ATF Offers Instructions on How to Destroy Bump Stocks

Bump Stock Destruction Instructions.

Slide Fire Solutions Bump Stock Destruction Details
Slide Fire Solutions Bump Stock Destruction Details

Washington, DC – -( What You Should Know?

Bump-stock-devices allow a semiautomatic firearm to shoot more than one shot with a single trigger pull. The new rule goes into effect 90 days from the date of publication in the Federal Register.

What’s Next?

ATF has created a new page to discuss options available for current owners of bump-stock-type firearms to allow them time to get rid of them by the effective date of the final rule. Owners can destroy the device by either melting, shredding, or crushing it. To learn more about destroying the devices, read below or visit

The Second Option For Owners Is To Turn Them In.

It is preferred that owners contact their nearest ATF office to make an appointment. To find the location of your nearest ATF office visit: For destruction, regardless of manufacturer or model, a bump stock must be made incapable of being readily restored to its intended function by, e.g., crushing, melting or shredding the bump stock.

Bump stocks may also be destroyed by cutting, so long as the bump stock is completely severed in the areas constituting critical design features, denoted by the red lines in the specific model of bump stock destruction diagrams that follow.

The bump-stock must be completely severed in each area indicated by the red line.

Destroying a bump stock using any other method may be legally insufficient, such that continued possession of the device may violate 18 U.S.C. 922(o).

ATF Bump Stock Destruction Instructions

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About ATF

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is a highly specialized agency within the Department of Justice whose main goal is preventing, interrupting and removing violent crime from American communities. ATF investigates and prosecutes crimes involving arson, explosives, alcohol and tobacco diversion and the illegal possession, use and trade of firearms. The Denver Field Division works with local, state and federal law enforcement and public safety organizations to combat violent crime in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Utah. For more information about ATF, visit

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Rick Bucak

If they want the bump fie stocks; then let them buy it back at a very fair price. My friend has several guns that were modified and does not have the original stock that the rifle came with and now has the bump fire stock on them. Buy the gun back at market prices and everyone wins. I know that the government will make a money deal with the Side Fire Company while all the individuals might have to suffer a money loss. No one in there right mind will ever give up their property without proper compensation. I know… Read more »

willy d

@CJ; It should be reinstated Yesterday, instead of today, also should be carried out immediately, just raid their offices in DC but do public hangings, we could make it a large festival, how does that sound, it sure would kick off the new year right!!!!!!!

William Murray

“Bump-stock-devices allow a semiautomatic firearm to shoot more than one shot with a single trigger pull.” this is the first sentence in this article. It’s this horrible misinformation that is educating people incorrectly. This is absurd.

The Revelator


Someone else already pointed that out, and also explained why. But yes, absurd.. Considering this was put up by the ATF itself, no wonder. But when has the truth ever really mattered to our government in the last century?

Jim Wiseman

If the BATFE will bend over, I’ll show them an alternate method of disposal.

Drew Scott

What are we supposed to do with the letter that came in the box with the slide fire stocks from the ATF saying bump stocks were firearm parts and not regulated? Does it need cut into 3 pieces too?


But you sold yours quite some time ago didn’t you? Use it to start the fire in your fireplace.

Douglas G

Good question!! LOL

Wild Bill

Scott, Anytime that one succeeds in getting evidence against a government agency, they should publish it, on the internet, duplicate it, and safeguard the original from that same agency.
Merry Christmas, patriots!


“Bump-stock-devices allow a semiautomatic firearm to shoot more than one shot with a single trigger pull.”

No they do not. One trigger pull, one shot. Let’s not be helping the BATF twist language.

Harmon Ford


The Revelator


III%, Semper Fi.

Gary Thompson

Banning of a certain device such as a bump stock is gun control?? What we need is criminal control, so allow me to help define such people. Criminal…A person or persons who willingly break the laws. Most often they are more than willing to take what is not theirs, breaking into good and honest American’s homes in our to steal anything at all that they can make some money on rather than work for a living like their victims do. Such “out of the norm” people eventually are arrested and sentenced to jail time but to save funds are released… Read more »


The only time we had criminal control was in the wild west 1800-1900 where criminals were shot and hung on the spot. Without those controls society is doomed to fail.


here is an instruction for the goober-mint d-suckers responsible for this ban: stick it up your a**, jamf punks.

