University of North Texas Suspends Student for… Gun Ownership??

Opinion: Open Carry Texas Statement On The Baseless Suspension Of Licensed Gun Owner Brandon Masin At Unt-Dallas Law School.

Brandon Masin
Brandon Masin

Temple, TX – -( Brandon Masin is a 25-year-old student at the University of North Texas at Dallas College of Law. He is the founder of the law school’s chapter of The Federalist Society, the only conservative student organization on campus.

On the evening of November 20th, 2018, while at an outing hosted by one of his professors for the holiday, Brandon received an email from the university stating that due to an alleged and unspecified threat he was immediately suspended and would have to meet with the school’s CARE team. He emailed several times asking procedural questions about the investigation as it was unfolding out of compliance with the university’s own policies and Due Process. He never received a response, only a date and time to meet with the team.

At the meeting the CARE team turned out to be the University’s Counselor and Chief of Police, he was vaguely questioned about the unspecified allegations, and after sticking by his denials, he was then questioned about his mental health. If he had any anger issues if he had a firearm, how many, why he felt the need to own firearms? If he was licensed to carry them, if he carried at the school, whether he felt unsafe at the school and if he ever open carried.

Apparently, the school was singling him out as a conservative, licensed gun owner and not concerned about safety.

After this line of questioning the CARE Team departed and the school’s investigator and an assistant came in. They also vaguely questioned him about the unspecified allegation but were at least more specific by letting him know that the allegation was supposedly an off-campus threat against the university and a professor that had happened “later in the day.”

He denied making the threats and showed messages and GPS data showing he was elsewhere. Additionally, he had several students email the investigator validating not only his whereabouts but his character. When he asked the investigator about all of the procedural problems and the impossibility they presented him of raising a defense against an unspecified and anonymous allegation, the investigator informed him that she would investigate and follow up on everything.

He was the emailed later that day informing him that the CARE team considered him a threat while citing no actual reasons for this finding. The following day she issued her decision finding him responsible, citing no evidence for her decision other than not believing his denial and citing the fact that an anonymous accusation was made. She mentioned absolutely no other sources of information and did not mention the discrepancy in the time frame or the several witness accounts that were sent to her.

He has filed an appeal, however, with finals looming the school can delay hearing the appeal until after finals when he can be safely dismissed with the school having the excuse of Academic reasons because of the zero grades. This is nothing more than a political attack based on political bias. The school had no business trying to dissuade Brandon from his beliefs about being lawfully armed nor about his possession or ownership of legally possessed firearms.

The actions of the University of North Texas at Dallas are blatant violations of Brandon’s rights as both a student and a citizen. Open Carry Texas demands IMMEDIATE restitution of Brandon’s status as a student in good standing and afford him the opportunity to complete this semester absent specific and public allegations against him. The university’s attack on the rights of a law-abiding citizen who believes in self-preservation and the right to self-defense should never be a basis for these kinds of egregious actions. OCT is committed to assisting Brandon with any legal actions necessary to restore his status and reputation and strongly condemn the faculty and administrators that are engaging in this despicable conduct.

TAKE ACTION: Contact the University of North Texas at Dallas College of Law and demand the immediate restitution of Brandon’s status as a student in good standing.

Contact the University of North Texas at Dallas College of Law
Contact the University of North Texas at Dallas College of Law

Open Carry TexasAbout Open Carry Texas: Our purpose is to 1) educate all Texans about their right to carry in a safe manner; 2) to condition Texans to feel safe around law-abiding citizens that choose to carry them; 3) encourage our elected officials to pass constitutional carry legislation for all firearms; and 4) foster a cooperative relationship with local law enforcement in the furtherance of these goals with an eye towards preventing negative encounters.

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This happened at a LAW school? The 2nd amendment to the constitution guarantees the right of every citizen to be armed.The mere ownership of a gun by a licensee in no way creates a nexus between owning a gun and being a threat. Has this “law school” never heard of ‘due process”? Rather than HIM being the threat, that school is violating HIS rights left and right.

Michael E

What did you expect from that side!!!!

Gregory Romeu

@Texas Marksman, and group, I am so very sorry and I beg of you to forgive me but I just could not let this one go? Texas Marksman you stated the following: “Common sense people. This very law is why I’ve spent at least a grand on in-waistband holsters.” I’m sorry but you need to get the f*** out of that school and quit wasting your parents tuition money. Detoxify yourself from eating the Tide Pods, quit sucking condoms through your nostrils and whatever other freaky shit you damn kids are putting in your mouth these days! NOBODY, I mean… Read more »

Wild Bill

@GR, They must be very poor shoppers.

