Alabama Moves toward Constitutional Carry in 2019

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Alabama Moves toward Constitutional Carry in 2019

Alabama -( In 2014, Alabama clarified and strengthened the state constitution's provision protecting the right to keep and bear arms. The amendment passed with 72% of the vote.

Senator Gerald Allen (R-Tuscaloosa) is working to translate the promise of the state Constitutional amendment into law. He says he will keep on filing Constitutional Carry bills until one is passed.

In 2017, the Alabama Senate passed a Constitutional Carry bill, SB2, 26-8. In 2018, SB3 died in committee.

In January of 2019, Senator Allen pre-filed SB4, which is the fourth attempt to pass Constitutional Carry in Alabama.

Some commenters at have claimed the problem is with the Alabama Sheriff's association. Sheriffs in  Alabama administer the issuance of concealed carry permits.

 In the state of Alabama, concealed carry permits are issued at the county level. Sheriff's have discretion over how much they charge for the permits. By law, funds received for CC permits are collected by the sheriff & retained by him. They are not part of his normal budget. They go into a discretionary fund and the sheriff has sole authority over it. He can buy body armor or he can buy beer for an office picnic.

The Alabama Sheriff's Association has fought this for a long time with histrionic predictions of blood in the streets.

Alabama carry permits are shall issue. They are only issued to Alabama residents. Alabama recognizes all other state carry permits.  The cost of the carry permit varies from five to twenty dollars.

Alabama is an open carry state. Adults that can legally own a gun can carry pistols openly, without a permit. The difficulty with open carry in Alabama, is that people are not allowed to open carry in a vehicle, unless they have a permit. This makes open carry without a permit inconvenient and unsafe, as the law also requires that pistols carried in a vehicle, without a permit, must be unloaded and locked up.

Constantly loading and unloading a pistol when getting in and out of a vehicle increases the chances of an accident.

Alabama has a short legislative session, to limit the damage the legislature can do. This year it starts on the first Tuesday in March, and meets for a maximum of 30 days with a session limit of 105 calendar days.  Alabama has a Republican Governor.  Republicans have  strong majorities in the Senate and in the House.

Constitutional Carry has strong support in the Alabama legislature. The Sheriffs Association also has strong support.

Senator Allen says he has the votes to pass SB4 in the Senate. From

“Great crowd,” Allen told AM 770’s David Pinkelton. “I am a member myself. I am carrying a great bill: Senate Bill four. I encourage everyone to call the House members. We have the votes in the Senate to pass this.”

“Make that phone call to the Speaker’s office,” Allen said. “Fourteen states have passed constitutional carry. Where it has passed the sale of permits has gone up.”

Constitutional Carry will pass in Alabama when supporters of the bill overcome the opposition of the Alabama Sheriff's Association.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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    1. Could someone please explain to me why I am able to purchase a handgun in Alabama but my local sheriff won’t issue me a ccp

    2. Oklahoma passed CC today. So that makes, how many states now?

      The cries of “blood in the streets!” from the Sheriff’s Association is nothing but a thin cover for loss of money and power. We can’t have CC in Alabama for the same reason that we couldn’t have draft beer for years: it threatened the income of enough powerful people to keep their lackeys in Montgomery in line.

