Gun Banners Indoctrinate Kids with Toy Gun Turn-in


Ban Toy Guns
Gun Banners Indoctrinate Kids with Toy Gun Turn-in

Fairfax, VA – -( During the Christmas of 1914, some French, British, and German soldiers along World War I’s Western Front informally ceased hostilities in order to celebrate the holiday. The truce offered the combatants a brief moment to celebrate their shared humanity amidst the otherwise ghastly conflict.

No such luck for Americans weary of the United States’ all-consuming culture war. For anti-gun zealots, the Christmas season offers fresh opportunities to mold the next generation of obedient statists.

On December 13, the Village of Hempstead, N.Y. hosted the Long Island Toy Gun Exchange Program, modeled after so-called gun “buybacks” that target real firearms. According to a report from local newspaper Newsday, each child received one politically correct toy in exchange “for whatever water pistols, Nerf guns and other toy guns they turn[ed] in.”

The toys for the turn-in were supplied by local businessman Sean Acosta, who made clear that the program is intended to influence impressionable children against firearm ownership at a young age, with the goal of shifting American public opinion against guns. As reported in the Newsday article,

“It has to start at a young age,” Acosta says of changing gun culture. “If we can get them to say, ‘It’s not cool to carry these toy guns,’ then maybe when they get older, they won’t ever carry a real gun.”

The Newsday report does not indicate that Acosta made any distinction between lawful gun ownership and the criminal misuse of firearms.

This was not the first year Hempstead has hosted this yuletide propaganda effort. In 2015 and 2016, a series of toy gun grabs were organized by Manhattan socialite Jean Shafiroff. At the 2016 iteration, Shafiroff told Newsday her motivation behind the event, stating, “I wanted children to know toy guns are not good toys… By exchanging them for a much better gift, it shows a toy gun is not worth having.”

Toy gun turn-ins have long been a staple of anti-gun activists’ indoctrination efforts, with various types of payouts and foolish spectacle.

In 2010, Providence, R.I. held a Christmastime turn-in where tots were encouraged by the state’s attorney general to toss their toys into a plastic shredder dubbed the Bash-O-Matic, which the Boston Globe described as “a large black, foam creature with churning metal teeth and the shape of a cockroach spliced with a frog.” A 2011 toy turn-in in Buffalo, N.Y. bribed the local children with pizza. When asked about their plans for the pretend ordnance, the Buffalo organizers said they would place the toys in a coffin and bury them as a “symbolic” act.

A 1997 toy gun “buyback” in Rockville, Md. gave children who placed their violent toys in a “peace drum” a new “toy of peace” and asked them to help construct a “Peace Pole.” Another 1997 turn-in at Northern Light School in Oakland, Calif. resulted in a bizarre statue of the ruined toys and the praise of real firearms confiscation advocate Hillary Clinton.

As NRA-ILA has repeatedly pointed out, there is nothing unhealthy about playing with toy guns. In an interview with clinical psychologist and best-selling author Michael G. Thompson, Ph.D. stated, “Everyone has an informal causation theory that playing with guns leads to the use of guns in adulthood,” but that, “There’s no scientific evidence suggesting that playing war games in childhood leads to real-life aggression.” The Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development notes, “If playful aggression is supported, it is highly beneficial to child development,” and that, “The act of pretending to be aggressive is not equivalent to being aggressive.”

As Acosta pointed out, toy gun turn-ins aren’t about the toys. These events are about conditioning children against all firearm ownership and use. Covering a 1999 toy turn-in in Buffalo, N.Y., a Buffalo News article titled, “Toy gun buyback sends disarming message to young,” reported this fact, noting, “The idea behind the buyback, community leaders said, is to send a message: guns are bad – all guns are bad.”

It’s unfortunate that the deep hatred some have towards America’s legitimate gun culture has compelled them to exploit the Christmas season and impressionable youngsters to score cheap political points. A November 2016 Gallup poll found that 77 percent of U.S. adults thought that “Americans are greatly divided when it comes to the most important values.” Rather than replace a few perfectly good toys, these anti-gun extremists could help provide the entire country what it wants for Christmas, a short respite from the ceaseless political strife, if only they could manage to curb their intolerance for a few brief moments this year.

