Senate Democrats Introduce Assault Weapons Ban of 2019

Senate Democrats Unveil the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019
Senate Democrats Unveil the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019

Washington D.C.-( Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) have introduced the “Assault Weapons Ban of 2019.”

“Last year we saw tens of thousands of students nationwide take to the streets to demand action to stop mass shootings and stem the epidemic of gun violence that plagues our communities. Our youngest generation has grown up with active-shooter drills, hiding under their desks—and now they’re saying enough is enough,” said Senator Dianne Feinstein. “Americans across the nation are asking Congress to reinstate the federal ban on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. If we’re going to put a stop to mass shootings and protect our children, we need to get these weapons of war off our streets.”

The ban would prohibit the sale, manufacture, transfer or importation of 205 rifle models by name. The Senators refer to these firearms as “military-style assault weapons.” The bill does have a grandfather clause. Current owners of these guns would be able to keep them.

According to Senator Feinstein’s twitter, this legislation considers any rifle that uses a detachable magazine and has a pistol grip, a forward grip, a barrel shroud, a threaded barrel or a folding or telescoping stock as an “assault weapon.”

Feinstein's clarifies her Assault Weapons Ban
Feinstein clarifies her Assault Weapons Ban

The bill would also ban any magazine that is capable of holding more than ten rounds. The law states that the magazine ban is due to the given ability to increase the rate at which a person can continue to fire their rifle/pistol. Like the now would-be banned firearms, owners would be able to keep the magazines that they currently own.

“Assault weapons and high-capacity magazines are deadly and dangerous weapons of war that belong on battlefields—not our streets. They have no purpose for self-defense or hunting, and no business being in our schools, churches and malls,” said Senator Richard Blumenthal. “By passing this legislation, Congress can honor the memory of the beautiful lives cut short by military-style assault weapons in Newtown, Parkland, Las Vegas, San Bernardino and far too many other American cities. This is the year for my colleagues to turn our rhetoric into reality and finally end America’s gun violence epidemic.”

Part of the bill would be universal background checks on all transfers of grandfathered guns. The requirement would also apply to firearms that are gifted to family members. It would be a felony to transfer a gun without a background check, even if it is to an immediate family member.

However, magazines that hold more than ten rounds would not be transferable after the law would go into effect. This prohibition on the transferring of the magazines would even include giving the magazines to immediate family members. Only the current owner of the magazines at the time that the ban goes into effect would be able to own them.

Owners of these guns would have to keep the now-banned firearms in a secure storage container or install a trigger lock. This requirement would apply to everyone, even those who live alone and have no reason to lock their firearms.

The Senators also want to ban foldable and telescoping stocks. They believe that an adjustable stock’s purpose is to make it easier to conceal the firearm. This point is incorrect. Shooters use adjustable stocks to find the most comfortable position to fire their guns.

Pistols are not immune from this bill. It would ban any pistol that weighs over 50 ounces unloaded. This measurement is a little over 3 pounds and would ban almost all pistol ARs and AKs. Other guns like the CZ Scorpion would also be prohibited.

The legislation would also ban stabilizing braces such as the ones sold be SB Tactical. The Senators think that by adding a brace to a pistol it turns the pistol into an “assault rifle.”

“She needs to appeal to her base, but the reality of it is that she doesn’t even know what a stabilizing brace is,” Alex Bosco, The CEO of SB Tactical, told AmmoLand. “I would be interested to understand why prohibiting a product that allows individuals who are disabled and have limited mobility to fire a weapon more accurately should be outlawed.”

Thordsen’s featureless stocks are also not immune from this bill. Gun owners have used these stocks to be in compliance with state laws that currently ban pistol grips on rifles such as California, New York, and Maryland.

Gun rights advocates point out that the “assault weapons” ban of 1994 that was in effect until 2004 was infective at stopping gun violence. The Clinton era Justice Department found that the ban had little to no impact on crime or gun deaths. Other studies have found similar results since the law expired.

In a statement released by Michael Hammond, legal counsel for Gun Owners of America reads:

“Dianne Feinstein’s new unconstitutional gun ban follows in the “Feinstein tradition” of blindly attacking guns for no particular rational purpose.

The 1994-2004 less-repressive predecessor to the Feinstein bill was found by the Department of Justice to have been totally ineffectual. As a result, in 2013, only 39 other senators voted to support her semi-automatic ban — in a Senate controlled by Democrats. And, finally, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has just declared, as unconstitutional, California’s magazine ban, which is similar to the one contained in Feinstein’s bill.

So Feinstein’s insistence of “doubling down on failure” may make her — and the loony Left — feel good. But no sane legislature is actually going to vote for her bill.”

Hammond points out that the magazine ban in the bill almost mirrors the prohibition that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals declared unconstitutional. The court case was from Feinstein’s home state of California.

