Obituary Plea for Waiting Period Shows ‘Gun Control’ about Feelings

Are desperate and irrational decisions by others legitimate claims for infringing on your rights under force of “law”? (Édouard Manet: Le Suicidé)

U.S.A. – -( “In honor of Andrew R. Black, we ask that you work for legislation that imposes a reasonable waiting period between firearm purchase and possession to provide a cooling off period to guard against impulsive acts of violence,” the grieving parents of a 23-year-old Vermont man who committed suicide requested in their son’s obituary. He had shot himself on the same day he purchased a firearm from a gun store, meaning the transfer had been cleared after the Vermont Criminal History Repository provided background check information to the National Instant Check System.

It’s hard to imagine a grief more agonizing than losing a child, an occurrence that can throw the strongest into the depths of despair, desperate for anything to help make sense of the senseless. Words fail to express the helpless sympathy all decent people should feel for this young man’s parents. That said, their torture is no claim against the rights of others, which is what the way they are channeling their grief makes.

Per the New York Post:

That “cooling off period,” if enacted into law, might be enough to save another person’s life, Black’s father told WCAX. He declined to say what preceded his son’s decision to commit suicide. “Andrew was having a bad day, that’s the easiest way to put it,” Rob Black told the station. “At 11:03 he went and bought a gun. Was out of the store by 11:30 and he was dead by 3 or 3:30.” Had there been a way to guard against his son’s hasty decision, even a delay of as little as 24 hours, Black thinks he might still be alive.

It’s understandable that Black would decline to comment on painful private matters, but if he’s going to channel this tragedy into public infringements, a history of warning signs and motivators becomes relevant to the ensuing conversation. Also, “might” is hardly sufficient criteria to impose prior restraints on unalienable rights. And if the  often parroted “If it saves just one life” assertion applies, one could make the case for compulsory background checks and waiting periods before allowing people onto bridges or to buy rope.

But states with highest gun ownership rates have highest suicide rates, the gun-grabbers have argued back, conveniently ignoring the agenda of those promoting that claim. Somehow they don’t find worth mentioning the higher suicides rates in “Gun-free” Japan, and that the U.S. isn’t even in the top 25 “Countries with The Most Suicides in The World”…

Nor do they address higher suicide rates among police, or significantly, among prisoners under total control of the state.

“Black, who identified himself as a veteran who served in combat, insisted he isn’t anti-gun. Firearms in the family’s home are locked and secured,” the Post story continues. That’s manipulative information, to include non sequitur “bona fides” with the proposed infringements. It’s the equivalent of the ubiquitous “I believe in the Second Amendment but”…

It also fails to account for the fact that the estimated 100 million or so U.S. gun owners, like Black himself, will not have to wait. Neither will if affect armed criminals.

“If this is part of a standalone bill, we will be there and talk to anybody,” Black was quoted by VTDigger. “If they are going to tack this onto a larger gun bill, then they don’t even need to call us.”

That’s not the way gun-grabbers work:

One lawmaker, Sen. Phil Baruth, D-Chittenden, has already said he will be proposing new gun safety measures, including a 48-hour waiting period for purchases, this legislative session, which is set to start next month. Also, he has said, the bill will include a tighter gun storage requirement, and banning 3D printed firearms.

They’ll take whatever is surrendered, then come back for another, and another. That’s what they do. And when infringements they impose in one state prove not to work, they’ll place the blame on other states, and demand to impose their edicts nationwide.

No one making such demands will (publicly) consider the possibility of “If it takes one life.”  That’s what happened in the inexcusably outrageous story of domestic violence victim Carol Bowne, stabbed to death while waiting for the State of New Jersey to take its sweet time approving her gun permit.

Perhaps the Blacks should ask Bowne’s surviving and grieving loved ones how waiting periods worked out for them. Not that binding decisions on the rest of us should be made one way or another based on anybody's feelings…

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.
He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regular featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 49 thoughts on “Obituary Plea for Waiting Period Shows ‘Gun Control’ about Feelings

    1. Suicide in not against the law. Someone who kills their self is in a very deep state of depression where an exit makes them happy. A gun, a knife, pills, plastic bag or a running car for carbon monoxide will not be denied someone who has decided to go. You cannot make them stay. Take away all of the guns and they will not kill their self, fantasy thinking and selfish.