Stewart Rhodes

Gregory, don’t get lost in the weeds over what people spend on concealed carry holsters. I think his point was that this is why he uses high quality holsters and tried out several before he found the one that concealed the best. That can add up fast. With so many anti-gun zealots walking around who will hyperventilate at the mere sight of a potential “printing” of a concealed carry gun under your clothing, let alone legal open carry, who will then call the cops on you alleging you are ” armed and dangerous” (MAN WITH A GUN!), I really can’t… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

@Stewart Rhodes, @Texas Marksman, I’m sorry, but NOW I want a list of all the makes, models and prices to see just HOW this cost came anywhere near, “at least a grand on in-waistband holsters”.

Gregory Romeu

This must be one really f***** up law school because as of yet not one student has stepped up to the plate to defend their fellow classmate?


that is because every student knows him and how he would make outrageous threats, perhaps in jest, about using his gun. Not to mention frequently brandishing his weapon. This story leaves out many details. There are at least 6 other concealed carry licensees in our 2021 class, some of which, including a cop, hold conservative views. Brandon is making a bunch of noise because he made poor decisions.

Gregory Romeu

And yet, WE, all the, “outsiders” of this university are STILL reading all this rhetorical babbling from the ever so imperial students of this grand institution of higher, “education”, and still, not one of you are using your real name in these postings and not one of you are saying anything about WHO CALLED THE POLICE I we this, “multie brandishing of this treacherous weapon of mass destruction”? Are you,going,to now tell us that after some r so dozen witnesses of these horrendous acts of domestic terrorism, that not one of you decided that calling the police was so.we here… Read more »


… what? Are you ok?

Wild Bill

@unlawstudent, Get back to work, first year. From what you write, I can see that you don’t think anything like a lawyer, yet. You don’t write like one, either. You should be thinking that your time is too valuable for mere conversation. You should be thinking that you are neither witness nor participant, so you don’t really know the facts. You should be thinking that the people in your study group are like your future partners, and you owe them an obligation. Or don’t you expect to be in law school for spring term? You should be thinking “How would… Read more »


Am a witness dude. Sorry you are so mad about the anonymity of the internet, but luckily I don’t owe you anything. .

Dude made poor decisions. I’ve physically seen some of them. If asked to provide testimony, sure, but I’m not going to give some strange ass website my name and photo.

CJ Grisham

A witness to what?

Gregory Romeu

@Untlawstudent2021, be advised, is highly recognized web source for gun related information and data worldwide. You should be so lucky to have the time away from your busy college schedule to be able to access THIS SITE out of the TRILLIONS of websites available to come across in your spare and rare moments?

Wild Bill

@Unlaw, I neither want nor solicited any information about you. If you make up facts you will flunk out. To bad about being a witness.
Testifying will be just another distraction from your studies or maybe Masin will sue you based upon your testimony, which will be a public record. Then you can work the rest of your life to pay off the judgement against you. Nice start in life … embrace the suck.

law student

@wildbill you are 100% accurate. Excellent discernment and insight coming from someone on the outside of UNTDCOL. If you only knew….

Wild Bill

@ls, Expound.

Wild Bill

@GR, Colleges, universities, and law schools used to weed out the less capable. Then they realized that they were weeding out paying customers, and making less money. Now, colleges, universities, and law schools view themselves as selling a product. The more that they let in, let stay, and let graduate, the more product they sell and the more profit that the institution makes.
I think that we are seeing some of that C- stuff, right here.


WBill… you’re quite correct. The rest of the world’s operations are a function of money, so why should we expect the ultra-liberal “education” industry to do any less?

What would make conservatives think that liberals could actually take the true “moral high ground?” (Yes, for you Leftist mental giants… that was sarcasm.)

Gregory Romeu

@Some Dumbass that still has to rely on school for knowledge….

“Plus, use your head- don’t you see that visible firearms at a learning institution would unnecessarily scare other students and create a distraction?”

WHAT BETTER PLACE,TO LEARN ABOUT FIREARMS??? If you are scared, go home and hide under your bed! There are people scared I re marshmallows!

You don’t change society over FEAR! YOU FIGHT YOUR FEAR! Or? Just remain being a…. PUSSY!