The odds that the bill will make it to the floor of the Senate are long. Republicans control the Senate, and just like Feinstein’s previous bills, The Senate leadership will probably table the bill and not let it come to the floor for debate.

Even if this bill makes it to the floor for a vote, it would need 60 votes to prevent a filibuster. That would mean that 13 Republicans would have to cross party lines which seems unlikely.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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Why don’t we just deport the democrats who’s with me Feinstein first

R. G.

Hey, ease up guys, Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal should be respected, admired and looked up to, after all he knows about assault weapons being a Vietnam Veteran and all. Oh wait! That’s right, he lied about that. What the Eff is this slimy little cretin doing in a leadership position anyway.


This will never happen with the Republican Controlled Senate and Trump in the White House. By chance, if it does, a “Red Wave” will vote out the Liberals in the next election. All those that support the 2nd amendment or own guns, make up a very large “Silent Majority” that won’t stand for this. There are tons of gun owners (legal) who aren’t members of the NRA or other gun groups, and you would never know they even own guns. If the Democrats kick the hornet’s nest, they’ll see a swarm they never thought possible. Just more BS from the… Read more »





John Parrish

Perhaps Diane Frankenstein should have had the vaccine for the severe case of stupid she has. But I guess you can’t treat congenital stupid.

Vic Tanny

People like D. Feinstein, + J. Kasich + others (too numerous to mention), believe that their Pinocchio Nose cannot be scene. Some Americans are Waking up !


This bitch should retire and stay home baking cookies. She doesn’t know what the hell she is talking about. Hell she doesn’t even know how to handle the gun.
Taking folks guns away is not going to stop the crazies out there that have bad intentions. While she is at it she needs to ban all kinds of explosives, vehicles, knifes, etc. Also put all the crazies (including herself) in an institution.

Give me a brake


She does not know how to bake cookies.


She’ll have her Chinese spy AKA personal chauffeur driver do it for her.

John G.

She doesn’t have to, she has one of her illegal immigrants bake them for her.


So is she going to disarm her security guards as they really need their guns as much as anybody elsr???????




Not to mention most law enforcement agencies have side arms that carry more than 7 rounds. So she is effectively disarming the government in the process.


I’m so sick an tired of these liberal democrats and their gun control bullshit, It’s not the guns you jackass liberal retards, It’s lack of home training and wild kids that never had someone to discipline them growing up. And by the Diane when you’re on your soapbox about gun control it might make you look a bit more intelligent if you’re damn finger was’nt on the trigger you liberal buttlick !!!!!

Ronald Harral

Good Eye! Didn’t notice about her finger and had to double back to the pic. Then I noticed that with the jacket she’s wearing, she looks like Al Capone(sorry Mr. Capone)!


She did the exact same thing 20+ years ago. I actually thought for a minute it was an old picture. Stupid is, is what stupid does. Some things just never change.


People need to contact their U.S. Representatives to voice your opposition to this bill, and to educate them with actual facts, in order to keep this useless piece of legislation from seeing the light of day. You might want to mention that you are a voter and their vote for or against this will determine who you vote for in the next election. The more people who do this, the better our chances of defeating this nonsensical bill. The FBI UCR reports show that all categories of rifles (of which the AR-style semi-auto’s are only one of several categories) are… Read more »


People need to contact their U.S. Representatives to voice your opposition to this bill, and to educate them with actual facts, in order to keep this useless piece of legislation from seeing the light of day. You might want to mention that you are a voter and their vote for or against this will determine who you vote for in the next election. The more people who do this, the better our chances of defeating this nonsensical bill. The FBI UCR reports show that all categories of rifles (of which the AR-style semi-auto’s are only one of several categories) are… Read more »

Gimme freedom

That would be Trump.


Happy Hanukka to Mrs Feinstein !

Brad Taylor

What part does she not understand about “shall not be infringed”. It’s nothing to do with hunting, it’s so we can defend ourselves against tyrannical government like her.

Michael Schuette

If she in the District of Columbia or in California in this picture she should be arrested now because that weapon is already banned in both places.




I agree, but there are laws on the books already that “Infringe”. Being a felon, receiving a dishonorable discharge, banning automatic weapons from the public unless one has a class 2 or class 3 firearm license, regulations on short barreled rifles / silencers, left wing states regulate the hell out of assault weapons, I believe there is regulation in the works on bump stocks which honestly those are fairly worthless in most peoples worlds.


So no-one remembers why the Japanese did not attempt to invade the U.S. after they attacked Pearl Harbor Adm. Yamamoto said “That their was a gun behind every blade of grass in the United States”


I will only surrender my firearms 40, 55 grains and 1 1/4 ozs. at a time


I noticed right off that the ignorant B**ch has her finger on the trigger! Such tripe from any gun grabbing demorat is disgusting to say the least. Maybe she and her “ARMED” security need to have mandatory gun training before being allowed to even handle a firearm. ( And that striped jacket or whatever it is…….. ).

