Antifa Member Killed By Police After Opening Fire On Officers – VIDEO

USA -( Charles Landeros, 30, was fatally shot in the head by officer Steve Timm at the middle school of his daughter. At the time of the shooting, the leader of the Antifa militant group “Red Arm” and founder of “Community Armed Self-Defense” was at the middle school resisting arrest. Landeros at the time was involved in a custody dispute with his former wife. He was wearing a “smash the patriarchy” shirt at the time of the shooting.

Landeros was not only a leader in the Far-left militant group out of Eugene, Oregon, but he also was the chief firearms instructor for the organizations. The stated mission of the group is to, “defend the oppressed.” Landeros, who identified by non-gender specific pronouns, had a goal to teach and form an armed group to protect members of the LGBTQ+ communities, as well as communities of various cultural backgrounds considered “oppressed”.

The secondary goal of his “Red Army” group was the overthrow of what it sees as a fascist government and the installation of a far-left communist regime in the United States. Landeros has been involved in several violent protests around Oregon protesting things such as perceived police brutality against people of color and people who identify as LGBTQ+.

Landeros recently switched his daughter’s middle school. When Landeros’s ex-wife found out about the transfer she brought custody paperwork to the school showing she had sole control over their daughter’s schooling. When a school official notified Landeros, he was enraged and headed to the school. It is unclear why he changed his daughter’s school.

School officials asked Landeros to leave the property when he refused to leave the grounds the school staff called a resource officer. Officer Steve Timm responded to the call and once again requested Landeros to leave immediately or face arrest for trespassing and disorderly conduct. He still refused to leave, so Officer Timm called Officer Aaron Johns for back up. The two officers tried to get Landeros out of the school, but Landeros became combative.

It was at this point where the officers informed the member of Antifa that he was under arrest. Landeros pulled out a 9mm handgun and fired two shots at the officers. Officer Johns tried to wrestle the gun away from Landeros. When the two hit the floor struggling for the firearm Officer Timm fired the fatal shot to the head of Landeros killing him instantly.

Charles Landeros, 30, a member of Antifa, was fatally shot after drawing on police officers arresting him for trespassing on school grounds.
Charles Landeros, 30, a member of Antifa, was fatally shot after drawing on police officers arresting him for trespassing on school grounds.

Police released the body cam footage to calm unrest in the Antifa community. The footage seems to show that Officer Timm was left with no choice other than shoot Landeros to protect the other officer. It doesn’t give a clear reason why Landeros would pull his gun and provides evidence that the officers were not overly physical with an individual trespassing on school grounds.

Lane County District Attorney, Patty Perlow, said that the officers acted correctly and that the use of force was justified.

“There was no clearer circumstance that the use of deadly force is justified than this,” Perlow said.

In an unfortunate circumstance, Landeros daughter was in the hallway when Officer Timm was forced to shoot her father. The timing of his daughter walking down the hall appears to be just a coincidence. There would have been no way of Landeros knowing his daughter would be in the hallway, but he did see his daughter before shooting at officers, a fact not lost on the DA.

“It is unknown why Charles Landeros chose to use deadly force in this circumstance, but he clearly had no regard for the lives of the police officers or the students or staff present, including his child,” said Perlow. “Officer Timm saved the life of Officer Johns, himself and perhaps many others given the number of rounds Charles Landeros had loaded in his weapon.”

Landeros also had a backpack full of ammunition of different calibers.

All of which were banned on school property because it was a gun free zone. Landeros must have willfully ignored the gun-free zone or was not aware that the school banned guns.

The FBI also investigated the shooting of Landeros and found that the officers didn’t commit any crime and were justified. Landeros was known to the FBI because of anti-government threats posted to the social media. Just days before the shooting he made a post calling for the killing of police officers.

Supporters of Landeros do not believe the shooting was justified. Lauren Regan of the far-left Civil Liberties Defense Center said that their organization would hire outside experts to review the shooting footage. Landeros was of Mexican and Filipino descent. She believes his ethnicity played a role in police deciding to use deadly force.

Based in Eugene, Oregon the Civil Liberties Defense Center is a non-profit law firm. The group has ties to Antifa groups throughout the region. Their mission is ‘to protect the rights of activists and marginalized communities.’

Landeros was an Army vet who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to friends.

Johns has served as an officer since 2001 and Timm has been a member of the department since 2004.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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This shitbird deserved what he got! Him and his Antifa thugs are nothing more than a facist terrorist organization being allowed to organize and plan attacks on real Americans under the guise of fighting non-existent facism! And you morons talking about white privilege can go f#*k yourselves!

