It’s 2019 and The Storm is Almost Here – Can It Be Stopped?

Comments by James Clary, Ph.D. and Mary Clary, B.S.N., R.N.

American Flag in Distress
It's 2019 and The Storm is Almost Here – Can It Be Stopped?

USA – -(  At no time in our lives have we witnessed the country as being so divided. If one looks back in history, the divisions today between the left and right (coastal elites & middle Americans) are more severe and deeper than they were in early 1861.

There seems to be absolutely no way that either side will compromise and move to the center for the sake of our country. The only thing that we see happening is that both sides are digging in deeper and becoming more extreme. As such, they must face, sooner or later, the consequences of their positions, and the reality of what the future of the United States will be.

It was said by Abe Lincoln that “A house divided against itself cannot endure”…. and that is exactly where the United States finds itself in 2019. It is no longer slave-states versus non-slave states, it is the politically hardcore left against the politically conservative right. Tribal mentalities and identity politics are rampant across the country.

The hardcore left will not bend or compromise any of their beliefs and neither will the conservative right. And, sadly, only the folks in middle America see what is coming.

The coastal elites, which make up the majority of the leftists in this country, are wearing blinders and do not believe, or will even consider, that this country is on the brink of another civil war. I would imagine that a similar view was held by their counterparts in Yugoslavia just before their civil war. To remind those who do not remember, Yugoslavia was considered the “Paris of the East” in Europe. It was very prosperous and even sponsored the winter Olympics at Sarajevo in 1984. But, now, after the war, there are seven separate countries where one used to exist, and none are as prosperous as Yugoslavia once was.

The American left considers it to be acceptable behavior for their minions to call for the assassination of the President; they find it acceptable to depict him as being beheaded; they find it funny when one of their kind threatens to blow up the White House, and they turn a blind eye when their followers compare the President to Nazis, the vilest butchers of all time.

If the above remarks were not enough to disgust you, what about the newly elected congresswoman who called the President a mother F***er.

And, for the record, she is also a raging anti-Semite. If that was not enough to convince you of the bad intentions of the liberal elite, their current socialist rising star wants to take up to 70% of your income in taxes. She and the other radicals in this country ignore the fact that socialism only works until you run out of other people's money…. in other words, socialism always fails over time.

The above remarks are NOT the behavior of patriotic Americans… they represent the behavior of (treasonous) agitators who would destroy the United States. They would convert our country into a western hemispheric “Euro-style-nation”, supporting UN-globalism with open borders.

The future does not bode well for our country because we are so deeply divided. None of the mainstream media will openly discuss the horrible prospects that await our country, they prefer to remain like ostriches with their heads in the sand (usually siding with the radical leftists); however, in their private moments, they know what the future holds. As such, we hold them equally responsible for the storm that is coming.

There is no question in our minds that war is coming. It will be a war that will tear apart the very fabric of this country and result in millions of deaths. It is no longer a question of IF the United States will break apart in a civil war, it is NOW only a question of WHEN.

With the storm rapidly approaching, the elitists will redouble their attempts to disarm all law-abiding citizens and gut the 2nd Amendment. As such, it would be foolish for anyone to turn in their guns or magazines because of the liberals “common sense” gun control initiatives. Hang on to your firearms because you are going to need them in the near future. In fact, it is probably a good idea to pick up some extra ammunition (you can never have too much).

Remember….. with firearms you are a free citizen… without them, you are a subject and a slave.

Jim and Mary Clary
Jim and Mary Clary

About Jim and Mary Clary:

Jim and Mary Clary have co-authored over six hundred published articles (and counting) on shooting and hunting. You can read many of them on AmmoLand News.

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    1. I disagree with this analysis. ALL of the obstruction comes from the Left. It is not a matter of compromise. They will never compromise because their goal is absolute power. Their pretexts are entirely false. They even admit it when you look carefully. For example Black Lives Matter is not protesting the treatment of blacks at the hands of police. It is protesting the capitalist system, it says so, because it claims the SYSTEM is racist. Therefore the system has to be destroyed, and white people with it. And when they talk about whites, that is another provocation designed to sow division. Because they are really not talking about whites. They are talking about anyone who defends capitalism and the Constitution. The true goal, which is the only one that matters to them, is to impose Communism in the U.S. This narrative has been around for 100 years, and was fomented first by Lenin. They are just being more open about it now. There is noting to compromise with, and those who do, will be ceding power to people who want to destroy this nation. We didn’t start this battle. They did. We CANNOT compromise. Either our constitutional republic will be restored or it will be destroyed, sooner or later. That is the battle line. Those who refuse to pick sides are picking a side: the Left side. But it won’t save them if the Left wins.