As an actual current student and classmate of his I can guarantee the narrative being pushed here is NOT what happened. NO, the school is not targeting or suspending people for being pro-gun or conservative. Not sure why you idiot keyboard warriors cant accept that we might know more about what’s going on


About Open carry texas: Our purpose is to 1) publish articles based on bullshit 2) misinform the masses 3) give extremely bored individuals something to complain about 4) perpetuate political agendas based on nonsensical half-truths

CJ Grisham

Hey moron! Did you actually read our statement? We explained EXACTLY why he was suspended. Try to read further than a headline, which is designed to get people to read the article. You can do that, right?

Wild Bill

@CJ Grisham, We, who visit this site often, encounter many insulting “typists”. Frequently, they are low level paid propagandists. They throw a bomb to get everyone upset, then run off never to return. Don’t get annoyed or you will turn might read. And don’t hold your breath waiting on this “typist” or you will turn mighty blue. Instead choose to Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Rifle!

Gregory Romeu

@Wild Bill, I just posted an order for two more 55 gallon drums of popping corn. This is going to take a while.

@C J Grisham, I put in an order for some bourbon and Pepto-His mom for you.


You did not. Failed to mention the threats that more than one person heard. not to mention the repeated brandishing of his weapon on school property.

Gregory Romeu

All hearsay.

CJ Grisham

And yet not a single student has come forward to say that anywhere! So far the only people speaking up are saying they heard someone else they say something. Odd. Well, not really since it’s made up. No wonder there are no real witnesses.


ts, bitch. were you harmed in any way? if not, foad

Gregory Romeu

Maybe because WE aren’t, STILL IN SCHOOL and live in the REAL world! “Keyboard Warriors”? Brought YOU here, didn’t it? Go ONE DAY in your college WITHOUT touching a keyboard…. Dumbass!

Wild Bill

@TXL,Either you are a witness, a participant, or you only think that you know. And you insult poorly.

Stewart Rhodes

Bottom line is that gun owners simply don’t trust leftist school administrations, or leftist students, for that matter, after so many years of seeing an obvious, open bias against conservatives, libertarians, and gun owners at such “institutions of higher learning.” I witnessed it myself, in person, when I was a student. So, no, they are not going to simply accept that you “might know more about what’s going on.” They no longer trust you. You have a credibility problem. I regard this case as exhibit A for why the “red flag” laws – whether at the state or federal level… Read more »


As an actual, current 1L and classmate of his I can guarantee the narrative being pushed by many on here and by groups like OCT is completely false. Why can’t any of you accept that people who are actually students at UNT have more knowledge of this situation?


Well then by all means enlighten everyone to what really happened and give us some proof/how you know. An actual 1L would understand that’s the way facts and argumentation work.

David Peterson Harvey

What’s the real story? Was he open carrying on campus in violation of the law?

CJ Grisham

No, he was NOT open carrying. Did you read the press release at all?


yes he had multiple times brandished a weapon. I know this because I could see the guy from where I stt, and the few times i saw him in the library with it, and the few times I saw him shove it into his bag as he entered the building.


yes, he was. repeatedly.

Gregory Romeu

Then APPLY this, “knowledge”?

CJ Grisham

As the person that wrote this press release, EXACTLY what did I get false? You don’t seem to even be trying to correct the record, just mislead your people.

Gregory Romeu

Maybe because, WE, all the, “outsiders” of this university are STILL reading all this rhetorical babbling from the ever so imperial students of this grand institution of higher, “education”, and still, not one of you are using your real name in these postings and not one of you are saying anything about WHO CALLED THE POLICE I we this, “multiple brandishing incidents of this treacherous weapon of mass destruction”? Are you too, going to now tell us that after somewhere of a dozen witnesses of these horrendous acts of domestic terrorism, that not one of you decided that calling the… Read more »

Pray Hard

The anarcho-tyranny state marches on … just like Trump was never elected.

Right to Bear Arms

I am also a law student at this school. I’m a libertarian and a staunch 2nd amendment supporter. The school is in no way anti-conservative nor is it anti-2nd amendment. I am not saying the administration handled his case well, however, the accusations are founded. This article does not portray the whole story and has a factual inaccuracy. “He is the founder of the law school’s chapter of The Federalist Society, the only conservative student organization on campus.” We have a Republican Law Student Association and a Christian Legal Society.