Danny Smith

“another one bites the dust”

Tad Pole

“GUN FREE ZONE” Who had the GUN illegally on School Property. Thank You Officer Steve Timm for Saving Lives, and ending the life of A Bad Guy.


He pulled a gun
He pulled the trigger
He became a deadly ongoing threat
He got shot in the head to stop that threat

Antifa doesn’t believe shooting him was justified.
Antifa is a terrorist org. And needs to be dealt with.

nam marine

And who will miss him?……….NO ONE !


I understand your expression but his young daughter might. It was selfish of him/her/whatever he defines as to do this and deprive his/her/whatever child of a parent, no matter how poor a parent they are. The child suffers.

Frank Romo

Miss who?


He had every chance in the world to just go home.


the Antifa fools are ignoring the fact that this fool shot at the police–the results are entirely his fault

Leftist 2A Purist

Stupid. So many people advocate against and promote activism regarding the same subjects, and are clear-headed and firearm/protocol literate. Antifa is just short for anti-fascist. This man did a huge disservice to his family and causes. Sick of 2A gatekeeping. Plenty of ‘alt-right” and far right nutcases are in the same league as this nutcase. The article is loaded with jabs at views not shared by the author, and illusory correlations are made

Luis B.Barrera

Whenever Someone draws a firearm against law enforcement. More than likely your going to end up 6 ft under pushing up daisies. These antifa ppl have lost sight of what is important. Now if he had pulled that stunt in Texas. Good lord he’d been shot beyond all.

John Phillip Jaeger

Another Leftist psycho off the streets. Thank you officers. Great job.


Yes , great job!!!! Agreed 100%

stephen p mccandless

I lived went to college, and owned a home in Springfield…..My daughter graduated from Thurston with honors….This was before the idiots (Anitfa) were even thought about….What a terrorist group, which should ALL be destroyed forever !!


Antifa started in Europe in the 1930’s. Some people think that Soros brought them over here to cause trouble. BTW, rumor has it that Soros has been arrested and is facing a military tribunal.


I would like to know exactly when the first time he was notified that he was under arrest. Was it during the time before this particular video began, or was it when he was already thru the doors and outside ?

Bob Chernik

Who gaf? The asshole pulled out a handgun on two police officers in a school with the students present, including his own daughter and fired two shots,
What exactly is wrong with you liberal fools? Thank God no one else was injured by this idiots actions!

George staten

A good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun one more time….yay!!!@!


From the video it seems he was asked to leave and refused. At this point the officer had a duty to detain and arrest. Landeros obviously didn’t want to be arrested and resisted by fighting, not sure if he headed for the door or the officer move him that way but one thing is certain, Landeros could have killed alot of people had it not ended up outside and could himself still be alive had he not pulled a gun AND his daughter would still have a father that could get some help.


Without knowing what happened BEFORE the video started, it appears as if the Alleged Antifa Guy (AAG)was explaining to the LEO that no school officials had asked him to leave, and then proceeded to leave as he finished his sentence. At least, that is what it appears he was doing from watching the video. It was at that time that the LEO began physically assaulting the AAG, and then in the middle of the scuffle he says “you are under arrest”. Usually, a LEO will first inform you that you are under arrest before he will lay a hand on… Read more »


He was trespassing on the school grounds, so he needed to stand still while the officers talked to him about it. They may have let him go with a warning. But, no, he wasn’t going to have that. When I have entered a school building while school is in session, there has been a sign directing all visitors to check in at the office. I doubt that they would have allowed him to go in to visit his daughter. Fathers have pulled that one before with bad results. And that is why there are police in schools. (When I was… Read more »

Shayla Landeros

The officers were at the school before charlie. And charlie was not exiting the school. He caught a glimps of the daughter coincidentally walking into the hall and made an attempt toward her. The officer intervined and pushed him away from her and out the door and notified him he was being placed under arrest. Sadly his daughter followed and ultimitly watcher he dad get shot in the head. And before what you see in the video the officer did indeed ask him to leave REPEATEDLY but charlie insisted that th school reaourse officer didnt have the authority to ask… Read more »


He had a gun and a pack full of ammunition while on school grounds Mr Pi moron! They should have shot him 20 times! Go play Perry Mason with your Antifa pals, I’m sure they’ll love the shit your spewing!


Those cops should get a metal and Trump should offically place a bounty/reward for every POS antifa tongue Americans can bring back to him!

Laura Kiefer

He put the lives of those children in danger by bringing lethal wepons…he got what he deserved! Justice! Thank God they are all okay. The little girls life will be safe now. And the school. Cnn we all Know that you are FAKE news and a joke!