    2. I am and we should all be sad when someone takes their own life. A good life is wasted, one with some promise and hope for the future. Truly that is sad. However, one should note and remember that the tool has nothing to do with the decision. He could have used aspirin and any other otc meds in enough quantity to do the job. Knife, razor blade, automobile, a jump from a elevated position and even suicide by cop or hapless civilian to name just a few. So the call should be to ban cops, tall buildings, razor blades and aspirin? I don’t think so. Once the decision is made it matters little about the tool. Most are looking for painless. Most any survivor will tell you they changed their mind mid jump, trigger pull or when they started getting sick from their pills or the split second they jumped. It is not the tool, it is the decision that kills. Do you remember when your first love broke up with you in high school? End of the world right? But it wasn’t was it? Bad things happen but life goes on unless you choose otherwise. We have families and people who do care. We have a local Church and they care. We have friends that care. No, suicide is an act of wanton selfishness and if you would just give yourself a reasonable thought and find someone who cares you can find a good reason to live for another minute, hour, day, week, month, year…Set yourself a goal and go for it. Just don’t try and tell me it is the guns fault. The tool is not an issue here. It’s your frame of mind and your outlook on life. It is wrong to take the freedom from everyone else when someone make a bad decision. Don’t ever think I am going to go along with someone taking my gear because someone made a bad decision with their gear. I am truly sorry for your loss but the tool had nothing to do with it, it was his decision and the rest of America is not responsible for his decision.

      1. And waiting periods for ropes, knives, medicine that can be used for overdose, swimming, or going to tall buildings. These are also all used for suicide and are quite effective.

      2. I agree Deplorable Bill. Most people with suicidal depression can’t even get out of bed much less go thru a gun purchase at the store. Waiting period or no, this kid took 2 hours before using the gun he bought. Nothing about how that was spent in the article, I imagine it wasn’t reading the owner’s manual, and probably had more to do with the suicide than the gun.

        1. Perhaps that time spent penning his obituary,although I suspect that has more to do with his concerned parents that had no clue he was suicidal,that he was contemplating suicide seems to have been news to them and now they want Vermonters to pay for it with the loss of rights.

      3. You may not understand that someone who commits suicide is not in their right mind. Not crazy. Chemical imbalances in the brain as a result of long term, deep depression overwhelm the person to the point that suicide is the only thing, idea that gives them a pleasant positive feeling, which they may have not had any for years. Professional counseling is truly the only thing that will have a positive effect for them.

      4. People who are suicidal are inwardly angry. People are generally angry because they are disappointed and have unfulfilled expectations in life. A gun or a knife is not inherently dangerous, just a method. A plan is a suicidal person with a real plan, not just an idealation ( abstract thought of suicide ). Someone who has attempted suicide before is more likely to make another attempt. Each time they try, they are more successful ( possibly, completely ) than the first time. Someone who is depressed suddenly start to act very happy and possibly give their things away is when they have the energy and determination to commit suicide. Depressed people feel completely void of energy.

    3. Gee, I had a fiend commit suicide;
      Based on the method used, we had BETTER ban:
      Vacuum cleaner hoses,
      Deserted Parking lots.

      Rest in Peace my Friend, I KNOW who and what pushed you to that decision on that dark night in the UK.

    4. I’m not buying this. How many women have died because of draconian laws exactly like this proposed law? I called at least three women dead that were unable to properly and effectively defend themselves because of these do gooder laws. This retired Paramedic knows precisely what laws like this lead too.

      1. Here you go.

        Consider Bonnie Elmasri. Her ex-husband murdered her and her two “little innocent ones” with his bare hands, during her state’s 48-hour waiting period for a self-defense gun she had purchased.

        Consider Rayna Ross. She saved her life from her insane, bayonet-wielding Marine ex-husband with a gun she had purchased that same day in Virginia.

        Consider Catherine Latta. She saved her life within 24 hours of a threat, with a handgun she was forced to buy on the street because her area had a two-to-four week waiting period.

