The Left’s Strategy to Disarm America

Opinion by Allen West

Allen West Molon Labe tatoo
My right inner forearm has a simple tattoo with the words “Molon Labe.” My message to the progressive socialist left, “Come, Take,” because I will not surrender to you.

USA – -( If you cherish your individual freedom and liberty, please read this entire missive, and share its warning.

This last week was the National Rifle Association (NRA) winter board meeting. As you should know by now, reading these pages, the NRA is the nation’s oldest civil rights organization, founded in 1871 in New York to improve rifle marksmanship. The NRA is today the foremost guardian of the Second Amendment right of all Americans to be able to protect themselves, their lives, their liberty, their loved ones, their property. Without a doubt, as you have heard me say previously, an armed individual is a citizen, an unarmed individual is a subject — and history has proven so. As a matter of fact, it was those few brave men who stood before the greatest military power in the world on April 19, 1775, at Lexington Green knowing they British were marching towards Concord Massachusetts to destroy an armaments factory . . . to disarm the American patriots whom they deemed rebels.

Years ago, 480 BC, at a place called Thermopylae, Liberty and Freedom stood before the invasion of Tyranny in the Persian army under Xerxes. When Tyranny told Liberty to lay down their arms, Spartan King Leonidas replied, “Molon Labe.”

In October 1835 at a place called Gonzales, Texas, once again Tyranny stood before Liberty and Freedom, and demanded a cannon be surrendered, Liberty replied in English the basic translation of Leonidas’ words, “Come and Take it.”

One of the great honors in my life was to be elected to the Board of the National Rifle Association back in 2016 for a three-year term. I will be up for reelection to the board this year and the voting window is from February to April, the results to be announced at the NRA Annual Meeting during last week of April in Indianapolis, Indiana. I do hope to continue my service in defense of our Second Amendment right, and with this new progressive socialist House of Representatives majority, the future of individual freedom and liberty is under assault in America.

Gabby Giffords
Gabby Giffords

As reported by Politico:

“House Democrats will introduce their proposal to require universal backgrounds checks for gun sales on Tuesday, the eighth anniversary of former Rep. Gabby Gifford’s shooting, according to Democratic lawmakers and aides. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Rep. Mike Thompson (Calif.) — who heads up a Democratic task force on gun violence — will join Giffords in introducing the bill, which will be dubbed “H.R. 8” in honor of the Arizona Democratic lawmaker.

Giffords nearly died in the Jan. 8, 2011, shooting in Tucson, Arizona, which left six people dead and 15 wounded. She resigned from Congress in January 2012.

“Since the shooting at Sandy Hook, the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force has been fighting for a chance to pass legislation that will help save lives,” Thompson said in a statement. “Finally, with our new majority that ran on helping to prevent gun violence, we will introduce a bipartisan, universal background checks bill. We will hold hearings, we will have a vote, and this legislation will finally pass the House.”

“In communities across America, courageous survivors, families and young advocates are showing outstanding courage and persistence in demanding an end to the horrific scourge of gun violence in our nation,” Pelosi said in a statement.

The Democratic proposal would require federal background checks on all gun sales, including private transactions. There will be some small exemptions to those checks, such as transfers between family members, or temporary use of a gun for hunting.

Gun-control groups estimate that roughly “one-fifth or more of gun sales don’t include background checks.”

Let’s have an honest discussion, something the left does not want:

Jared Loughner was the person who shot Rep. Giffords, he passed a background check. The problem was that Loughner’s mental condition was never reported, and therefore not available in the system so that when he applied on BATF Form 4473 he would have been denied.

Adam Lanza was the shooter in Sandy Hook. His mother was a legal, law-abiding gun owner who had passed background checks. He son was mentally ill and was able to kill her, gain access to her firearms, and proceeded to enact his evil and kill little children. In each of these cases, and many others, the issue is not background checks, it is mental illness.

However, do not let facts get in the way of what the left really wants, to disarm the American people.

Those who sell illegal firearms are not going to follow any law passed by these delusional socialists whose aim is to render law-abiding Americans defenseless. There are some 100 million law-abiding and legal gun owners in America, a little over 5M are NRA members. C’mon, y’all!

