Think Republicans Will Stop Red Flag Laws? ~ VIDEO – Bribes to Pass Red Flag Laws

Virginia – -( This video covers bill S.7 put in by REPUBLICANS (Marco Rubio and others) in Congress that essentially extorts the states to pass Red Flag laws by withholding federal funds if they don't do so.

Bribery by the Federal Government like that works – it has gotten us a lot of bad laws over the years.

Lobby Day is January 21, 2019 at 8 am at the General Assembly in Richmond. We will muster and break into lobbying groups at the Bell Tower (9th Street and Bank Street). Information on catching a Virginia Citizens Defense League bus is on Virginia Citizens Defense League's home page:

Thanks to member Stan Chaney for the link:

Virginia Citizens Defense LeagueAbout Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

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    2. @tomcat; In certain ways GMB does get a chuckle every once and awhile, then if the weather is nice the next day I manage to set up a couple of targets and have had it for awhile, it is called stress relief, also it is almost a religious experience, very soothing if I must say so!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. OK, check this out. The legal system/Matrix is the final arbiter of right and wrong, good and evil, just and unjust, but yet it commits crimes against Humanity on a daily basis! So how can it maintain any pretense of power or authority over us when the actors, agents and operators of the legal system/Matrix are criminals themselves?!?! How does that work again?? We have criminals lying, cheating and stealing from us, all the while telling us to not lie, cheat and steal?? Doesn’t anybody else see the lunacy there in that system?


      1. @Randy

        The Legal System is not the “Final Arbiter”. Our founding fathers were very clear that we the people are the final arbiter and that we are only answerable to our God/laws of nature.

        The lunacy you speak of is faith placed in individual men, the ceding of power to them from a desire to see them enact will over others. It is something I have tried to warn others about for the last several years here. If you give authority to the courts to determine what constitutes a right(Instead of keeping it in the hands of the people) then you also give them power to take away.

        I love when people try to argue that “The Supreme Court Ruled so it automatically means that is the way it is!”, because I love the response when I ask them the equivalent. “If the Supreme Court Ruled that the 2nd Amendment was not an individual right, would you still say that their ruling is settled law and therefore must be enforced as they said?” You can see their reaction as they have that “Oh….. Crap!” moment when it hits them they just stuck their foot in their mouth. Sometimes it takes that kind of slap upside the head to wake them up before they can see past their opinion and recognize reality.

      1. @ Willie D. It is too bad we waste so much time on a tripe like G Weenie. In one way he has influenced everyone that posts here regularly. Rev. won’t let him get away with spouting untruths and that is a significant loss for him but he continues to garner attention through his socialist posts, even when he says he is a gun owner- probably not. Oh well, onward and upward. He won’t make any difference in my life.

    4. @TC &Rev: GWD commie sponge. He has soaked up the meanest nastiest things thrown at him/her. Just like commies that love spending other people’s money (yes.. politicians do to). Like a cockaroacha who will not die.

      I think he’s employed out of some political office staff. Trolling to later demonize Ammoland and the 2A.

      1. @Nottinghill

        Probably. That’s why I don’t engage in the emotional side of the argument, I pick apart every comment and expose it. Anyone who stumbles here trying to look for something to demonize is going to see GWD changing topics and hiding from clearly stated evidence. That’s why he still hasn’t gotten back to me on scripture yet.

        It’s also why he is still here. He hasn’t been able to score any points yet.

      2. ./Someone ,,Everybody out there wants to know what the buzz is all about here at Ammoland ?/believe me you know the ones /alphabet soup and others:but they can’t bullshit the “REV” 1776

    5. @tomcat/ Will Flatt/ The Revalator/ Notinghill; The only thing that the GMD does is annoy and take away space for comments that things could be brought out and discussed instead of trying to change that vacumm shack brain dead fool, YOU CAN”T FIX STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. I am not a troll at all Will that I do not troll anything, except to fish.
      Furthermore, I voice my opinions in a respectful manner without being vulgar or mean spirited.
      I need to remind you that we have a freedom of expression in this country.
      Since you and others love and support Ted Nugent please read here in his own words:
      “Ted Nugent: Ted was a young boy, appearing to be a hippie but quite opposite in fact, working hard and playing hard, playing rock and roll like a deviant. People would question my sanity, I played so much. So I got my notice to be in the draft. Do you think I was gonna lay down my guitar and go play army? Give me a break! I was busy doin’ it to it. I had a career Jack. If I was walkin’ around, hippying down, getting’ loaded and pickin’ my ass like your common curs, I’d say “Hey yeah, go in the army. Beats the poop out of scuffin’ around in the gutters.” But I wasn’t a gutter dog. I was a hard workin’, mother****in’ rock and roll musician”.

      1. There you go deflecting again, this isn’t about what Nugent did or didn’t do. You can change the subject all you want, but everyone here is locked on to what you are. You’re a statist, your statements confirm this, and you support gun control. We all know this, you can deny it but that doesn’t change the fact we know who you are!

        GTFO and take your FAIL with you!

        1. Free Helicopter Rides For Commies :
          I was replying to Will as this person wrote (in part) “….. Uncle Ted would say, “get high on gunpowder”.
          Another person “Get Out” commented that we should ensure current gun laws in an earlier post. Again I responded and answered this person’s question he asked of me. I am not deflecting. If you feel threatened that someone disagrees with your beliefs, then I suggest you stay inside your home with the doors locked.

          1. @The Green Watch Dog

            You have stated that you support unconstitutional Red Flag laws in the states that implemented them thus far.

            So your original comment deflecting to the issue of Rock and roll, as well as trying to Say “No only Current gun laws” and ignoring the issue at hand, sorry. It’s a nice little trick that works on simple minded people, but you are not going to be able to hide what you have already said.

            You’re a liar and a hypocrite. Now how bout you answer the questions asked of you?

    7. Get Out comments:
      Imagine if they enforced the gun current laws already on the books? Yes, that would be most helpful! I need to remind most everyone that pro gun activists tend to ignore that left handed cigarettes are illegal to smoke if they own a firearm. I have repeatedly called many out on this. Like crickets on a late summer night, I’m ignored.
      “Will you be the first to stand up when these knee-jerk red flag laws are abused….?”
      Yes!!!!-As an example, I will stand up to support this current law.
      Does this answer your question?

      1. Everyone notice how GWD is deflecting?? He won’t – he CAN’T – answer the charge laid before him!!

        So what does he do? He CHANGES THE SUBJECT.