Dallis Miller

His civil rights were violated and he was denied due process. He should sue the crap out of the college and the PD.

Jay Wood

This is nonsense I would call the NRA they will get you a good lawyer, I would sue the pants off these people


so a brother goes to school with a gun,acts like he’s still living in the hood and get called out for acting like a dickhead,he got what he deserved and probably made it harder on everybody else that carry’s.

Fig Newton



Your comments would probably be given some weight if you were at least literate. Study grammar and spelling and try again, Bubba.


And you know this for a fact…how,were you there or involved. Me thinks you may be the Richard Cranium


There is always two sides to a story and the later posts validate what the school did. If, in fact, he threatened to shoot the place up they should have called the police rather than taking this action on their own. Who is right and who is wrong is not determined by this article and the voices against him could be plants or the ones for him could be plants. “Only the shadow knows.”

The Green Wach Dog

Some ultra left gun right activist could care less if this person violated university’s rules, or threatened others.
Goal is to spot light the right to own a gun regardless if others lives may be at risk. As I have stated repeatedly, I support our 2nd amendment. However, one has to be a responsible gun owner, and be compliant with gun laws and regulations. If you are found guilty of an infraction, then you lose the right to own those scary black weapons.


Bolshoi! (and I ain’t talkin’ ballet!)
An “infraction” of unconstitutional laws, rules, or regulations does NOT equate to loss of natural (and constitutionally-guaranteed) rights. Your wishful thinking notwithstanding.

Gregory Romeu

I see a lot of college kids spouting off as if they know everything yet they’re still in school, whereas many of us have been out of school for decades and have life experience.

What page of the constitution or paragraph of the Second Amendment deals with “infractions”? I somehow missed that? And for all you tightly wrapped college kids, yes, that’s called sarcasm!


Gregory, we are “spouting off” b/c this article is attacking our school. The article is incorrect. Calm down.

Gregory Romeu

Tricky name for a 1L student. Do you get extra credit for being tricky?

We don’t give a rat’s ass about you sbeing students, it holds no bearing in this matter. What we aren’t hearing or seeing is evidence and proof of what happened, in your illusion? So far we’re seeing nothing but a bunch of 1l students pontificating over the articla and not one of you has yet to come forward with any objectivity in this matter?
Seriously? I would ask for a refund from that school because so far you kids haven’t proven your case.


I am student at UNT Dallas and when I read this I was ticked and worried. I have my concealed weapons permit and carry on campus so what if this happens to me? I began asking around from some of Mr. Masin’s classmates and it turns out the story is not what was written above. Apparently he said on several occasions that if he didn’t pass this or that he would hold people hostage and while he had a concealed permit he often took the gun out and laid it on the table during study groups in the library. As… Read more »

CJ Grisham

Bullcrap. Never happened. If that were true, he would have been turned in and prosecuted. Never happened

Law student

Ok, apparently my last comment didn’t go through, so trying this again. 1) I’m in this dude’s class. 2) I’m a conservative gun owner. 3) brandon has displayed his gun on campus multiple times violating CHL provisions. The narrative that UNT Law School is kicking Brandon out for being a conservative/gun owner is false. Completely false.

CJ Grisham

How has he “displayed his gun?”

Law Student

Ok, first off, I’m both a student at this law school and in this particular student’s class (all 1L’s have all their classes together in the first year with the exception of legal writing groups and mentor ship groups). Second, I’m very conservative and pro-second amendment. That said, this article leaves out critical information. No. Brandon was not suspended for being a conservative or gun owner. There are several students in our class that fit that description who have had no such experience at UNT college of law. Brandon was suspended because a student claimed they overheard Brandon make an… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Law Student, I hope that this is not an example of your legal writing. This piece is verbose, disorganized, conclusory, and lacks any independent facts. How does a law student have time away from his studies to comment here? How did you find this site? Are you sure that you are a law student? Who are some of these several students, so we can check out your story?

Law student

Ironic that you find my comment conclusory given the wildly conclusory statements in this article. Also, I have no obligation to craft my comments on here around your preferred writing style. As your reply implied, I’m currently studying for finals as well as making finals edits to our first legal memo. I commented on here as someone who is, presumably, much closer to this incident than yourself as well as most of the other people commenting on this article, and I simply wanted to make readers aware that there were critical contextual facts missing from this article, either intentionally or… Read more »

Gregor7y Romeu

YEP! You’re going to be a, “lawyer” alright!