Roy D.

Hopefully Laura, you are not the “smart one” in your family.


she’s smart enough to see the truth.

Kevin Laurie

Hopefully people can now grasp how ineffective and dangerous “gun free zones”are. It did nothing. The man walked into that school armed to the t. Who knows what this guy was planning. Kidnapp his daughter? Armed up in case he met resistance?. Hopefully the school reviews its policy and sets one in place that protects the kids not the perpetrator.


He didn’t deserve that. And he was exercising his 2nd Amendment right. Guess you think the founding fathers shouldn’t have used their “lethal wepons” to establish this country.


Exercising his right to use firearms in a gun free zone like a school is foolish. He got what he asked for.

Commie Skull Smasher

His refried beans commie brains got blown out all over the sidewalk. Hopefully he passed on some of these really awesome firearms skills to other communist bean people and sodomites so that they can experience the same fate. He can enjoy smashing the patriarchy in Hell now.


Guns are a right. Just because it is a right, does not mean you can do whatever you want with it. If you are on private property and are told that they do not wish for weapons to be allowed, it is their right to ask so. And it in s your right to either comply or leave. Rights are not without rules. You can have your guns. Just not around my kids.

Roy D.

I take it that you must be Laura’s sister.

Harvey Lane

“. Landeros was of Mexican and Filipino descent. She believes his ethnicity played a role in police deciding to use deadly force.”

No, it was that Italian in his hand that played a role in the police using deadly force!


I see what you did there, and like it


Alright, another one dead, we dont need those terrorists here in the beautiful USA

Paul B

you would have thought our founding fathers were terrorists


Dumbfuck, our founding fathers fought for freedom, not fake oppression that antqueefa creates to fuel their, or apparently your bitch ass too, bullshit fascist games. Which, incidentally will be coming to an end soon enough. Antqueefa is nothing but gender retarded basement dwelling rats, with the delusions of actual intelligence. They should and will all be killed, every last fucking one of those pussies like you.

Commie Skull Smasher

The Founders were not attempting to start a communist sodomite utopia like your dead bean person buddy.


I doubt the founding fathers would’ve pulled a gun on the police when they had obviously broken the law. But sure. I guess all us gun owners will be terrorists now, eh?


Only a mentally diseased twisted antifa LOSER would ever place the mask wearing fat-ass cowards also known as antifa on the same playing field as our Founding Fathers! The only thing antifa faggots are good for is becoming a bullet stop for our police and anyone else who puts one of your cowardice antifa losers down for the count! It’s time that Trump puts out a bounty on antifa and their supports!


Moral of the story: DON’T BE STUPID!!
These “antifa” types are dumb as rocks. So dumb, in fact, that they don’t even understand that they are the fascists.

Don Bailey

@Bob, That is so true, ANTIFA are truly a criminal hate group.

Aleksey Pravda

>Wears “smash the patriarchy” shirt.
>Snaps and brings a gun to a school because his ex-wife has custody of his daughter

Boy the irony is thick there.

Chanukah Green

So sorry for both of the officers involved. This has got to be a stressful and distressing time for them & their families. Although it was obviously justified, taking the life of another human being must still weigh heavy. Kudos for taking the right course of action to protect others.

Ms Daisy

When are airport security type gates going to be installed in all schools? No one should be able to even get in there with a gun. You can hear the poor kid screaming to see her father killed right in front of her like that. SO FKN SAD!!! AIRPORT SECURITY GATES for SCHOOLS NOW!!!!


Rigggghhhhhtt!!!!! lake of fucking “Airport style Security Gates” is what caused all this….not that he was a Piece Of Shiit, Anti-government, leftist, fucktard, there with guns and ammo….it was the lack of doors. Lady, dumbass motherfucking naive idiots in denial (such as you) are the problem. He went there with an agenda and the purpose to cause harm…and rightful law of the land is what he deservingly received. People like you make me sick to my stomach.

Steve Orlando

Wow, Geoffrey. Great use of the English language to espouse your vituperation upon Ms. Daisy. What an ignoramus you are. Metal detection devices are not only used in airports they are also used throughout government complexes and other areas people congregate en mass. Much like a wall to keep out Invaders from the south, this added layer of security and protect your children…. You got a problem with that, Dumbass???


Just imagine if we had metal detector /armed guard at entrance and exit at all public schools this would be unnecessary


Sacrificing your rights for security, you’re wrong. Those who trade liberty for security deserve neither.

Steve Orlando

I don’t think metal detectors at every school door is usurping my “Liberties” I don’t believe that arming responsible, sane members of the school administration is usurping my “Liberties” either.
I am fully aware that my “Liberties” end where yours begins, and vica-versa. Are you aware of that also? Then how can defensive measures to protect our children at a Public School be an encroachment upon any American’s Liberty?