Aaron Seach

So what happens when the next mass shooting is carried out with a pump shotgun? A weapon that can do far more damage in a school or office than any of these “Assault” weapons


“Both Oligarch and Tyrant mistrust the people, and therefore deprive them of arms.” ~ Aristotle

Jeff Leist


R Webb

Didn’t she do this some 20 years ago. It was found that in the 10-yr ban on “assault rifles” that no more deaths were caused by these than any othe firearm. So they threw it out and the stats are still true. Just a bunch of Demoncrats with hate for our Constitution and American Patriots.

Jim Yeakel

Once again, she tries to ban weapons with a pistol grip. Pistols have pistol grips (and if you don’t think some legal beagle will try to ban pistols with this, you are naive). She learned nothing from her last campaign to ban assault weapons. Her 2nd attempt at this. The magazine part of this, does she own stock in magazine manufacturers ? Start buying magazines for everyone in your family now, that way they can inherit your weapons without fear of having to find under 10 round magazines for your double stack pistols.

Leonard Luba

I believe that Democratic politicians are having a competition
to determine who could say the dumbest shit by the end of
the year. Feinstein is holding a slim lead with this one.

Mike Schnabel

I want Term Limits so we can get rid of unconstitutional idiots like Senators Dianne Feinstein, (D-CA), Chris Murphy (D-Conn) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn)

John A. Yarbrough

I’m with you on that !!


She has a carry permit?
She knows nothing about fun safety!
Why the fuck is her finger on the trigger of that rifle?


And so do her “armed”security guards

Warren r Chapin

Gun’s Don’t shoot sick people shoot people no gun’s it will bombs knife’s Base ball bats car’s Rock’s ect.

Matthew Van Camp

Students demanding assault weapons ban? Did students suddenly become adults?!
Feinstein is one Californian senator, do the rest suddenly demand assault weapons banned?
Getting tired of her bs…

Rob Lowe

It’s are right to have fire arms i have an ak47 I love it people miss judge that type of gun i use my guns for hunting and sportsmanship gunrange target practice I think it wrong to go after people who have guns and wanting to be gun owners Congress and social media don’t tell you is that cars kill more people than guns it’s a proven fact that’s the weapon of choice for a terrorist it easy to get and faster to mow down people so Congress needs to stop with there bullshit that the honest truth

Alexander Marinesko

We had this problem in 1775 and it didn’t fair well with politicians. This brought about our constitution and the 2nd amendment to protect us against politicians such as you Feinstein…….Be careful, Dianne…….


A pencil is an assault weapon in the proper hands. This female is a born and bred criminal. Her and her hubby have made a fortune breaking laws and fleecing the taxpayers. Under her nose there have been containers of full auto AK’s coming into her ports. She refuses to fight crime and to take the guns away from her gang bangers and illegal aliens. She also refuses to ban the Machete Assault Weapons which are the favorite weapon of MS 13. If you ever wonder how China became so advanced so fast, ask Chi-Com Asset Feinstein. She also hates… Read more »


I’m sure these senators have security/bodyguards.Find out what weapons and magazines their security/bodyguards carry


Sooo….H.R.5087 – Assault Weapons Ban of 2018 wasn’t good enough? says it’s still in committee.


No cause her name wasn’t attached to the bill!


What is an assault weapon? That would be everything then, now. Am I correct? I can assault someone with a damn pencil. Paper, straw, knife, gun, dental floss, etc everything Is an assault weapon, when used in such manner. Jesus.

Tim L

John wick once killed a guy with a pencil, what kind of person does that?
Just thought I’d bring that up. Mr. Wick is a bad ass!


“Assault weapon” is a made up terk that has no real meaning as a sword can be used assault someone it is just a lot more personal!


Dems are UNAMERICAN !!!!!

Mark Zanghetti

Do not be surprised by the Republicans ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, this Bill should not be considered dead until this Congress ends!


Always picking on guns, not the person. Dems never pick on cars. There are more car accidents then forearms. Over 3000 a day compared to 3000 a year for fireams.

Charles Records

It has nothing to do with guns, it’s about control of
the population just exactly as the NAZIS did in
in the 1930s.


I am so glad someone other than myself brought up that VERY GOOD POINT


I have not read many comments about this ditzy sand goes so this may be redundant. Finger in the trigger guard dip stick?????


She needs to get her Finger off the trigger


Somebody needs to ban Feinstein’s mouth/As ammoland starts to censor conversations


If we loose our second amendment it will be because we didn’t use it…


Ban democrats not guns!


