Bloody Gunquack Meltdowns on Twitter Show Motives about Agenda, Not Science

It figures gunquacks who don't know what they're talking about would respond to the truth of that with victim-exploiting social media tantrums. (NRA/Twitter)
It figures gunquacks who don't know what they're talking about would respond to the truth of that with victim-exploiting social media tantrums. (NRA/Twitter)

USA – -( “A doctor has shared a gruesome photo of her scrubs covered in blood to hit back at the National Rifle Association's claim that doctors should ‘stay in their lane',” the UK’s Daily Mail happily publicizes. “Dr Kristin Gee, of Los Angeles, posted a picture of her pants and shoes drenched in a gunshot victim's blood, writing: ‘To the @NRA, this is what it looks like to stay in #mylane'.”

The article showcases angry social media backlash by some anti-gun doctors to NRA’s proper contention that:

“Half of the articles in Annals of Internal Medicine are pushing for gun control. Most upsetting, however, the medical community seems to have consulted NO ONE but themselves.”

NRA’s tweet was to introduce its article demonstrating those contentions, showing how anti-gun physicians exploit their status as doctors to presume expertise as arbiters of gun safety. That’s a subject we’ve explored before, noting the gunquacks are long on hysteria and short on proof of professional competence in that field.

Think about it—their formidable education and training in their fields of practice notwithstanding, what makes them qualified to offer professional opinions in fields for which they’ve had no formal training? Why are their opinions on guns more qualified than their opinions on what to do about that pinging noise under the hood, or what the proper mix of mutual funds and high tech stocks in your retirement portfolio should be? Just because they’re (presumably) highly competent in one field doesn’t mean they know squat about others.

Years back, I teamed with the late Joe Horn, a retired Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy who had become a risk management professional. Using his “Physicians, Don’t Borrow Trouble” article as a starting point, we developed a form for patients to present to doctors presuming to counsel them on guns.

That was for simple boundary violations, stuff like advising patients to lock up their safety, or better yet get rid of guns altogether eventhough they had no formal qualifications to do so. If anything, the gunquacks have gotten louder and more demanding, and their furious responses to NRA’s observations show that, as with all gun-grabbers, no infringement will ever be enough. And you can prove that for yourself from the qua… uh … tweets cited in the Daily Mail promo piece.

“This tweet didn’t even make it 12 hours before another mass shooting,” Cedrick Dark, MD MPH snarked.

OK, Doc—that happened in Brady and Giffords #1-rated California, and in an establishment where the gun was carried in illegally. Your lame attempt at “Gotcha!” notwithstanding, what do you propose that would have prevented it?  And bring proof to the table, not just unqualified opinion followed with your unrelated degrees.

Then there’s Ilya Rakitin, M.D., who posted a photo of his bloody pants legs after a young girl was shot.

“I’m not here to discuss legislation, my concern is patients and we need less coming in with bullet hole[s],” he writes, meaning he offers no solutions. “@NRA wouldn’t know anything about having someone die in your arms.”

NRA knows plenty about armed citizens preventing someone dying in their arms. That these medical hoplophobes resort to emotion and hysteria and totally ignore all the documented examples of guns in private hands being used to defend lives is proof that they are not immune to confirmation bias. They thrive on it.

“Do you have any idea how many bullets I pull out of corpses weekly?” Judith Melinek, M.D. angrily demands to know. “This isn’t just my lane. It’s my f*****g highway.”

Being a Los Angeles pathologist, meaning you’re in #1 Brady/Giffords territory, how many of those corpses were the victims of criminals who pay no attention to California’s restrictive citizen disarmament edicts, Doctor? What’s your prescription to stop it, and what’s your evidence that it will be effective?

And importantly, when will you and your colleagues ever agree that the controls are “enough”?

The bottom line is none of these people can offer a solution because they have none, but what they want is obvious. It was articulated years back by Deborah Prothrow-Stith, when she was dean of the Harvard School of Public Health:

“My own view on gun control is simple. I hate guns — and cannot imagine why anybody would want to own one. If I had my way, guns for sport would be registered, and all other guns would be banned.”

If they could have their way, what do you think someone who felt compelled to post photos of bloody scrubs on Twitter to make a political point would also want?