        Hey GWD, we don’t discuss that you can’t own guns & smoke dope because we all know it and it’s not an issue. We all know it’s FAR BETTER to, as Uncle Ted would say, “get high on gunpowder”!!

        Now, let’s get back to the matter at hand, which is the fact that you’re a BASEMENT-DWELLING LEFTIST TROLL WHO HAS NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN HAUNT A CONSERVATIVE GUN SITE AND ANNOY PEOPLE!

        Ever bother to actually use the two brain cells you’ve got to wonder why everyone here tells you to GTFO??

        1. @Will Flatt

          Now he is on a new comment to reply instead of addressing you directly, while claiming he is not deflecting. He stated that “he would stand if it was flagrantly used to violate peoples rights”, at least if you believe the reply he said last night. That was what his “Yes” was supposed to make us believe.

          Notice he says right after, “I will stand up to support this current law.” referring to Get Outs Comment about supporting a citizen who was falsely accused and the 6th amendment when it comes to ERPO’s. His statement was he supports the red flag law(Current). He posts to the top of the page instead of under the person asking the question because he thinks people will miss the original question. Now he is trying to do the same to you.

          He’s a liar and a hypocrite.

          1. Yes, he is a liar and hypocrite. He proclaims the emperor has no clothes while blithely disregarding his own nakedness.

            At this point I’m really ignoring him, but on other pages I’ll continue to call him out as a liar, hypocrite, commie and cheerleader for tyrants & jackbooted thugs.

            When you come to understand how many feckless SOB’s like him are in America, I have no doubt there WILL inevitably be a civil war and that millions of his ilk will require physical removal. Prof. Hans-Herman Hoppe is right!! #PhysicalRemoval

            1. @Will Flatt

              I have not read Hoppe, though he has been on my radar for a little while because of the Von Mises organization. I do understand how many of them there are, though I never advocate for the suppression of anyone’s rights. I will simply defend my own even to the point of reinstituting the Constitution in its original intent and starting from a point of fresh government without all the crap that has been mixed into the pie, with such safe guards in place as to prevent future erosion for at least as long as it has taken us to get to this point from our nations’ birth.

              If at that point because those same individuals cannot force their opinions on us, and can no longer raid the fruits of our labors to line their pockets should they decide they wish to leave our borders, who am I to stop them? I will even help them pack.

      2. @Will Flat

        That’s because Green Dog knows the law is illegal, and he wants it enforced in spite of that.

        He won’t answer how many people who keep their guns he is willing to kill, but boy he will sure stand up. And like a coward, he will stay at home while he tells his politician to send men with guns to your house to put a bullet in your head.

        He’s a known liar. Plain and simple.

      3. Do you have any proof pro gun activists tend to ignore that marijuana cigarettes are illegal to smoke if they own a firearm? Do you have any proof anti gun activists don’t ignore that marijuana cigarettes are illegal to smoke if they own a firearm?
        So you’re good with someone anonymously turning in the GWD for owning firearms that violates your 6th Amendment and confiscates them as well without due process, that would be your Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution?

    8. @ EVERYONE

      As this page approaches the 100 comment mark, mostly over what TGWD has said – or refuses to acknowledge, etc., I think it’s worth considering that this sorry excuse of a person is really just a TROLL, saying things that are the EXACT OPPOSITE of what is pro-liberty, pro-American. All the while he lies about being ‘reasonable’, lies about being a Christian, lies (in all likelihood) about being a gun owner. GWD is most likely more than just a troll but a Leftist, atheist, socialist POS. We can always correct lies with facts and oppose falsehood with truth, but we should seriously stop feeding this troll. Talking about him and what he says rather than about the issues at hand and what we can do to fix what needs fixing in this country… just feeds the troll. That must stop.

      I don’t know if the message system here is set up to ban IP addresses of those who abuse the forum, but if it can, then Ammoland should seriously consider taking steps to remove this serial violator of our space.

      1. @ Rev. I quit commenting to the green weenie dog quite a while ago because no good can come of it but I do remember that he posted a while back that he turned a guy in because he thought the guy was a problem and he was proud the police went a took the guy’s guns and sent him to jail. He is not mentioning that again because of all the flack he got for saying it.There is no hope for this idiot.

        1. Tom Cat,
          Correct in that I immediately called law enforcement on a perp that told me that he intended to harm another with a gun. He just bailed out of jail that morning and was red eyed mad. Not sure if he had his weapon confiscated, but he did go back to jail. Justice served with handcuffs! See something, Say something, Do something. Long before the RFL was a phrase.

          1. @Green Watch Dog

            You know, that sounds an awful lot like aggravated menacing, which is already a crime. Issuing a threat is already a crime with a system of legal proceedings surrounding it.

            The problem here is you are pushing an unconstitutional end run for confiscation without a crime. Why is that? You yourself just admitted the prior laws work. Care to explain?

            1. Revelater, I will try and answer the riddle to your question that you stated that:
              “I have admitted that prior laws work….”
              If you are referring to current (prior) laws then yes they do to a point, but certainly not 100%. For example, we have a law that one cannot own a weapon if one obtains a medical left handed cigarette license. This is a no-no. I would hate to see the compliance rate. Would I enforce this law if I was a law enforcement officer? Of course I would.
              I will now exclude myself in commenting any further on this topic of discussion.
              My goal is to discuss respectively revenant issues on gun control and gun rights. Thank you, The GWD

            2. @Rev, I could do more damage to his precious socialist society with a gallon of gasoline. So why is he trying to soft sell gun control?

            3. @The Green Watch Dog

              No, you are not here to talk about Gun Rights, as you have admitted before that you do not pay attention to the constitution.

              I also like how you agree now with my previous comments, that you would want to enforce personally your own versions of Gun Control. Thank you for admitting that you want to be judge and jury, which is something you have previously denied.

              Furthermore, The prior laws argument was in reference to Red Flag Laws vs reporting an individual for a crime. The fact that a crime was committed (menacing) vs the illegal red flag violation of due process where no crime is committed before confiscation. You are lying through your teeth trying to muddy the waters. I made that distinction clear and you know it.

              Now in regards to the Medical Marijuana Users, you are now denying their right to life, an inalienable right. Does not matter what a judge thinks about a woman from Nevada(yes I know what case you are trying to cite) if she has not violated anyone elses rights its unconstitutional for you to deny her right to life. Because she has a right to life, she has a right to defend it. Because she has a right to defend it, she has a right to aquire the tools needed. If she isn’t in jail, then you cant confiscate or restrict her rights when she has not been tried by a jury of her peers. Sorry. The law you are citing is unconstitutional in its current form. I say that as someone who is not a user and detests drugs. I don’t drink or smoke for that reason, but the constitution is the Constitution and the Government is doing things it does not have the right or authority to do.