My point is that we do not have an epidemic of gun violence . . . we have an issue with those suffering from mental illness having access to firearms, such as Nicolas Cruz in the Parkland shooting. Cruz should have been reported by law enforcement and fallen under the Baker Act.

I have purchased firearms at gun shows, and guess what? I went through a background check. I go through a background check each time I decide to purchase a firearm.

What the progressive socialists want is universal gun registration, they want to know who has what. That has always been a precursor to tyranny.

Michael Bloomberg
This movement is heavily funded by the likes of Michael Bloomberg, who is spending millions of dollars to destroy the NRA.

This movement is heavily funded by the likes of Michael Bloomberg, who is spending millions of dollars to destroy the NRA. Bloomberg’s wealth is at or near some $52B and he still brings in some $250M a year. All of these anti-second amendment movements are bankrolled by him, including the “March for our Lives” event in Washington, DC. Certainly, a group of high school kids could not pull that together. Further, Bloomberg has a willing ally in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is doing everything he can by way of weaponizing government against the NRA. The time is coming for us all to decide which side will you stand with, liberty and freedom or Pelosi, Bloomberg, and Cuomo.

If you still do not believe there is a wholehearted effort to disarm legal, law-abiding American gun owners, here is proof. As reported by Ballotpedia:

“The Florida Ban on Military-Style Firearms and Disqualifications for Firearm Possession Initiative (Initiative #18-03) may appear on the ballot in Florida as an initiated constitutional amendment on November 3, 2020.

The measure would ban persons residing or entering the state from possessing military-style firearms. The measure would define military-style firearms as “any gun with a magazine capacity of more than seven rounds of ammunition or any weapon capable of firing in fully automatic mode, any weapon capable of being modified in any manner to fire in a fully automatic mode or any weapon classified as a sniper rifle.”

The measure would also prohibit persons from possessing any firearm if the person had (a) been convicted of a felony; (b) been convicted of three or more misdemeanors; (c) his or her driver’s license revoked for driving under the influence, reckless driving, or excessive speeding; (d) been subject to two or more domestic abuse emergency calls or investigations; (e) been diagnosed by a medical professional as psychologically disturbed; or (f) made any substantiated threat of violence against another person.

The measure would delete the existing language of Section 8(a) of Article I of the Florida Constitution, which provides people with the constitutional right to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves.”

Again, if you read BATF Form 4473, many of these provisions are already listed that would nullify being able to acquire a firearm. The problem is that many states lag in updating the database, which was a problem with the Sutherland Springs, Texas shooting.

Think about this: any weapon that can have more than seven rounds will be considered a “military-style firearm.” But that is not just the end of it, these leftists are seeking to rewrite the Florida constitution.

“This Amendment recognizes the Florida National Guard and other organized police forces as the well-regulated militia of the State and authorizes them to keep and use military-style weapons. Possession of military-style weapons is prohibited except for the militia. Other persons convicted of various types of crimes or investigated for abuses are also prohibited from possessing guns or firearms.”

This ballot initiative is being proposed by Stop the Killing Committee, look them up. What is very disconcerting is that it will only take 766,200 valid signatures by February 1, 2020 to get this initiative on the Florida ballot for the 2020 election. And ya think this is all happening as a coincidence?

Ladies and gents, this is no longer about gun control, it is about disarmament. When a progressive socialist group is redefining the meaning of a well-regulated militia to only be law enforcement and State National Guard, well, don’t think that Florida will be the only place where ballot initiatives such as this will pop up. If such an initiative were to pass, then it establishes a legal precedent for other states to follow. And we all thought that the Heller and McDonald court decisions were clear? Now you see why the left went apoplectic about Justice Brett Kavanaugh?

My right inner forearm has a simple tattoo with the words “Molon Labe.” My message to the progressive socialist left, “Come, Take,” because I will not surrender to you. I will not succumb to your weaponizing government to achieve the disarmament of We the People. If it is a fight you seek, well, it is a fight you will get. Please, do not mistake us for those weak, feckless Republicans on Capitol Hill. The blood flowing through our veins is that of the men of Lexington Green and Gonzales. We are American citizens, and will never be your subjects.

I, Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West, am the NRA, and I am Freedom’s Safest Place!