In the meantime, if you'd like some qualified opinions (meaning the ones I personally know have actually trained with guns under nationally recognized and certified professionals, so they understand real gun safety), check out Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and a contributor to Firearms News, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 35 thoughts on “Bloody Gunquack Meltdowns on Twitter Show Motives about Agenda, Not Science

    1. Apparently we are too mentally impaired to safely own our firearms.Perhaps we need to disband the military and police also for the above reason.

    2. I work in a hospital and come in contact with docs everyday. Some of them are looney as hell. Most are great Americans. I have never been questioned by a doc about guns but if I ever am they will regret it. Actors need to act, docs need to heal, athletes need to play. None of them have any rights to even ask about anyones God given right to self-preservation.

    3. My degree is in Professional Gunsmithing and I have 4 instructors’ certifications. If a doctor is qualified to tell me about guns, am I qualified to give advice on medical matters?

    4. Since iatrogenic deaths are so high that it’s now the third leading cause of deaths in the US, FAR outweighing all other forms of murder, perhaps we should lobby Congress to restrict the practice of doctors, nurses and hospitals until they can train themselves to lower their error rate. I want to know when they’re going to stop “practicing” for their jobs and start DOing their jobs?

    5. I will not take any advice from someone in a profession that kills 250,000 people with their mistakes. A photo of what someone looks like beaten to death or cut to ribbons should be posted as, those two causes of death are more likely than a rifle shooting.

    6. The AMA is so self serving. They limit the number of newly minted MDs each year to insure high incomes. Their pontificating serves as a cover-up of their own self caused casualty rate.

    7. According to what I can find there are some 800,000 doctors in the US who kill some 90,000 a year in hospitals and an estimated 200,000 when outpatients and people who die as a result of medical malpractice outside hospitals. Either way, that is a whole lot more per doctor than gun deaths per gun owner.
      Using a rate of per 10,000 doctors / gun owners, you get the following statistics:
      Gun death rate per 10,000 gun owners: 1.60
      Malpractice death rate per 10,000 doctors: 1,125 in hospital, 2,500 total (includes outpatient, clinics, etc.).
      Article used:

    8. Instead of denouncing the majority of the AMA’s viewpoints, along with Deborah Prothrow-Stith’s:
      Lets commend them for their courage to stand up against those that rebel against any logical solutions. We, can come to the table and work together for a safer nation. Solutions that we can all agree to. Hunting for food, and the securement of your home with small caliper weapons are fine. I am not against that what-so-ever. It is quite simple really, have strict and enhanced registration, securement of your weapons, and required training.

      1. They aren’t standing up against those who rebel against any logical solution. They are advocating illogical non-solutions. I’m sure that you know that.

        I’m also quite sure that you know that the 2A isn’t about hunting and only partially about securing your home. It is about the citizenry being capable of confronting, and winning against, a tyrannical government. It is intended to affirm a force of nature, not a privilege granted by, and revocable by, the government. That is why it is unreasonable to advocate for having strict and enhanced registration, securement of weapons, and required training. Any, and all, of those measures provide for the government’s knowledge of, and ability to take by force, the means of resisting it.

        Small caliber firearms are only of use against small game. Any game larger than a coyote require a larger caliber firearm, and large game requires large caliber. Your pretense of reasonableness doesn’t pass the sniff test. Neither does your proposing solutions that we all can agree to. Agreement requires both sides to compromise their views. When one side feels that it has the right to force victim-hood on another, there can be no compromise. There is an old Cossack saying, “If a fool wishes himself to be enslaved, stand not in his way. If he wishes you to be enslaved alongside him, thrust quickly your sword through his neck, and be done with it.” I am not willing to be enslaved. If you are, I recommend not trying to get others to join you.

      2. @the green watchdog, I’m so glad that your fine with everyone hunting for food and the right to have a small caliber firearm, and I would be fine with you having to having to register and to have training to practice your right to freedom of speech, please explain to me how regulating the law abiding citizens are going to make us safer, law abiding citizens are not the ones committing crimes with guns. How about explaining to the rest of us what you would do to regulate the criminal . But here is the problem, folks like you don’t have that answer, so you attack and demonize the legal gun owners because you have no solutions on how to keep criminals from doing what they do. And you don’t realize that your coveted doctors kill 7 times as many people because of malpractice then all gun deaths every year. So ill take my risks with the gun owners instead of the incompetence of doctor’s.