              Once again, you are lying through your teeth. You are not here to safeguard rights, you are here to violate them. Still waiting for answers to my other questions.

            4. @Wild Bill

              Because he is a confiscationist. Pure and simple.

              One of his stated goals from earlier was to get people to comply with unconstitutional laws. He attempts to do this by appearing to look rational when he is not. Notice he goes dead silent anytime the Constitution is quoted. The one time he did not he stated the constitution means nothing to him, which lead to the scriptural argument which he has since gone silent on as well because he lost that one.

              His goal is to get as many of the weak minded here on ammoland to accept that violations of the constitution aren’t as bad as they think, bump stock ban for example, and to soften them on the constitution to make them weaker when he tries to enforce his vision of confiscation via Government fiat.

          1. @ Rev. I picture GWD living in a high rise apt and he has no one to talk to or socialize with because he is just not socially acceptable and can’t get along with anyone. He has definitely shown that here. I seriously doubt if he has ever owned a gun and doubt if he would even touch one. This is his only source of entertainment. Poor basr**, I feel sorry for him but can’t reach him.

            1. @Tomcat

              Personally, I cant picture high rise. Grandma’s basement sucking peanut butter off his fingers on a couch made from 70’s pattern fabric maybe, but high rise no.

              The problem is he is definitely a danger. He’s the type of person that Hitler relied on, stupid, gullible, and committed to the cause(gun control). Given the push, he will work to suppress and murder those who resist the plan he wants to implement. Make no mistake, if the government ever tries to do something, he will be one of the ones helping to line his neighbors up as he points out which houses to target. That is why I have not let him go on uncontested here even if he is a plant.

          2. @ Rev. I agree that he is a danger. He already bragged that he had one guy locked up and that if you see something, say something. The way he aggravates people there is no wonder the guy got mad at him. To him that means turn it in if you see your own shadow. If he knew the name and location of the people here that give him a hard time, he would turn them in for something. Got to give GWD credit for one thing though, he has taken more sarcasm from many of us here than most trolls ever have. Maybe it is just being to senseless to realize what is being said to him.

            1. @Tomcat

              I don’t think he is taking it willingly.

              See, what he wants is for people to be unhinged, to make threats towards him. It’s why I argue the way I do. So far he has been deprived of that.

              Notice how each time he thinks he has something I challenge him on citation, quote the Constitution, or when he tried to claim Christianity I used plain scripture to SHOW he had no evidence and no argument. And each time he goes silent and tries to move to a new area.

              He is still here because he has not been allowed to “Win” yet. He has no victories, and a hatred for us that he keeps below the surface. A previous comment or two of his kind of tipped his hand to that.

              His tactic when defeated is to slither to a new spot and try again, to try and continue along the same lines as the first lie until he gets a win. It’s why I have urged people to make evidence based arguments. Sarcasm can be a useful tool, but it is hollow if it has no substance behind it. The substance comes first. It is why I have had arguments with those like Tionico and Oldmariine. We can’t simply fall into weak positions arguing opinion, because that is where Green Dog will try and slither in. Consistency and evidence.

              Think about his last reply to me. “If enforcement was up to him.” It is something I have been charging him with from the start, and something he has tried to deny on multiple occasions. His thoughts are of forcing his will onto others. That is why we must not make like arguments of our own, but come from a position of consistent defense of all rights. It’s a battle of patience, with him either growing tired of waiting or some on our side losing control and giving him the opportunity to demonize and delegitimize.

    9. @The Revelater; Perfect, TGMD has only one thing in his one celled mind is to annoy us as usual!!!!!!!! @Greg Torchia/ Wild Bill/ Will Flatt/ Nottinghill; All right on about TGMD ON the DARK SIDE VERY DARK close to being BLIND!!!!!!!!

    10. @ The Green Watch Dog

      Since you have chosen to cite Christianity, it is important to say this as accurately and straight forward as possible. Since you have been here, you have been challenged on multiple occasions. Despite having your arguments disproven, you now cite allegiance to God as being higher than the Founding Documents of this nation. That would be fine, if it were not a lie. I shall explain, or rather let scripture explain it.

      Romans 3:3-9
      “What if some were unfaithful? Will their unfaithfulness nullify God’s faithfulness? 4Not at all! Let God be true, and every human being a liar. As it is written: “So that you may be proved right when you speak and prevail when you judge.” 5But if our unrighteousness brings out God’s righteousness more clearly, what shall we say? That God is unjust in bringing his wrath on us? (I am using a human argument.) 6Certainly not! If that were so, how could God judge the world? 7Someone might argue, “If my falsehood enhances God’s truthfulness and so increases his glory, why am I still condemned as a sinner?” 8Why not say-as some slanderously claim that we say-“Let us do evil that good may result”? Their condemnation is just! 9What shall we conclude then? Do we have any advantage? Not at all! For we have already made the charge that Jews and Gentiles alike are all under the power of sin.”

      Christ was very deliberate in his teachings. One of the things he had no tolerance for was Hypocrisy. He stuck to truth as proven through evidence, making cases before the religious teachers and leaders quoting scripture that they themselves knew and could not argue against. When they chose to reject the very things they said they believed in he rebuked and ridiculed them to their faces, calling them out as the children of Satan. In front of crowds he gave them questions they could not answer because they were convicted in their hearts. He was able to read them for what they had within them, and they hated and plotted to kill him because of it.

      Christ set this standard, Christians are still to uphold Gods law even as we set aside the binds of the Mosaic Laws of Tradition. The Ten Commandments.

      For scripture says this in James 2:8-13

      “8 If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, “Love your neighbor as yourself,”[a] you are doing right. 9 But if you show favoritism, you sin and are convicted by the law as lawbreakers. 10 For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it. 11 For he who said, “You shall not commit adultery,”[b] also said, “You shall not murder.”[c] If you do not commit adultery but do commit murder, you have become a lawbreaker.
      12 Speak and act as those who are going to be judged by the law that gives freedom, 13 because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment.”

      The judgement God will meter out to you if you use his name for false teaching, or for the advancement of your own desires is one fate that is talked about rather harshly. For whatever reason, even if you have good intentions if you sin against God or work to act against your neighbor then you have violated every command God gave you. It is the original sin, the sin of “Self”. You claim to be a Christian, yet you look into your neighbors house at his possessions and you think you should be allowed to tell him what is appropriate for him to have or not have, what he should be allowed to do with it and what he shouldn’t. You tell yourself that you aren’t taking anything from him even as you go to the ballot box and claim to be voting for a majority that wants to force this oppression onto others. Christ condemns you for your vote, for you will be held accountable for what is in your heart.