      1. I don’t believe the left has even considered the consequences of their actions, especially how far they can push decent people before we push back, and how FAR we’ll push when it comes to that. Many of us are Veterans, with combat time under our belts, and it always amazes me how scum like “Antifa” assume that They’re the “Baddest” things on the street. Until, then, let them Keep their Delusions, but I’m betting once the hornet/Snap flies past their heads, they’ll run crying for snowflake justice-LMFAO.

        1. talk, talk, talk,….DO SOMETHING!! fight back…physically….attack the left, physically…..destroy their lives. They WILL destroy yours. Read Jack Donavan “VIOLENCE IS GOLDEN”

      1. Oh, how lovely, another membership organization dedicated to TAKING OUR MONEY whilst dangling an ephemeral promise of eventual change SOMEWHERE DOWN THE ROAD… Just like the John Birch Society, or the NRA.

        Smooth, soothing words… We’re too far gone, and Americans are tired of BS solutions that only promise to take years – even decades – to implement, and then only IF enough people “buy into” the slick package being offered!!

        Color me cynical, but I’m old enough, wise enough, and experienced enough to know better!! I’ve seen BS like this before and things only get worse in spite of everything!! I remember how the TEA PARTY movement got hijacked by the SWAMP that exists in EVERY STATE! It also doesn’t address the fact that there are millions of committed MARXISTS in this country, a problem that gets “PROGRESSIVELY” worse with each passing decade!!

        No, we’re headed for civil conflict in this country and the point of no return was passed long ago. Hell, my grandpa predicted as much 45 years ago, and my dad concurred. I realize that gives away my age a bit, but like I said, I’ve been around the block.

        1. Will Flatt, unfortunately I have to agree. No compromise is possible. Give an inch they take a mile.
          If they fail attacking one thing they attack another and come back again to the other thing. Over and over.

    2. Who the heck are the extreme right that you mentioned? I know they exist, but they are still such an extreme rarity despite the goadings of the much larger progressives (8% of the US). Much of the mainstream right is quite centered. The progressives have pulled the right and even much of the left so far left that compromise is no longer compromise but agreement with the progressives.
      Sadly, the right in the USA has been becoming more and more like that of Europe which is actually pretty left leaning by our standards. Expect to see more big government coming out of the right, including gun control.

    3. I wonder who’s side the Police and Military will be on when this war breaks out. Conservitives are viewed as the bad guys these days because we aren’t excepting the liberals narratives

      1. Rick, et al; The military, and as I understand it, most LEO’s, upon being sworn in, swear to uphold the constitution and our nation against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Any LEO I have put this question to has told me that most of them would NOT enforce unconstitutional laws. Somewhat comforting, but, who is it that is enforcing confiscation decrees such as the ones that were implemented during hurricane Catrina?

        Hopefully, oh so hopefully, most LEO’s and National Guard troops likely to be called out in the case of a “national emergency” martial law declaration, will actually follow through on their solemn oaths.

    4. The time has come, We the true Patriot’s of America need to mobilize and sieze control back of our country. Bring the Clinton’s, Bush’s, Obama and all Demoncrats out for public exicution. We know they are guilty of treason by definition. No need for a trial, there is living evidence of their crimes against the American people. This is the only possible solution to get our country back from the demons.

      1. You are correct, sir. Uncle Joe slaughtered almost 10X as many as Adolph and the boys and the good Chairman Mao about 3X the NAZI numbers. Please do NOT think that I’m sticking up for the brown shirts. But as far as reprehensible butchers go, Hitler was a distant third. HθГГ, we have a congressman now who, just a few weeks ago threatened to nuke American citizens. He’s not a “far right” fascist either—he comes from the left bearing gifts; free health insurance, more $$ for the non-producers, and “common sense” gun reform. People who break in to your home/business and steal from you at gunpoint are called thieves and are prosecuted when caught. People who take your money at gunpoint (if you don’t believe armed federal marshals will show up on your porch-armed to the teeth, try not paying your taxes for a few years) and property by taxation/confiscation to give it to someone else are called progressive leaders and are given awards and committee chairs. They keep moving the center intentionally to make it appear that patriotic centrists are far right crazies, and with the MSM totally compliant they’re winning the PR battle. The danger to our way of life and America’s greatness comes NOT from the skinheads and White Nationalists, heck there’s only 12 of them and they’re totally irrelevant, but from the hard left—which now comprises one entire major political party (and growing) and the nation’s free press.

