Interview: Allen West, 2019 NRA Board of Directors Candidate

Allen West banner
Allen West is running for reelection to the 2019 NRA board of Directors.

USA – -( AmmoLand News had a chance to catch up with our friend Allen West to talk about his run for reelection to the NRA board of directors in 2019 and about the organization itself as well as the current political outlook for gun owners in the face of a hostile Congress.

Fredy Riehl: Hello Allen, thank you for taking the time to talk with AmmoLand News I know you have a busy schedule. Can you start by letting our readers know what your primary motivation is to continue as a Director on the NRA board?

Allen West: My primary motivation for continuing to serve on the NRA Board is to honor my oath to the Constitution that I took on 31 July 1982 when commissioned as an Army officer. I also think it is critical to advocate for the NRA in the minority communities where second amendment rights have incessantly been under assault. When I think of the progressive socialist left's goal to not just undermine the Second Amendment, but to potentially disarm law-abiding legal gun owners in America, this is a definitive fight for liberty, freedom, in America. I want to be a leading voice to ensure that our right to keep and bear arms is never rescinded, and not infringed upon.

Fredy Riehl: We have a lot of veterans that are regular readers of AmmoLand. Tell us about your military background?

Allen West: My military background begins with my Dad who was a US Army Corporal in World War II. My older Brother was a US Marine Corps infantryman in Vietnam, wounded at Khe Sahn. At the age of 15, my Dad challenged me to be the first Officer in our Family. I began my military career at Henry Grady HS in JROTC and went on the be commissioned through Army ROTC at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I served twenty-two years active duty to include combat tours of duty in Operations Desert Shield/Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. After my retirement from the US Army on 1 August 2004, the following year I volunteered to be a civilian/military adviser to the Afghanistan National Army, for two and a half years. I was a Field Artillery officer who served in the 1st, 2d, 4th US Infantry Divisions. I also had two assignments with Airborne units along with an exchange assignment with the US Marine Corps, Camp Lejeune NC. Currently, my Nephew is serving as an active duty Army Major, also a Field Artillery officer.

Allen West Lifestyle
I began my military career at Henry Grady HS in JROTC and went on the be commissioned through Army ROTC at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I served twenty-two years active duty to include combat tours of duty in Operations Desert Shield/Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Fredy Riehl: Allen, the NRA leadership and the organization's finances have been the source of a lot of discussions the past few months. What updates can you relay to us from the recent NRA Board meeting?

Allen West: We just concluded our NRA winter board meeting, and it is very apparent that there is a focused effort by former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and incoming New York Attorney General Letitia James to destroy the nation's oldest civil rights organization, the National Rifle Association. I will not go into any confidential information but the nefarious attacks against the NRA, along with the focus of certain political leaders, should give witness to the fact that the existence of the NRA is very disconcerting to the progressive socialist left.

As well, it should be considered a direct assault on the 5M members of the NRA.

The NRA finished 2018 with its largest ever number of members, and highest amounts of funds raised…even with the incessant, and unwarranted, attacks levied against the organization. The NRAAM in Dallas Texas drew a record crowd, largest ever.

Allen West at the Range
Allen West, good day at the Range.

Fredy Riehl: You have worked on Capital HiIl as a member of the 112th Congress. The current crop of newly elected Freshman Democrats seem deadset on taking away our right to keep and bear arms any way they can. How serious do you think this threat is for the average U.S. gun owner?

Allen West: The threat posed by the progressive socialist left to the Second Amendment is real. The firmly realize that a legal, law-abiding armed individual is a citizen…an unarmed one is a subject. In order to enact their goals and subjugate We the People to their tyranny, we cannot have the means to safeguard ourselves. Their lies, distortions, and deceit will not end until they have rendered the Second Amendment a relic. The left will continue to cherry pick what they believe are laws, even after the Heller and McDonald court decisions, and deny that the Second Amendment is part of our rule of law and the law of the land. Recent efforts in New Jersey and ballot petitions in Florida evidence their relentless desire.

Fredy Riehl: The NRA has come out in support for Red Flag Gun Confiscation orders. When the membership see that these orders have already gotten innocent gun owners killed and they have no due process to protect our rights, how do we not look at the NRA leadership as selling us out on this? Help us understand this dichotomy.

Allen West: Red Flag Laws were a topic of discussion at the NRA winter board meeting. It is of high concern to me and others as board members. I have compared these laws to the FISA court and articulated the dangers of having secret courts that make decisions unknown to citizens. As well, I believe that there need be consequences for false accusations, something quite needed in our society with the Brett Kavanaugh hearings proving that point. I assess that this is yet another means by which the progressive socialist left is seeking to undermine the Second Amendment, and also jeopardize Fourth Amendment rights in America. I do not agree that law-abiding gun owners are being sold out.