Proof positive this ‘gun moll'(not) has no interest in gun safety. She should, additionally, be stripped of her OWN CCW license, just be virtue of ‘where she has her trigger finger’ in that photo! How many people she is grandstanding before are being swept with that muzzle, and her trigger digit on the trigger? Since “We The Serfs” have no ability to dislodge this whack from her PERMANENT chair in our worthless Congress, can ANYBODY in CA at least DELETE the district that keeps this toady in office?


There are NO gun laws that actually go after criminals who use guns illegally but rather are meant to make criminals out of law-abiding citizens who chose to exercise their Constitutional, God-given right to defend and protect themselves.


Ms Feinstein is simply pandering to her choir. This bill is click bait. The majority of RINO Senators will vote against it giving them political cover. Senators such as Mark Rubio of FL. who is sponsor “red flag “ legislation.


DiFi is a crazy woman, has a rich husband who pays for her to be in Congress so he can get government contracts…these two have made billions off the taxpayer. DiFi has screwed up everything she has ever been involved with. We here in Commiefornia are faced with a one party system that now is used to ramming a failed policy down our throats. The DNP has stuffed the ballot boxes removing any other party, loves street riots, high taxes on the working class, loves illegals and now Girly Man Newsome has approved free medical to all illegals on the… Read more »


“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

Kenneth Wetzel

Why kids use these guns are do to first shooter games. This is what you need to ban first!


Uh, I’m 54 and love Call of Duty. Don’t even think about it.


So Ar15’s are used to kill under 200 people a year.
Illegals kill 4000 Americans a year. (Murder and driving)
Knives are used to kill 1600 a year
Pharmaceutical overdose deaths 70,000
Doctors kill 250,000 per year
So what do they want to ban , ar15s.
That makes sense

Bob Nisbet

Think about it. All your statements are correct. Rifles of ANY kind (bolt-action, lever action, semi-automatic) are used in roughly 400 homicides per year, in the U.S. But that number has been dropping for the last 25 years, despite 40 million more people being added to the population. The fact is…in the U.S you are mote likely to be stuck by lightning, than killed by ANY kind of rifle. The ONLY reason that DiFi (and the liberals in DC) could want to ban these kinds of weapons is that they have an agenda for the future that we (the PEOPLE)… Read more »

the Wolf

Just like the liberal “lefties” in the House who introduced HB 8 (Universal background check expansion) from my own home state of Arizona (demographics are changing, the SHEEP are increasing), the Senator from California, who just barely won her re-election (solely supported by white rich elitists) enjoys pressing their sponsored agenda. The first step, of course, is the disarming of “the People” who then will be powerless to stop the full scope of their “real plan” of SOCIALISTIC TYRANNY!

Douglas G

If they’re going to USE the kids, they should be pushing funding to harden schools, provide training and arming volunteer teachers. A ban from here forward does absolutely NOTHING to remove any threat to kids in school, malls, churches. It is so disingenuous she and the others should be embarrassed to even bring it up! I say call them on it. The number to the Capitol switchboard is 202.224.3121. Call right now! Doesn’t matter that you’re not in their state, your opinion simply gets logged by whoever answers their phone.


2 of America’s biggest mistakes:
.allowing con-gress to determine its own rules of operation
.allowing legislate-whores to “write” legislation instead of serving in their proper roles, conduit-file clerks for voters


LOL! And, possibly, the grossly self-enriching ability to grant themselves ‘pay increases,’ for continuing to rape and pillage “We The Serfs!”


So much HATRED brothers? Keep your powder dry…..our time will come! The only thing they are going to accomplish with their rhetoric is bolstering firearm sales! Once the “uninformed” citizenry gets wind of this……it will be like ’07/’08 all over again……hope the shutdown hasn’t affected NICS!

Alan Carnell

Obviously legislators who haven’t a clue on what they are trying to legislate can be dangerous to the country. Is it true Sen Feinstein that a pistol dropped from your purse when you were entering your home in Pacific Heights, San Francisco? Certain reports allegedly distributed by your security detail state such. If true then you are a hypocrite of the first order. If not then I acquiesce on that matter. HOWEVER… don’t legislate something that you completely…completely have little knowledge (if any) of and that includes your speech writers, bill writers and the many other less informed individuals in… Read more »


We are so close to the country going commie at any time. We are experiencing threats and laws to confiscate martial supplies. The 2nd amendment protects our ability to have, carry maintain and train with cannons, guns suitable for war, munitions, swords, mannor of conveyance suitable for combat, explosives, powder, knives, armor and any other weapons that can be used for warfare. 18 USC states a person using their position as a police officer, politician, judge, or other person violating someone’s civil rights using their position, can be sued for violating their rights using the section “under colour of law”.… Read more »