Douglas G

“Bump-stock-devices allow a semiautomatic firearm to shoot more than one shot with a single trigger pull. ” This is directly from the article above.
Did anyone else notice this? A bump stock still only fires one shot per trigger pull, it just allows you to actuate the trigger faster. Therefore it cannot be a “machinegun” and should not be treated as such.
Is this an Ammoland mistake or the actual ATF wording?


Here’s what NRA isn’t telling you. Here’s what NRA isn’t fighting for but others are. This explains the entire issue and why it’s so important:

The Revelator

@Douglas G

Good Comment, accurate, and stuck to the facts. Nuff said on this one.


While you are at it ask them what the disconnector does and HOW does the bump stock defeat it.

Ronald Cowart II



Hey ATF! Go and eat a D_ck!


@Robert S: As for your comment, so if ATF comes along and says we’ve reviewed 20 power scopes and determined that if they are capable of being attached to a rifle they pose a significant risk to law enforcement, therefore we’re declaring them contraband. Grow up Robert, a stock is part of a gun and you can’t change the definition of semiautomatic to fully automatic just because you want to. I don’t care what you like or don’t like, it’s irrelevant, your opinion matters not a wit. If you don’t like them don’t buy them but you have NO Right… Read more »


Anyone know why, if bump stocks are now considered machine guns, the ATF didn’t offer an amnesty to register them? I live in a still free state and wouldn’t buy one or pay $200 for the stamp, but a lot of folks might agree.

willy d

Vanns 40; Thanks just a question, and you are right about private sales, some of the best are deals come that way and you get to savor them!!!!!


Im glad Michael caught the ignorant line from the author.
One trigger pull, one round sent.

maxwell carter

in the statement from the acting federal a.g. , it states that bumpstocks allow a semi auto to fire multiple rounds with 1 trigger pull.. the author of this article didn’t make a mistake.. that’s actually how it’s worded !!!


I have a lot to say, however I will keep this short and sweet. I try to donate to the NRA when I can. This is a hardship on me as I was disable 7 years ago and struggle to make ends meet. That being said, I am terribly disappointed in the NRA at this time. I feel the NRA did not go to bat for our right to keep what we already have. I agree that we probably do not need bump stocks, but neither to the outlaws and psychos, yet who will be the ones to destroy their… Read more »


@willyd: No, there was no registration when you bought them, however, ATF can go to the manufacturers and demand to see sales records just as they did with the “accelerator” when it was outlawed and then they sent demand letters or went and knocked on doors. Of course there have been so many tens of thousands of these sold and PRIVATELY RESOLD WITH NO RECEIPTS that all you’d have to do is tell the truth and say “I sold it months ago, no I never got a receipt, why would I? I don’t get a receipt if I sell a… Read more »


This bullshit ,,along with the new “”red flag “agenda -is going to be a new “”open door”” policy for them to do pretty much what they want to do ,,anytime they want to do it ,,,so batten down the hatches ,a shit storm is coming/So how are you liking the new world orders agenda so far??


This red flag agenda could become a real issue if you’re getting divorced and the soon to be ex-wife and her scumbag lawyer want to really screw you over big time.

willy d

Question? I don’t own one but when purchased them did you have to register them?????? Just a Question, if not just screw them and keep your mouth shut, use at your own discretion !!!!!!!!!!


Nope, No way!


I believe it was John Dingell who said it best in the very first ATF Abuse Hearings (of which there have been three): “…..A group of jackbooted thugs bound by no laws in this country….”.


