Oklahoma Bill Would Allow Permit Holders to Carry Guns in Capitol ~ VIDEO


Oklahoma – -(AmmoLand.com)- Dana Loesch of NRATV interviews Don Spencer, President of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, regarding the proposed Oklahoma bill that would allow permit holders to carry inside the Oklahoma State Capitol.

This bill will be introduced in the 2019 legislative session (February to May).

Watch the NRATV video interview above.

Oklahoma Bill Would Allow Permit Holders to Carry Guns in Capitol
Oklahoma Bill Would Allow Permit Holders to Carry Guns in Capitol

Oklahoma Second Amendment Association (OK2A)About Oklahoma Second Amendment Association:

Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, OK2A seeks to defend our Second Amendment rights and remove the infringements placed on it by our government.

For more information, visit: www.ok2a.org.

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Michael Murray

New Mexico already allows carry in the Legislature building, open, concealed, or long guns. For now.
Since we now have a Demo majority in both houses and an anti-gun Demo governor, we’re probably screwed. They will no doubt do their best to turn the state into a registered, background checked, gun free zone, as rapidly as possible. And turn many many citizens who will not comply into instant felons. Oh, and Matt in OK, you exactly correct about the NRA.


its legal in my state, I’ve attended a signing of a bill by our then-governor, was standing at the same table where he was scribbling and grinning, and I had my sidearm on my hip. No one knew, but I did, and it was fully legal. Same day I also sat in the gallery of the Senate while it was in session. Big deal. Again, no one else knew or cared. But, as someone above pointed out, WHY is this even anissue? It never shoiul have been prohibited. So da gummit tosses back a bone from the pile it already… Read more »

Philip Van Cleave

We’ve been able to carry in Virginia’s capitol (with a concealed handgun permit) for a very long time.

Matt in Oklahoma

No one cares about your NRA video. Our politicians don’t care about the issues otherwise we’d have constitutional carry. It was and still is just a political carrot dangling out there so as elections near they can try and sway us to vote republican again.
If I’m not going to regain the rights I should already have and continue to lose rights federally then why do y’all think we care about you?
OK2A isn’t any better as they fought against past carry laws.
This is just some pretend stuff for the cameras and gullible.

The Green Watch Dog

Some do care about the video Mat as this will enable one to carry in an area known for more crime than other areas in the metro. There are a lot of people in this area walking, and law enforcement cannot be everywhere. And, this is from one that supports some forms of gun control. If the people support it, then why would gun rights activists oppose? I bet it goes through as other states surrounding Oklahoma already have this in place. Suggest researching further in published news reports. The GWD.

Matt in Oklahoma

@TGWD I didn’t say I didn’t care about the issue and the restoration of our rights and removal of oppression by special class politicians. I said I don’t care about the 2 organizations who not only don’t assist they actively fight against it.
The People supported the carry bulls in the past and OK2A spoke against them. The NRA sold out in the 90s and again recently on bump stocks. Do your research.
I hope it does go thru but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Matt in Oklahoma

@TGWD here’s ya an ammoland article on the ORA going against The People


Here’s ya an awesome quote from them. Because Our Members override The People