      3. Back to your kennel and doggy poop scooping idiot; People like you are the cause of the latest forest fire disaster in Calif. NONE of the 17,000+ gun laws on the books today have stopped a single shooting, Gun Free Zones ONLY equal “SAFE KILLING ZONES” ; for the deranged individuals that law enforcement ignores. AND WHY should YOU or the government decide what is a “Caliber” for defending myself OR my home?
        How about we RESTRICT Free speech and religion in the First Amendment, that one has resulted in many fights and attacks, why bother with the 5th amendment about testufying against yourself.
        Most of ALL, HOW about you go read and learn the truth and facts about WHY the 2nd Amendment is listed as one of our GOD GIVEN HUMAN RIGHTS.

        1. Deviating, the fire started on the property of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, or SSFL. We reap what we sow and even though multiple agencies have reported that the release of radioactive material is minimal. That certainly is not reassuring. Please read carefully what I commented on.It is compliance and responsibility with gun ownership. Lets center on the subject matter and try not to resort to name calling. Thank-you.

      4. TGWD, so, since most AR-15 platform rifles are in .223/5.56, you don’t want to ban those, right? As others have stated, one, the 2A is not about hunting. Where in the phrase, “shall not be infringed”, do you see the ability of government to infringe on our RKBA? The 2A was written specifically to guarantee our rights from government regulation. Furthermore, most states have similar wording in their own constitutions. The Jews for the preservation of Firearm Ownership has a website,, has a lot of information that you should read to learn about our rights.

        No law has ever prevented crime, it only punishes criminal acts. We used to have capital punishment in most states and on the federal level. It was opposed because it was proven not to be a deterrent for murder. The penalty of death doesn’t deter someone from committing murder, but you believe some other law will? That hasn’t worked yet, not even in California, with some of the most restrictive firearm laws. They even banned firearms in bars, and the bar owner banned his security, which included six police officers, from carrying firearms. That didn’t seem to work out too well. But let’s make legal ownership and carry more costly, onerous and legally perilous – that will work, right?

        1. My own personal opinion is to use firearms for hunting and have a small caliper weapon for protection only. However, I and others want to see strict and enhanced registration, proper securement of weapons, and required training for all. My question for you and others is what, if any, solutions do you have to enable this? All I hear is to enforce current guns law. Not working! Show me how we can decrease the 30,000+ deaths by a bullet.

          1. TGWD, you and others want to infringe on our rights. That does mean most, nor, even if it did, we do not live in a Democracy, and the the majority, based on our constitution, still can’t infringe on our inalienable rights. Jefferson even stated that our rights, even without the constitution can’t abrogate our rights.

            You keep mentioning small caliber firearms for self-defense, but if you really were a firearm owner, you would not be advocating small caliber for self-defense. No self-defense class, instruction, nor any other medium that I have read, seen, etc., has ever advocated for using small calibers for self’s-defense. They have always advocated for the largest caliber one can handle.

            Interestingly, you have not advocated for banning the AR-15 platform rifle, a small caliber rifle.

            1. @Heed, He betrays his ignorance of our system. American law gives people the maximum amount of freedom, up to certain malum in se crimes. You decide whether to cross the line. Then the law acts. He wants a system where people are controlled by others, in advance, in order to get a certain result.

          2. TGWD, show you how to decrease the 30k killed by firearms? If you weee honest, you would acknowledge that 2/3s of those deaths are suicide that no firearm law will prevent. As far as the rest of them, them vast majority are drug and gang related. How does laws infringing on law-abiding citizens rights prevent criminal acts? If that worked so well, why aren’t we doing that with illegal drugs that live far more than vehicles and firearms. I will admit that drugs still kill fewer than doctors annually. You have any laws to prevent doctors killing people? That is if you actually care about people dying.

            1. A number of comments I have made is that suicide is the main factor. We can curb this high % substantially by requiring gun owners to properly secure their weapons With easy access to guns, suicides are more lethal than any other method. According to CDC data, 90 % of people who shoot themselves die. In addition, if you reduce a suicidal person’s access to firearms, it’s l likely to save a life, even if that person attempts suicide by another means. If you want to focus on malpractice, then may I suggest going to another forum to express your concerns.

            2. TGWD, how does properly securing a firearm prevent the owner from using it to commit suicide? How would that, forcing me to “properly secure” my firearm, prevent that same aforementioned owner from committing suicide? Based on your posts,, you are the crazy one. It would seem you are asking for help, that it is you that is suicidal. Please call the suicide prevention hot line in your area. I am concerned that you might do harm to yourself.