David Peterson Harvey

This just goes to show you their sheep on both sides of the political divide, people willing to believe whatever information is presented them in an argument or an article without question if it agrees with their world view. Good for you and several other classmates speaking up about this.


you a**holes would need a set of 1950’s encyclopedias to describe how to pick up dogs**t, ur useless blowhards


And you have seen this for yourself? What class are you in with him? Why not use your real picture? No name either. Just some brandishing is all I’m seeing.

Law student

1)I had contracts, torts, legal writing , and civil procedure with him this semester.

2) I don’t see your picture either “Priska.”

3) I’m stating, as a student in this class, that there’s important information left out of this and, as such, paints an inaccurate narrative that needs to be set straight.

Healthy Midget

@Wild Bill and @Priska, you both are embarrassing the rest of us intelligent conservatives. Law students have time, believe it or not, to talk to each other and learn of stories like this when it pertains to their school. By now I’m sure their whole class knows, and you’d realize that if you guys had the ability to use any common sense. And why would this guy give out who he is for you guys to harass? Jesus, you’re dumb. Priska, your questions are also incredibly stupid, especially since he answered your second question in the first sentence. You guys… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

@Healthy Midget, You’re out of your league there, Skippy! You had better rub BOTH brain cells together when attacking Wild Bill.

Wild Bill

@Greg R, Get your bowl of popcorn. @Alleged Law Student, regarding your second paragraph, I can scarcely believe that one would interrupt preparation for finals for the reasons that you state. Get back to your studies. About that polishing your legal writing, I believe that you have your finger on the pulse. Here is an example: ” … Also, I have no obligation to craft my comments on here around your preferred writing style. As your reply implied, I’m currently studying for finals as well as making…” Do you see how you put the last half of your sentence onto… Read more »


Well said Healthy Midget

Wild Bill

@Midget, Law students talking to each other is hear say. So the whole class doesn’t know. You just think that they know. You confuse rumor with truth. You are part of the “guilt by accusation” mentality. And please describe what sense is common to all.
As far as Jesus being dumb, he would say get the log out of your own eye before pointing to the speck in your neighbor’s eye.


There is no such thing as “brandishing” in the State of Texas. The word has no legal meaning in the Penal Code. If the comments from other students are to be believed, and I have no reason to doubt them, then Mr. Masin is guilty of breaking the law regarding campus carry. He should have had the police called on him for violating the law.


If Mr. Masin unholsted his firearm on campus, purposely exposing it to plain view, then he was in violation of the Campus Carry laws. The State of Texas has clear law on the carry of handguns on campus, and they must remain concealed. The word “brandishing” has no meaning under Texas Penal Code. If he did what was stated, he should have been arrested. Learn the facts of the matter before going off half cocked.

Frank D

Not true. Open carry for 4 years colleges/universities passed 2 years ago. So starting in 2016 anybody with a CHL can open carry on campus, in the dorms and in the class rooms.

Law student

Not true. Campus carry isn’t the same as open carry. The firearm still needs to be holstered and kept out of sight on college campuses.

Law student

Not true. Read S.B. 11. It permits individuals with a CHL to carry concealed handguns on campus. At no point does it allow for open carry.

CJ Grisham

Wow Frank D. You’re not very smart on the laws. I hope you aren’t a UNT student too! Their legitimacy is going away the more their “students” comment here.

Fig Newton

Number One
When the man pulled the gun out and displayed it the campus police should had been called. The man broke the law.
The rest is Bull Shit Snowflake Heaven.
Your suppose to be law students.
Your All out of your minds. Wast of time and even effort to save a man who has no repect for the law.
You can all Kiss my Ass. Punks that have no respect for America. Die young and rid America of your Bulshit .



Frank D

No breaking of the law. Texas has had open carry on universities since 2016.

Texas Marksman

As someone who has my license to carry AND attends a Texas university, I can tell you that you’re an absolute idiot. Campus carry makes it a crime to carry the firearm in such a way that makes it visible to another student. This is illegal in Texas- even if you’re licensed to open/concealed carry everywhere else. Plus, use your head- don’t you see that visible firearms at a learning institution would unnecessarily scare other students and create a distraction? Do you really think any university would allow that? Common sense people. This very law is why I’ve spent at… Read more »


Citation, please?