Allen West Headshot
Allen West

About Allen West

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Allen B. West is a Christian constitutional conservative, combat veteran, and former member of the US Congress. His life has been defined as one of service, sacrifice, and commitment to this Republic, the United States of America. He believes it will be conservative, free market policies — not politics — that secures a sound economic future for Americans – with growth, opportunity and returning the promise of the American dream for this generation and those to come. To read more visit:

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    1. LtCol West, have you considered the concept that the Left will not come for your guns….you will eagerly hand them over? The Left will control financial structure and will shut gun owners down. How long will you resist with the change in your pocket? You may have guns and ammo, but how long will you fight without food for your yourself and your family? The 3’s will get you….3minutes/3 days/3weeks……air/water/food. As you know all too well…..Logistics and comms win and lose wars!! Social media already has the comms under control. They will shut down your checking, savings, MM accounts, investment accounts, credit cards,….everything. In the next 15-20 years there will be no paper/metal money. It will all be computer records…..something called Integrated Ledger Accounts (paraphrased…can’t recall specific terminology). Banking systems are working on the details and systems today. When this is enacted, they will just shut gun owners down. Similar to the Obama era Operation Choke Point initially by Bank of America, and now by others…Citi. The longer we wait to Lock and Load and fire the next “Shot Heard Around the World” the tighter the constrictor snake will be around our ability to resist. Molon Labe….BFD without logistics.and comms. It is later than we think.

    2. I was at a gun show today. I’ve never seen guns and knives cheaper.
      A 6 or 7 year old in front of me was directed by Gramps to several obsidian arrow heads. The kid looked intently and when they walked away he asked “what’s an arrow head”?
      We are losing the culture war, and the old white guys there are simply trying to empty their closets before going into assisted living. If I had to point to where we lost it I think it would be the transition from family, bullseye, targets, and fun to tactical weapons and the emphasis on self defense. jmo.

    3. State “Initiatives” get passed with $ money. We’ve already seen it in CA, WA, NV, ME most recently. People look at them and if the title seems reasonable, they vote for it. Never even reading what it entails (that is reading in spanish or english if they can read at all) before they vote. Or if they do read it and most of sounds reasonable (except speeding tickets), they will vote for it, especially those who believe they are not affected by it (like non-gun owners).
      This is precisely why you must join and support every 2A organization you can afford to. With out our money, they have no way of fighting back the lies and misinformation peddled by these traitors. No one group has the effect of all the groups or the NRA that is capable of producing media that counters the money spent by Bloomberg/Soros and Co. So, join and donate, show up at rally’s and talk to friends, because and writing or calling your representatives won’t stop an Initiative.

    4. That TRAITOROUS POS, Bloomberg, in NY is a throwback to the Bolsheviks from a century ago. It was Eastern European AshkeNAZI Khazars, like himself, from NYC, who took Warburg and Schiff gold to Russia and fomented the Russian Revolution. And in the words of Solzenitzen he said “and you have to realize that it was not The Russian people who started the Revolution, but it was the Khazars from New York City. The Khazarian Bolsheviks ended up not only murdering the Czar and his family, but an additional 50 million more Russian Christians, mostly by starvation after the Khazarian Bolsheviks confiscated every last grain of wheat for themselves. That genocide was called the HOLODOMER, a word you never heard about because the Khazarian control our press, our govt, our Dept.. Of Education, and so on. This Khazarian POS Bloomberg has another NYC Khazarian POS friend nicknamed Lucky Larry, who bought the WTC buildings from the Port Authority seven weeks prior to their controlled demolition. With the help of Eisenberg, Lucky Larry became the leaseholder of the twin towers, despite the fact that the City of NY was going to shut them down because of the asbestos, which was going to cost Lucky Larry Silverstein close to ONE BILLION DOLLARS to remediate, according to the movie called “911:The New Pearl Harbor”. As of Nov. 2018 there has been a Special Federal Grand Jury investigating the evidence for explosives that brought those buildings down and killed all those people. There is no doubt that lucky Larry Silverstein, Eisenberg (another Khazars), and Bloomberg will figure in the investigation, as long as there is a god in heaven. For further info on the Grand Jury, go to the Lawyers Committee website… ! These Khazaris are “under the gun”, so to speak, to get their disarmament agenda completed before the results of the investigation come out. IMHO, these Khazars, who also include Not-So-Fine-Stein, Loretta Whiningberg, Chuckie Schumer, and a bunch more slithering around in the shadows from the Synagogue of Satan, are very emboldened because they think they got away with 911, and are intent on bringing to America another Bolshevik Revolution. And they got lots of money to buy off TRAITORS like ex-Goldman Sucks employee Gov. Murphy, and Sen. Bob Menendez, and members of all the other ethnicities they use for window dressing.

