Be Careful If You Decide To Stop A Mass Murder – CHP Holder Shot By Police

Disarmed Hands Up Hold Up
Disarmed Hands Up Hold Up

Virginia – -( A CHP holder in Alabama made the fatal mistake of thinking everybody knew he was a good guy trying to stop a mass murderer when the CHP holder drew his gun.

Unfortunately, an off-duty police officer didn’t know the CHP holder was trying to help and shot him to death.

Such events are not limited to CHP holders. It has also happened to off-duty and undercover police. But the root problem is almost always the same: assuming that arriving police know your intentions when you are holding a gun.

I do have to wonder if the off-duty officer told the CHP holder to drop his gun and the CHP holder didn’t comply or did the officer shoot without warning?

Remember, as a legally armed citizen; you are under no obligation to stop a crime against a third party, including stopping a mass murderer. No one will blame you for being a good witness instead. However, if you do decide to get involved, BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL. I would only draw my gun once I have found the criminal and decided to engage him. I wouldn’t be running around with a gun in my hand. Once the bad guy is neutralized, I would then immediately holster my gun.

Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr
Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr

If I should run into the police unexpectedly, I will immediately comply with instructions, while advising the officers of my CHP status. IF I GET CONFLICTING INSTRUCTIONS, I WILL STAND DEAD STILL WITH MY HANDS OVER MY HEAD UNTIL THERE ARE NO CONFLICTING INSTRUCTIONS and then I will comply.

Thanks to VCDL member Clark Welsh for the link:

This danger sparks a lot of questions. What would you do?

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Sometimes it is better and SAFER to be a good witness instead of an enforcer. Still the death of this young Vet is a sad thing. God bless him and his family.

Nomen Ignotus

People v. Hickman ( Illinois 1973 ) ..Off duty armed LEO attempting to assist uniformed officers chasing two suspects ( Joliet , Illinois ) shot by pursuing uniformed LEO . Defendant Hickman convicted of murder under the Illinois Felony Murder Rule for the homicide of the civilian clothed LEO shot by the uniformed LEO .


Decedent ignored police when asked repeatedly to put the gun down.

Douglas Kuykendall

So you walk in somewhere,no one place in particular.In comes ass clown starting to shoot up the place,instead of engaging the shooter you run really! You could have took the shooter down and save lives but you choose to run like a scolded dog. Very much shameful.

phil morris

ok one more time , if you weren’t there , did not see it with your own eyes or hear it with your own ears (like las vegas), you are simply guessing/speculating/obfuscating , it is an unfortunate situation for mr Bradford , but I was told many years ago you should not become so excited by a situation that you fail to survive it , most human suffering is self inflicted , and on my personal favorites , walk if you can run if you have to , lessons for us all are written on the tombstones of others ,… Read more »


First off, I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution. A US Navy vet who has had a CCW in a couple of states, for over 50 yrs. A certified firearms and Hunter Ed instructor – yada, yada, yada. O.K. that said, I’ll go out on a limb. The author did solicit responses “What would you do?” While my response is more of a question than a suggestion I ask – “What if a CCW holder is ‘backed’ into a corner and is ‘forced’ to “display, aim at, or even discharge” his/her fire arm, and… Read more »


Just so all CCW LICENSE personnel in New Mexico are clear on the BADGE recommendation, it is illegal to carry any badge, patch, or other indicia except your issued license.
My recommendation to all my students is “don’t be a hero”!
Have a realistic, objective understanding of your skills and don’t intercede unless you are fully prepared to deal with the circumstances.
SWAT 11 years and current firearms Instructor.

willy d

@snuffyTN; right on I have been a CCP for over 30 years for personal protection, I am not in law enforcement and not paid to engage an active shooter, object being is unless it is directly in front of me I’m for my own safety going to like you said Get The Hell Out Of Dodge! If it comes down foolish and try to engage or to be safe I’ll take safe!!

Green Mtn. Boy

“I do have to wonder if the off-duty officer told the CHP holder to drop his gun and the CHP holder didn’t comply or did the officer shoot without warning?”

This !


In reference to a prior comment. Despite what Hollywood movies have convinced Police of, they are Civilians. In fact, they are the Civil Authorities. If they were not civilians many Law Enforcement Officers would be severely limited by the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. If a Law Enforcement Officer does not want to be a “civilian” they can join any of several organizations established by Title 10 or Title 32 of the US Code. These are Organisations like the US Army, the US Marines, the Navy and the Air Force. Title 32 covers the National Guard organizations. Many thanks to… Read more »


Posse commitatas was suspended after 9/11 and hasnt been reinstated yet that I’m aware of.

Andy Buckmichael

Typical trigger happy cops.


Andy, are you saying all cops are trigger happy? Sure does sound that way to me and I resent it. Typical dick headed blogger!


I’m with you Carlo!

Andy Buckmichael

Who is on top, Carlo or Millstone?


It is very simple. A carry permit does not make anyone a law enforcement officer. My permit allows me to carry a firearm for protection of myself and mine and to have a chance to get the Hell out of Dodge if need be. Civilians should NOT run around with a firearm in hand with LEO’s looking for an active shooter. Always said I’m not as dumb as I look.


Is the author making an assumption or is there verifiable info Bradford was actively trying to stop the shooter? The only info I’ve seen so far says he was running from the scene with gun in hand.

Robert Messmer

Thank you for confirming what has been the last info I have seen about the incident. By the way, contrary to the headline there has been nothing released to suggest the intent was a mass murder. Two wounded and only dead is the person who may or may not have been trying to stop the shooting.