New Jersey Gun Turn-in “Buy Back” Event 22 September, 2018

New Jersey Gun Turn-in "Buy Back" Event 22 September, 2018
New Jersey Gun Turn-in “Buy Back” Event 22 September, 2018

Arizona -( A firearm turn-in event is scheduled in New Jersey for 22 September 2018. The term “buyback” is an Orwellian propaganda word. The government cannot ‘buyback” something it never owned before.

These events have been fading away in most of the United States. In most of the country, private gun buyers attend these events and purchase expensive firearms at a higher price than the event offers.

This destroys the propaganda value of the event. It shows that guns are a valuable property that many law-abiding citizens find desirable and useful.

In states that have either outlawed private sales or made them very cumbersome, such as New Jersey and California, gun turn-in events still have some propaganda value. From

Participants are permitted to turn in up to three guns each, no questions asked, and do not have to be residents of Burlington or Mercer counties. Ammunition is not accepted and firearms dealers are not allowed to participate in the buyback.

The county agencies are offering cash payments $250 for assault rifles, $150 for handguns, $100 for a rifle or shotgun, and $20 for an inoperable firearm.

The Burlington County Prosecutor's Office and the Mercer County Prosecutor's Office will host a regional gun buyback event on September 22, 2018 from 8am-4pm.

The organizers of the event in Burlington County have put some further restrictions on the event to preserve its propaganda value.

Notice only residents may turn in firearms, even though they will not ask for ID. In fact, they claim no questions will be asked.

They say that firearm dealers will not be allowed to participate. If they are not asking questions, how will they know who is a dealer and who is not?

They limit the number of firearms turned in to three per person.

At such an event I would be leery of claims of anonymity. New Jersey firearms laws are multitudinous and penalties are severe.

If the authorities decided to renege on the promises of “no ID” and “no questions” who is going to hold them to account?  Could a person file a lawsuit for false arrest? Remember, law enforcement officers are allowed to run sting operations, and to lie to suspects in order to obtain convictions.

It will be interesting to see what is turned in at this event. It would be informative if an activist could video most of it, or at least the interesting parts.

Six circuits have ruled it is a First Amendment right to video public officials in the performance of their public duties. New Jersey is in the third circuit, which has upheld the First Amendment right to record video.  Only the Eighth Circuit has ruled the public does not have a right to video public officials on public property.

It might be sad to see a classic Webley pistol (commonly bringing $500- $1,000 on the collectors market, be turned in to be destroyed for a mere $150.

There have been many collectible, historical, and lovely items turned in for destruction.

Most of the firearms turned in at these events are from people who inherited the firearms, know nothing about them, and are not interested in finding out how much they are actually worth.

It is common to see widows effectively tricked out of hundreds of dollars of value.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30-year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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    1. Since New Jersey law stipulates that it is a felony to transport a firearm without a permit, and or carry it from your car in public without a permit, please inform me as to how this so-called buyback program, is not a verifiable incitement to commit a felony for those who will be involved in it?

      Each person that shows up with a firearm, should be considered a felony charge, and then a felony charge for each weapon which the person brought, so as I count it, a minimum of five felony charges could be brought against the people instituting the buyback, along with at least four or five felony charges against the person with the weapons.

      This would be the case, if the rule of law actually operated within the the state of the Democratic People’s Republic of New Jersey!

    2. We live in NJ the home of Fearless Phil Murphy. The guy who became rich, retired early, go bored and bought himself a hobby…New Jersey. The man is a progressive moron better known as a socialist democrat.
      Here in NJ. Most things are either banned or taxed.
      It takes over 4 months to get a pistol purchase permit. And if the Chief is on vacation , could be 6. A carry permit…. Even JC couldn’t get one…unless he was politically connected.

    3. Heard on the news here in So Cal about a year ago that one revolver turned in belonged to Sammy Davis Jr. A sign that they at least check the serial numbers. How else would the cops know for sure that it belonged to him? Even if they were told by the (anonymous) who it belonged to, where did it go as obviously it would have greater value?

    4. A number of years ago I heard of an elderly black woman who turned in an artillery Luger (yes, the Holy Grail for Luger collectors, apparently brought home by a relative as a WWII trophy) for $50 at a “gun buy back” in Ohio. I’m sure that lady could have used the several thousand dollars that the gun was really worth.The chances that a collector piece like that would end up “on the street” as a crime gun were nil, but the cops remained mum and gave her the fifty bucks. Don’t weep about the gun being scrapped, the cops knew exactly what it was and put it in the gun collection at the Police Academy.

