefeather Press) and Lessons from UnArmed America with Rob Pincus (Whitefeather Press)

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Why can’t the democrats understand what is truly going on within America?

The Revelator

@Stillford17 It’s a condition particularly connected to the Human Condition called “Moral Certitude”, or essentially the belief that the opinions they hold are morally correct and therefore anything that disagrees with them must be stomped out of existence. This leads to pretending facts don’t exist, redefining words like “Mob” to prevent them being used around people who, and a complete rejection of reality in order to cocoon themselves in their own private make believe fairy tail where they believe they can do no wrong. For what purpose? Because to them, the Ends always justify the Means. The sad truth is… Read more »

Jack Brake

This is just pathetic. You people are LOSERS looking for a scapegoat like a comedy show to blame your problems on. Grow up, get a life and stop blaming your problems on a satirical comedy show.

Heed the Call-up

Jack, no one is blaming “our problems”, whatever you believe they may be, on an idiotic show. We commented on how, because he disagrees with the points of view of those people, he set them up to ridicule, humiliate, demean, and denigrate them. That is despicable. How would you feel if that happened to you? Any mature, rational person would empathize. These aren’t the first people he has done this to. How many others “deserve” this treatment and why?

Wild Bill

Brake, We have lives. We know the source of our problems. We know the danger facing us. And we are going to the polls to solve those problems, and diminish those dangers. So don’t bother to go to the troll poll because you have already been defeated, pathetic loser.

Jack Brake

Oh… Did you get triggered snowflake?? Cry harder loser.

The Revelator

Sounds like the only one crying right now is you Jack Brake.

Waiting a month to post a reply…. Yeah, that’s pretty pathetic. In fact, it almost seems as if you might have nothing better to do with your life if you are going back to old comments. Don’t self diagnose dude.

Wild Bill

@Rev, I think that he just woke up and is reading a news paper from before the midterm elections. I think that he missed the part where the Silicon Valley libtards spent $100,000,000 in Texas and did not get a thing for it. We thank the SBL for their contribution to a very Merry Texas Christmas!


Sacha Baron Cohen is a worthless fatherless son and a total piece of dung.
The only thing I would watch on TV regarding him would be his funeral.


To the author- you are publicly inciting violence with your article and IMDb hit list as now worded. It makes all gun advocates look very bad. If you had a name that sounded Arabic you’d have FBI agents at your door for writing such things. Think about that, and consider being a peaceful American gun activist (and the bigger person) by amending your article with a clearly worded statement about not suggesting physical harm to this production personnel. Are they sick? Maybe. But the first amendment allows people to make sick shows for tv. It’s just as important as the… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Gmoney11, I did not read any exhortation to action in the article. The political left, Soros funded, libtards do the same and worse. If you were really concerned about the First Amendment, you would be expressing your outrage about the Federal government and now a Federal judge attempting to limit 3D printer code.


Wild Bill, the point is that some people in the comments are taking it as such, and asking for personal info like addresses, and the author doesn’t denounce it, which makes him a party to it. If we as responsible Americans want to ever bridge the divide between ourselves and lefty libtards, publishing lists of tv crew names isn’t productive or appropriate. And let’s not fool ourselves… if this author’s name were Ahmed and he wrote the same article with this hit list there’d be a federal case on him already.

Wild Bill

@Gm11, First, you are in no position to demand anything of the author. Second, you don’t know how “some people are taking it.” You are just making that up or it would be easy to name some people that you polled. Third, the libtards publish and even harass people in public. They do it so we have to do it, appropriate or not. Otherwise you would be institutionalizing a double standard. Fourth, do you know that commercial speech can be more easily regulated than political speech. Read the cases. Fifth, you don’t know that Ahmed allegation is true. You are… Read more »

The Revelator

@Gmoney11 Having recently been in a debate with someone over the issue of the first amendment, and the situation that Wild Bill references, I would like to point something out to you by asking a question. Did Mark Walters say anything that was categorically or patently false? If Mark called for intimidation or violence, I would like you to quote the paragraph and exact wording he used that did so. Back up your claim that he is indeed “Inciting violence”, since if you cant then he hasn’t no matter how you want to categorize it as such. Instead, what I… Read more »


95% of the attackers on NEW YORK 9-11 WERE SAUDI NATIONALS …..


