State Gun Group Grades & Endorses Montana Candidates – You Must VOTE

78 Candidates for Congress and Legislature Endorsed.

Matt Rosendale
Matt Rosendale

MISSOULA – -( The Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA) has released its endorsements and grades for candidates on the ballot for the 2018 General Election. MSSA has endorsed 78 candidates for Congress and for the Montana Legislature.

MSSA is the chief political advocate for Montana gun owners and hunters. MSSA has gotten 68 pro-gun and pro-hunting measures through the Legislature and enacted into law. MSSA supports Montana gun owners and promotes firearms safety.

For the U.S. Senate, MSSA endorsed Matt Rosendale. MSSA explains that when Rosendale was in the Montana Senate, he carried MSSA's “Ammunition Availability Act” at the request of MSSA. That Act was intended to encourage the manufacture of ammunition components in Montana, smokeless powder, primers, and cartridge cases.

MSSA expressed concern that Rosendale's chief opponent, Jon Tester, has voted for gun control bills in the Senate and opposed Supreme Court nominees who don't favor expanding government power.

MSSA also endorsed incumbent Congressman Greg Gianforte to be returned to the U.S. House.

MSSA president Gary Marbut commented, “I know Greg. He's one of us. He understands the right to keep and bear arms, and it's not just lip service. Besides, we have a voting record for his opponent Williams, from when she was in the Legislature and it's a bad record. She simply would not work with Republicans on pro-gun bills.”

About Rosendale, Marbut said, “Matt has a 100% voting record on gun issues in the Legislature and he successfully carried our Ammunition Availability Act for Montana gun owners. Those prove his commitment to our issues”

Marbut said he is concerned that Tester and Williams, both Democrats, likely agree with the ostensible party leader for Montana Democrats, Governor Bullock, who recently announced his support for a wide array of gun control. It is unknown if Tester and Williams will publicly admit agreement with Bullock this close to an election, or disagree with Bullock and create a rift on the subject in the Democrat Party.

The remaining 76 endorsements were for seats in the Montana Legislature, Senate, and House. Of these, 74 were for Republican candidates and two were for Libertarians. MSSA could not identify any Democrat candidates with an acceptable voting record or an adequate returned candidate questionnaire to meet its endorsement criteria. While MSSA provided Green Party candidates with the MSSA candidate questionnaire, Green Party candidates have been removed from the November ballot with a lawsuit by Democrats.

All of MSSA's candidate endorsements and candidate grades are posted Online at:

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  • 2 thoughts on “State Gun Group Grades & Endorses Montana Candidates – You Must VOTE

    1. Montana people need to wake up.They have all these imports moving in an bring all their bullshit views with them. They need to quit voting party lines.

    2. It is about time the NRA weighed in on this massively anti-gun WA State Initiative 1639.

      And finally, finally some one said what this Initiative does — it defines, IN LAW, any rifle which uses 100 year old technology as a “military assault rifle” and then uses the scary term MILITARY ASSAULT RIFLE it just FRAUDULENTLY DEFINED to raise money by imposing a NEW TAX and imposes MANY, MANY ANTI-GUN LAWS on ANY GUN FRAUDULENTLY defined as a MILITARY ASSAULT RIFLE.

      If the gun is a twenty-two caliber rifle used only for pest control (THE CALIBER IS ONLY SUITABLE FOR SHOOTING MICE, RATS AND SQUIRRELS) and has only a three round magazine LOADED MANUALLY it is still classified as a MILITARY ASSAULT RIFLE BY LAW if it uses 100 year old technology.

      The above is only one of MANY, MANY changes to existing gun laws this MASSIVE INITIATIVE MAKES.

      WA State Superior Court Judge James Dixon, of Thurston County WA,. ordered the massive WA state gun control Initiative 1639 off of the WA ballot this November. This occurred Friday, August 17th, 2018. Judge Dixon said the initiative violated state law in two regards First, it was not readable (WA law states that all descriptions of law changes must be in at least size 10 font and readable) – and second, the description of the law changes must be accurate – and Judge Dixon said the initiative violated all of these laws. Judge Dixon gave one specific example: “I have 20-20 vision. I can’t read it…”.

      On Friday, August 24th, the WA Supreme Court did not, repeat NOT, decide if the initiative violated the law. The WA Supreme Court did rule, REPEAT DID RULE, that the law did not specifically allow the Secretary of State, or a judge such as Judge Dixon, to remove the initiative from the ballot – apparently WA State Law is just a suggestion.

      The WA State Supreme Court ordered the initiative be placed back, repeat BACK, on the WA State Ballot for this November.

      If this massive Gun Control Initiative passes this November, Washington State will become the most anti-gun state in the United States, California will look like a gun friendly state by comparison.

      VOTE NO on Initiative 1639.

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