Ms Daisy

Sad for his daughter. Does she get a say in how dad behaves? Most parents embarass their kids at some point. But many parents just TOTALLY DISREGUARD how their lifestyles ruin their kids look on life. Then society gets to deal with whats left. So sad that he couldnt think of anyone but himself. Antifas are snowflakes on steriods. But mostly, this guy was just a fk up who wanted to be boss. So sad for the kid.

Kathy Lowe

They have these type of security gates here in are public schools and we never have had a shooting of any kind

Gene Jordan

Hundreds of thousands of public schools do not have “these types of security gates” and have never had a shooting of any kind. The person with the intent to do harm to others is the problem. Not the school, not the doors, not the firearms. I for one am counting the blessings in this incident.


Maybe it will teach her not to grow up to be Antifa..good riddance to her scummy father..


“She believes his ethnicity played a role in police deciding to use deadly force.”
YES, they should definitely have stopped performing the job they were hired to perform and let an active shooter kill both of them, since he had slightly more melatonin in his skin than they did. (PSA: my comment is sarcasm for any extreme leftists who may be reading).

Jimmy fits

Lol “active shooter”. “Melatonin”

Jamie Garcia



Was this guy a special snowflake? Yes. Did that have anything to do with his ultimately fatal dumfukary? No. He was a disturbed individual who obviously had issues and he ultimately paid the price for his inability to cope with reality like an adult. Your article does nothing but further divide. You are confusing politics with homicidal, criminal behavior. It’s people like you who write stupid trash articles like this that give liberals ammo to use when they claim we’re all insane gun nuts. Good job there guy. The next time some leftist writes an obviously biast, partisan article painting… Read more »

David Thompson

His politics had everything to do with what happened and should not be suppressed from the article. Too much of that going on already. THE TRUTH HAS TO BE TOLD. These leftists are needlessly and overtly violent . Up til now the uber liberal mayors and governors hv ordered a complete stand down regardimg anything they may do. This has exacerbated the problem and emboldened theae nut bags to become more violent. How dare you blame this article and the author of sowing division. These Anti american, terrorists dont need a reason to be hateful and violent..THEY JUST ARE. AND… Read more »


“She believes his ethnicity played a role in police deciding to use deadly force.“ And I believe that the fact that he lived long enough to fire twice and then be in a grappling match, instead of being shot twice by each officer immediately is the effect his ethnicity had on the police officers. I’m pretty sure that had I acted as he did they wouldn’t have tried to disarm me. My white privilege would have been being permitted to bleed out while they decided to call for backup or EMTs.

Geprge ray staten

Another bad guy stopped by a good guy with a gun. As charlie brown said’ “shoot back!”


Ethnicity does come into play with certain people, however I do not believe ethnicity had anything to do with this.First off, Landeros opened fire.He obviously had intentions to potentially harm the officers if not why would he pull his gun out?.The officers did not handle him roughly in my opinion and he was resisting arrest which I feel that should of been a cue to the officers that they should of taken him to the ground immediately.Additionally,this happened at a fucking school where children if you did not know that already.They would of tried to disarm you no matter what… Read more »

Tom M.

Every person should place themselves under the authority of the government. There isn’t any authority unless it comes from God, and the authorities that are there have been put in place by God. So anyone who opposes the authority is standing against what God has established. People who take this kind of stand will get punished. Romans 13:1-2 The Lord isn’t slow to keep his promise, as some think of slowness, but he is patient toward you, not wanting anyone to perish but all to change their hearts and lives. 2 Peter 3:9 God Bless the brave men serving their… Read more »


Oh yes, all of the clergy in Russia were told to preach that very same verse to their parishioners as the Commies took control. And the same in Christian Nazi Germany. And now I hear that all the good religious leaders have been given their marching orders here in the Land of the Free and the home of the brave. Please, spare me from that cherry picked religious dogma donkey dust. It is the Devil himself who pushes that brand of bull sh*t.

Glen Linscheid

If the antifa nut had Trusted the Word and given in he’d be alive right now. Our country has not devolved into a fascist government like the USSR or socialists workers party of Germany, there is a day and time but so far the “good” guys really are Good, and the bad guys really are bad.


