GunFreedomRadio EP146 Magical Mystery Tour of 2019 SHOT Show

Gun Freedom Radio
Gun Freedom Radio

U.S.A. –-( We called this show the Magical Mystery Tour of 2019 SHOT Show because you never know WHO you will run into at the amazing National Shooting Sports Foundation, NSSF SHOT Show !

Hour #1 Guests:

  • Kerry Slone – the Founder of We The Female, a non-profit organization created to both empower and provide personal security and firearm safety education to women. Kerry is a wife, mother, and successful entrepreneur, with a diverse background in multiple business ventures, as well as being an accomplished public speaker. As a Domestic Violence survivor, Kerry has championed a movement in Washington State to challenge its recently passed unconstitutional gun laws which seek to restrict its citizen’s Second Amendment rights under the guise of public safety.
  • Ashley Hlebinsky – the Robert W. Woodruff Curator of the Cody Firearms Museum at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Hlebinsky is the first female firearm curator at the most prestigious firearms museum in the United States. The Cody Firearms Museum has just undergone a multi-million dollar complete renovation and Ashley gives us a peek into what we can expect to see when the museum re-opens in July of 2019.
  • John “Tig” Tiegen – John “TIG” Tiegen is a Benghazi Hero and a co-author of 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi. He leverages over 13 years of low-profile security and force protection expertise within contract and government agencies along with his military experience as a Marine Sergeant. Tig is helping to raise money for The DC Project by raffling off his Partner-Spot in a 3-Gun Competition Shoot being organized by Dianna Muller.
  • Dianna Muller – a retired police officer, who served 22 years with the Tulsa Police Department.  She is the Captain of Team Benelli 3-Gun, and a Certified Firearms Instructor. Dianna also is the organizer of the DC Project that organized a meeting of professional women in the firearms industry to talk to their elected officials in the nation’s capital.

Hour #2 Guests:

  • Greg Stube – Special Forces Warrior, Speaker, and Author of Conquer Anything.A Combat-wounded veteran, after returning home and receiving extensive medical care, Greg’s inspiring story makes him a sought after speaker inspiring others to achieve their highest possible goals in both their professional and private lives.
  • Bill Romanelli – an outdoor writer and avid hunter, angler and ab diver.  He is also a spokesperson on behalf of the NSSF National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Project ChildSafe Program, where he works with firearm manufacturers, law enforcement, conservation groups and gun owners to emphasize the sporting community’s commitment to safety and responsibility, and to promote storing firearms securely when not in use.
  • Larry Zanoff – the co-host of Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction? on the Outdoor Channel, and has what many of us would consider a dream job, working in the Weapons Department of Independent Studio Services Props (ISS) , the largest rental armory in the film and Television industry, providing custom weapons manufacturing, actor training, on set armorer services, safety training, and more.

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