      Matthew 5:27-28
      “27 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’[a] 28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

      You call for “sensible Gun Control” when it has been pointed out to you that it is against the law to do, not just Constitutionally, but as a Christian. It does not matter if you are not the one putting a gun barrel to someone else’s head and taking their property because you voted for someone else to do it, you are still guilty and will be condemned for it. When you stand before the creator trying to explain why “he doesn’t understand, you were trying to do something good and protect people” your pleas will fall flat for you were warned. You were pointed to scripture and if you refuse to change, if you proceed you will not be held blameless. For Christ said in Matthew 7:22-

      “22 On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ 23 And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.”

      You claim to know and follow Christ, that your allegiance to God is higher than the laws of Man. I tell you the truth, I knew you by your actions before I even started questioning you. This is why you have avoided the same question I have asked repeatedly, not because you love God, but because you love your self and your conscience told you it was wrong. You couldn’t bring yourself to admit to what your actions made plain to me.

      James 2:14-17
      “14 What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them? 15 Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. 16 If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? 17 In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”

      I know you by your Actions. This is the warning bell I have been sounding on Ammoland for the past several years. Acta non Verba, actions not words. Your claim of faith is as hollow as your head, because while you claim to serve God you reject what he told you that YOU need to do. Not what you need to make others do, but what who you yourself are responsible for. You have no saltiness to you, by your actions you are the servant who buried his coin fearful of his master yet knowing in his heart what he was supposed to do and rejecting it. You are a Pharisee, a living embodiment of hypocrisy.

      I don’t know when you turned away from Gods commands or why. That was your decision. You had itching ears and went off in search of ideas you found pleasing to what you wanted. Your actions are a testimony to this fact. You also may yet be forgiven if you turn from the path you are on trying to persecute others. However, the truth will not be yielded to you, and if you continue to try and push the lies you have and continue with your hypocrisy, you will be called out for it.

      Your calls for gun control are calls to control people who think differently than you and are exercising the rights given to them by God. Who are you to tell God he was wrong to give people free will and self determination? This is why I have rebuked and ridiculed you as harshly as I have, for from the start when I came to you, you rejected sound teaching, you rejected the equality of the rights of others.

      1. Revelater,
        Quite insane for twisting scriptures to support any and all weapons.
        I’m sure you weep with joy for the nuclear football that Trump holds.

        1. Ok everyone, notice the distraction technique here. Green Watch Dog was unable to argue against scripture, so now he is trying a shiny new toy in his hand, “What about nuclear weapons?” and hoping you wont notice.

      2. @The Green Watch Dog

        It isn’t about weapons, its about rights and free will that come directly from God. You try to use Christianity as an excuse for your desires. You are rejecting God, yet you tell others they are twisting scriptures? What did I say and what did I quote.

        God said do not covet whatever belongs to your neighbor, and do not steal/take from your neighbor.

        Christ said the act itself isn’t what gets you in trouble, the sin itself comes from the desire in your heart.

        Christ and the Apostles taught that ignoring Christs teachings and trying to use him as an excuse for doing wrong will result in your condemnation.

        You twist scriptures to violate Gods word, because you want it to be a reason to let you do what you want to do. You worship an Idol, and your sin is SELF. Notice, you could not quote scripture. There is a reason I did not just quote singular verses but larger amounts of scripture. The evidence against you is clear. You are a liar and a hypocrite.

        1. Wow you guys if we could ever come together as one we would be unstoppable /can’t you see the train at the end of the tunnel??Gentleman I beg you find to a common ground (we need everybody)On the same page1776

          1. @GregTorchia

            There is no common ground with Green Watch Dog as long as he

            1. Ignores God’s commands yet claims to be a Christian. This is hypocrisy on his part. He does not get to decide that the tenants of Christianity need to be adapted or change to fit 2019.

            2. He ignores the Constitution which was written based on Christian ethos. As long as he believes that he can violate the rights of others through a vote, to suppress, steal, or invalidate the rights they have as given by their creator then he has no place among us.

            I do not say this out of hate. Yes, I have used the analogy of him as a punching bag, but that is to signify that he is unable to hit back on facts and evidence, that his arguments are weak and based only in his opinion.

            His statements are self contradicting and a lie unto himself. There is no common ground with him, and he will be forced to murder those who resist his desire to over rule our rights before I will yield even a hair’s fraction of my liberty and free will to him.

            1. I hear you -I read the conversations -a quote after ,quote ,we seem so divided and everyone seeks Independence -don’t see how we could ever come together -don’t know how George Washington did it with 36,000 man in the Continental Army some desserted without extra pay for sure-A different mankind a different time and much like a man of their time they were endeavoring to persevere natural hazards wind rain and cold and enemy cannon balls ,,freedom a basic need and commonsense was written by Thomas Paine

            2. Thank you @Revelator- I certainly have a lot of reading to do -all guidance is appreciated1776

            3. @GregTorchia

              You are always welcome, and yes. I did an in depth reading on Thomas Paine’s writings last year including those you mentioned along with “Rights of Man” and “Age of Reason”

    11. I just know the liberal prepper was hiding a box of twinkies in that bag. ; )
      I do remember a homeowner who killed an invader with a katana a few years back.

    12. @Wild Bill; I watched that video and had trouble getting to the computer because I was laughing so hard!!!! What is really sad is that the people we thought we could trust are just as two-faced as the Demo-Rats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once again they all say the same thing and all keep talking out both sides of their lying mouths!!!!!!!!!!!! One party is just as bad as the other only thing that they worry about is how to stay in office and keep getting reelected, they aren’t there to stand up for anything except to better themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @2 War Abn Vet; I’m like you, I can’t believe that this country is tearing itself apart this way and this fast, nobody is about to just stand up and say THIS IS ENOUGH, lets get back to the Bill of Rights and the CONSTITION!!!!!!!!!!! Enough is Enough, lets get your shorts straightened out and your pantyhose out of a bunched up mess pull your boot laces and lets fix this mess!!!!!!!!!!

    13. Wisconsin’s new Attorney General Josh Kaul said in his inauguration speech today
      stated he will in act “Red Flag Laws” and gun registration in Wisconsin. I never thought it
      would happen here, but here it is. Wake up America, they want your guns.
      MOAON AABE !