        Consider Virgen Blanca, Sonya Miller, and Terry Denise Jackson. They saved their lives and the lives of their own “little innocent ones” with handguns that they purchased legally, less than 24 hours before their lethal encounters.

        In none of these cases were the police present, available, or useful.

    5. Unfortunately too many people would give up the entire Bill of Rights for three square meals a day and two weeks of paid vacation.

    6. Some will deem this harsh, but I say it because it is true.

      I would suggest that Mr. Andrew R Black have a good look in a large mirror. IF he is a good, hand’s on Dad, there is no way he could have NOT been aware of “issues” in his son’s life, and his distraught state of mind. Had he been a proactive, involved Dad, he’d definitely been aware of inappropriate influences (past-times, individuals, activities, interests) and taken action to eliminate or reduce the influences of these things. Had he taken the time to build a one on one relationisip with his son, and been involved in his life? I doubt it.. because almost all sons, when their Father is closely involved in their lives, would not only have no reason to “end it all” but would, were some difficulties arise that might suggest such a desparate course, would be able to approach Dad and get the help needed to work it through and rise above such ideas.

      The FACT that the Dad refuses to be open about hisson’e “bad day” and related issues is a strong hint he is closed off about it all. And that there WERE definite issues, of which he was aware, that SHOULD have tipped him off and stimulated appropriate action to ward off the decision his son made, obviously in a vacuum.

      Seems this Dad is fobbing off HIS OWN responsibility to BE A DAD to his son and putting it onto the state. If only the government had made him wait…… No, sorry, Dad, YOU are the one who should have been there for that. Don’t put that responsibility on we who don’t need a “cooling off period”.

      As David mentioned above (David, you ALWAYS consider such things……..) there are any number of other means available to the now-departed. Tall buildings, bridges (over cold water this time of year, or fast moving highways), railroad tracks with fast traines, bottles of pills, some legal some not, things into which one might delibarately ram a car, or from which one might direct a car to almost certain severe results…. hardware stores with asssortments of items that cold be employed to the results this young man desired…. and NONE OF WHICH will ever ratioinally mandate a “cooling off period”.
      Did he have access to the keys to a car? No cooling off period there…. or how about his shoes, to walk anywher ehe wanted to?

      Means, opportunity, intent… he obviously had the last two. At that point the first item is insigifnicant. Any of a wide range of means could easily be found and put to use.

      As always, its never the arrow, always the indian. Never the hardware, ever the software. Not the tool but the user thereof.

      I know Dad is not able to face this now (he’s already fobbing it all off onto the government…) but until he askes HIMSELF some hard questions, none of this will make sense. And placing the blame/burden on society will NOT cure his own failings or the resultant grief.

    7. As an example for others, the father should turn over his own guns to a third party, with instructions not to give them back until 24 hours have passed after a request. Lest he take his own life after simply opening his safe…

      1. Just “red flag” him. He seems too distraught over his son’s death to be responsible enough to have firearms right now given the circumstances. In fact, let’s just ‘red flag’ every single parent of every single gun related death and let’s not stop there. We need to ‘red flag’ any victims of gun violence also lest they seek to revenge with a firearm of their own. Also, we need to systematically ‘red flag’ any law enforcement officer that is involved in a shooting in any way since it is obvious that they, too, may have some mental issues after being on the receiving or delivery end of a gun battle. This is not to be confused with gun control, though, because that is an entirely unrelated issue. Right?

        1. Texas Charlie : Could ” Red Flag” be considered the Government’s way of “Swatting”?

          Just asking.

    8. I am trying to find a definitive interpretation of 41 USC 242 which ,I think, prohibits the taking of a right under color of law. Is this so ? thankyou!

    9. Years ago we had a three day wait. I had several customers buy guns, wait three days , pick them up and about a week later commit suicide. So, long long should we wait?
      Why do I have to give up some of my rights and be inconvenienced for others actions? Lately, a big thing here is suicide by car. They drive the wrong way at high speed on a busy interstate and aim for a truck. Waiting period for buying a car?