Not to sure where you “cherry picked” (to use your words) your information from, because Hitler and the ‘National Socialist German Workers Party’ denounced Christians many a time and even labeled them as “far right fanatics” (odd I know). I would like to say that There is Evil in all Religions, Science, Politics – wherever the everyday human being dwells. There is also alot of Good that comes from Religions, Science, Politics And the everyday human being. It’s up to each individual to choose what to take and what it is they are taking from. It is also up to… Read more »

The Revelator

@hotshottertom M There is a difference in the meaning of that bible verse though, and that difference is “Legitimate” authority. For example, if ordered to violate your Christian faith and worship a false god, do you comply with that order because it is coming from the government? The answer is no. Most of the military is familiar with this type of system though they refer to it as “Chain of Command.” Particularly, in the Christian faith it is that “The laws of God are higher than the laws of men.” This is found directly in Jesus’s teachings in Mark 7:5-13,… Read more »


Give that cop a big ol’ raise!!!

Brondishe Moishe Sullenburgsilvergold

I’m so sad that my dick burst through denim at a speed great enough to cause a small sonic boom.

Good night, scum!


Exercising his right to use firearms in a gun free zone like a school is foolish. He got what he asked for.


Dumb-Ass on school grounds, gun free zone, asked to leave then got real stupid, pulled a gun and fired, officer then put down an active shooter with a bullet, end of story , but sorry that daughter had to see it, divorces and separations do have bad effects, but cool heads would have prevailed if thought out, it was brewing for some time before this tragedy, but the worst part is his daughter being a witness to it!


More beer and ammo for me.

Kat Cook

In this instance I could care less what this guy’s ideology is or isn’t his actions speak loudly about his instability. These officers were in the right and possibly prevented what could have been another mass school shooting. There was no reason for this man to take a gun into the school unless he had intentions on using it which he obviously was not afraid of doing. I am sorry the child had to witness that but you can only imagine what this child was mentally subjected to on a daily basis from this obviously unstable individual. I hope the… Read more »


One less troll on this earth, main goal of the nut jobs is to take down any authority! People like this, back in the day we would take these morons to the woodshed! People need to wake up and take the blinders off, respect the blue!!! Oh, your not above the law, jackass’s!!!

Ken Perk

I’m so sad I have a big ole smile on my face. One less fascist to stink up the country.


Give that cop a raise!!!!

Steve Orlando

I sure wish everyone here would get a clear understanding of what Antifa is. No they are not Nazis. They are in fact the Communist polar opposite of what National Socialists (Nazis) are.
A quick Google search reveals a publication dated 4/16/2018 from the Capital Research Center written by Matthew Vadum from which I quote:

“Antifa, which has been described as a revolutionary communist-anarchist militia movement that aspires to forcibly overthrow the United States.”
So there it is. Antifa is a “Communist-Anarchist Militia”.
Not Nazis, so please stop displaying your ignorance by calling these little bastard Communists, Nazis.


They are not polar opposites of nazis, except in the European definition of left and right- where they are all basically socialist and “nazi” is right wing and “communism “ is left wing. From an American perspective Anitifa are basically “Nazi” because Nazis are socialists – communists are “international socialists” . American leftists have incorporated socialism into there platform and what we have on the far right is small government- libertarians- and what used to be called conservatives, at least until that term was co-opted by d-holes like John Kasich.

Wysiwyg Mtwzzyzx

So glad to see someone else correcting the inaccurate use of left-right. This is exactly correct. I really think we should simply drop using left and right as they’re vague, unclear and inconsistent labels anyway.

Heed the Call-up

Steve, no, they aren’t Nazis, since that was a German organization during the Hitler era. However, the German National Socialist Workers Party and Antifa have similarities to how they attack their opposition. Hitler is quoted as stating to oppose the opposition by every means necessary, including violence – the same methods employed by Antifa. Antifa isn’t Communist, it is Socialist, the same as the Hitler organization.

Steve Orlando

No, not buying it. You are close on your timelines but otherwise you’re wrong. I have done a lot of research into this communist, self-proclaimed anti-fascist group since their recent arrival on the world stage. If you read the history as you claim to, you will know that this group started as the Communist answer to Hitler’s Nazi Germany. I have listed one source of information I have discovered exposing them as communist anarchists. Your cannot backup your opinion, but you can refute mine all day long in your mind, but the facts remain what they are. So please, try… Read more »


Antifa was a German organization of the same period as the Nazis. Antifa is short for “Antifascitische Aktion” they were the German communist party’s version of the Brown Shirts. Many of them eventually joined the Brown Shirts (Sturmabteilung) when the Nazis took power in 1933 as they had similar economic goals. The Gestapo reported that over 70% if the recruits to the Brown Shirts were “former communists”. After the war Antifa hunted down anti-communists for the Stasi in East Germany (DDR). They are as bad as Nazis.