    14. Even if the EU goes away, in the USA, Canada and UK, many others the damage done by it’s AGENDA. It will take centuries to clean out the infectious effects it has on the BRAINWASHED young people, specially in the USA. look at the schools, the major cities they are a mess, wallowing in the EU beliefs. Their needs to be a world wide Civil war in all nations to expunge any and all EU/UN Agenda supporters, enough said.

    15. We need to realize the democrats are Bolsheviks and they are seeking a monopoly of Force. The problem is we are being betrayed by people we should be able to trust

      1. Yes, the democRAT/Bolsheviks are up to their old tricks, however, iIt should have been crystal clear BEFORE the mid-terms that the ENTIRE GOP are not trustworthy. It should have been apparent during the Kavanah hearings when the GOP remained quiet, barely a peep. It should have next been apparent at mid-terms when the GOP remained quiet after the communists stole the House elections. It was blaringly obvious the past several years when, owning both House and Senate, the GOP did NOTHING for the people. Trump is as much to blame for this as well. Instead of tweeting all the time he could have used it to make many more changes than he has. Like a magician, he tells us “Look at this….look at that.” all the while nothing is getting done – and it isn’t the RINOS fault either. With executive powers he could have so much more. We played into his hands and are suffering from it. We are at war and very few realize this.

      2. @Mark

        Executive powers only allow work within law already passed by Congress. The President does not have the authority to legislate from the oval office no matter which party he belongs to. Do not seek to give a position power that is not stated in the constitution. You are correct in your assessment of the GOP however. It’s time to start voting for individuals instead of party, and there are those of us who have been saying it for years.

        On a deeper note, the truth of Freeillinois’ comment is that it is not just the GOP politicians when he references betrayal of trust. It includes every person who claims to be a conservative or that they stand for the constitution and then defends the acts of the politicians with “You don’t understand. Washington doesn’t work that way. We need someone that can win. It’s all part of a master plan to fool the left.”

    16. Rubio, product of poor immigrants from a 3d world country. He is here with many like him making laws that we totally disagree with and are unconstitutional. I have been saying for years that we need to keep these “foreign” rats out of our government and away from any law making. This idiot is just one of a whole bunch but he did slip into the Republican ranks and fooled a bunch of people into voting for him. Our Constitution is not part of their living world. They are use to dictators telling them what to do and they need to become part of the populace that does not infringe on the rights of the citizens or the fabric of this country. Fire this twerp and send him to the pool to play marco polo, more fitting place for him.

      1. Tomcat; your comment is one of the best comments on this topic. Foreigners DO NOT have a historical connection to our bill of rights culture.

        Stalin used forced population relocation as a tool to break down cultures. Stalin would have whole villages moved to non-traditional regions of the USSR for the purpose of tearing down the values, traditions and faith of the people.

        We are seeing the same thing today in Europe and the USA.

        Thank you

    17. How many Russians went to the gulags under such laws as these Red Flags? They even trained their children to turn in their parents or anyone else that might be a threat to the state. This is no different.

    18. Although well meaning, this is treason. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. A tool cannot by itself do anything. It is the person who directs it that is at issue. A person is supposed to be not guilty until proved guilty or not. Maybe, rather than taking peoples gear first, there could be a meeting between that person, their accusers and the courts. I am not sure what to do here but there have been too many innocent people “swatted” wrongly and good, innocent people have been killed. Make no mistake, this IS legalized swatting. The accuser should have consequences if judged incorrect or just plain lying, even just exaggerating. As this law exists, it is too vague, it enables too much leeway upon courts and enforcement. Give them an inch and they will take a mile. This nation is one of only two worldwide that is based upon sound BIBLICAL principals. The simple basic right to self defense, as in the right to be armed and armed self defense, is found in SCRIPTURE and is guaranteed in our constitution and amendments. There are laws that enslave man and there are laws that set men free. The red flag laws are among those that enslave mankind. Scripture and the constitution and it’s amendments sets men free. Ask yourself about rank, as in military rank. What outranks what. Laws made by people trying to enslave you or the WORD of GOD who would free you. We have rules in the military about not complying with unrighteous commands. You don’t comply with unlawful commands from anybody. You have that right. The people who are coming up with these treasons laws, and the ones that try to enforce treasonous laws are in fact criminal. Look at what happened to those who did these types of things back at the end of WW-2. I was just following orders doesn’t cut it–they were all hanged. There is a price for treason, there is a price for murder. History has a nasty habit of repeating itself. Ever wonder why the war for independence was fought? Maybe this should be brought before the powers that be in hopes of staving off disaster? Arm up, carry on.

      1. The war for independence was fought because English citizens in England enjoyed certain rights, while citizens in the colonies were denied those same basic rights, or had them infringed. The delegates in the colonies presented their list of grievances to the Crown. King George ignored their petition for redress of grievances.

        The Magna Carta Libertatum commonly called Magna Carta is a charter of rights agreed to by King John of England at Runnymede, near Windsor, on 15 June 1215. Contained in that document were basic rights, including redress of grievances. Under that article, the people held the right to present to the government their grievances and to seek redress of same. If the Crown failed to investigate and redress, the people held the right to replace that government… which is what the founders did. The Crown, for it’s part, rejected the articles of the Magna Carta Libertatum, because King John, following the defeat of the French invasion, tore it up and decreed that he ruled by devine right and thus the Magna Carta was without merit.

        Much of what is found in the Constitution is based upon the articles of the Magna Carta Libertatum.

        It should be noted that on the 18th of April 1775, English Army forces were dispersed across the Massachusetts Bay Colony to confiscate all arms and munitions in the hands of the colonists and to arrest any of the Founders, particularly James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. The following morning, a army unit was confronted by armed citizens and the result was the ‘shot heard ’round the world’ and the war of independence was on.

        The colonists had followed procedure and had been rejected. For this reason the war was seen as a war of independence by the colonists, and seen as a revolution by the Crown.

    19. Well they are going to do just what I said they would do not even a week ago, Repubo-Rats, and Demo-Rats, Trump signed the executive order banning Bump-Stocks, now Rubio and the Repubo-Rats are going to get behind this part of taking away our due process, also tell all states that they will with hold federal funding if they don’t vote for it!!!!!! How can they do that when Trump said he would do that with sanctuary States and Cities how far did that go????????? The courts said no so the courts better not give them a go ahead with this threat or it will really sink our country!!!!!!!! It is now time for the NRA to get off their asses and move on this one or they will surely loose all of their support, what little they might have left, also this is one that all gun groups should get behind to defeat, start getting on the phone TODAY, this is going to be a bring it on movement, this is the point I said about Piece Meal of the 2nd Amendment, they aren’t going to do away with it, they are going to tear it apart piece by piece, Get rid of the Bump-
      Stock Executive Order and this Red Flag Bill before it even gets started, they are trying to do away with total DUE PROCESS an anything now, if they get this they will have started to Destroying the Constitution!!!!!!!!! Wake up and do it fast or it will be gone very quickly!!!!!!!!!!! Start getting ready now!!!!!!!!!