    10. Parents of Mr. Black, my sincerest condolences.
      Please stop talking about this as though your son, “…having a bad day…” suddenly decided ending his own life was the answer to… what, exactly???
      The kid who failed his English test has a bad day.
      The contestant on a game show who didn’t win something has a bad day.
      Your getting into a fender bender that disables your car is a bad day.
      None of these people choose suicide as the answer to their bad day.
      Your son was so obviously disturbed for a long time, and your blaming a “bad day” and the sudden purchase and use of a handgun makes you sound like you abdicated ANY concern for your son a long time ago. Stop talking about it, get professional counseling. Blaming your son’s obvious mental illness on supposedly lax gun laws sounds like you are in denial. GET PROFESSIONAL COUNSELING. Do NOT use socialist media lies to assuage your obvious guilt.

    11. The hand holding of your family member shouldn’t be defined as EVERYONE IS RESPONSIBLE for your family member. Address the issue within the regulatory background check system for your family member. Action such as court and law enforcement stop action pending review by medical doctors. This family member didn’t JUST HAPPEN to be in this frame of mind or mental condition. Everyone around him heard , listen to him and viewed his actions. It takes a village is ALWAYS the throw away point of making the ENTIRE VILLAGE as the problem.

    12. It’s sad when someone commits suicide ! Rhode Island has an 8 day wait for purchase of guns , BUT to me after you have purchased your first firearm that 8 day period becomes a moot point ! Let’s say you already have 4 different guns, it makes absolutely no sense to have to wait for purchase, I’d say before you can purchase one make it mandatory to have a safety course and live fire training,just like a drivers license you have drivers training, take the test , and hopefully pass! But you can drive everywhere! But if you fail your car doesn’t leave your yard, if you’ve passed a gun training course you should be able to carry it with you !!

      1. “I’d say before you can purchase one make it mandatory to have a safety course and live fire training,just like a drivers license you have drivers training”
        Just NO.
        Equating a privilege, driving, with a Right, is a non-starter.
        This is prior restraint as well as being an infringement on a constitutional right.
        I don’t know why it is that people have such a hard time understanding such simple concepts.
        Being alive gives you the RIGHT to self-defense. That right is through the use of any and all weapons with no restraint or considerations. It is not something that any government or group has any authority to modify.

      2. You were running along just fine until you made your statement about MANDATORY training…… WHO gets to decide what that training will be, and WHO puts the course together, and WHO will (profit by) adminster it? And what about the time honoured but now all but dead tradition of Dads taking their children (sons AND daughters) alongside them and instilling both the skills AND a healthy respect for firearms? You cut that out completely, shifting the “responisibility” onto the state, for a fee, of course, which enriches certain well connected individuals……

        No, I’ll take a pass on that concept. Anyone who wants professioinal training can find (and pay) for it I’ll teach MY children, and dozens of others (I do this already) but the course I help teach is not “certified”, though it is by far the best rifle marksmanship and safe handling course out there. You would place an undue restriction (infringement is a more accurate word) on the RIGHT everyone has to keep and bear arms. Not good. You would burden everyone with the actual time demanded as a precondition, the difficulty and requirement to coordinate that time with they who provide the “service” *think of that word in context of having your milk cow “serviced” on occasion….) and, of course, the mandatory expense of paying the “perfeshunnels” to decide what YOU need to learn, and HOW you need to learn it.
        FUrther, contra your suggestion, when I consider the abysmal performance of the “product” of today’s government mandated driver training (for youth, and for professional/commercial drivers) I get a bad case of the screaming fantods pondering that same level of incompetent instruction/training/learning being FORCED upon everyone as a precondition to exercising what is a birthright. I also see how mandating training in a certain discipline somehow always manages to make certain well connected people VERY wealthy. Because now quality is no longer a requirement, just do the time and the kaching drops magically into your bank account… at a rather rapid rate of increase. And no one calls it a “racket”, though that’s precisely what it is.

      3. Adam, do you mean a “test” for every gun one might buy? FYI, in moist states one must pass a test which has, in part, a live fire as well as some basic common sense ground rules before you are issued a concealed carry permit.. I see no benefit for a waiting period. Just sayin’.

      4. As others have already pointed out, the problem with mandatory training is that this is a right, not a privilege. I’ve suggested to my legislators several times that firearms safety training should be included as a requirement in public schools. This doesn’t violate anyone’s rights, as it leaves the choice to own or not to own up to the individual. It also creates a legal presumption that every adult already knows how to handle a firearm responsibly. I have always been ignored or rebuffed, demonstrating that schemes to require training, as with all other types of firearms regulations, have nothing at all to do with public safety.