John B

I’m taking your account of things at face value. If indeed he brandished his weapon and made remarks like that then he’s a damn fool. The whole purpose of “concealed carry” is for the firearm to be concealed. I’m today’s political climate and the fact that academia is overrun with leftists, one needs to excercise prudence along with their rights. There’s a lot of bickering going on about what can be legally done vs what should be done. Ie: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Even though I could’ve gone strolling into my community college with my weapon… Read more »

CJ Grisham

EXACTLY how did he “display his firearm” on campus? Displaying a firearm on campus isn’t always a violation of the law.

CJ Grisham

EXACTLY how did he display his firearm? And if that’s the case, Mr. Law Student, why didn’t you report him? He committed a crime, if true. However, it’s not true. That’s why it wasn’t reported. Never happened.

Fig Newton Newton

Snowflake Alert! LMAO!

Mike in Texas

As an alumni of NTSU, predecessor to University of North Texas, I tried to call the listed Law School administrators, but only got recorded messages for all. Why not go right to the top? The number for the University of North Texas at Dallas President-(Dr. Robert Mong) is 972-780-3601.

Haywood Smith, Jr.

Mr. Masin should get FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) involved. It looks like a good case for them to pursue. They will try to get it resolved without litigation but will litigate if necessary, I believe. The ACLU has gone totally Left, so they won’t touch it.


Felicia doesn’t like runaway slaves fleeing the Democrat plantation.


They had better give him a waiver and let him catch up. This is bad juju. It sounds like someone wanted him ousted for whatever reason. Interesting to see how this plays out. Good luck son, don’t give up stay the course!

Gregory Romeu

mr. masin, hope you can sue these d-sucker clowns into the ground


Until, and unless, we take back the educational system, be prepared for no due process, no 2nd amendment rights and no freedom of speech. Unless of course you are a mealy mouthed leftist progressive snowflake, then your rights will be elevated above all others because you are one of the special ones.


Radical left doing what they do best lie lie lie bait and switch right along with the media ,watched the leftwinger’s news today for several hours no mention of Pearl Harbor what so ever ,this is BS

Don Bailey

Unfortunately, even the most conservative colleges and universities are over run with liberal professors and teaching staff. No matter the conservative charter and mission of these education institutions, their oversight boards are under tremendous pressure to change with the liberal times.As is always is the case, the pressure is the perspective of the liberal view.

Frederick Peterman

Not from Texas. Relatives in Texas who vote. Most of them are shooters. Will forward to them

Darrell M.

Looks like the school enacted their “Red Flag” policy. Vague allegation with no due process. Time to go to court and become part owner of a corruptly run law school.


This. And I’m surprised that he would answer interrogation questions. Hope he prevails.


What do we expect? Half of the liberal Democrat Party morons from California have moved(run from) into Texas with their viral disease of socialism.


socialist viral disease is more like venereal disease

Keith R.

I can’t believe this happened in Texas I thought everyone in Texas Carry’s or just about everyone they even make fun of that in certain movies such as Serving Sarah . It does sound like he was rail roaded by the school hell it might even be because he’s African American I know that sounds awful but wouldn’t be the first time for that sort of behavior.

Thomas Smith

It most likely was because he is an African-American American conservative.


We all ride horses too huh? … No. Mr. Masin pulled his gone out in the campus library for no reason making people uncomfortable. And the “alleged threat” is him threatening to shoot up the school. Considering the climate… he is a threat to school safety and a distraction.


“Open Carry Texas demands IMMEDIATE restitution of Brandon’s status as a student in good standing and afford him the opportunity to complete this semester absent specific and public allegations against him.” Oh? Really? You DEMAND it? Big damn deal. You think they give a rat’s behind about your “demands”?
What Mr. Masin needs is an attorney to file an injunction to allow him to complete the semester. THEN he can sue them for violating his 5th, 1st, and 2nd amendment rights to due process, freedom of speech and association, and keep and bear arms…’
My 2 cents.

Wild Bill

@Ronie, Here is the email that I sent:
Dear Ms. Epps,
I just read about outrageous treatment of Mr. Brandon Masin at the hands of you and your law school. If there is even a modicum of truth in the article, then your schools behavior shocks the conscience. Is the University of North Texas receiving any federal funds?

my name


Wild Bill,
Ms Epps should move to Chicago. There are a lot of black youths carrying guns to school there and presenting real threats. She’s mad because this young man was a Conservative and had a gun. It made her skin crawl. 😉

Jack Mac

Did you get a response?