    20. There is not text available on the congressional website to see the details.
      Did Rubio reintroduce a Reciprocity Bill, or Silencer Bill first?
      Why is Rubio doing the work of the Left?
      4 more years until his term ends, thinks the double-cross will be forgotten?

    21. Don’t those in government even pretend to follow the Constitution anymore? This rash of Red Flag” gun confiscation laws is blatantly unconstitutional.
      Fifth Amendment ” … nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

      1. No, they don’t. Unless you think of the Constitution as a highly flexible, “living” document that bends and contorts to fit our current needs, you won’t get it. They don’t seem too concerned that Constitutionality is being violated. To them, the thing is so flexible as to be completely meaningless. It’s more of a “symbol of ‘freedom'” than a roadmap. I think we’re in for it…

        1. @Vlad, You have your finger on the pulse! The notion that the Constitution is a highly flexible living document that bends and contorts is like saying that the directions on a can of Campbell’s Soup are a set of highly flexible, bending, and contorting suggestions. How would that turn out?

    22. I have to agree with Adam. The liberal agenda is pushing us to brink a civil war and they think they can with that with their propaganda and progressive agenda.

      1. @David, The liberals are too lazy to prosecute their own civil war. They can not even hold a normal job and have no idea how guns, logistics and a chain of command work. The liberals can only prosecute civil war by getting national social democrats elected, appointed to the judiciary, infiltrating the bureaucracy, and then pushing conservative Americans into civil war.
        We need to ensure that Constitutional conservatives are elected, appointed, and promoted in the bureaucracy. Then push the libtards to revolution.
        We, nor the leftist wackos, have not the logistics, secure coms, command structure, or plans to put together a successful civil war, but the government does. Whomever revolts first will lose.

        1. Bill, the Government is flat broke, thus we are flat broke. What the Progressive ilk do have is fiscal support via some of the richest globalists. They may not have those things now, but could acquire them quickly.

          We should be working on those things ourselves, because it’s coming, bet on it. Look no further than that incident in Seattle, where the III %ers got a permit to protest, and Antifa got a free pass from Law Enforcement to agitate while heavily armed. An Archduke Ferdinand moment is coming my friend.

            1. @WildBill

              You need to watch this whole video. I know, I know what show it is on, but you really do need to see the “Liberal prepper” in it. I promise it is worth a laugh.

            2. Great questions WB…I suspect that much like WW1, we won’t know until it happens. That’s the real scary part. At this point there are so many different players and ideological leanings, that anything is possible. There’s a razor thin line between “Diversity and Division.”

            3. Wild Bill, I forgot to mention that Zerohedge has a story about the Far Right’s leader in Germany just got the heck beat out of him. Near killed the fella. could be as simple as that or in any country. Right now it’s easier to point out who’s not angry/battling.

    23. Now they got what they wanted !!! Americans fighting Americans!! Guess Hillary will get the civil war she was hinting at after all !! I think it’s time that ALL kids spend 2 years in the military after school to get an idea of what life is really about and that may change some minds on what America is really about ! Protecting the people of America from a gvt that want to control them ! We have a constitution for a reason! To be protected from the gvt !!!!! If you want to abolish any part of it you will have to deal with the outcome of your actions further down the road ! Good luck America!! Your going to need it !

      1. @Adam, That two years of involuntary servitude in the military after school is not a bad idea. The little NUBs might learn a little responsibility, a few skills, how to work, and they would certainly learn how the government is an echelon above reality. Government is not the answer. It makes a charlie foxtrot out of everything.

        1. @Wild Bill: 30-40yrs. ago I didn’t think it was a really good idea. But… I do now.

          As you said, “…two years of involuntary servitude in the military after school is not a bad idea. The little NUBs might learn a little responsibility, a few skills, how to work, and they would certainly learn how the government is an echelon above reality. Government is not the answer. It makes a charlie foxtrot out of everything.” Well put.

          1. @Wild Bill and Nottinghill

            I’m not so sure. With the way things stand right now, do we really want to make every single kid out there have to enroll in a system currently controlled by the Government via appointment, who can forcefully indoctrinate them?

            We currently have many problems in our Military structure. Do not forget about the cases just a few short years ago.



            Also knew a family who’s son was in the Airforce. While stationed in Colorado, there was an incident where a Chaplain/priest there was asked about what the bible said on Homosexuality. When he replied that it stated it was a sin, the young serviceman who questioned him went and complained to his XO. The last thing we should do at this point is grant the government unrestricted and unquestioned access to our youth and the ability to teach or train them for things we wont hear until after it happens. We have got to clean up the system first.

    24. Withholding funding to the states didn’t do much to stop “Sanctuary Cities” or “Sanctuary States”.
      as far as I can tell.. Of course disarming us is more “trendy” than keeping the country actually
      SAFER. We shall see.

    25. GWD apparently understands the rules of propaganda. Keep repeating the same lie loudly enough and long enough and it eventually becomes the truth. Saw someone posting that 97% of Americans favor ‘universal’ background checks. You can’t get 97% of any group to agree on anything.

      1. @Joefoam

        Well, maybe 97% of Ammoland agrees he’s an idiot. That’s about as close as you can get.

        He also changes the topic frequently, ignores questions and evidence which defeat his arguments, and generally follows the 3 D’s of progressive thought process argument.

        1.Deny – Reject the truth and any evidence presented. State delusional propaganda
        2. Distract – Change topics, introduce anything “Shiny” to get off subject, repeat step 1.
        3. Destroy – If all else fails, use character assassination void of facts. Discredit your opponent by trying to label them as crazy.

        If steps 1-3 fail, change location and repeat.

          1. I would never agree with Saul Alinsky’s philosophy and his Non-Christian beliefs. I am not a radical, (I) am generally a conservative, support the right to bear arms, support the will of the people. I rest my values on Christian values. However,——- I strongly support sensible gun laws such as registration. Requiring those who do own firearms be trained to safely store and operate them. Furthermore, I do respect your opinions. This is the beauty of this nation- To freely express one’s beliefs. The GWD.