      5. @ adam

        Yours is the best example of why it is a Harassment of peoples Second Amendment right and is the Anti’s feel good violation of such.

    13. DemoRATS have used the “Feelings Factor” to get what they want from us for years. Why do you think the
      rogue CIA studied so much human behavior ? . And if that doesn’t work, it’s off to GITMO for a little water treatment….

    14. Seems to be more of a case for mental illness identification and assistance than additional gun control. It does always interest me in how the gun becomes the issue and not the person or the mental state of the individual. It is also revealing that Black locks his guns up and does not allow the 23 year old access. Why is that? This young man did not have a Bad Day, he had a troubled life and was crying out for help way before the purchase of the handgun.

      1. @ Bob

        Which his parents seem to have ignored or were to pre occupied to help him find help.
        However they want all Vermonters rights to suffer for their inattention to their supposed beloved son,UnConstitutionally I might add.

    15. The Government has no authority to prevent someone from committing suicide. We either own our bodies or we don’t. If we do then the choice to cease is entirely ours. If the choice belongs to the Government then we are nothing but property.

    16. Someone else blaming guns for their sons suicide. They don’t want to blame themselves for the way they raised him or if they ignored signs of suicide.oh its all the guns fault. Now they call for waiting periods. California has had them since the 1950’s, crime has gone up and so has suicide. And what waiting periods do they think would work? 24 hour, 48 hour, one week, one month, two months? Everything is “just save one life”, articles have said 70 to 75000 die of drugs every year, 50000 in car crashes, 1 million of cancer, 1 million of heart disease. Now the leftist politicians are calling for Lithium and Prozac to be put in our drinking water and that it’s worth it just to save one life! Back in the 1950’s, one could purchase a gun at a hardware store, gun shop or even by mail , and no waiting periods and no paperwork, and we didn’t have the problems we have today. Once the lefist politicians ban guns they will go after assault archery equipment and assault knives! Saying only criminals and terrorists use them!

    17. The parents failed to recognize and intervene in a suicidal childs life. They don’t want to shoulder any blame so lets make it the guns fault.

      1. @ Joe Foam

        Their child at age 23 and having been in the service,just when does personal responsibility come into play? One may argue at 23 said child wasn’t a confused minor.

        1. Then the parents should have taught their child at a younger age how to better deal with a bad day. I taught my daughter at a young age that if she has to use drugs or alcohol to deal with life, then she’s not living life right.
          He may have had some level of PTSD, that may have contributed, but it’s not the fault of the background check being done in one day. We don’t need extended waiting times for gun purchases.

    18. When I was a kid in the late 70’s, Washington State was pushing the “Waiting Period” agenda. My father and I were at the Payless Drug Store to get hunting licenses and tags. On the counter there was a sign explaining it. I simply asked, “Isn’t that Unconstitutional?” The salesman simply replied, “There’s hope yet.”

      Get this; that day they made my dad give ID for buying ammo for his pistol. It wasn’t even a law! The local police had requested it…they have been chipping away ever since.

      Merry Christmas Everyone!

    19. The fact of the matter is, most ‘liberals’ are actually LEFTISTS and they support all manner of infringements on our liberty. Do this, don’t do that, and you can’t say what’s on your mind through social media (for example). Leftists think they can make America into the perfect socialist utopia, even though everywhere that’s been tried, it’s failed spectacularly. Think Soviet Union, think Venezuela, think California (it’s getting there). In fact, California is the absolute best example of how socialism is working in the USA. Massive homelessness/joblessness, tent cities, welfare, illegal aliens, feces all throughout the streets, onerous regulations killing private enterprise, street gangs running rampant, massive government boondoggles for public works projects (the train to nowhere), environmental policies that lead to massive wildfires that destroy millions of acres, dozens of communities, and thousands of lives! Calif. gov’t spends so much, they’re practically broke and even at times need bailouts from the federal government to stave off a collapse of their state. The list goes on, but you see where I’m going with this. ‘Commiefornia’ is a complete mess, and they have yet to hit bottom, but they’re fast-tracked for Venezuela-like conditions soon!