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

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Hempstead is a vey economically depressed area and it is rife with gang activity, drugs and prostitution. Police and citizens alike face challenges not necessarily seen by the larger public. Kids emulating their older gangbanger siblings by toting toy guns and getting into life or death situations with police and rival factions as a result. I hope to Christ that the silver lining is that some 9yr old punk banger wannabee doesn’t get shot. Other than that, I see it for what it is. And they are fooling themselves if they think that people living in the lowest income bracket,… Read more »


I have to agree with those who commented on video games. Each generation of new video games furthers the fantasy of killing. Virtual reality game only further advances a killing fantasy. Yet every holiday season a new round of fantasy gaming advances. Don’t you think at some point the fantasy for some individuals needs to be satisfied with reality?

Barry N. Schmidt, D.D.S.

I’m a life member of the NRA, born in 1937….just in time for WWII. Guns were part of the lives of all us kids, even at a young age. As we grew up, we were able to walk down the street to shoot rats at the city dump or ducks in the nearby lagoon, with no snide remarks or complaints from the local residents whose houses we passed on the way. Our using guns was considered the normal part of growing up, and residents had no problem with it. I am sure that they do now, however, but only because… Read more »


Well said

Douglas G

She says, “I wanted children to know toy guns are not good toys… By exchanging them for a much better gift, it shows a toy gun is not worth having.” Well, apparently they are good for getting a different toy! So, there goes her argument. LOL Turn in a $0.50 squirt gun and get a $5.00 toy. That’s a pretty good return on investment (ROI). This is just like the “say no to drugs” and pushing abstinence to control teen pregnancy. By shielding children from something you only make them more curious. Failing to educate them the positive uses for… Read more »


I couldn’t agree more, well said


This is good, really. Anyone with any sense will realize, at a very young age, how
inanely idiotic this whole concept is.


MS-13 has dug into Hempstead big time.


They will have to pry my Nerf, Crossman 760, .22 and .144 CO2 pistols from my cold dead hands.


If there is any damage being done by toys it sure would be all the violent video games that are being promoted and used. Some of the free ones are spying on your computer use, also. Try banning these games or buying them back and see what luck you have with that. Remember, no government can buy back something because they never owned it in the first place. Pure ignorance and it grows daily. Go to the Dollar store and buy a squirt gun, turn it in for a more expensive toy then keep your good play gun and the… Read more »

Dr Michael

I’ve sat here trying to think of a cute, well-crafted response that would be on-key, funny and impress everyone with my creativity and cleverness. Instead, I found I just want to cry. The American I grew up in, served defending, and thought would always be the best, is dead. I’m not sure it can be resurrected.

Larry Brickey

Amen. I’m not sure what I served exists anymore.


The nation you served is still alive and well. It’s in the hearts and minds of the men and women who signed that blank cheque to the country.
At least you can look in the mirror!


Amen and agree .I still stand with my oath

Your Truth

It never ends with these leftist liberal loons ( in all their smug, self-righteous, self-aggrandizing douchebaggery ) – The second amendment isn’t going anywhere, get used to it


It will never work, all boys who grow up to be real men love guns!

Leslie K Wolfe

The same applies to girls who grow up 🙂

The Revelator

Leslie K Wolfe

Those are the kind you take home to meet your folks. Stay safe and warm over the holidays, and Merry Christmas.

John R

Ban violent electronic media, video games, they are the cause of more violence. No mass juvenile homicide noted before video games, going back to the 1300’s.


“It has to start at a young age,” Yes, How about teaching them the RIGHT way to handle them.


I agree. I was not allowed to have toy guns, but my parents started teaching me to shoot at three. They didn’t want me to think weapons were toys. If we teach children correct handling of weapons and what they can do usually it’s not a problem when they grow up.