    5. The day is coming people. Surrender your guns? Your ammo? Your mags? You are out of your mind. No way, no how, no more–ever. I have been in most parts of the world when in the military. I have seen socialism, communism, dictators and vile “religions” of peace and those people enslaved under them. I have looked over the Berlin wall and seen people with no hope of getting any better life for them or their children. I have seen the outright evil in some sandy places far away from here. In order to subdue a nation they must be disarmed. Next they throw the LORD out the window. What is left is the very rich and the very poor. Unless you want this kind of evil for you, your children, your friends and neighbors you might want to get prepared, stand up and vote and pray. Anyone who would disarm the public is either misinformed or just plain evil. The right (and commandment) to be armed is clearly seen in the BIBLE-the very foundation this nation is founded on-whether you believe or not. This right is guaranteed by the second amendment. Every able bodied man and woman is in fact the militia. Law makers, laws and those who would enforce them are illegal and by definition treasonous and there is a price for treason. Maybe someone should re-inform the powers that be of that fact in order to stave off what is coming. I, we, most of us, swore an oath to defend the nation, the constitution. I hope that that duty had stayed overseas and not on our own soil but it is getting obvious that things are getting out of hand. Most of us know just how the revolution got started, the British marched on Concord in order to deprive the people of arms. The people, the colonial government, had already many times tried to peaceably redress their grievances with the British and were time and time again, just like we have been, answered with tyranny. Strange and sad how history tends to repeat itself. It was right to resist then and it is right to resist now. I truly still hope and pray for peace but with the evil intent of at least some of those in authority I have my doubts. Again, I still hope and pray for peace but it is prudent to be prepared. Arm up, carry on.

    6. Every Leftist ( Read Progressive ) organization has rallies and marches for their causes in DC.
      I think it’s time that All Conservative organizations
      come together as a massive presence with an Armed America March on DC .
      Bring your guns- the rally point would be the massive Pentagon parking area. The route from there would be the George Washington parkway to Arlington National Cemetery, crossing the Memorial Bridge to the Lincoln Memorial, then down the Mall, past the WW2 and Washington Monument straight to the Capital building to demand the preservation of the Constitution and the naming of all America hating politicians be brought forth as traitors.
      This may well be a “ shot across the bow “ to the Leftist and the Media- but I repeat myself!

      1. The time has come, We the true Patriot’s of America need to mobilize and sieze control back of our country. Bring the Clinton’s, Bush’s, Obama and all Demoncrats out for public exicution. We know they are guilty of treason by definition. No need for a trial, there is living evidence of their crimes against the American people. This is the only possible solution to get our country back from the demons.

    7. Getting started about punishment, when criminals kill and are sentenced to death, why are the GOODY TWO SHOES so concerned about cruel and unjust pain to them, what about the victims, how about their pain brought to them, they got a death sentence and no concern for the amount of pain that was inflicted on them, so in my mind these criminals I have no feelings to make it any less painless for them!!!!!!!!!!! The more pain the better!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Jeez, don’t do that. Israel doesn’t deserve to have her dumped on them. They have enough problems with idiots trying to kill them. We need to be adults and clean up our own mess.

    8. If the populace had the character, integrity and strength of will that existed among the citizens that saw us through the War between the states, the Spanish American war, WWI and WWII, we would never have gotten to where we are now. We have become, or were conditioned to be, a nation with a population of overwhelming milksops and big talkers who will do whatever they are told in order to keep the electricity and water running and make sure their I-phones and computers keep working. There are exceptions, but sadly, they are too few to make a difference any more.

      1. @Joseph P. Martin, I agree. We will need to find a method of revolution and return to the Constitution that will work for our times, with the tools that we have.