Thomas Barton

A piece of shit is a piece of shit no matter what label you put on it.


Kill them all, stop pussy footing around these things and rid our Country of these veil creatures. You get what you get by being a thug punk bit&!


Nazi=National-Socialist German Workers’ Party


I’m so sad I have a big ole smile on my face. One less fascist to stink up the country.

James M Poli

The guy was a combat veteran with two tours. You think this is anything to smile about?

Killed in front of his daughter. A US combat veteran. And you’re smiling?

Micah McCloskey

Smelling about a guy with a problem and a gun, in a school with kids in it, discharging a firearm at police getting his head blown off, before he could kill any innocent people.
Too bad any children were there, let alone his daughter.

Gregory Olsen

There are many forms of socialism but they all have one thing in common, subjugation of the people with little to no freedom of thought under penalty of death if warnings are rebuked! 🙁


little do you know that you and the police are promoting the same thing. The cops didn’t agree with him so they tried to arrest him. There was nothing he did to warrant them escalating this. The man made an unwise decision, but the police are the ones who escalated this.

Wysiwyg Mtwzzyzx

What? He was trespassing, refused to leave when asked (that’s escalation), when told he would be arrested, moved away and started reaching, (again escalation), and got shot justly. If you want to complain about something, you should complain that the officer, once deciding that he’s going to arrest, and the guy is resisting, should have become more violently forceful in his takedown attempt, which might have ended up saving this guys life by preventing him from drawing his weapon. But the officers were probably conditioned to hold back by people who think they’re being compassionate by advocating for less force.… Read more »


Re-watch the video. He was given multiple opportunities to leave the school grounds peacefully. He kept refusing and that’s when, finally, the officers pushed him out the door. When they attempted to arrest him, he resisted and pulled a firearm.


Ummm he was resisting. If he would have left like he was told numerous times maybe he would be able to attend another meaningless protest instead he is food for worms

You resist and you will get arrested. You pull a gun and your ass will get shot no matter what color you are


Seriously? You can say that straight? He brought a gun on school grounds, refused to leave when asked (trespassing), and used said deadly weapon on another individual. Are you saying that if someone pulls a gun on you and the only way to protect yourself would be to shoot them, you would rather die? I’d say the moment you take an action without the consideration for another’s life, you waive any laws that protect you from any harm done to yourself as an act of defense (within reason and the law). We have some select socialist ideals, but it is… Read more »

Greg K

While they aspire to become full on Communists someday, right now they are Fascist in nature. Yes, they probably live on welfare (State Sponsored), but they are primarily funded by Corporate Interests (Fascist). That’s a fact that can’t be skirted. At the end of the day the only thing that “Fascism” is to the “Right of,” Is in fact “Communism.” Fascism is Socialism with strong governmental ties to the Corporation structure. Currently they are acting out the deeds of the Brownshirts, which is also hard to ignore. Again, they may aspire to true Communism, but they being funded by Corporations… Read more »

Daniel farley

Die you fucking comi duschbag hurray
For the officers

Harold Wayne Price

Why do we not just bring Madura to the US and give him a high level high paying government job? He would be about as helpful as this shit we got? And he could assist all this new muslim socialist bullshit that the stupid fucks in this country have voted into office.

Harold Wayne Price

God Bless America, the Land that I love. Fuck him and Antifa. I hope he is not the last one. Oh my god, he contributed so much. Antifa fuck all of you!!!!!!!

the Land that I love

Harold Wayne Price

What part of Fuck Antifa can you not understand. I watched Antifa piece of shit threaten to kill the president on national news. If it had been Obama or bitch Clinton the FBI and CIA would have declared world war, but no, because it was Donald Trump the demofucks could care less. Lets take a serious look at what makes these pricks.

Matt in Oklahoma

No one in society suffered without this scum


Good Riddance


I love movies like this, especially ones with happy endings for peace Loving Americans!

Carlton Wilson

The irony is really pretty stunning. Landeros is involved in a custody dispute in which Family Law, which routinely discriminates against fathers, has given custody of his child to the mother, and he dies wearing a shirt that reads, “Smash The Patriarchy”. BWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
What a dumbass.

Teresa Fisher

Yep, I didn’t miss that sweet irony! I hope they put it on his tombstone, lol.

Mark riche

His wifey IS A TRUMPSTER !!!%

Shayla Landeros

Not sure where you got that…


do do do do another one bites the dust


And I hope another one goes and another goes.