Hold Texas, Hold The Nation: Victory or Death by Allen West
Hold Texas, Hold The Nation: Victory or Death by Allen West

Fredy Riehl: You recently released a new book “Hold Texas, Hold The Nation: Victory or Death.” What is the threat to Texas from the massive influx of new residents and how does that relate to your new book title?

Allen West: The migration of people from failing blue states into successful red states is very troubling. We have seen this happen in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Virginia, and Colorado. The most significant export out of California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey, just to mention a few, are folks fleeing these states, yet holding onto the failed ideological beliefs. Texas is experiencing a demographic shift which is also leading towards an ideological shift, centered on urban population centers.

It is unconscionable that people, corporations, and businesses would relocate to States that understand liberty, freedom, and the policies that enable economic empowerment and opportunity, yet hold onto the principles that forced them to leave previously mentioned States. The ramification is that legal law-abiding gun owners in conservative red states will find themselves contending with attitudes and policies that more so resemble California and other restrictive states. It is happening in Texas, and places like Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee are also in the sights of the left for their locust-like migratory ventures.

Fredy Riehl: How can our readers support your reelection efforts to the 2019 NRA Board of Directors?

Allen West: I would be humbled and honored to have the support of AmmoLand readers to have a second three-year term to serve on the NRA Board of Directors. I am not there to have a title, or position, but rather to be a leading voice against the progressive socialist left. Readers can vote and please, admonish others to support my reelection to the NRA Board, but only if you feel that I am deserving. I am not one who seeks an entitlement. I want to serve the over 100 million legal, law-abiding gun owners in America. The NRA has a little over 5M members; I want to inspire 10M to join and stand on the ramparts to defend that right which was established on April 19, 1775, at Lexington Green Massachusetts. As the tattoo on my right inner forearm states, “Molon Labe.”

If you are a voting eligible NRA member, you should see your ballots in the various January NRA monthly magazines. Be sure and cast your vote for Allen West and help re-elect him to NRA board.

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    1. Any violation of the constitution is unacceptable. Only vote for the candidate(s) that you truly believe support the Constitution of the United States of America.
      I like Allen West and will be voting for him.

    2. In 2008 the Heller decision made clear what it meant to bear arms. Scalia quoted Justice Ginsburg’s writing in a previous case. From

      Justice Ginsburg wrote that “[s]urely a most familiar meaning is, as the Constitution’s Second Amendment … indicate[s]: ‘wear, bear, or carry … upon the person or in the clothing or in a pocket, for the purpose … of being armed and ready for offensive or defensive action in a case of conflict with another person.’ ”

      And so, “ the clothing or in a pocket” is carrying concealed.

      Yet it was stated that states can have restrictions:

      “Longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms.”

      Yet again, this doesn’t pertain to the carry of style, bearing of appropriation, or limitations supported by curtailment of classes or permits. And like in Heller, a firearm held in an inoperable fashion by state law is an Infringement and therefore Unconstitutional.

      So why are states still allowed to have felonious laws enacted against a citizens right to carry concealed without a permit?

      If the firearms and pistols which were used well up and into the 18th Century were Flint lock pistols and gun powder, then the integrity of said powder and pistol would have had to remain dry in order to fire when ready. And if said powder was wet, it wouldn’t fire, then said arm would have to be covered to protect against rain, snow, and in most cases humidity on a ship, close to coastal waters, through a dense forest, precipitation, etc.

      Now with this being the case, why are we still fighting on Concealed Carry, when clearly the Framers not only knew about the necessity to cover an arm to preserve its integrity, but they also purposefully didn’t mention it in the 2nd Amendment, when again people were not only doing it in the New World, but in the Old World as well?

      When it was common to wear trench style coats of full or knee length. When riding horseback and saddle; the Kentucky Rifle would be carried beneath a form of cloth or blanket. When in winters time of the cold frost or rain. And these were all forms of concealment.

      Is it because the past 200 years local and state laws have been in direct violation and Infringing opon these realities and are suppressing these issues?

      Are you to say that up until 1805, when a town was finally established, and one of the First Anti-Concealed Carry laws was established, no-one had ever carried concealed, and that finally a circumstance took place where one person decided that it would be an ingenious idea to conceal their firearm, because no-one in over 200 years had ever thought about doing so? That no-one before the 2nd Amendment had thought about concealing their firearm had done so? That no-one carried their firearm underneath a sliver of clothing whatsoever at any given time, place, or situation, before the 2nd Amendment was written and ratified? That the Framers were Ignorant to firearms being transported and carried by local countrymen while loaded, and covered by clothing?