            3. TGWD, oddly Japan and a number of other countries with very strict firearm laws have a higher suicide rate than the USA. Apparently trains, buildings and cliffs, have a higher effective suicide rate than firearms.

              How does “properly securing” my firearm prevent another firearm owner from committing suicide? You believe that the aforementioned owner would not be capable of retrieving and using his own firearm because had it “properly secured”? Even though, based on your posts, you appear to this stupid, I will withhold judgment, and assume you are attempting to get some sort of Bloomberg merit badge.

          3. Multiple questions,,,so here goes. First before I answer any questions, This is the second time you have used this phrasing,,,”small CALIPER weapon”. Since it was the second time using this, it was not a typo. A caliper is a measuring device. Maybe you mean CALIBER?
            First of all, take 2/3 of the total gun deaths and know that they are from suicides. I know,,,make a law against suicides. Next, of the remaining deaths take 85% and attribute that number to gang and drug violence. I know,,,make drugs illegal. Maybe by now you can start to see how idiotic you are sounding.
            “Enforce current gun laws. Not working!? Now why in Hades would making more new gun laws work any better. Criminal don’t obey laws.

          4. the Green Dawg said:

            “strict and enhanced registration,

            Registratioin does not prevent anyone from using cars in such a way as to cause harm to others, does it? Funny, that, eh? HOW does registation regulate or control or limit HOW the registered item might be used? If I register the new toaster I just bought, will that keep me from using it to burn my wife’s toast? You think registration will prevent guns from getting into the “wrong hands”? Didjya read about the UPS guy who managed to cadge 450 guns in one sweep, taken whilst enroute within their handling system? If the gun used by the nightclub shooter in Florida turns out to be registered, does that make its evil use somehow more acceptable or less lethal? Get real Pal….

            proper securement of weapons,

            what is “proper securement” anyway? Fed agent leaves a backpack wiht his duty Glock inside it on the back seat of this gummit issued car, doors unlocked? And someone steals it, three days later an illegal foreign invader uses it to kill a young woman on Fisherman’sWharf in San Francisco…..And WHO enforces this? Did that Fed agent suffer any consequences for his carelessness? Of course not. Yet you want ME to keep ALL mine locked up so not even I can get them quickly enough when some such creature as killed KateSteinle smashes into MY HOUSE in the dark of night and begins to hunt me down to take me out first so he can have his way with my familiy and stuff……. dream on, Paco. Not gonna happen. Then there was that clown who murdered his own Mum, stole the key to her gun safe, emptied it out, and went off to Sandy Hook Elementary School and shot the place up with HER guns that had been PROPERLY STORED. Some part of the equation you are missing…….

            and required training for all.

            so WHO determines what is “required training” anyway? We’ve got twelve years of “required training” in our gummit skewl system, yet consider the “product” that rotten system cranks out. Required training indeed. High school graduates cannot even count out chnage when the register figures out how much to return. Will a highly skilled Dad be able to provide the “required training” for his children as they grow up and are ready to learn about campfires, sailing, riding a bike or horse, playing footie, paddling a canoe or using a rifle? Oh, he’s not qualified to teach his Son how to use a rifle? WHY NOT? He’s better qualified than ANY of the docs on their whinge aobut more regulations….. and who’s the kid gonna learn more and better from than his Daddy? And what about me, using guns for well over six decades so far, never an incident, I can shoot a qualifying score on the US Army AQT target, place ten rounds in a one inch square in half a minute…. and have taught hundreds of others safety and marksmanship… but if I want to buy a weapon that requires “training” as an infringement, er, squeeze me, precondition, to owning that weapon, I will have to go pay soe goon to teach me less than I already know, at some considerable cost, as a condition… yeah, makes perfect sense. And WHO decides that that “professiinal” training will consist of? Maybe I live on a thousand acre spread in Wyoming, maybe my brother lives in Chicago’s worst side.. we’ll both have very different needs, won’t we? Yet ur one size misfits all scheme is preferred? I’ve seen what has happened in my state since private for profit companies bribed the state legislature to make THEM the source of all driver training….. my insurance rates just went UP twenty percent because of the far more dangerous drivers in my area, most taught by the mandated by government “required training”. Nah, not buyin it.

            My question for you and others is what, if any, solutions do you have to enable this?

            well, YOUR solutioins are mostly already IN PLACE and YOU are the one complaining about how poorly they work. You’ve just proven YOUR ideas are useless.

