Conceal And Carry Network Celebrates 6 Years Of Operation & a Brand-New Look ~ VIDEO

USA – -( Can you believe the Conceal And Carry Network is entering our 6th year? What started as a dream in early 2013, has finally evolved into one of America’s best firearms industry information websites.

Just six months ago we undertook a complete upgrade. Our new and improved website now has even more social media share options built into every listing. If you own a firearm related business, we are one of the most affordable sites to advertise your product and services.

Over the years we have had the blessing of making a lot of new friends in the firearms industry as we help them advertise their business for as low as $100 a year. I owe a particular level of thanks to Kelly McMillan of McMillan Fiberglass Stocks as he was the first significant account that signed up with us literally out of the gate. Kelly is still advertising with us today, and you can see his company’s presence all over our site and on our social media channels.

Conceal and Carry Network Used Guns Buy Sell Trade
Conceal and Carry Network Used Guns Buy Sell Trade

What I have found to be right in this industry is the vast majority of families involved in the firearms industry are super knowledgeable regarding their products and services. They even do a great job of selling against their closest competition. What they are lacking is the money it usually takes to advertise their product to the masses. The average pay-per-click ad campaign cost around $1 and banner ad advertising on the significant firearms sites can easily cost your company $1000’s a month. If you have a brick and mortar store, then radio advertising is an option, but it can cost you $200-$5000 a week depending on your location. TV ads are just too expensive for smaller companies to afford.

What is the solution? The Conceal and Carry Network at where our Platinum Business Listings start at $100 a year. Our best custom package costs $750 a year and includes every premium option on our site and social media marketing as well. Our Twitter social media account is still above 30,000 followers even with the shadow-banning associated with Twitter. That is just under half the size of our friends here at Ammoland.
Please stop here for just a second and be sure show your support and follow @AmmoLand and us at @ConcealNCarryNt as this is the only way we can combat Twitter’s attempt to silence conservative viewpoints.

If you are a gun lover like me, then you are spending lots of time searching the web and social media for the latest bargains. Just this week I decided to open up a few more FREE options on our site, and I need your help getting the word out. You can now place FREE classifieds to Sell or Trade Used Guns on our website.

Everyone is invited to set up a FREE account on our site to list used guns and accessories via our FREE CLASSIFIED Listings. We also recommend that you set up a FREE Forum post under the same topic. This allows for easy interactions with interested buyers across the country. When you get a buyer, our site also offers a search engine to help you locate the closest FFL Dealer to help process the transaction. On our home page, simply enter “FFL Dealer” in the search box and enter your “Zip Code” in the location box then click on search. We have everything a visitor needs on our site to make this the easiest process possible. Please share this post with everyone you know that loves guns. Help us get the word out about this new opportunity.

Key Elements of our website

Conceal and Carry Network Business Listings
Conceal and Carry Network Business Listings


  • NEWSLETTER – Our newsletter is called “The Spotlight” and its published every 12 hours. Our articles come from 25 of the most significant conservative news sources including AmmoLand, Breitbart, FoxNews and many others. Be sure to subscribe to this newsletter and the system will email you the latest news so that you can stay informed of world events.
  • BLOG – Our blog contains articles we have published from writers like Keith Coyle who is a master trainer for skeet. Keith has several articles on our site that can help improve your shotgun shooting skills. Leon Measures is a lifelong trainer in shooting sports and can shoot aspirin pills when thrown into the air with a
    BB Gun. The company Locksmith Sarasota taught us how to choose the correct home safe to fit your needs. A great article by Lynn Sherwood called “Why Bother” addresses how ladies can be safer when traveling in public. We even have an article by Wm. Hovey Smith that teaches us how to purchase a replica Muzzleloader.
  • LISTINGS – We have over 60,000 business listing to find an FFL Dealer, Firearms Instructor, and more. The featured companies are among our Platinum members, and these listings are just $100 yearly.
  • CLASSIFIED Section – This section offers a limited feature FREE Classified posting and two premium options. The Platinum Classified offers the ability to add video, and a huge number of pictures and these listings rotate randomly to our home page for maximum exposure. Our best option is the Platinum option which is just $15mo or $100yr.
  • NEW FORUM – This feature was just added recently and is expected to grow quickly.
  • BANNER ADS – Banner Ads are a hugely effective way of getting attention for your business or product on our site. Here is one activity report of a banner ad running on our site. This company is one of our custom package advertisers, and just one of his banner ads netted over 1 million impressions and 359 click-throughs throughout a year. Based simply on results this same Ad on a PPC campaign would have cost a company $359 to over $700.

Favorite Event

NRA Convention in Dallas – In March of this year, my wife and I attended the NRA Convention in Dallas. During those three days, we made 28 product videos with the exhibitors at this event. We share this experience in another article on AmmoLand News. We had a blast and allowed our viewers to join in our fun by uploading these videos to YouTube.

Services We Offer

  • LOW-COST ADVERTISING – Our site lets you pick any level of advertising from our Advertise tab. We also offer a custom package which included every advertising feature on our site and social media advertising as a bonus gift. This custom package costs $750 a year and requires you to contact me via email.
  • MERCHANT SERVICES – I’m an independent rep for several credit card processing companies, and I shop the rates for you. In most cases, I can save you 10% or more on your monthly fees. One of my companies specializes in firearms companies, and our rate is just .65% over interchange. To maximize your saving, I just need you to email me your last two statements from your current merchant service company, and we can provide a comparison report with your estimated savings.
  • eCOMMERCE WEBSITE OR SHOPPING CART – I’m an independent rep for Volision, and they provide one of the best solutions for your business. When it comes to customer service and high-quality products, Volusion is one of the industries best e-commerce options and is also firearms friendly.
  • LEGAL AND CREDIT PROTECTION SERVICES – I’m an independent agent with LegalShield which offers products like pre-paid legal services for Individuals and small businesses. One of the products includes a package designed for CDL Truck drivers that will fight all tickets and violations. We can also protect your ID and Credit when you sign up for IDShield. Considering the recent Marriott fiasco where some 500 million of their clients had their information hacked and exposed to the super high risk of ID and credit fraud. IDShield is a program everyone needs, and the monthly service cost is very affordable.
    In Summary

Conceal and Carry Network

My goal is to make our advertising prices so low that every company can afford to sign up for our best products. You will find that I am a patriotic American that is trying to give the firearms industry a boost while the Liberals of our country are trying to destroy our 2nd Amendment rights. Supporting us with your advertising dollars helps keep us afloat.

I want to thank AmmoLand Editor, Fredy Riehl, for being a good friend to The Conceal and Carry Network.


Chris Dixon
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Bill Tordt

Can;tt wait to read my first issue. I’ve seen your name several times, but didn’t read everything (the fine print) until today. Looking forward to readiing each issue.

really wait for my first issue’ “Bill”