I want to say there was an article a year or so ago that some guy wrote about this incident shortly after it was recorded.
He specifically mentioned the outlandish things the “expert” wanted him to do. I guess no one listened.

Greg Torchia

With a name like Dallas I would think you know better but here goes first of all that girl in the NRA is not a spy /number two who gives a shit? There isn’tnothing at the NRA ( The big bad Wolf )that I can’t tell you right now Sherlock HolmesIt’s not an American intelligence organization I know you want to label it .so let’s label the Southern povertyOrganization a terrorist group same thing with the Islamic muslim brotherhoodAnd people like you as a purveyors of propaganda// a nice day comrade

Country Boy

greg Torchia: Just FYI The Muslim Brotherhood IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. While our FBI/Gov drags it’s feet tolabel it as such, saudi Arabia already has some time ago.


95% of the attackers on NEW YORK 9-11 WERE SAUDI NATIONALS …..

Wild Bill

@Nomad, If your purpose is to discredit Saudis, then you fail to differentiate between the Saudi government that sees the the MB as a terrorist organization and Saudi nationals that launched an attack in NYC. And you can’t pain all Saudis in government or all Saudi nationals. Just pointing out the weaknesses in your rebuttal.
Please recompute and take another run at it.


Timmins what kind of Marxist name is that???
and I didn’t mean to piss you off ,don’t hit me with your purse ,because I’m a psycho that wants to take Commies like you out /because I am not by myself smart ass/ can you hear me now?

Greg Torchia

One thing you forgot to mention is most of these kids that are pulling off these want -to bes terrorist attacks are boosted by mainstream media propaganda from ISIS /Democratic Congress ,people that hate AmericansAnd most are on some psycho meds/drugs yeah forget to mention that shit pharmaceutical assholes Las Vegas shooter wasn’t no kid Black BLM snipers shooting at police officers are no kids theiy are armed combatants and need to be treated as such smart asses and certainly don’t have anything to do with the right wing of American politics Hey Commie dick smokers I used to be… Read more »




n, be careful where the dog s**ts you.

Dallas Van

I’m a gun owner and I think you’re a moron.

Cohen is simply getting these people to admit how fucked up their views are.

Time to put on big boy pants and deal with the fact that the NRA, the gun lobbying community and the GOP has really fucked up recently. We can’t give them slack just because we’re gun owners. Jesus. We’ve got a fucking Russian spy infiltrating the NRA and this whiny article about hurt feefees is what’s on your mind?

Jack Brake

100% Author of article is a precious snowflake.


Ridiculous… I find it disconcerting that these comments were actually viewed by someone at Ammoland, and approved. Kind of funny after an “article” illustrating the importance of keeping your vile, idiotic opinions to yourself… as well as posting a “hit list” copied from IMDb. I’m an exceptionally laidback guy, but the level of rage, and convoluted conspiracy theory nonsense in the comments on here is enough to piss me off quite a bit. It’s extremely disappointing, and I just can’t even relate to anyone capable of suggesting a modern civil war, and this sort of idiot extremism is somehow justified… Read more »

Wild Bill

@B if you do not like the comments, and you are pissed off, perhaps you should not read them.


As usual, you missed the point entirely wild bill. or is that ‘bait and switch bill’?

Wild Bill

@Quick, just attacking from another direction. One need not accept the others point or even address it.

Heed the Call-up

B, if you hadn’t noticed, it’s not us that are physically assaulting anyone, it’s your kind, the anti-rights Socialists that are violent. Any comments about civil war are in reaction to the actual physical assaults by your kind, and only stated that if your kind foments it, it won’t go well for you. We, as firearm owners, want peace, but if you attack us, we are prepared, and will defend ourselves. Now get off mommy’s computer before she finds out.


You took that list as a “Hit list”? Is there something wrong with you that you automatically go to a dark and violent place when you see a list of people involved in a deception that has hurt people? Is that what you would do in the same situation, view it as a “Hit List”? If not, then it’s awfully judgemental of you to assume the same of others. I am angry at the idiot liberals who are bent on the elimination of My 2nd amendment rights,(and I’m certain a lot of others are as well) but I would never… Read more »


As a film editor myself, I just have to say your argument is retarded. A person working on a program is not responsible for that program. It’s hard enough to make a living without misplaced anger like this.
If you want to blame someone, blame the moron who sang a children’s song with a gun attached to a teddy bear.


We’ll said.