Bump stocks today /so you know what comes tomorrow HR 7114 or you can’t possess manufacture sale deliver or even think about having a AR 15 without a note from your communist regulator / Time to stand and deliver or pretty soon there won’t be anything to stand and deliver for -1776

Ronald Cowart II

I agree! H.R. 7115 is some B.S.!!! There’s not even a claus in it for licensed gunsmiths to obtain parts. If we don’t wake up AND STAND UP NOW….it will be too late!! Sadly, many take on that ” oh well, what can we do ” attitude. They need to realize that there is strength in numbers, and we ALL need to speak out against them!! LIBERTY OR DEATH!! DONT TREAD ON ME MOFOS!!!

Ansel Hazen

HeedTheCallUp. Join your states militia.


Don’t have one but the NRA doesn’t need my money if there not going to help GUN owners?


NRA called me the other day asking for money. I told them they will not get another dime of my money. They have stabbed gun owners in the back too many times including a support on this bump stock ban. Told them GOA will get my money from now on.


Where are the instructions for how to destroy a belt loop?


Or your thumb, should be interesting….


Or your 14” shoelaces.

Michael Goettsch

“Bump-stock-devices allow a semiautomatic firearm to shoot more than one shot with a single trigger pull.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! It’s bad enough that the MSM says stupid and incorrect statements about guns an the time, but now we have supposed intelligent gun sites showing incorrect and just plain ignorant comments like the one above. BUMP STOCKS STILL REQUIRE A TRIGGER PULL FOR EACH ROUND FIRED. PERIOD. This is why I can simply use my finger to “bump fire” a rifle or pistol. And why the ATF did not classify the bump stock as illegal until pressured to do so… Read more »

Big Jim

After that i can ram it up their $$ sideways.


fu, d-suckers


Holy crap, who knew there were so many? Regarding the ATF destruction info, can the be skipped and is it legal to use a SADM instead to destroy bump stocks?


Screw the ATF, how about we destroy them instead.


Congress giveth that authority and Congress can taketh away that authority. You can put the total blame on Congress for letting ATF make regulatory decisions. And by Congress I mean the Republicans, every single one of them. They could have reigned in ATF years ago but were a bunch of cowards. And now we have an anti-gun President parading as pro-gun to go with it.


It is not the Rino republicans banning bump stocks
President Trump personally ordered the Department of Justice to write a regulation banning bump stocks
He has now done more gun control than Obama was able to do in 8 years
I am sorry to say that I will not be voting for DJT in 2020

Robert S

Sorry Chief, but bumpstocks aren’t guns, so this is not gun control. First off, only morons buy stupid gimmick devices like bumpstocks. Second, how could any reasonably intelligent person not have seen this coming from day one of the invention? These idiot devices are advertised as making “your semi-auto fire as fast as a machine gun”; how could you not see that these would eventually be banned? The NRA spends tons of money fighting real threats to our constitutional right to keep and bear arms, but they don’t have unlimited resources to fight every battle over every little gimmick that… Read more »


Only morons? Better be careful. it could be one of those morons that bail you ass out of a firefight with some psycho sob. And as far as the hills I’m willing to defend, it’s the hill that is called the second amendment. Every inch of ground you give up in a firefight is one inch closer to defeat. I donate to the NRA to fight for my total rights. That includes the “gimmicks” which I call accessories that go along with my rights.

Wild Bill

@Robert S, Bump stocks are gun parts like a trigger or barrel. Calling a thing a gimmick device is a diversion. If a “part banning precedent” is set, then a barrel or trigger can also be banned. It is the precedent that must be fought. The notion that Congress can divest itself of legislating authority must also be fought. It is my understanding that the reasonably intelligent designer created the bump stock so that disabled persons could participate in the shooting sports. Perhaps for able bodied people the bump stock is as stupid a gimmick as the wheelchair. I can… Read more »

Ton E

Did you actually read the new regulation? Bumpstocksort are being classified as machine guns. According to the Feds it’s not an accessory.


Docduracoat: Congress has granted ATF the authority for the technical branch to issue regulations WITHOUT Congressional review. Absent that authority they would not have been able to do this. Sorry, you are wrong.


It’s a bad move on Trumps part. A lot of his votes came from the gun community. I don’t want to see the leftists run the show, but this will dig into President Trumps constituency drastically. I think Vanns40 has merit in his statement.

Ronald Cowart II