Not An Armchair Tough Guy

Anybody still act or talk like CIVIL human beings.Antifa stands for anti-fascist,morons.While the guy was clearly in the wrong and this was a justified shooting by the police,I believe you both forgot about the fact that it noted,very BRIEFLY might I add that he was a VETERAN OF BOTH IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN.He hated Nazi’s and inequality..And I’m sure that sweet little gem about killing cops on “social media” is nothing but fake news.What it comes down to is a human being,a veteran of two wars,and a father, DIED.Being human,some of them make mistakes,some bigger and more regrettable then others.You know… Read more »

Exto poster

>wall of text
Fuck off faggot all Antifa traitors deserve the noose.

Common sense

Antifa are the Nazis this guy was nothing but a moron they act like Nazis they called the other people Nazis when they’re the real Nazis why don’t you try looking up what a Nazi is if you want to throw the word Nazi around I just called dumbasses who get what they deserve you want to protest protest but not like these antif idiots do their big bullies and the fact that he’s a veteran has absolutely nothing to do with it




You do realize where Antifa comes from, correct? Antifa was the official name of the Black Shirts and their newspaper, owned and commanded by Benito Mussolini. Ya know, actual fascists? Regardless of him being disturbed, he made the choice to come onto that campus with a gun and a bag full of ammo, and chose to try and kill the officers legally attempting to detain him, all the while his damn kid was in the hallway. What’s worse is that instead of attempting to distance themselves from this guy and what he did and tried to do, Antifa and their… Read more »


“Nazi”. “Fascist.” God forbid the citizens of this country work toward the protection and care of it’s OWN citizens. No, I’m not white either.


Antifa are fascists pretending to be antifascists.

Churchill knew it was coming when he said “The next fascists will call themselves anti-fascists”


Exactly. We could use a guy like Winston Churchill today

Scotty Gunn

We have a modern day Churchill-Trump.
Churchill was not well liked by too many in his day, but saved Britain’s bacon.

Ken Perk



The two officers involved had no prior knowledge of this man and did what they had to do to protect themselves and the children. This situation did not allow for research, only swift and effective action. Moral: dont go to schools with guns, dont try to shoot the police. Simple really.


You’re correct about humans needing to show compassion. However, is there ever any compassion towards pro-liberty, pro-gun, conservative “fascists?” Which anyone not sharing the exact same viewpoints, is automatically a “nazi, fascist, etc.” And I don’t need to state the obvious, (everyone else already has!), the blatant hypocrisy of both the name and principles of ‘antifa.’

Teresa Fisher

The world is a bit better since that piece of human garbage got himself killed. He was a vet?!! Big fucking deal, he had went to the dark side. Rot in hell, Charlie Landeros! ^_^

Heed the Call-up

NAATG, he was also illegally carrying a firearm in a “Gun-free” zone, and then pulled it and fired multiple rounds when he began to resist arrest for not leaving when requested. Being a vet, a man, a father, and whatever else you wish to label him, those labels are meaningless once he began firing. The most fitting label once he began firing his handgun was that he was a grave threat to all near him. You imply that he feared for his life from those he hated, and that is why he carried. However, that does not explain why he… Read more »

'Nam to the Sandbox and beyond

You do remember dipwad, Timothy McVeigh was a vet also?
These don’t deserve that title


Always nauseating to hear the fascist/ communist warped point of view.

Commie Skull Smasher

Straight, White, Christian, Male, Americans who just want to live their lives and be left alone are now considered “Nazis” by you communist trash. My grandfather fought ACTUAL Nazis in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany in 1944 and 1945. My grandfather didn’t fight ACTUAL Nazis just so scum like you could call me a Nazi for holding the same beliefs as my grandfather. You communist filth should all be decorating lamp posts. Your buddy can have fun smashing the patriarchy in Hell now.


Fuck-off you antifa supporting LOSER! All you antifa cowardice faggots need to ALL be put down just like your “non binary gender natural fuckwit terrorist in the video!!! Hopefully Trump will order the FBI to round-up the lot of you mask wearing fat-ass LOSERS and we can have our first public mass euthanize of your entire antifa loser group! The ratings alone would stabilize the economy for the next 100 years!!!


You people really love your police state, don’t you

Roy D.

Many people find a police state comforting. Remember, Hillary actually received more popular votes than Trump.


Landeros was in a custody battle with is wife over their daughter, his wife had legal custody over their daughter’s educational placement…Landeros disregarded a court ruling in placing his daughter into another school, his wife provided legal documentation to said school clearly showing her sole custody in determining where their daughter would go to school. Landeros was asked to leave school grounds, he refuse to do so, which is trespassing. Faculty notified a resource officer of Landeros’ refusal to leave school grounds…the officer responded and confronted Landeros, ordering him to leave school grounds and Landeros again refused. It was then… Read more »


Thank you this is what we need we need to rid Society of this scum outstanding job no loss of life here

Carlton Wilson

Hypocrisy consistently being the main character traits of The Left, ANTIFA represent the very fascism that they claim to oppose.
We would do well to be prepared to rid them from our society. Nothing good will come from being tolerant of cancer.



