Florida Law Would Make It Illegal For Minors To Post Pictures Of Fake Guns


Ban Toy Guns
A New Florida bill proposed by, you guessed it, a Democrat would make it against the law for a minor to post a picture of anything resembling a gun on Social Media.

Tallahassee, Florida-(Ammoland.com)- A New Florida bill proposed by, you guessed it, a Democrat would make it against the law for a minor to post a picture of anything resembling a gun on Social Media.

Florida Democrat Jason W. B. Pizzo
Florida Democrat Jason W. B. Pizzo

Democrat Jason W. B. Pizzo introduced SB 1310 into the Florida Senate. The bill would make it illegal for anyone under 18 to post a picture on the internet of a firearm, BB gun, airsoft gun, or any other device that resembles a gun. This law would also apply to realistic toy guns.

The Miami-Dade Democrat's law would charge the minor with a misdemeanor. The fines can be up to $1000 per violation. In addition to the fine, authorities could also jail the minor for up to one year if convicted of violating the proposed anti-free-speech law.

The law would also require the parents of the minor to attend parenting classes for reprograming. On the second violation, the parents could be forced to do community service in addition to further courses. The bill does not make it clear who would hold these classes or what they would teach the parents.

This law would make it illegal for minors to share pictures of them hunting with their parent. It is a tradition for parents to take photos of their children with their first kill with the gun that they used to harvest the animal. This activity would now become illegal.

If the minor takes a picture at the range with their parent while learning about gun safety, say at the Boy Scouts or 4H, that would also become illegal.

The law would not make it illegal for the child to take a gun safety course or even stop the kid from using a firearm. The law only deals with the posting of pictures to social media.

Even crazier is if a minor post a picture of an Airsoft game they are guilty of a crime and the courts could send the juvenile to jail. Airsoft is a game similar to paintball, but players use plastic BBs instead of paintballs. Since the fake guns that players use in the game look similar to real guns, it would be a crime for a minor to post pictures of their sport of choice.

Toy Gun Play
The law would also require the parents of the minor to attend parenting classes for reprograming. On the second violation, the parents could be forced to do community service.

The minor doesn't even have to be holding a gun or even in the picture with the firearm to violate the proposed law. Just the act of posting the image would be illegal. If a child went into a hobby shop and took a picture of an Airsoft gun, they would be subject to arrest.

The bill also gives the police the right to conduct a warrantless arrest when they suspect a minor has violated any part of the law.

Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter sees the law as a tool to unfairly target youth. He think it is a violation of the Constitution.

“This legislation is Orwellian to say the LEAST and of course this will lead directly to false claims of ‘probably cause’ in poor, urban communities,” Toure said.”This type of legislation is not only unconstitutional in regard to its DIRECT violation of the fourth amendment, but it is also a violation of young people right to express themselves.”

“What if this young person wants to pursue a career as a gun smith? Or go to the Olympics for shooting? We are now telling teens that PICTURES must be censored and thoughts of self-defense and shooting sports are wrong, both of which do NOTHING to make Americans safer. Complete clown shit by Florida Democrat Senator Pizzo. Voters in Florida should have him removed when it’s time to do so for this over reach and political grand standing.”

This proposed law is the first of its kind in the country and might also violate the First Amendment. When asked about the First Amendment issues that would be facing the bill legislative assistants for Senator Pizzo, Linda Kraft stated that there would be an amendment to the proposed law to clear that up.

“There is an amendment that will make the bill a little clearer,” Kraft told AmmoLand News. “He isn't trying to stop legal activities.”

Kraft stated that we would have to wait a little longer to find out what that amendment will say. The Senator was not available to speak with AmmoLand.

The Florida Senate has referred the law to the Judiciary and Criminal Justice Committees for review. Republicans hold a slim margin in the Senate, so we encourage all Florida residents to contact their Senator.

Readers in Florida can locate their Senator by using the Florida Senate website at https://www.flsenate.gov/Senators/Find

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  • 31 thoughts on “Florida Law Would Make It Illegal For Minors To Post Pictures Of Fake Guns

    1. Seriously?! REPROGRAMING?!! And then what, contempt charges for “no show”?, what Communist agenda is mr Pizzo operating under.

    2. He must have had his fingers crossed when he took the Oath of Office to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

    3. Really, you’re going to arrest children?
      Remember this wacko’s name, come election time. He’s probably a New York transplant.