    5. No dealers? Hmmm

      How about a “FREE appraisal!” table, like one of those fleamarket roadshows or Pawn Stars shows, where people can get a quick estimate of the value of the firearm they are turning in. And a general idea of where tjey can go to get that orice

    6. Jesus told his disciples to sell their jackets and buy a sword. The idea that a church would do the exact opposite of what Christ instructed is mind-boggling and disguising. Shame on them!

      1. THEFT – under (more or less) color of ‘authority’, plain and simple.
        With the ‘no dealers’ proviso, I would suspect that any private Citizen who attempts to purchase a ‘collectible’ would be arrested on the spot.

        1. I plan to attend and bring 3 slam fire pipe pistols i will be making this week. Its only theft if you let them rob you. In my case, $450 for a $30 lowes trip sounds like im stealing lol

    7. Got word on one of those years ago, found if you could get to the right person you could catch a good buy but it would run a high risk factor, I felt it wasn’t worth loosing my right to buy guns in the future.

    8. @Tom, yes and the organizers, local Burlington County and Mercer County prosecutors, and police that participate in violating these federal firearms laws should be prosecuted by Jeff Sessions and the New Jersey US Attorney Craig Carpenito along with his staff of 130 attorneys and 110 support personnel.

    9. Aside from all the obvious (perhaps more realistic) problems with this assanine program, I’d be uneasy about the anonymity for one other reason. If you’re trading in a gun that’s registered to your name, they make no permanent record of the gun or the owners, and you’re receiving no proof of the transaction… what happens if that gun is pilfered by shady event staff, a cop looking for a “drop gun”, or otherwise makes it back on the street to be used in a crime?
      You are now either “guilty” of a crime for not reporting it stolen, or possibly the main suspect if a weapon recorded as being in your possession is the only lead in an investigation. (possibly with your finger prints still on some out of the way surface)
      Maybe they really will adhere to their “no questions” promise, but that doesn’t really make it better. I doubt they’ll let you turn around and walk away with your gun if after you see their methods, you have second thoughts. Clemency is only for those participating. You’d just be illegally carrying a weapon at that point.

    10. These illegal sanctioned thefts must be charged with the crimes they are committing you cannot buy “back” that which u never owned and I saw an old lady give up a 3000 dollar liver for a 50 dollar Safeway giftcard

    11. Hi guys !! Is this where I can fence all the guns that have been stolen ? No ID ? No questions asked ?
      Wow ! This is waaaay better then a sleazy pawn shop !!!

      1. Do a murder, do a few drive-bys and the church and government will destroy the chain of evidenced for you. Bonus, you get money for the guns you stole.
        Rob a cop and take his gun, its worth $150. If he /she has a rifle in the car that $250.
        No questions asked, no paper work, no record… save a trip to the sea shore or river, save gasoline, be GREEN.
        Still, wiping fingerprints and wearing cotton gloves isn’t a bad idea.

    12. “It will be interesting to see what is turned in at this event.”

      Indeed. They’re paying $150 per handgun? How much does it cost to 3D-print a handgun based on Defense Distributed’s design?

    13. You can bet no GUARANTEE these “buyback” weapons will be checked over by the buyers big time, MANY (all but the nonfunctional GARBAGE) will go into these buyers safes or cabinets as “prizes from the gullible”…. OR be sold for their REAL values and the gimmick operators pocket the cash. Sell them outright or give them to a family member, just do it legally. The buybacks are the ULTIMATE gimmick for those running them to get some really nice or even rare guns for peanuts. Most of these weapons have rested peacefully in a closet for decades, family heirlooms gone for a few dollars of their actual value. Most who turn in a weapon (like a Dem or liberal) are completely clueless, or up in age, as to what they are in reality handing over. ALWAYS check the family first.

    14. The Police are not exempt from firearms regulations.
      All of these purchases to be legal must be done through an FFL and recorded in an A & D book. If the purchased firearms are to be destroyed the serial #’s must be sent to the ATF so that the #’s can be taken off the books as active firearms. No FFL, no A & D book no legal purchases by the department.
      If not properly done, there is the possibility of firearms used in a crime will be destroyed forever.
      What if the destroyed firearm was used to murder an LEO ?

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