            All I hear is to enforce current guns law. Not working!

            Not working because they are NOT being enforced. How often to we read of an underage perp being caught in some robbery or beating, and found with a firearm he cannot lawfully posses… and there is nary a peep on the issue of his “prohibited person” status and carrying a handgun…… in most states. what about the federal project to pay straw buyers to get guns, then smuggle them illegally into Mexico for sale to the droguistas, violating a fair number of laws… WHO in FedGov have ever been called to account for THAT scam, on OUR nickel. and agaisnt the very laws yo promote? How about the Sutherland Sorings shooter, the Parkand Florida shooter, the aurora theatre shooter, the Arizona parking lot shooting that targeted a judge and happened to hit Gabbing Gifferd as an extra, the nutjobs shot up Fort Hood One, and Two. Navy Yard,, Luby’s Cafe in Texas, Sandy Hook school…. NONE of them would have been able to buy their guns if current laws had been ENFORCED>.. NICS background check system never got the reports about mos of them and the felony dusqualifying crimes they committed… and in some cases their involuntary commitment to a psych facility….. so take THAT and shove it back into the faces of those who holler for more laws that will ONLY tie up and violate we who already keep the laws.

            Show me how we can decrease the 30,000+ deaths by a bullet.”

      5. Deputy Dog, the 2nd amendment was written to protect american citizens from tyrants like you. I would attempt an explanation but tyrants dont hear well.

    9. I find it interesting that all these ideologically blinded docs keep suggesting that “gun violence is a public health epidemic and should be treated like one,” and then offer an absurd non-epidemiological approach to addressing it. If it were to be treated like a disease outbreak, the first thing they would do is identify the locus, areas of outbreak. Then they would go to those places (Chicago, Baltimore, LA, etc) and refine the areas infected. Ah HA, neighborhoods controlled by black drug gangs. Now that they know WHERE the problem lies, they’d look for the organism involved. Ah HA again, gang members! Now the have identified the cause (gang members, not guns-which are everywhere else too without doing harm), and the place (gang controlled areas-not just anywhere) so they can propose ways to make gang members less violent, or to eliminate gangs. Uh oh, gangs being more common among Blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities, that sounds racist. So they propose taking guns away from law-abiding folks everywhere. That’s not racist, just idiotic. This approach is the logical equivalent of addressing an E. Coli outbreak in Starbucks coffee, by permanently banning coffee sales or consumption nationwide.
      If you think we should treat “gun violence” the way we’d treat an epidemic, at least be consistent with your own methodology Docs!

    10. I have been using the same family physician for over four decades. A darling man. He and his wife, a pain management specialist, practice together. Except for inquiring about the health of myself and my wife, he never intruded into our private affairs. If they did, I would respectfully “yes them” and then forget they ever brought up the subject.

    11. Maybe doc Melinek should consider moving to a state with less ridiculous gun control laws. Then she wouldn’t have to pull so many bullets out of people. If she was practicing in gangland USA, her “F…ing highway” would be more like a quiet country lane.

    12. While these so called healers lie about the use of guns they should release the true number of folks killed by the healers themselves. The facts are readily available. Medical Malpractice Death 500 Times Gun Accident Fatalities. Trust your neighbor with the AR more than the MD you pay dearly for Meds.
      See Bearing 9/24/2018 Tom Knighton

    13. When doctors stop killing more people through medical malpractice then all gun related deaths put together, a 8 year analysis by John Hopkins Medical states that they estimate that 250,000 yes 250 thousand people die every year from medical malpractice. There are approximately 34,000 deaths per year by gun and most are by suicide, Then maybe I will listen to there opinions. Until they prefect not killing people through medicine they should stay in their lane or highway because their highway to the cemetery is way more busy then that of gun owners.

    14. I shoot skeet and 3 gun matches with my doctor, he also carries a Sig P229 .40. So these doctors need to heal themselves.

    15. Everyone knows that doctors kill more people every year than guns do so they need to perfect their craft instead of just practicing medicine like the license they have obtained.

    16. Cedrick Dark, MD, who is mentioned in the article also said this: “As a teenager, I remember the end to apartheid in South Africa and how the vehement objection of black South Africans like Nelson Mandela was insufficient to end it.” He just chooses to not go into the activities of Nelson Mandela and his ANC. How convenient. Just another fellow traveler for which the ends justify the means. Burn in Hell, Commie.

      His comment came from this article:

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