    5. reading the comment section people always feel the need to point out that
      “none of these new laws will do anything to prevent violence”
      or something to that effect…
      why do you keep saying that ?
      why would you expect any of the new incoming restrictions to be designed to do something about criminals who use guns to commit crimes?
      what prompts this kneejerk response ?
      why do you expect logic and reason?
      WHY ???

    6. There has to be a way a regular guy could speak to congress. They are in violation of the very oath they swore to uphold. To defend the nation and the constitution from all enemies, foreign or domestic. Most of them swore that oath with their hand on a BIBLE, in which you will find a command to be armed with a sword-the assault weapon of that day. The right to be armed is further guaranteed by the 2nd amendment. We, the people, are the militia. Every man and woman of sound mind and body who is not in jail or the loony farm IS the militia. If treason goes unabated in congress I fear there will be armed conflict. This is exactly how the revolutionary war got started so long ago. They had tried to reason with the “elect” and even the then king of England, they had pleaded for justice, for sanity, for peaceful resolution to their troubles. In return they were spied upon, followed, beaten, taxed nearly out of existence, thrown in jail and murdered. Any of this sound familiar? Eventually, the British marched on concord. It was their effort to disarm the public-their colonies-their subjects. That is/was the deciding factor of the start of the war for independence. What these people in congress are attempting is nothing short of treason. It has to be stopped. Peacefully if at all possible, but it has to be stopped. Congressional treason must be stopped for the good of ALL of us-All of U.S. Read the declaration of independence for yourself and decide for yourself if it is relevant or not.
      Kathy G’s attempted murderer is in jail. Just because he used a gun would not have changed anything. Vehicles have been used as weapons for many years. I guess a ban on Ford and Chevy is next. It is NOT the tool, it is the person who operates the tool. The operator, in that case, is jailed. There is no good reason to have vengeance on us for his crime. There is no good reason to deprive us of our GOD given rights, our guaranteed rights. I suppose that civil disobedience is in order. I truly hope and pray that is enough to bring America back to it’s roots of freedom and rights. Either way, arm up, carry on

      1. I fear there WON’T be armed conflict—that we will let our precious rights be stripped away, one by one, until the only thing that will rile up anyone will be the loss of their cellphone privileges.

        1. Lol. Sad but so. Take away their guns and they hand them over with one hand whilst texting with the other.
          These zombies are not going to notice until they look up from their cell phones and they find themselves in an oven.
          Unfortunately, I believe the sell outs in Congress are being black mailed. At least some. The Dems know how to persuade politicians to see things their way. If push comes to shove, they get pictures of Congress members with under age kids and they control them from that point on.
          We have to let the Dems need to know they can’t keep breaking the law.

    7. We can and should do all that we can to fight tyranny in the halls of power. But finally at the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, we STILL get to vote on it.

      Even if by vote, I mean voting with bullets instead of ballots.

    8. One effort gives rise to another. Allow medical records to be made public and see how many doors are opened to abuse. Who determines one’s mental soundness? What would be the criterion? Could anyone be determined to be unsound by mere whim? I could go on and on, but it always seems that any law needs another law and yet another law before everything is completely undone. Is anyone tired of one person, or just a few persons, telling 300+ millions of people that they must suffer yet another law that takes away freedom because of the evil of one person?

      1. One problem is that we don’t have a justice system, we have a legal system the bottom line of which is to provide some people with wealth they wouldn’t have otherwise.

    9. Time to buy, buy, buy! Ammo is really low right now. You can get a couple capable ARs for $1000. Might want to bury some for your grandkids. When they realize they were the idiots wrongly cheering this movement on, they will need arms. On their next birthdays make a smart decision and sign them up as NRA members. Maybe, its not too late to flood them with fact.