Wild Bill

@laughing Jack, Not yet, and I really do not expect one. They are too superior for that. But if the UNT gets lots of email, they might capitulate.


OCT is also committed to assisting him with any legal actions.


Fire back at your accusers – claim their accusations are racially motivated.
Fight the bastards with the weapons they use.

Gregory Romeu

Remove the acusers who failed to procode due process. It is against the law in the state of Texas to perform investigations without being licensed and approved by CLEET.


Not outright saying that this is fake, but I have been trying to find this story elsewhere on the internet and can’t seem to find it on any news sites. If this story is true it’s terrifying and infuriating, but I’m not 100% convinced that it really did happen.


I think a 1 billion dollar lawsuit might get their attention for violation of his 2nd, 4th and 14th amendment rights. Falsely accused and proven by him, no due process etc etc. Let them identify the accuser so that the accuser can be sued for liable. In a court of law they would be required to release the person’s name.


I can’t believe this happened in TEXAS !!!!!

Dave in Fairfax

Texas has very odd gun laws, unlike what most people think their laws would be like. Check them out and you’ll be very surprised
Law schools are frequently very Left of center, so this is not a surprise from that viewpoint either. The ACLU rarely backs the 2nd Amendment, it seems to be concerned primarily with the 1st.
UNTD, if it is a public school, has some serious liability issues due to its handling of this case. If it is a private school, the Bill of Rights doesn’t apply.

Jack Mac

Well, believe this and more like happens in Texas.

Missouri Born

Where oh where is the ACLU, they are supposed to be for the American Civil Liberties Union representing unjust actions against the rights of citizens.

Roger J

Get a conservative state senator or representative in Austin involved. I am assuming this is a public institution and the State House holds the purse strings.


i am ASHAMED of the school i was so proud to graduate from. IT IS TIME FOR REBELLION. They can get away with this only as long as we tolerate it. I am in a position to direct donations to UNT but that will never happen when this unreasonable and unconstitutional and totally insane act can happen.

The Green Watch Dog

More to the story guys.
Suggest we all research data from other news releases as well.
Dig deeper before making ignorant comments!
The investigation of this student was not fully disclosed to the public.
I am confident that they had very good reason to discipline this student.

Big Joe

Umm huh, your comment and link make no sense as it relates to this students story. I had nothing to do with concealed carry violations..? He was accused of an undisclosed “threat” by an anonymous accuser and the school and “investigators” provided no evidence that it was true threat, that he made the “threat”.. or that he was a threat and they didn’t even listen to his own credible defense. The article you linked has nothing to do with this situation. ‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️

Wild Bill

@Big Joe, I was fooled into going to that link, too. It is irrelevant, which says a lot about the free-lunch-dog.

Mike the Limey

If that’s the case, why wasn’t correct procedure followed, why wasn’t he told what the accusation was specifically & why hasn’t he been charged with a criminal offence?
I hope he sues the university for everything he can.


Your link doesn’t talk about this case at all.
I am confident their arent good reasons for the decision against this student.

Them not releasing anything even to the student being accused doesnt make them more trustworthy, lack of evidence isn’t proof. In the absence of proof the accused is innocent.


green watches-dog-dicks: you will be the first d-rat d-sucker to be solicited the next time anyone needs advice, instruction, etc. stfu.

Mike in Texas

This has nothing to do with the gist of the article. It is only the “rules” set up by the university, nothing pertaining to this particular situation.

Law student

Why it’s relevant is because the article fails to mention that Brandon displayed his gun multiple times on campus, violating conceal carry laws. Oh and btw, I’m one of his classmates and also a conservative gun owner.


If that’s true, multiple times, multiple people then why has there been not one report to the law school about it ever? Is the entire class in on the conspiracy and just not reporting? Better yet why not publicly declare it and put your Name behind your allegations since surely all these people would back you up right? Easy to anonymously kick dirt.


“A” says easy to be anonymous. No shit “A.”

If you dont attend our school or know the details your opinions don’t matter.

The article leaves out alot of critical information.

Not only that, but it says right on the door No Guns allowed per penal code blah blah blah.


I am a UNT alum. I can’t wait for the next time they come looking for money. They won’t get a dime unless and until he is reinstated.


It’s UNT DALLAS COLLEGE OF LAW… your money does not benefit us.