You must be VERY young. I played with toy hand grenades (made a bang with a cap) ,guns, little Army Men, We shot at each other, played dead, etc. A lotta great memories. Myself, as well as millions of other American youngsters learned to play,emulate, admire the Lone Ranger, Hop Along and others that I’m not even going to go into. AND…I was taught to shoot and handle firearms safely (not at 3) but a different culture then. 8-10 I was handling real firearms. I may have been a bit behind you. Did my time time and got to shoot… Read more »

The Revelator

Kids also used to be allowed to carry their firearms to school if you go back far enough, and prior to 1968 there was no age limit on ownership

The Revelator

@Belinda Mine started me at 4. My father was a Marine and felt the same way. Starting at age 3 I went out with him when he went hunting so I would see that firearms are dangerous tools to be handled with respect. I still had a toy shotgun about the time I was 5 that shot caps, and was part of a Halloween costume. I agree, Children who grow up learning before they enter school usually turn out better in the long run. If and when I find someone worth having kids with, I plan on teaching them the… Read more »


Fanner Fifties, Mattel Thompson’s, and Winchesters made up most of my childhood. Never in my life have I had to point a gun at another human being. This is WAAAYYY past ridiculous. These people aren’t fools even though they conduct themselves as such. They’re doing exacly what they mean to do and it works–to a larger degree than we would like to admit. It begins early, with cartoons & tv shows, and silly programs such as this. They progress with the leanings and influence of some school teachers. Then our kids go to college where well over 90% of the… Read more »

The Green Watch Dog

Its violent video games, along other types of violence our lifestyles are exposed to daily. We see it on the news, in movies and television. Are some affected? That’s debatable. Most young teens are done with toy guns. Thankfully as law enforcement cannot distinguish from the real thing.


I am soon to be a grandpa. I have every intention to teach my granddaughter how to shoot and hunt and handle firearms in a safe and responsible way. She will also learn not to let the commies that want to destroy our way of life succeed in their mission!


It is time for patriots to pick up their weapons and make a stand. I will not stand for government overreach! It is my right to be able to defend myself and my family against all dangers! I willl not be subjected to illegal intrusion by government minders-if you want my gun you get it bullets first! I have lived a life so as to be able to keep my rights- avoiding all pitfalls created to take them from me. I won’t have them taken from me for no reason. I also want all my rights restored I won’t be… Read more »


Here we go, lets destroy another tradition. Using a squirt gun certainly will lead to a life of crime. First Rudolf , now this. When they are done the country will have no identity.

Joe P.

Sick. Really toys? What is this the UK?

Joseph P Martin

Josef Goebbels would be proud.

Dr. Strangelove

Too bad. Some of my colonist ancestors settled in Hempstead. How times have changed.


Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Hitler and the rest of the gun grabbing, murderous scum smile up from the pits of Hell at their contemporaries, and await their Arival with much glee!


those who fail to learn from the past are bound to repeat it. If we are not careful one or more of our leaders names will be added to that list, and we the people will suffer just as the citizens of those countries suffered.


“It has to start at a young age,” Acosta says of changing gun culture. “If we can get them to say, ‘It’s not cool to carry these toy guns,’ then maybe when they get older, they won’t ever carry a real gun.”

No asshole. Maybe they’ll learn some respect and responsibility and not want to shoot up their neighborhood with a real gun because they were never taught the difference.


Where I live we do about the same thing. Turn in your toy gun and get a real one in exchange!


Now that’s a super idea Dick!

Korl G

Fantastic that really is a deal.


All the LibTARD Demented Socialistic Commie gun grabbers have ARMED GUARDS, i.e., GUN ARMED GUARDS!
It’s GOOD for them to have guns around to protect their pansy asses! I can’t afford armed guards like them!
But they don’t want me to be able to protect myself, family, or what’s important to me with my own gun!
Hypocrisy on the very best steroids!
I’d like to take them into my old neighborhood on the SW side of Detroit, and drop them off with no armed guards!
I think they might change their minds about self protection before they walked one mile!!!!!!!


f cu-homo and the non-patriot d-suckers in ny