Don Cooke

No. he would not leave. They placed him under arrest and then he tried to leave.


ITS OKAY TO BE WHITE! WE ARE KIND GOOD HEARTED PEOPLE BY NATURE! WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH! WHITE LIVES MATTER! So happy that officer was there protecting the lives of all those children! Thank you for your service we need more officers like you! These antifa far left idiots are starting a civil war. When they awake the SLEEPING GIANTS(CONSERVATIVE RIGHT) they won’t know what hit them.

Bonehead Beater

Yeah.You’re not racist or anything.

Exto poster

Only pussies pretend to not be racist


Not any more than you.

The HolyCrow

Are canaries rascist because they dont hang out with parrots ? Are cows rascist because they don’t hang out with horses ? Are bees rascist because they don’t hang out with ants ? Do crows hang out with bluebirds, or starlings ? Birds of a feather flock together, and nobody calls them rascist except politically correct brainwashed commie libtards.

BillyBob Texas

NO MATTER WHAT…..when you pull your gun on a pair of cops….you are gonna’ get shot. And rightfully so…..

Think you are being harassed/intimidated/abused…? LEAVE THE EFFING GUN IN YOUR POCKET.


Wild Bill

@BBT, Yeah, if one does not let the arrest happen, then there is no cause of action.


Antifa member killed.

And nothing of value was lost.

Paul Lombardo

This is perfect no loss of life here we need to do more to exterminate this type of scum


“Trump FBI clears racist cops for assassination of rights activist in front of daughter….” CNN.


Landeros is defiantly a candidate for the Darwin awards, as a matter of fact I thing he will be the posthumous winner.

Pissed Off Veteran

CNN !!!! You serious? If you believe even .01% of what they say you are a Moron!


Communist bull

Justin Kearney

More like stupid asshole is neutralized after opening fire at an elementary school. And if your kids were at that school you would be ok with asshole’s actions. I will bet every parent at that school is glad for those cops actions and to have their child home. A lot of parents from Columbine, Sandy Hook, Parkland and the others would trade anything to have such a quick response. Your just a stupid moron with a very narrow veiw not capable of seeing past rje nose on your own ugly, postmarked pimply face. And you smell bad too.

Justin Kearney

Righteous kill.


typical CNN ignoring the facts

Bonehead Beater

Where’s the link, if you’re gonna use a CNN article as your bullshit comment..Back it up with facts. Or was your intent to just stir up pot of airchair tough guys that don’t actually know anything but what they watch on FOX NETWORK..Idiots/Bigots…Same difference.

Heed the Call-up

Bonehead, since you know so much about FOX News, you must watch it; so you are one of those that you call idiots/bigots. If you don’t watch it, then you have no idea what FOX News reports, only what you are told it reports, again making you to be the idiot/bigot. Where’s your link to FOX News to prove your point? Oh, that’s right, you don’t have one.


Police released the body cam footage to calm unrest in the Antifa community…. Sense when do the police or anyone else give a rats ass about calming a terrorist organization? Let them get pissed off enough to act the fools giving officers what they need to lock them all up.

Timothy Votaw

It’s informative to know these anarchists are arming themselves in the Eugene area, likely elsewhere. It puts a different light on their activities and their intentions. More likely than ever there may be an armed incident with these leftist morons in the future. Conservatives, we better take note.

Don Bailey

In truth, they are arming themselves all over the country.


Yep I’m already locked and loaded let those commies fascist pigs start something


Do you people not understand that these “anarchists” and police are 2 sides of the same coin?


We need to start taking these guys seriously. Law enforcement needs to do more to stop these American hating people.
Good shoot, I didn’t feel a thing.


These guys are Democrats because they don’t believe in the American Political system or political parties. They’re violent Anarchists, who believe in using violence to overthrow the system. This is a resurgence of the anarchist political violence of the late 19th/early 20th centuries. It’s Utopian Idealism, in the belief that our society would be ideal if the present system was overthrown- by violent means if necessary. Unfortunately, it appears that these Antifa idiots have never read a history book. These violent revolutionary methods NEVER lead to a beneficial society. Anarchism quickly turns into Totalitarianism, when they gain power. As for… Read more »


As sad as it is to say, she’s probably better off without him in her life. Hopefully she didn’t see it clearly.