      1. Status on Constitutional Carry March 31st, 2019 Bruce Boyer

        2019 Has been a year of victories, Constitutional carry grew by three states already and we are not done!
        So far in 2019 we have seen South Dakota, Oklahoma and now Kentucky adopt Constitutional Carry. SD would have in 2017 except the Repub Gov. blocked it. He was replaced in large part because he blocked our 2ndA Const. carry! This brings us to a total of SEVENTEEN states (I count MT. as it is Const. carry except in the three ‘cities”).
        Which ones are next?
        Alabama: SB3. It is on the move, is expected to pass here in 2019!
        Florida: Const. carry was blocked by Repub Gov. Scott (who is now the Senator) in 2017 and 2018. New Gov. De Santis (who was a Freedom Caucus Congressman) supports it, said he would sign it. It will be a fight as the Dems will wave the bloody-shirt of Parkland. The question is; will the Repubs cave? The Repubs had a few cave last year as the State banned adults under 21 from purchasing firearms. It’s NOT moving now. It’s a def. maybe. Odds are prob about even.
        Georgia: it’s House Bill 2 and it’s getting a LOT of traction! Now you understand why the Dems were so crazy to take the Gov’s office in GA! The Repub Speaker Ralston is taking Bloomberg’s money to block it! The Repubs are fighting back! I would say that GA is a more likely than not 6-4.
        Iowa: It is Senate File 165 and it passed out of Committee Feb 11th! The Repubs in the Senate are moving to kill it! Iowans worked hard to defeat anti 2ndA politicians, now the Repubs they elected are backing down! The Iowa House and Senate solidly passed a State Constitutional 2ndA Amendment that will be on the ballot 2021/2022
        Indiana: Repub ‘leadership’ killed it in 2018. Nothing much has changed, in Indiana. With Ky going Const Carry, THAT will put pressure on IN to not just sit. Ohio is making a lot of npoise ofr Const. Carry so that rolls over to IN as well. It’s in the running, but look for it more in 2020.
        Kentucky: WON!
        Ohio: Not all the Repubs are on board, but it has done better every year and it’s back every year!, Last year the Repubs over-rode a veto by Repub Gov Kasich ( who is gone) to give Ohio greater gun rights. Ohio does now have a Repub Gov De Wine who is better as to the 2ndA, so it’s a def. maybe… Ohio ranks down about 34th as to % of gun owners ( who knew) so it’s not the gun owning states that Michigan or KY are. It’s a 50% shot.
        OKLAHOMA: WON!
        South Carolina: Its moving forward! It is prob. 6-4 in favor.
        South Dakota: WON!
        Tennessee: The Repubs who get A ratings from the NRA are blocking it! The Governor is also a (R) so, said he supports it. If it passes the Leg. It will get signed. With KY adopting it; that also puts pressure on TN. Odds are against it this year.
        Texas (which came very close to it in 2017) had it ready to go when the Leg. opened session. The Dems are a force and they are fighting back. I would wager it will pass the Leg. Gov Abbott (R) though is another question. Not odds on, however as OK just adopted that puts pressure on Texas to not be ‘beaten out”.
        Utah: The Repubs are blocking it, again! Does not look good.
        Starting 2019 with thirteen states in the running; THREE have passed it! Makes SEVENTEEN Const. Carry States; VT; AK; AZ; MT; WY; ID; AR; KS; ME; WV; MS; NH; MO; ND; and now SD & OK & KY. I will expect that we will see three, maybe four of the remaining ten come on in 2019 bringing Constitutional Carry to TWENTY or TWENTY-ONE states!
        Every State (except VT which has been Const. Carry since 1793) has first gone to “May Issue”, then “Shall Issue” then Const. Carry. Not one State has ever gone backwards! Of the thirty-three non-Const. carry states arguably all but Ten are Shall Issue” (Washington is arguable) The non-issue or ‘May Issue” are HI; CA: MD; DE; NJ; NY: MA; and RI. CT is ‘May Issue” but the Courts have forced through a level of ‘shall issue” but I do not see that it is working. Otherwise ‘open carry’ is what some will have ( the Ninth Circuit ruling on that as to HI may have far reaching effects).
        The twelve ‘Shall Issue’ states where we do not see movement to Const. Carry are VA; NC; LA; NM; CO; NV; OR; IL; MI; MN; WS which ALL have Democrat governors, most elected in 2018. All of these enacted ‘Shall Issue” under Republican majorities that they have now lost. NE is Repub; Const Carry failed in 2018. NM has 33 County Sheriffs acting to nullify ‘Gun Control” that the new Dems are pushing through. With Const. Carry setting records across the Country; the Dem governors of the ‘purple” states will block it to their hazard and they may be enough to help flip them in NC, LA, NM, NV, MI, MN and WS in 2022.
        Bruce Boyer
        Candidate for Sheriff Ventura County
        [email protected]