Im tired of these far left liberals like Mark Walters. They’re just too PC and cant take a joke. They get offended so easily and get so angry. All they can do is try to shame people online with their social justice. Ha!


this is ridiculous. the idiot senator from Georgia? absolute halfwit – thanks to Cohen he was exposed and is out. Lucky all you commenters who think this articlwe is ok and want addresses to… do what? lucky you are in a tiny minority. good luck dickheads! you dont own america.

Heed the Call-up

JVC, addresses for the same reason anti-rights people get addresses. The only difference would be any protests would be nonviolent, similar to when the VCDL goes to “Lobby Day”. Several hundred peaceful firearm owners makes an impression. Ironically the politicians prefer us to the anti-rights people, they tell us we are much more respectful.


Respectful? clearly your fellow commenters are anything but.

Heed the Call-up

JVC, have they physically assaulted you? Have you not been reading the anti-rights posters? Respect is a two-way street. If you expect respect, you need to act in kind. We have given too much ground in our fight for our rights. No more “compromise”, it only results in more demands against our constitutionally protected rights.

Rob N

Wow great job detective. You literally copied and pasted the production crew from IMDB. Your deep investigation will surely get them good!

LMFAO. Get out of here clown.

Trent Klein

Wow, did any of these people force anyone on the show to say anything? Wow, just wow, on this thread, this attitude is the end of a superpower, destroyed from within by the hatred and false rage. So saddened to read all this misdirected hate and rage, I wish you all the best luck, despite the fact that you seem to want to murder anyone who even slightly disagrees with your interpretation of America, like somehow it belongs only to you. It doesn’t.


Sorry trent but I don’t see you going very far in tomorrow’s America we don’t need communist insults or Islamic slanders from people That never gave blood for their country obviously you haven’t had fellow Americans die beside you defending freedom /people like you will be ostracized as the rubber meets the road/its not because I disagree with your views because I do it’s because you threaten the very fabric of my country and my constitution / and over my dead body ,shall not be infringed And you can take that anyway you like


oh, Greg.. i wish you knew what you sound like. God help us.

Wild Bill

Troll Klein, subterfuge, deception, bald face lies, and clever editing are all forms of force. As to force, if you don’t like us, no person is forcing you to come here.


Nice list, but if you really want it to be helpful, you should have included their home addresses, telephone numbers, work addresses, employers, work numbers, cell phone numbers, emails,and anything else we could use to bury them under heir own ammunition.

R. Johnson

These foreign bastards that come over here and tell us what’s wrong with us should be shown the door.


They walked right into it. They really should’ve been more careful. I saw bits of this and couldn’t believe the things said. Every interview or meeting these guys have should be cleared for this kind of thing. Anyway,, people know how Cohen works , and would understand the set up. Live n learn.

Heed the Call-up

Yes, what was said was stupid, however, they were reading from scripts, with a few exceptions. There were also parts where Cohen used selective editing to make it appear the comment was in reference to his question, when it was actually in response to another question. The whole thing was a farce, so even though they were made to look stupid, it wasn’t their words and ideas presented, only Cohen’s. Van Cleave’s ideas on firearms and firearm safety are easily found on the VCDL dot org website for anyone that cares to learn the truth.


Get a rope!

Terence Colligan

If you sit by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.


Now that we have their names, we also need their addresses and we need to do something about it. Civil war is coming. We need to know where to find these people when the time comes.

And it is a civil war that will have been brought on by themselves and their ilk. They are brave right now but when the bullets start flying I doubt they will pick up arms to defend the side they have chosen to be on. They will try to run and hide but we will find them.

Timothy Votaw

Indeed. When THEY finally press the GO button through their incessant public tantrums, and commit bodily harm to more than statues and images, the acts of cowards, WE will have been given a mandate, by those actions of our opposition. I grew up having been taught never to start a fight, but once engaged, to always finish it, and to win. Except for time in the ring, and a tour as a Marine warfighter, I’ve kept that credo. I see the impending conflict the same way: We have already turned our cheek, more than once, in patience and tolerance. I… Read more »

Chet Peck

Can’t help but agree with you. Your message needs to be spread near and far.


you cant’ express yourself clearly. other than you come across, CRAZY. You must live in a veery small echo chamber buddy.