    4. Let him know how voters feel:
      Jason Pizzo
      224 Senate Building
      404 South Monroe Street
      Tallahassee, FL 32399-1100
      (850) 487-5038

    5. This signal a heads up to the video games industry.. the social networking of such… online competition…

      1. The insanity and outrageous things that come from these individuals over guns is ridiculous, (why is it the only constitutional right that a permit is “REQUIRED” for huh!!!) Why are they so blinded to the simple fact if you outlaw guns only outlaws will own guns this is not just a talking point, now take this ignorant “plan” what is its purpose & what is it supposed to accomplish? Not only does it trample on their free speech but the total waste of law enforcement resources would be totally detrimental and detract from actual investigstions of disturbed & dangerous children and young adults this action would be catastrophic, the ignorance of these people owns no bounds.

    6. So are the prisions going to be segragated by age like 5 thru 12 year olds & keep the teenagers in a high security area…..What about the Boys….Girls or boys that want to be girls……AAARRRGGG so many questions. Just lock em all up cuz you know those “L” shaped pop tarts are Very,Very Dangerous. F**king Country has gone nuts…..!!

    7. Wow, this whole anti gun craze is going nuts. When I was 10 My dad taught me how to clean his 30aught6 and his 357. I never got to shoot either until I was 12 in preparation for hunting the next year. I got my first 22 single shot and was trained how to shoot and handle it when I was 11. So I can handle and clean my firearm but I cant post a picture of my first dear with the gun on the net? Crazy. Deer are smart and it’s harder to find them then shoot them. If my son got one, I would take the picture and post it for him. Lets see how that would work. Reprogramming my ass.

    8. People of Fla. don’t let Alfred E. Newman do this to you. He is a definite candidate for a mental evaluation and subsequent hospitalization. Maybe a phlebotomy would help him. He is so important that he can not even be contacted, wow I’m impressed. What the hell has gone wrong with peoples minds. Is China or Russia sending something through the air that is making even the progressives bat sh-t crazy? I know Fla. is bombarded by the socialist big city north east coast morons that move down there because their home base is all screwed up, but they bring the same bs with them ingrained in their gourds and, maybe they don’t even realize it. The problem is that when they get shunned by Floridians they move back as far as Tennessee and they are screwing this state up, also. Some of the locals call them halfers because they only make it half way back to their sh-t holes. I know one couple that moved here from Ny and then decided they wanted to live in Fla. so they sold their house and moved there. A few months later the last hurricane batted them so they sold their house there and moved back here. Realtors like them.

    9. This makes it clear that leftists hate the ENTIRE Bill of Rights – not just the Second Amendment – and are incrementally working to abolish it.

      I’d say this bum is “testing the waters” . . .

    10. George Orwell’s “1984” wasn’t a novel, it was a prophecy. And here we are, going on 35 years into life imitating ‘art’.

      OK everyone, pay close attention: The DEMONRATS ARE GUTTING THE BILL OF RIGHTS. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? The Demonrats rig elections, as we all know, so ‘voting the bums out’ is becoming less and less possible, we’re almost at the point where the country will be like Commiefornia. And there, the D-rats have permanent unfettered control over the government, even imposing D-rat politicians on 100% conservative districts. So forget elections.

      And if you can’t vote tyranny out by the ballot, WHAT ARE YOU LEFT WITH??

      You’d better be stocking up on ammo, we’re all gonna need it by the billions.

    11. It would violate the First Amendment since you cannot have government attacking freedom of the press (socialist Florida Democrat senator Pizzo). But, the hosting companies on the Internet are private and could legally restrict it for the socialists and communists inside the Democrat Party who are working to kill off our Constitution.

    12. The statement that you would be forced to be ‘re-programmed’ is chilling. Sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel. Kids are not deemed to be responsible enough to exercise their 1st amendment rights, but the dems want them to vote at age 16?

    13. Let’s make it illegal too for NBC, ABC and CBS etc to show news of children carrying guns anywhere in the world! See how far that logic goes. It is a staple of their newscasts.

    14. We’ve got too much damn Yankee influence I; our State! Hey! Worthless Yankees, get the F*ck out! We do t need, or want you Here!

      1. Hippybiker, it’s not Yankees that are the problem, it’s Socialists. And if you travel abroad, you, too, will get the moniker Yankee. Enjoy!

        I am a former New Yorker – not from the City or any of its boroughs, and I do not harbor any of that Socialist creed, most of us do not. Unfortunately it breeds in Democratic, crime-ridden, utopias, and when the ‘rats (sic) become to populous, they move, taking their ideas and behaviors with them. The Dodo was not driven to extinction by humans, but by the rats that left the ships. The ‘rats (sic) will learn that we are not Dodos

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