    9. There are still some of living ,and fighting, the coastal elites When the war starts, WE will be right in the middle of it Wish us luck. We have Oath Takers living in this state to.

    10. “… Their current socialist rising star wants to take up to 70% of your income in taxes.”

      Unless your intended audience for this article is the extremely wealthy, this statement is inaccurate. Her proposed change to tax law would apply a 70% tax rate *only* to personal income that is over ten million dollars ($10,000,000) per year (and to clarify, the rate would apply *only* to the amount above $10M, income under $10M would be taxed at current rates, per her peoposal).

      1. The income tax was originally intended to only apply to the top 1-3% wealthiest Americans, but that morphed into everyone getting their earnings taxed! Does anyone credibly believe that if the socialists succeed in this, that they would stop with only the wealthy?? I was born at night, but I sure as hell wasn’t born LAST night!!!

      2. If you hadthat kind of income you would be screaming bloody murder. Wealth is not evil. Taking anothers wealth is evil. Wake up and realize the richcan leave and take their wealth with them. Plus allthe jobs and oppurtunity that are created with that wealth.

      3. The wealthy will avoid taxation: by loopholes, their cronies in government, or leaving the country entirely! Who will be left to pay the high taxes? Guess what they want as part of that: more of a progressive tax rate than we already have. The middle class will be taxed out of existence!
        Finally, taxes do not even pay for most of the government spending! It’s magic money from the Federal Reserve that devalues the dollar every time they “create” more money for our “friends” in Washington.

      1. Our only remaining voice is through our guns. They’ll bark good and loud when the tyrants come for yours. Time to buy a ton of ammo and stack it tall and deep!!

      1. No sane person wants it. Conversely, no realist rejects the fact that at this point, it’s an inevitable necessity to set things right again. Unless you believe “Q” will “save the world”.

      2. I personally don’t want a war. But if there is a need, or a great chance they’ll put us even more under there thumb, and when the time arrives then I will fight, our rights are VERY important, not just me. But to all of us, all rights, and I also hope everyone will join me, join every like minded person when said time arrives. I hate to admit it. But you are right, we do very little. Because some of our mindsets is oh, that can’t happen! Oh that’ll never happen here, or even that law will never make to Congress, yet a lot of times is makes it farther than we expect it to, and it should, which is ridiculous! We, do at times do very little, we NEED to take action by any way possible. Protest, call local reps to make sure they don’t support anti-2a, and anti-gun rights, and tell them if they do we will boot their butts faster than that can Uh-Oh! Vote more, ect. The time to act is NOW, we need to nip this in the bud while we have a chance to.

    11. I personally believe we ARE in the war already. It hasn’t come to a bullet shooting war so far but is none the less a war. just as the Caravan craze is a form of Invasion. Those who say it isn’t an invasion want to believe that as it isn’t being driven by tanks and machine guns but an invasion it truly is. Multiple attempts at invasion. The war is real in our government as elitists try to deepen their entrenched Royal Status Quo with anti Trump hate. The peoples voices are being smothered in their media and those who have sworn to overthrow our nation are being elected to office. There is no more statesmen who understand what an OATH means. To those in office their promise, their oath is just a meaningless as the words, Free, or Racist, or Journalist, have all become. Those members of the swamp, elected proffessional politicians, lobbying groups and business bribers, and foriegn entities have only become more determined to go their way against the Constitution and the people of our nation. When this war turns violent it will be accompanied by Bureaucratic Thunder over Blame. Those who will wear the blame are those who have the most to loose and care the most, The American citizen.

      1. By the time the bullets start flying, American patriots aren’t gonna give a damn about ‘blame’ or ‘optics’. The only public opinion that will count will be judicious marksmanship. The only voting that will matter will be from the rooftops. And the beltway crowd will likely be dangling from the streetlamps by Day 2!!

      2. The bullets flew in Las Vegas by Paddock. The bullets have flown at schools, universities, military bases and softball fields. At dis-armed people, sheep. They have already started it.

      3. You forgot the most important group. The one who’s mostly responsible and the one that could possibly stop it . The mainstream media . They’re the first ones that need to be hung ! They are the ones driving all of this and some chicken politicians are so afraid of them to do the right thing. Until they are forced to change , nothing else will. Their bubble they live in needs to be popped and their actions need to affect them . Only then can we make some progress .
        What do we do yet ,I don’t know ? I’m just like so many in the country ,who I feel like have no voice .