      Concealed carry permits are Unconstitutional. The 2nd Amendment states it is the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and shall not be infringed. And before, during, and after the 2nd Amendment was written and ratified, people where carrying and transporting firearms and pistols concealed or openly Uninfringed, on personal property or while out and about on public land, whether by foot or horse, without any laws in place to prevent. One can argue fact on suppressed historical documentation, yet Circumstantial Evidence is admissible… Like if it rained outside, and your Flintlock pistol got too wet, it wouldn’t fire. So to prevent it from rusting and / or getting wet, one would cover it or conceal it. Citizens had firearms and pistols, they carried them everywhere, they existed for over 300 years before the 2nd Amendment was written and ratified. So to say that no-one, at any time, carried or transported a firearm in a concealed manner for over 300 years yet were cognizant enough to fashion an umbrella, for over 300 years; predating the 2nd Amendment, for Rain, Sun, and even “Night Soil”, one would have to say people weren’t intelligent enough to cover or conceal their firearms from these same elements, and that would be ridiculous.

      There is no history of successful or active battles being fought in the pouring rain with black powder firearms. And one of the only battles, the Battle of Warren fought on September 16, 1777 close to Malvern, Pennsylvania. Moments before a British attack a torrential downpour ensued. Washington and Patriots were severely outnumbered and tens of thousands of cartridges were ruined by the rain. This a sufficient historical event which showcases the need for firearms to be covered or concealed to prevent failure to fire. Also, if the Frizzen got wet from rain it wouldn’t catch a spark, if the powder got wet it wouldn’t fire. 18th century firearms were modified and reengineered with a double rain catch pan to combat rain. This is proof that arms were carried open and concealed to preserve its function. So it’s safe to say that the pistol would be covered and or concealed to preserve the integrity of its firing upon action.


    3. @ Rob

      Thank you for clarifying the Pete Brownell i9ssue as I had read in what few previous articles that he faced opposition on some of his ideas to improve the NRA and that may have lead to his resignation.

    4. I was expecting much more from Allen West. As many of you have already said an answer to the red flag law problem was lacking to say the least. I read it more than once to see if I missed something but as unfortunate as it is I didn’t miss what wasn’t there. It looks like another one bit the dust and I am disappointed. Maybe money speaks louder than principle. Forth strike in a week, not good for business.

    5. “I do not agree that law-abiding gun owners are being sold out.”

      The Revelator or other regulars who are not bought-and-paid-for NRA schills, what is your opinion of the comment from Col West regarding Red Flag laws. Is this real or is it more political doublespeak as we have heard increasingly from politicians and NRA in recent years. I lean towsrds the latter, but am hesitant to write off a man of Col West’s standing. If course, that may be part of the idea of having someone like him working for the NRA.

    6. “I do not agree that law-abiding gun owners are being sold out.”

      Okay, someone who is not a total NRA schill such as The Revelator, can you please give me your assessment of Col West’s answer regarding Red Flag laws. Please take into account his whole answer, not just the last sentence I included, above.

      I am trying to figure out if this was a real answer, or typical political doublespeak as we are used to getting from politicians and the NRA on matters such as these. I know the NRA ILA has for years and still does sell us out on various issues and on its support of various incumbents in various offices who have voted more against us than for us in recent years, often to the detriment of challengers and newcomers who might truly work for us, for a change.

      1. Grigori

        The NRA supports due process in any promulgation of ‘risk protection orders,’ not unconstitutional judicial fiat, summary judgement and lawless seizure of personal property.

        Unfortunately, large majorities of registered voters insensibly support laws that would allow the police to take guns away from people who have been found by a judge to be a danger to themselves or others. Now this factoid did not just happen recently or under Obama, the Manchurian Candidate. Its symptomatic and part of a much greater political, social and cultural conflict in America dating back at least 60 years; maybe more.

        The NRA and other national, state and local pro gun groups are belatedly recognizing we are not only in a political battle to preserve our 2nd amendment rights, we are in a war with leftists, socialists, progressives and marxists for the soul of our country.

        1. The NRA supports due process? How? Red flag laws are by definition a violation of due process? “Take the guns first, do due process later” isn’t due process!

          By supporting red flag laws, the NRA also supports the notion that the tool is the problem and not the person. Take the tool away, and the dangerous person is suddenly not dangerous anymore?

          By the way, the NRA membership was never asked what its opinion is in red flag laws. It was being told by the NRA leadership what its opinion is in red flag laws should be.

      2. The way I read his answer is that he is falling in line with Chris Cox on red flag laws. The NRA leadership, once again, is engaging in political doublespeak (as they did with bump stocks).