    10. “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, so my child may know peace”. TP
      “It is no longer enough to be willing to fight and die to protect our rights, one must be willing to kill for them, too”. IST
      The modern democrat party are THE domestic enemies our Founders warned us about. Prepare to DEFEND yourself and our Constitutional Republic from these terrorists and their “War of Leftist Aggression”.

    11. How would you like to face this possible reality with no guns to protect yourself?

      Today’s talk:
      A Muslim US president and 30-35 Muslim reps could be in power by 2030, says congressman, Shep jabs own colleagues & more.

      No this is not someone else’s fight.

      Look at the Brits right now they said it would never happen there.

    12. None of the laws proposed will have any effect on gun violence. Even the most weak minded fools must be aware of that. As noted in the article complete disarmament is the ultimate goal, leaving the ‘militia’ the only group with weapons. Of course we will have to ignore the millions of weapons owned by criminals. We will also have to ignore the Selective Service Act which designates all citizens 18-45 as part of the militia. And how are we going to get rid of that pesky 2nd amendment when all are disarmed and ‘gun violence’ continues as it has in Australia and the UK.

    13. Well written Allen West.Thank you. Did anyone notice that the gun banners are now saying you can’t own a gun if you got speeding tickets? Really? What’s next? You can’t own a gun if you git a parking ticket on your car?! These are now over 2 million laws in America, with more added everyday. The gun banners say if you break any law any where, that makes you a dangerous criminal and you can’t own a gun.The evil, power crazed politicians, want all guns in America banned and confiscated! Hell, crazy Dianne Feinstein called for troops and police to go door to door in America with metal detectors and confiscate all guns! Sounds like Hitler would have loved her working for him! These crazy gun banners use emotionally charged speeches, distortion of facts and outright lies to ban guns.and the sheep believe them! You have to ask yourself why are these politicians in such a hurry to ban guns? What is their objective? And why do the sheep keep voting for them? There are other people running for office. We need term limit, not lifetime politicians. Gun control = people control = you locked up in a gun control concentration camp for the rest of your life! Don’t forget that America had concentration camps back in WW2.

      1. The Brits don’t have any problems that a couple boatloads of American made AR-15’s couldn’t solve. That goes for the rest of Europe that has become infested with free loading economic migrants. All brought to them by the likes of “Mrs. Specter From Sweden”, and her Khazarian Mafia handlers. Google what I put in quotes. This is the “Kalergi Plan” in action.

    14. im glad im at the age I am cause I sure wouldn’t want to be growing up in this fucked up political bullshit that we have now adays

    15. I would assume that everyone knows why the left wants to disarm America. Well, in case you still don’t understand why all you have to do is remember some of the rumblings from the left in the past. Remember some of the talks of a well funded private army and the acceptance of violence as a standard of as the left said, “Violence is on some occasions”. Remember how this political climate is a direct parallel 1o 1933 Europe. If the can’t get rid of Pres. Trump as they are trying to do now, the radical left has threatened to do it by force. If you take away all of the law-abiding gun owners guns the left will be safe with there agenda. After we lose our guns the only ones that will have guns are the bad guy’s and the left knows they will be on their side. No resistance to a takeover.

    16. Folks there is one way and one way only to put an end to all of this UnAmerican, illegal, Unconstitutional garbage and shredding of OUR Rights simply because they do not like firearms. This must stop, enough is enough. This sickens me for one and I have zero intention of giving up as much as a cap-gun, The END!!

    17. Hey Ammoland
      You know what happens when you don’t post our comments ???we go to some other websiteDon’t tell me you’re scared of the leftists too

    18. Who screwed our gun laws up here in Florida ?? thanks to the knee-jerk reactions by the rhinos and the asshole demos .,,Made it unconstitutionally against the law to possess a binary trigger without any type of congressional vote,, they just come out of their ass with this shit ,we as citizens are tired of these anti-gun County school board members Making public decisionsfrom assholes like city commissioners / assistant Black & Decker pecker checkers Like Debbie Wasserman Schultz is never shown the door like wanda snipes just can’t seem to get fired /We the people say bullshitThank God our new governor got rid of that dumb ass Sheriff Israel from Broward County another Islamic turd

    19. Maybe you should have a few words with a certain lady on the Board who is so proud of what’s been going on in Florida. There are some serious disconnects here someplace.

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