    12. Conservatives over the last several decades, especially the GOP establishment, has bent over backwards moving leftward “towards the center” in an effort to meet the Left partway. As a result, today’s Republicans (particularly those who are known as RINOs) more closely resemble the Democrats of decades past. Yet the Left keeps moving the goal-posts ever leftward. Why do people not see this and call it out for what it is??

      Yet when middle Americans, those of us who live outside the Dark Blue urban centers, plant our feet on bedrock traditional conservative values and say “no more!”, WE are the ‘extremists’??!? BALONEY! That’s just a psyop to get us to resume the leftward slide into political and moral depravity! For example, now that the Left has ‘normalized’ sodomite behavior, they are trying to normalize pedophilia! I kid you not! Why aren’t people seeing this and thinking, WTH?

      The Leftist narratives no longer work on Americans who are waking up to what’s really going on. The MSM is now rightly being called out for fake news, and the worst purveyors of fake news are rightly being called out as ‘the enemy of the people’. The Left STILL can’t move fast enough to try to take our guns, and as they have lost legislatively and in courts, they seek to attack our gun rights through the banks. The Left is infamous for their baldfaced rigging of elections, and while the GOP has yet to call them out for their systematic criminal manipulation of the electoral system, they realize that the majority of the American people are about to turn on them ‘bigly’. So now they seek to throw open our borders and have every illegal alien vote Democrat, to bolster their numbers and help them cement absolute control over the levers of POWER in this country, their be-all and end-all!

      When you look at the Left’s rhetoric, we can see WHY they want to disarm us; they want to be able to impose their will upon us, achieve their aims unopposed. They also want to eliminate us, as their violent rhetoric reveals. I personally know more than a couple leftists who have expressed a strong desire to round up all conservatives into death camps for immediate elimination, just as the Nazis did to the disarmed Jews.

      With their malign intentions made clear for all to see, we know by this that there is indeed a civil war coming. The Left has been speculating with hope at the prospect. Right-thinking Americans cannot afford to capitulate to this evil, and Leftists refuse to compromise and give up their dream of imposing their will on others. That rather sets the die, and soon the die will be rolled.

      The authors here have hit the nail on the head: THESE PEOPLE ARE TRAITORS who seek to DESTROY America and they will do WHATEVER IT TAKES. Their chances of success depends on whether we lack the resolve to see to it that they are stopped. Do YOU possess the will to stop them? If no, why not? It is time for patriotic Americans to muster the courage of our forefathers and prepare for what’s coming, and make no mistake, IT IS COMING.

      Don’t just buy guns & ammo, develop your marksmanship and train for war. Join your local citizens’ militia. Practice good military discipline. Develop comms and operational security. Most of all, Trust in God and develop a relationship with Him, for without God we can do nothing!!

        1. Amen. Never forget, the Leftists end goal is the elimination of ALL conservatives in DEATH CAMPS once the guns are seized. This is what Hitlery was supposed to do after the 2016 election…

          1. cruel & unusual = another production of the same useless a**holes who devised “hate crimes” & prison terms for murderers in place of execution & legalized baby-murdering @ taxpayer expense

          2. “Unusual” just means that the technique is not used often enough. Use that form of execution more and the more usual it becomes. Use it three times and it becomes the norm. Cruel means slow and painful. Guillotine or gallows, both are fast and only a momentary pang.

            1. @ Wild Bill It is very hard to estimate how many guillotines or gallows would be needed. Would the current workforce be able to manufacture that many? There are many needy critters in congress that need this treatment.

            2. @TC & WB: Here I was thinking a 5 or 10lb. mauler would do the job.
              But I like the chainsaw. Use a loggers chainsaw you can lop off three or four heads at a time. We stack ’em and line ’em up maybe 12-16 at a time.

            3. It would sound like someone dropped several bowling balls.
              1001 uses for Commieheads. Did you know the human head weighs nine pounds? However Commieheads are a few pound lighter.

            4. @TCAT Why gallows with all the trees, lamp post, bridges, etc. that are readily available and rope is reusable.

          3. May have been French, but some German executioner used a mobile guillotine in the 1940s. Their use is unsightly but humane and not cruel. Current execution methods have been chosen for sensitivities of the public not the condemned.

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