        It appears he is fine with red flag laws as long as there is a court hearing after confiscation within a certain time period (say 48 hours) and there are penalties for false reporting. He seem to be ignorant of the blatant violation of due process that “take the guns first, do due process second” presents.

        A court hearing doesn’t help when one gets shot during a red flag law raid. A court hearing requires proper legal representation, money to pay for it and proving that one is innocent.

    7. I am one of those Liberals on the Left and a Vietnam war female veteran. I am a firm believer in the 2 amend. I do believe that we as a nation need to do something about the Crazies the NRA have allowed to Kill FELLOW Americans by their lack of encouraging its members to support some form of Limiting these Sick people from getting access to firearms. This can be done by the NRA working through it membership and state or local governments. As a veteran you should know what a mess the National Government and Big Business caused in Vietnam or are you a sellout to Big Business and Political Agenda.

      1. Leslie,
        I have been told my whole life to not criticize unless you bring some possible solutions to the conversation. I am interested in hearing what your possible solutions are.

      2. Its called “DUE PROCESS” Leslie.

        The summary seizure of firearms by mere allegations through unconstitutional star chamber courts is pure tyranny. The accused is denied notice voiding arraignment, charged, tried, convicted and property confiscated by ‘Trial in Absentia.’ Such judicial despotism is usurpation of 4th & 5th Amendments to the Bill of Rights, English common law and the second principle of Natural Justice.

        Red flag laws are an abomination and cannot stand. They must be opposed and overturned.

      3. Red flag laws encourage government sanction of persons who have committed no crimes, thereby bypassing due process. Not the sort of thing we want in a free society is it?

    8. I imagine that there are a number of people here on Ammoland who are not aware of the incident which brought Col West to the attention of the American public. He is a man to be admired for, if nothing else, his dedication to his troops.

    9. “I do not agree that law-abiding gun owners are being sold out.”

      Do you support a vote to remove Chris Cox from his position over it? Or are you complacent in this sell out?

      1. @ Nanashi

        Along with Mr Cox,I would add a couple of others,namely Mr. Wayne “Chamberlin” La Pierre and Ms. Hammer and the NRA to divest it’s self of the Ack Mac firm.

      1. @ m

        Currently that position within the NRA has no power to do anything,it’s a honorial position,the office of excitative vice president and ILA director is where the power rests.

        It only took Pete Brownell less than a year to discover it and resign one tear into his presidency , so they located another stooge to replace him,one Ollie North as NRA president.

        That said this coming year as last I’m bullet voting for one board of director candidate Adam Kraut,beyond time to change the NRA from within,at this point it doesn’t matter who fills the position of NRA president.

        1. @ GMB, you are correct. After Heston, this position went downhill. I agree, Adam Kraut would fit very nicely. But, given all the acrimony I’ve been reading the last several weeks concerning the nra, it may come to point where we individuals as legal gunowners will need to accomplish what WE know is correct and true in order to maintain our lives of freedom and the Constitution. Without either we are a doomed society. I reside in californicate, so I know of all this bs flowing across the nation. It emanates from within these borders. Our new governor publically stated in Sept ’18, by the end of ’19 there will be no legal gunowners nor nra here in californicate. It will be up to all legal gunowners with a form of intelligence to know when it’s time to rise up to tyranny!

        2. Green Mtn. Boy

          Mr Brownell’s resignation from the office of NRA President was probably due to adverse local public relations than conflict with the NRA board or its executive officers. His acceptance of the NRA post ignited fanatical anti-gun opposition against his business and him personally from within his own community, Grinnell, Iowa.

          Insane-asylum anti-gun escapees were not his only public relations problem. Our own brand of extremists in the pro gun community castigated his donations to the second most (so called) liberal, anti-gun college west of the Mississippi, Grinnell College, supposedly second only to anti-gun Berkley. And his wife Helen is described as “very, very liberal” and allegedly campaigned for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential campaign.

          I don’t know Mr Brownell, but I suspect his error was not in fully appreciating the negative consequences he was going to face as President of the NRA. As it turned out, he was unjustifiably vilified from both ends of the spectrum and decided that diving into a maelstrom of conflict wasn’t in his cards. Some may fault him, but I don’t. He remains a staunch supporter of the NRA, defender of the 2nd Amendment, a conservative, voted for Trump and supports many wildlife preservation and habitat programs, hunting and the shooting sports, besides being CEO of a successful firearms supplier of accessories and gun parts.

          Mr Brownell is known locally as a strong advocate and has converted many former anti’s into pro’s on the gun issue. There are many avenues by which defenders fight for gun rights and the 2nd amendment. It appears he prefers a less visible and more local effort than being in the spotlight on the national stage, a no less important role.

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