Heed the Call-up

Timmins, you might want to re-read your post and re-post for clarity. It seems, based on what I could discern from your post, that you did, in fact, understand the original poster. The craziness you suspect is a reflection on you, not the OP. It is crazy to expect that the typical readers at this site to agree with your inanity. Apparently the “veery (sic) small echo chamber” is from where you are posting.


Pure comedy, you sad, pathetic couch potato.
I bet you collect a government check every month.

Anti-Brexit Anti-Trump

Yeah yeah. Bravely typed.


The MSM IS the enemy of the people as Trump states. It is composed of America haters, degenerates, and freaks of every persuasion. Take a good look at TV commercials! You know what I mean?

G. David Doucet

This list of Scumbags is a good start. Now include their email address and phone numbers and we’ve got something to work with!

Greg Torchia

It’s called gun safety Robert and you can never start too early think about that for minute

Greg Torchia

Hey Bob Robert or whatever your name is there is no gray area here if you think with the Democratic communist socialist Islamic front is doing is OK you need to check your mirror you’re either with us or against us If you think it’s OK to eliminate ICE and open the borders and let all these sub humans in then you’re in the wrong place-so if you’re not with us then haul your ice out of here

Sam W

There are no investigative journalists anymore, the media is so far left it is all going to be hit pieces. The wisest move is to not go. Don’t grant interviews unless the whole product is vetted. Doomsday Preppers is another case of seeking out and editing content out of context. Your fifteen minutes of fame on left wing media will be a lifetime of suffering because you signed an agreement with the devils to go on their show.

Senoir Armed Retired Vietnam+ Veteran

I not only “don’t go” and be interviewed, but, I dumped cable TV for a $25.00 antenna and now get 82 TV stations with real content, plus, hooked up ROKU’s, so, there are more than 300,000 Channels here,
at a savings of over $1,000 a year, by cutting cable!

BTW, Showtime is a premium channel, not worth watching, so, I really can’t comment on something too tasteless to subscribe to see!


Great start, now publish their home addresses. Turnabout being fair and all.

Joseph P Martin

The big question: What did they say or do that was so bad?

Wild Bill

In Russian politics, one kills their political opponents. In American politics, one kills the the credibility and career of their political opponents. Well, anyway … the left does.


Ehhhh…try explaining that to the Kennedy clan…sans John F. and Robert of course. :O

Ever heard about the 4-5 dozen “suicides” of former Clinton associates?

“Suicided” Secretary of Defense James Forrestal who allegedly jumped from the psych ward of Bethesda Naval Hospital? Hey!! Wasn’t Bethesda where they took JFK after his brains got blown out?!?

And on and on and on and on…

Heed the Call-up

Trent, the only one suggesting murder is you. Not surprising without the disdain for others you show in your post – typical of those that are anti-right.

Ansel Hazen

Excellent article Mark. More of this needs to happen. And more discussion about what was done should occur too. People need to know the depths to which they will descend in order to push their agenda. And we need to stop taking the high road and fight fire with fire. Turning the other cheek will never defeat your enemy.


hilarious. the low road was paved by conservatives.

Heed the Call-up

JVC, that’s funny, I didn’t realize that the rioting, looting, arson, assaults on police and innocent bystanders, etc., in Ferguson, Baltimore, and Berkeley, etc., were done by Conservatives. I would call your post ignorant, but you clearly are just another lying, anti-rights Socialist. I can’t call it deceptive, either, since the post is just a flat-out stupid lie.


jvc, …be careful where the dog s**ts you

Mr Walkker

No surprise here. A Bore-Rat from Hellywood produces noting but complete GARBAGE. Society is in a state of debased moral decline because of its bogus contributions. We can thank these Godless Fools for their “blatant in your face perversions” of distorted truth being placed as their top of mind dis-info and or miss-info propaganda program. These are noting more than Carpet baggers whom openly choose to run amuck. Out of town foreigners they are. Un-American losers of the highest order. These are indisputable FACTS. Is this so called human THING named Sacha Baron Cohen a Traitor? It certainly appears to… Read more »


Traitor to what? Sacha Baron Cohen is not a US citizen.


The only truly evil people here are the insane, mostly republican Americans, making havoc around the world and within your own society. In ‘Who is America?’ you get what you deserve.


Now you can go collect your Soros check, little Bobby.