            1. THAT’S BRAVO SIERRA. You, GWD, are NO conservative if you support GUN REGISTRATION. Every post of yours is NOT with respect to virtually everyone here, when you insult our intelligence. You make statements that are the equivalent of peeing down our necks and expecting us to think it’s rain.

              Your bovine excrement is not wanted or needed, and you should stick to posting at Daily Kos.

            2. A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie. – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

            3. @The Green Watch Dog

              You don’t have to verbally agree. You have shown through your actions.

              Each time you and I have a go around, I end up quoting the constitution while you talk about all your invisible friends who agree that the constitution needs to be ignored(Mob rule, and your debunked 80% claims)

              When facts, history, and evidence disprove you and you realize you lost the battle, you try to change the topic or you run to hide on some other article where you post the same lie that was just disproven on your previous post.

              There is no such thing as a sensible gun law. It’s people control, not gun control. And yet again, how do you plan on enforcing your vision of gun control? We will not comply, so if you are not going to do it at the end of a gun barrel then you will never have your gun laws. Sorry. Issues like storage have already been ruled against, so now we are back to the constitutional argument which you lose every time. Simply put, you’re a retard trying to turn your delusions into fact. Never going to happen.

            4. GWD, you’re belief only applies to law abiding citizens when it comes to gun control laws. Imagine if they enforced the gun current laws already on the books? Will you be the first to stand up when these knee-jerk red flag laws are abused and a false claim is filed on a person just because they own firearms? A tragedy has already happened in Maryland and a man is dead based off a family members report. Extreme Risk Protective Orders are confidential and they can be submitted anonymously which violates the 6th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?

            5. @Get Out

              That argument was already made with evidence presented to him. Also, it acknowledged the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Amendments as they are violated as well by Red Flag orders.

              The Green Watch Dog has ignored every piece of evidence that disproves his claims and has argued for Government forced compliance in violation of the Constitution.

          1. @Joe and Rev, How can one support the Right to keep and bear arms, and support giving away that Right in the same missive. Requiring people to do something just because he thinks so … its tyrannical. Making people lock up their firearms … tyrannical. Register firearms … tyrannical. I think he is generally a double talking, prevaricating, propagandist. I bet he can not even list three “Christian values”.

            1. @Wild Bill

              He doesn’t. What he supports is his own vision for what he thinks is allowable. his views have nothing to do with rights which is why he can’t argue on the constitution against me.

              As I have stated elsewhere, he is pretty much a punching bag at this point. He’s a moron, and as long as you make the constitutional argument no one is ever going to join him unless that individual is a boorish moron in their own right.

              Counter every argument he makes bringing up the constitution. Always Question him on how many people he is willing to oppress/kill to force his view of gun control on us. He is not able to answer, and it gives him no propaganda points either that he can post elsewhere.

            2. Will Bill. There are more than three, aren’t there? Reference for us, where in the Bible it says this?
              I did pull from the Cristian Monitor an excellent comment:
              My allegiance to Christ trumps my allegiance to this country and its founding documents.

            3. @ The Green Watch Dog.

              You speak of Christianity, yet you do not practice it. There will be a comment for you at the top of the page.

    26. Soon it will be the HOTT!!!!! Are you ready? It cannot turn into a race war. There are far too many whites, hispanics, blacks and asians that have gone Commie in the USA.

      1. Especially here in Florida tons of communists almost voted him “Gillum” in for governor man that would have been bad/If they had more time they would’ve won ,cheated their way in -like everywhere else in the countryAnd Rick Scott turned his back on this state with a 18-21-year-old unconstitutional Second Amendment blow ,, not to mention our President Trump complied with also which is another story entirely ,,not to mention the red flag laws that he helped walk in /somebody’s got some explaining to do and I don’t see any Bandito’s in orange jumpsuits

        1. @Greg T.: Yep, yep! My longtime friend… and I do not use that term ‘friend’ lightly. He’s was shaking in his boots at the thought! Especially with retirement coming in two years. He’s INS well ICE now. You should hear the atrocities committed and the dubious people that they must allow into this nation.

          We should ALL be afraid, very very afraid. (hate to sound like yoda.)
          Want to know where commies and RINOs come from and the destruction of the USA.


    27. Wait one Minute here! We have States, California being one, that give sanctuary to “ILLEGAL” people in this country and our Government priority is Gutting the Constitution for a bunch of “Gun Haters”, ! These Representatives of the People, will see that firearms are removed from people who “MIGHT” in the FUTURE do something bad?? For this they will withhold Government money, MY TAX Money, from a State that refuses to use a Crystal Ball to predict what people might do sometime in the future! But do NOTHING to States that protect law breakers… What Country did I wake up in? What Party have I been supporting? I’m DONE with the entire bunch of Hypocritical, Back Stabbing, Self-Righteous, LEACHES !! NOT ONE MORE DIME< NOT ONE MORE VOTE !!

      1. Here that…. that NEEDS TO BE SHOUTED FROM THE ROOFTOPS!!! We need to be united, untied and unrestrained. Moving with a unstoppable force of will and move quickly.

    28. Red Flags are supported by Negotiating Rights Away and yet another reason for NRA members to quit this backstabbing organization. They are the reason why RINOs like Rubio have been held up as pro-gun Republicans, when the facts say otherwise.

      Red Flag laws will be the basis by which the government will try to disarm us all, one at a time. It’s time to lock & load instead!

      1. How many Russians went to the gulags under such laws as these Red Flags? They even trained their children to turn in their parents or anyone else that might be a threat to the state. This is no different.

    29. Gun owners are being sold out across the country by “ALL” sides. We are now hearing that Democrats are reclassifying all semi-auto firearms as so-called assault weapons including shotguns. The NRA is a bunch of sell-outs and the republicans are both cowards and traitors.

      The good people of Florida needs to vote this a-hole out of office

      Other than a few good state groups and GOA we are screwed.

      1. Free Illinois, If you take your toys home (not supporting your party) then it will be a home run.
        Suggest going to public forums, meetings, and other events where the representatives you voted for and voice your concerns. Hire lobbyists, run ads in newspapers about issues. Get involved.

      2. The GreenWitheringDick has proven that feculence is incurable. He’s floats, sinks, sucks and licks. Barry said, call him and Michael. They’re in need of a GWD. It’s like having to step on roach more than once.

