GOP & 2A Activists Hold Press Conference on Universal Background Check Bill ~ VIDEO

Anthony Colandro ~ “not only fighting for your rights in New Jersey but Federally as well!”

Washington, DC – -( A host of Republican congressional members and second amendmentt actvists gathered outside the Capitol Building on Tuesday to express opposition to a pair of anti-gun pieces of legislation that House Democrats are poised to bring to the floor for a vote.

Several House Republican lawmakers held a press conference Tuesday on Capitol Hill to protest two Democrat bills that would restrict Americans’ Second Amendment right.House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), House Republican Conference Chairman Liz Cheney (R-WY), House Judiciary Ranking Member Doug Collins (R-GA), and Reps. Phil Roe (R-TN), Richard Hudson (R-NC), Randy Weber (R-TX), Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Kelly Armstrong (R-ND), Greg Steube (R-FL), and activists Like Anthony Colandro from Gun For Hire in New Jersey attended and spoke against HR 8 and HR 1112 – Universal Background Checks.

“HR 8 is taking the fears and concerns of a nation over gun violence and perpetrating a fraud over them,” said Republican Georgia Rep. Doug Collins, the ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee. “[Democrats are] preying upon the very victims that they’re wanting to supposedly help by putting a bill out there that will not help them, by constantly bringing up the mass violence instances such as at schools and theaters and others — they’re saying this will help.”

“The problem with this bill, and they [Democrats] just exposed it to themselves, is the Obama administration’s Department of Justice said if you’re going to at least try universal background checks, you have to have a registry,” Collins continued.

Update: The Democrat house majority passed H/R. 8 and H.R. 1112 by a 240 -190 vote anyway.

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    1. DO NOT COMPLY WITH THEIR ILLEGAL, unconstitutional screeds. Article Six in the Supreme Law of the Land (the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution) gives you the legal authority to resist. No one has a duty to obey or enforce any illegal order at all. Americans have a duty to not comply with illegal orders, and to resist them. Make the TRAITORS amongst them come and get them. Being that they are TRAITORS, acting illegally in following unconstitutional orders, and no doubt coming not only to confiscate your property, but to shoot your dog, your kids, your wife, and you…then you know what to do. Most likely they will send foreign troops. You can count on them being involved at some point, probably in the beginning. Make them go home in a box. Remember what Solzenitzen said about wasting the first chance they had to make life miserable for them, and what the result of that was, which was them coming back after the disarming and taking them away to the gulag. And then they were systematically executed. Be ready and sleep with one eye open. Lay low and do not give them any reason to red flag you. Do not let them know you exist, if that is possible. It seems as if we are going to have a “Red Dawn” kind of day sometime soon, but instead of parachuting in, they are already here. And like a bad case of the clap, they are all over the place, whispering their seditious words in the halls of congress, all the way to the back alleys of the nations cities.

    2. Ahh, “The Government We Deserve!” Old song out there that has the refrain, “When Will They Ever Learn, When Will They Ever Learn?” ‘We The Serfs’ have failed to learn over at least the past fifty-odd years. We have allowed America’s culture to be changed from what was mostly a religious society to a completely secular one. “Gun Violence” is simply one of those ‘reaping what we sow’ issues from allowing that change, and the dastardly gun has been the simple tool used. These ‘new’ bills are also the result of ‘stupidity’ by the American people. What part of SMART was it, in that last mid-term election, to put power over anything except toilet watch in the hands of the likes of Pelosick or Scrumer?

      1. They have started on the 1A..
        Florida SB-1310
        …Is setting up blocks against the PUBLIC display of firearms, and any thing that resembles a firearm on Social Media.. The Government wants to be the only Bully on the Social Block!
        Talk about invasion of our privacy, and pursuit of happiness… The legislation goes after MINORS with threats of up to a year in jail. and up to a $1,000 fine….. It then takes up legal action against the parent/guardian for second or third offenses.

    3. We do not need the UN TO SUPERSEDE THE American Constitution. why are these people selling us out to a group with a foreign agenda,the EU agenda. We are not the UK.this country is suffering from 45 years of foreign insurgency style education. The President is compromised by Zionist Noahide Laws. Bumpstock ban has nothing to do with caring about our lives. they do not want us to have an equalizer.. what needs to be asked is what are they planning on doing to the people that they fear us having these weapons. do not worry they are coming after gasoline transportation, they already have EU imposed regulations on motorcycles and cars. same as rev limiters. god knows they are coming after COW FARTS and they want to tax rain fall.
       folks, why bother,they will not stop until we are like the EU controlled UK. The PRESIDENT is COMPROMISED, They have UN army at ready. since the patriot act and under President Trump The police militarized, given lots of APCs and war gear from the past conflicts. high tech weapons, drones, a lot of stuff that I did not have in my 8 years of service. I think it is to late also because 50 percent of America is so brainwashed and on board with the anti gun,Disarming of the population,most are crazed woman that clap in GLEE about killing their own new born. we have no organized, or logistical leader… they have most of the major cities and ports and are on the main highways. DO YOU SEE A Leader to declare a stand??? we are way beyond writing, and calling, voicing options, courts and petitions or a rabble like march. We need a Leader and I sure can not think of anyone.

    4. Why aren’t charges being brought against the congressman that drafted these bills? What they did is a violation of their oath of office and treason. It would only take one conviction to stop this kind of stuff for happening.

      1. Well… their actions ARE indeed violating their oath, but that is not treason. It is federal-level felony perjury (which carries a maximum penalty of death). And yes, they damnably-well SHOULD be fully prosecuted for that!

    5. People who have not joined a Second Amendment supporting group might want to look into joining “GUN OWNERS of America / GOA”. There are many others that also fight against these DemocRATic communist/islamist/nwo party’s agenda of GUN CONFISCATION from LEGAL LAW ABIDING American CITIZENS.

    6. These bills, if passed, will be impossible to enforce and will result in arbitrary and capricious application by Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, which is their dream come true. They already practice arbitrary and capricious application and enforcement of all their regulations as standard operating procedure, but if these pass, it will be even worse for citizens than we can imagine.

      1. The Democrats (socialists, progressives, alt-left, communists, Leftists, Marxists, or whatever the hell they call themselves this week) have never understood one simple fact.

        On one hand is the group of natural, God-given, inalienable human civil rights that the Constitution guarantees – it prohibits government from denying – to honest, responsible citizens. On the other hand are the politicians and bureaucrats who illegally intend to remove those rights, anyway (in spite of the Constitution)… just because they think they can get away with it.

        In any direct comparison to citizens’ rights, those Democrats – their positions, their reputations, their breathing privileges – are worth nothing. Nothing! But when they start the civil war (and they are way too damned rock-stupid to avoid starting it) that fact will be driven home in the most straightforward way imaginable… no misunderstanding will possibly occur.

        1. @ JoeUS They think they can get away with it because Australia, UK and many others have done it. The difference is that we have a paper, written and introduced by our creators, that says we are a free society and WE can bear arms to protect ourselves. The longer this goes on the more convinced I am that the founders did this because they knew very well some power hungry dolt would try to make us subjects. This is the most successful country the world has ever known so leave it to a bunch of idiots to try and destroy that.

      1. Because the legislation sucks even worse this time than it did back then. And the Democrats and the anti-2A backers have the same mantra now as then….”Don’t confuse me with the facts….I’ve already made up my mind”.

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