      The clear majority of gun owners are conservatives. We who are conservatives, and who are libertarians, simply reject the Left and everything they believe, say, offer, or demand. Conservatives in the past have tried to mollify, compromise, discuss, reason with, and come to terms with Leftists, without success. They want complete surrender to their views and agendas. They won’t compromise, discuss, reason with, or come to terms with conservatives. Since people are on social media, YOU KNOW THIS IS TRUE. Everyone talks about how conservatives are being censored, banned, deplatformed, demonetized, and totally shut down by the Leftist-dominated tech giants. The same can be said about politics. The Democrats want power, they want it now, they will do ANYTHING possible to get it and keep it. TOTAL CONTROL. And they keep moving the goal posts of our political field ever to the left. Today’s mainstream GOP politicians more closely resemble the Democrats of 40 years ago, and the Democrats now are positively marxist!!

      Honestly, things in this country have over the last 50 years (I’m 50 now) gotten ‘progressively’ worse (pun intended). There have been ups and downs, but in the main it’s been on a downward slide. That’s why you have so many preppers, militia groups, and others who are bracing for the inevitable monumental WRECK that’s coming! The Leftists are already openly discussing civil war and liquidating conservatives by the tens of millions. I know this because I’ve known Leftists all my life and keep my finger on their pulse. The discourse in this country is “toxic” because the Leftists have made it so; their extremism has caused a good number of conservatives to dig in, push back, and resist their agenda. Many conservatives see NOTHING OF REDEEMING VALUE IN ANYTHING the Leftists have to offer now. So at this point, this nation is seeing a divide between the people that is greater than it was at the outset of the 1st civil war. Many who are level-headed are predicting a shooting war soon. Here. My dad & grandpa were the two most level-headed men I’ve ever known, never prone to speculation, theorizing, or such; and many decades ago THEY TOO predicted this country was headed to a civil war! I truly expect to see it in MY lifetime, even if I’m an old old fart when the SHTF.

      With all this in mind, I don’t see how anyone can expect staunch conservatives who’ve been burned by liberals countless times to play Neville Chamberlain and be appeasers. If liberal gunowners want to have ‘unity’ with the rest of the gunowner community, THEY need to drop the liberal [email protected] that they’ve lived by for so long, and start espousing the pro-liberty ethic AND LIVE BY IT… And IF they and the liberal politicians can do that for another 20+ years without reverting to all the marxist ideals they’ve embraced for the last 50 years, then MAYBE we can ‘have a conversation’. But we aren’t holding our breath. We’re done compromising, and we’re tired of giving an inch, a yard, a mile every time an issue comes up. NOT ONE INCH MORE!! I don’t know what others will do but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord and prepare for the civil war that the Leftists want. I believe in a robust defense, and like the vast majority of real libertarians, I live by the non-aggression principle. Don’t start no $#!t, there won’t be no $#!t – in other words, Don’t Tread On me!

      1. I have long said, on this forum and others, that when politicians ask for our votes and tell us they are “pro-Second Amendment” we should demand they answer two questions: “In your first term of office what two Bills will you introduce to repeal existing gun laws?”. If they hesitate or waffle at all tell them they won’t be getting your vote. And keep telling politicians that until we finally get some who will answer correctly. (And not lie to us as Trump did)

        1. Will Flats – Amen. I’m 70 and have witnessed society’s down hill run. I hope I live long enough to see our republic restored and I wish it had reached the “oh, hell no” point when I was still young enough to participate. Let’s just hope that we have enough patriots to carry the day. I figure we’ll be fine as long as we can outnumber the left and the right by maling sure there’s at least one Patriot per each ten
          Professional Politicians and their lackeys.

      2. The next big push in CA is free medical for everyone. Like a magnet, and just like it was back in the 1960s when CA paid the highest welfare rates, offered free college, etc., people from all over will swarm to CA like lemmings. If you think it is bad now, just wait.

    20. I understand the parents are grieving and that is natural,I find that most any law that bears someones name is a bad law usually born of grief. It is also UnConstitutional by both the state and federal Constitutions,all in all it makes for bbad spur of the moment law.

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