    30. Congratulations to everyone here at Ammoland who has ever said “Would you rather have Hillary?”

      You are idiots suffering from an extreme case of Cranial Rectal Insertion. Thanks to you, the Republican party is now openly endorsing and writing gun control legislation in violation of the constitution. You have defended these knotheads because you didn’t have the balls to accept responsibility for being played like little puppets by them, and you create these fantasy delusions where your explanation is that it must be some back alley sneak attack on the left. I’m not going to pull any punches here. You are cowards, and you have no business referring to yourselves as Americans. You may be citizens, but your actions are lacking of anything that constitutes historical evidence of what being an American means. It’s downright shameful.

      1. What do you suggest my brother we know it’s a broken how do we fix it break it down for us dummies Tenderize it please for the young bucks that might be discouraged from hearing the truth 1776

      2. @GregTorchia

        I’ll put it as simply as I can, and I can guarantee they still wont understand it because they have blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts. I will attempt to narrow it down however to four simple points. These are just the over arching views of the founding fathers, our Declaration of Independence, and our Constitution squeezed down into the shortest possible form.

        1. Recognize basic Humanity.
        The Rights you have are also the same rights as others. No one has the right to enforce their will upon another.

        2. Principle, not Party
        Requires point number 1. Understanding that others do not exist to do or provide things for you and that the Constitution exists to restrict your politician from taking or forcing any other side for doing anything. Stop electing idiots to Washington to grant your own desires. 90% of the Federal Government we have now is not needed, so stop asking for more.

        3. You’re opinion does not matter
        The USA is a Constitutional republic. This is a recognition of points 1 and 2. It doesn’t matter how much support or how many people you assemble, Rights exist independently of Government. If you preach mob rule, you are an enemy of freedom(Green Watch Hogg, this is you)

        4. Liberty wins.
        Trying to violate points 1 through 3 achieves one result, armed resistance. Self Defense is the first rule of nature and if you attempt to violate anyone else’s rights for any reason they have a right to tell you where to stick it and stick you in the ground if you don’t back off.

        I could write and make this thirty pages long, though I doubt few would read it completely. Already, there will be some who have decided their opinion is more important than Liberty or the Constitution. They have rejected the truth for what they believe as their own definition of being morally right based on their desires. This is not just on the left, it is on the right as well.

        We are heading for a very rough ride, probably within the next six years. If the Market tanks, watch for the lid to blow off the pot because it will begin to hit full force and be every bit as volatile as the downfall of the Roman Empire. Depends on the timing and whether our actions slow or accelerate it.

        1. Thank you,, it does enlighten me quite a bit -I stand with you against ;the Bolsheviks -globalist elite -the bankers-The anti-constitutionalists And basically both political parties -as theyAre currently configured /With the Democratic Party currently staffed by communist and Islamic front people ,,I think the matter is a current and present dangerTo the American public’s safety and the Republican Party is a weak shell shallow of what it was at one time and full of rhinos and whiners -would take money before the election to change their political views /:meanwhile George Soros is worried about the UE ???

          1. @GregTorchia

            You are welcome. It’s important to stand but also remember not to fall into the same habits as those who seek to oppress us, even while it is a current and present Danger.

            I personally think the founders did a pretty good job with how they wrote it, “We hold these truths to be self evident,….” As you stated in the past though, It’s just condensed into modern parlance and I try to break it down so no one can claim it is not understandable.

            I give you my word, if you ever ask me a question I will always be forthright and honest with you about what I think, or present you some evidence for what I say. I welcome you to challenge me on that and hold me accountable at any time. There may also come a time I challenge you on things. Iron Sharpens Iron.

            1. I ,like many others , am proud to stand with you and I have not read anything in any of your descriptions and communications that would lead me to believe that you are less than 100% right on all matters1776

            2. @GregTorchia.

              I offer you this advice. Always double check anything I am citing. Never take at face value anything anyone hands to you and that includes me. Read, read some more, and study as much as you can. It is the only way to build yourself up in the truth. I say that even as I say I will not not lead you astray.

              If you are open to a book recommendation as a good place to start, I can highly recommend David Barton’s works due to their citation. I have one that almost half is entirely a list of references to the founding fathers where he got the information from..

              However, if I had to pick one book to start you off with that is not included with original works by the founders, I would recommend the Book “Liberty: A path to its Recovery” by Floyd Arthur Harper.

              As always, stay principled and stay safe. Acta non Verba.


    31. Marco RINOio and the Republicrats are standing up for the Constitution and BOR,NOT.
      The Republicrat party lie, said give us the house,senate and presidency and we will protect Americans rights,until we infringe upon them so there are no rights left,The Republican Lie.

    32. It will be a challenge to change the minds as the majority of Americans support the RFB. Research data programs show overwhelmingly support (Keating Research Center, and PEW Institute) to name just two. It is unfortunate that our government would hold hostage federal funding.

        1. @Green Mtn. Boy

          His goal is to corrupt minds that should know better. The defunct Crazies at the DU would probably castrate him, so he comes here to try and move as many as he can away from the constitution and closer to the socialistic left.

          1. @ The Revelator

            I wasn’t aware that the D U was defunct ,I know of it and the anarchist Marxist views they had and I also think I know why they are now defunct.

          2. @GMB: They are not defunct. They work for our commie govt now. You know… the senate, congress, cia, nsa, dhs, state, big & small cities across this nation. They attend and teach most of the public colleges and univs. Oh! … of course the many, many tax-exempt foundations big and smal from churches to multi-mil/bil $$$ foundations, the ADL, the SPLC, etc. They fund the trolls like Cpt. GreenWitheringDick to annoy 2A and BOR sites.

            Far from defunct. They’re not hiding anymore. Like the EU they are THE NEW SOVIET!

          3. @ Green mtn. Boy

            The group is not defunct, I was referring to the brains of the members or lack thereof.

            It’s hard for organizations to go belly up when you have DC covering your back and helping out with taxpayer dollars. Nottinghill is pretty close to the mark on what he said.

        2. @GMB, apparently the free lunch dog does not comprehend that it would not matter that every American, save for one, wanted guns gone, that one American who still wanted firearms could not be deprived of his Second Amendment enshrined Civil Right to keep and carry firearms. Apparently, the socialist in “Reasonable Man” clothing does not understand what a Right is.
          Oh, and before I forget, doubt his research, too!

      1. @The Green Watch Dog

        Still Peddling lies I see. You tried pushing that idea with me before and were out argued having that information debunked. So it has already been disproven, and yet here you are again after you ran away from that argument.

        Your a Chuck Schumer gun control proponent, and a fake. You will be called out for it anytime I catch you here.

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