I needed to get some help from google to find the source of this white-trash/right-wing conspiracy theory. Now, sodd off and get some education, conspiracy creep:


Anti-2a demonrat d-suckers who threaten others with grievous bodily harm or death may not appreciate the response coming their way. Evil = antifa-gs, blm, cair, dnc, splc, h.r. clit-on, etc.


oh, the child is back…

Heed the Call-up

Bob, your ignorance is only surpassed by your stupidity. Your belief that only Republicans are firearm owners is just one facet of proof of that. You believe the anti-rights “protestors” and rioters in Ferguson, Baltimore, etc. are Republicans? As for around the world, I am quite certain all those Muslims that are terrorizing and killing people are also not Republicans. Nor are all the illegal immigrants flooding Europe and the USA. Your poor attempt at projection fails due to your ignorance and stupidity. If the USA is so bad, why are you here and why are all these people still… Read more »

Dallas Van

Ah yes, ‘the muslims’. For a second I thought all these acts of domestic terrorism in America were mostly being carried out by demented alt-right kids. OH WAIT THEY ARE.

Heed the Call-up

Dallas, again, Ferguson, Baltimore, et al, were due to “demented alt-right kids”? Your definition of alt-right is certainly the polar opposite of everyone else’s definition. That certainly was an incredibly ignorant post and extremely poor attempt at projection.

don pelkowski

Not 1 second of ANYTHING Cohen has done is remotely entertaining. He is nothing more than a tool, attempting to shape opinion and/or destroy reputations.


b,…a lot of things can happen to dog s**t…be careful where the dog s**ts you

Country Boy

Bob, you need to take an aeriel intercourse on a Boeing 767, preferably hanging from the jet’s talii rudder by a cotton thread.

I can only hope you’re intelligent enough to fully understand what I told you above.

1776 Patriot

Sacha Baron Cohen’s “comedic” efforts are the epitome of what passes for humor in much of today’s world. His sick productions are no different than Kathy Griffin’s, Bill Marr’s and numerous other socially venerated “artists”. This is what happens when we allow the court jesters and similar fools to dictate the “thought” content and processes that guide our dialogue and social intercourse. This is part and parcel of our youth-obsessed culture where the excesses of of immaturity and sophomoric prattle demean life’s truths and in their place substitute the inane and demeaning superficial braying of the jackasses among us. Until… Read more »


We can only hope that some day each and every one of the sh*bags that were behind this meet the b*tch side of Karma.

Greg Torchia

Circle the wagons boys there’s a shit storm coming

Country Boy

Agreed… but I’ll add: Keep your guns cleanen and ready and keep your powder dry.
I suspect it won’t be too long before the liberal socialists progressive marxists dem protestors/thugs are on our doorsteps.

Robot Asimov

Seriously though, how fucking stupid do to have to be to be supporting weapons for 4 year olds called uzi-corns?


How stupid and low life do you have to be to use the name of a famous author to write your asinine spew?

Wild Bill

@I know lots of guys that were shooting their own bb gun that young. By six they were shooting .22. under supervision, and by eight they were hunting. It was and still is common for a bunch of youngsters under the supervision of a single adult to go bird hunting on a Saturday. Some places cancel school on the first day of deer season. The family of responsible gun owners have a four hundred year history of learning to shoot at a young age. I understand if you don’t want to participate, but don’t try to deny us our heritage.… Read more »

Country Boy

Agreed Wild Bill I was one of them too. Too bad it isn’t still like it was then, and are now having this rediculous “re- discussion” about the 2nd A…after it all it is stated quite clearly in the Bill of Rights FWIW, I attended a “Military school” in my home state, (BTW one that released it’s students to go fight for the Confederacy in 1861) and we were required to disassemble then reasemble an M-14 while blind folded in 60 seconds, or less. . I was timed at 46 seconds. Keep in mind I was 16- to 18 yr.… Read more »

donald pelkowski

My kids were taught safety, handling and respect of firearms at ages 5 and 7. They still respect them in their mid-30’s….

Heed the Call-up

Robo, the “weapons” were plastic. As far as age goes, I had a B.B. gun at 5 years old and learned to shoot my father’s .22 rifle at 6 or 7 years old. I can’t recall not knowing firearm safety. Cohen was the one suggesting arming 4 year olds, not Van Cleave. The VCDL president does support teaching firearm safety at a young age, and if the child is able, learning to shoot, but always under adult supervision. Go to the VCDL dot org website if you care to be informed. Otherwise, we we just take your ignorant post at… Read more »