    3. Meanwhile, Texas “Republi-Cons” are breaking their promise to gun owners to enact Constitutional Carry. While they feigned support in the house with the introduction of HB357, the senate Republicans are sitting it out. Almost all Texas Republi-Cons ran supporting Constitutional Carry, but now that the chips are down, they’ve folded. And yes, the Texas State Rifle Association-aka NRA is opposing it. Thanks for your membership in the NRA.

    4. We need something more than votes here in Al. I followed it the last time and 3 of the communist politicians that have infested this state pushed it aside and it died. The sheriffs in this state are going to potentially lose their bonuses, they are going to fight for it and pull political strings to keep their guaranteed slush fund.

    5. I congratulate any state that joins the ranks of Constitutional Carry. Tennessee, having Nashville democrats, are trying to move away from the positive gun platform and moving toward red flag laws and more restrictions on the gun community.
      Our new Republican governor is not being very helpful, either.

        1. @Ben, May I suggest that you use a powerful weapon that appeals to millennials … fun. Throw parties, barbecues, make them laugh! I’m a constitutionalist and we are fun people!

    6. I wish someone would do the same here in Virginia. Sounds like Alabama and Virginia have very similar laws. Keep the Constitutional Carry push going!

    7. Re: The “blood in the streets” lie. The same lie was spread here in TX when concealed carry was working it’s way through the political process. The news media, ie. Lying Talking Heads spouted this lie at every turn. To my knowledge, there has not been a homicide in Texas by a permit holder since the bill was signed into law. To be sure, there have been shootings by concealed carriers, but all have been ruled legal and justified. The “Blood in the streets” and “wild west” lies are just that. Lies. We now have open carry and no problems from that, but we must be very vigilant so that none raise their ugly heads. We are working on Constitutional Carry and the prospects look better than ever since we gort a new Speaker of the House, replacing the one that continually blocked Constitutional Carry. I was born and raised in Alabama and moved to Texas in 1968 for a job. I have since retired and am enjoying life, but every once in a while stories like this rnew an old wish to return to “Sweet Home Alabama”

      Phil in TX

      1. Hey, Phil in Texas–Just wade across the Red River and join the happy gun owners in the Republic of Oklahoma! We love our guns and, come November, will be carrying them inside or out. No Gun-Free-Helpless-Victim Zones around here. We even arm our public school teachers that want to carry. No Columbine Crap going on in the Sooner State!

    8. I’m from Alabama and this is a yearly joke that they play on the citizens… a lot of grandstanding buy both sides.. then the Rinos kill it.. people need to stop donating to the Alabama Sheriff’s Association and the FOP.. when they call for fundraising tell them to stop denying your rights..


    10. Most now know that Oklahoma will soon pass a constitutional carry bill as well! With that I will take additional firearms training whether or not it is required. It is important to be trained, practiced, and know how to operate a firearm. We are gaining strides in this nation in this area of the right to bear arms.

        1. We have open carry in Alabama but it is left up to the sheriff if a person can open carry in his county. You can’t open carry in Lee county because of the sheriff. W need to vote his a** out of office.

      1. So far, Oklahoma has allowed both concealed-carry and open-carry with a shall-issue license. Hopefully, the proposed Constitutional Carry legislation will pass this session [Please, God!]. The new Governor has promised to sign it. May this legislature bring us into enlightenment (the 21st Century), please.

    11. Where once and always their was One of the several states that had Constitutional carry as the founders intended,Vermont.
      Now their are 14 and hopefully the remaining of the several state will honor the We The People and the Constitution as written.

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