Head of AK “Human Rights Comm.” Under Investigation for 1st/2nd Amendment Violations


Head of AK "Human Rights Comm." Under Investigation for 1st/2nd Amendment Violations
Head of AK “Human Rights Comm.” Under Investigation for 1st/2nd Amendment Violations

Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- A scandal is developing in Alaska, as the head of the Human Rights Commission (HRC) has been implicated in directly chilling the exercise of the First and Second Amendments of the Constitution. Governor Dunleavy has ordered an investigation of the scandal.

The head of the HRC, Marti Buscaglia, became upset over a bumper sticker on a contractor’s work truck. The bumper sticker showed the silhouette of an AR15 type rifle, along with the words “Black Rifles Matter.”  It is a pretty standard call to support the Second Amendment. Brenton Linegar owns Sage Mechanical, the small plumbing and air conditioning company that owns the truck. Sage Mechanical’s client is the owner of the building where the truck was parked. The HRC rents space in the building. Somehow, the Executive Director of the HRC in Alaska interpreted the Second Amendment sticker as being offensive.

The picture of the Second Amendment sticker of Black Rifles Matter on the truck, with the license plate, was posted on the official Alaskan HRC facebook page, with the comment: “In what world is this OK?”.

At first, it was not clear what Buscaglia found offensive about the bumper sticker. Was it the pro-Second Amendment message? No. The HRC, after considerable comments on Facebook, clarified Buscaglia had read the sticker as “racist.”  The best reporting I have seen on this issue is on mustreadalaska.com. From mustreadalaska.com:

Gov. Michael Dunleavy has asked the Department of Law to launch an investigation into the apparent abuse of state power that occurred on Thursday at the parking lot of the Alaska Human Rights Commission.

The executive director of the Alaska Commission on Human Rights, in her own handwriting, told a plumbing company to move its vehicle from the parking lot due to what the bureaucrat thought was a racist sticker.

Buscaglia left a handwritten note, written on the back of her business card. Also, there was a business card left by State Probation Officer Kendall Rhyne.

Other commenters on Facebook have claimed there is more to the scandal than Buscaglia telling the contractor to leave the parking lot because of the sticker, posting a picture of the truck on the official Facebook page, and leaving the intimidating note and business cards in the vehicle. From facebook.com:

Sandie Roach The business card is one issue. The other is the email she sent to his client. As we haven’t seen it, here is the jist…
The client had received an email from Marti Buscaglia, the Executive Director of the Commission. According to Linegar, the email implied Linegar was a racist and asked the client to “please do something” about Sage Mechanical. The email also accused Sage Mechanical of performing substandard work and exercising poor judgement.

If the email asking the client (the owner of the building) to “do something” is real, the matter may become a severe criminal case.  It is illegal to conspire to deprive someone of their Constitutional rights. In this case, it is the right to free expression under the First Amendment. From fbi.gov:

This statute makes it unlawful for two or more persons to conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person of any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the United States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same).

It seems unlikely the head of the Alaskan HRC would not realize the potential criminality of her actions.

Marti Buscaglia does not have experience in the law or a legal degree. Her experience is in newspaper management.

There is a section of the federal law (18 U.S.C. Section 242)  that makes it illegal to use an official government position to deprive anyone of rights, privileges, or immunities under the color of law. It is unclear if Buscaglia’s actions meet that level of illegality. It appears she was using the power of her office to intimidate Brenton Linegar. The investigation called for by Governor Dunleavy should determine if that is correct. Using the power of her office to pressure the client to fire Sage Mechanical would be illegal if it were based on his political views, as evidenced by the Second Amendment Sticker.

The scandal and investigation are ongoing.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30-year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation. Link to Gun Watch

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Get Out

Yep, a slap on the wrist is all she got

The executive director of the Alaska human rights commission has been suspended for 15 working days without pay for complaining on social media about a “Black Rifles Matter” sticker she believed to be racist on a vehicle in the commission’s Anchorage parking lot.
Commission members voted 5-2 Friday to suspend Marti Buscaglia, effective Monday. She must send an apology letter to the truck’s owner, Brent Linegar, after the commission chairman, Brandon Nakasato, approves the wording.

Get Out

Any good news about this BS, like she was fired and is now standing in the unemployment line?


In addition to the constitutional issues, in most states intentional interference in economic advantage is also actionable. Never seen a clearer case.


Self righteous liberals in positions of authority are a serious danger to everyone who values liberty and equal treatment under the law.

Walter Goddard

Where are the So Called Human Rights? The Second Amendment? ………….

As wild as Alaska is, I’m surprised to see someone flip out over a rifle sticker…
It shows you can take a little woman out of the Big City, but apparently, you cannot take stupidity out of a Libtard.


Maybe the BloomingIdiot from NYC paid her to move up there. And then in collusion with others, got her a position of authority from whence she could whisper her words of sedition and treason into the ears of the weak minded. Isn’t that what seems to be going on these days ? Total traitors popping up everywhere, starting coffee clatches full of Moms against gun violence. And libtards running for office, and winning, because of hacked electronic voting. Don’t they seem to be popping up all over, like pimples on the arse of a sifletic whore ?


Politically correct is what it is all about. The small, and clouded, minded government employee took her authority to run down something she didn’t like. Her biggest mistake was putting it in writing on her official business card. That is a sign of pure ignorance but par for the course with a liberal. She thinks she commands us rather than the true fact that she is an employee of us. Tell her that and watch her blood boil. She found the plumber guilty before he was even tried, another liberal action. Burn them whenever the chance presents itself, maybe they… Read more »

Bob moore

The next two words will be banned “black/white by the progressive socialists. God bless the USA and the Constitution! I’m going out to shoot my Black AR!


My pickup truck says it’s OK to be white. And white it will stay. Just like me, if you please. And even if you don’t please.

Will Flatt

If that had been me, right after going public with this, I would’ve found this B!tch, told her NO, I WON’T, and GFY TOO.

My Rights supercede your G-damn snowflake feelings!


Sounds like Marti Buscaglia may be a danger to herself or others. 5150. Better safe than sorry.


Yep, 5150 a crazy ass bitch…


like i said before,i would never vote for a woman for public office,with this lady she was probably appointed but the same thing applies,woman and power are a bad mix.


Well, this wins the “stupidest comment on the internet today” award…because men and power are a great mix. Riiiiiight. I ain’t saying that women and power are a good mix, but rather anyone and power are a bad mix. Just look at our own American Congress. Proof that no one should be given power in spades, especially when covered and protected by our main stream media. Maybe tone down the “women suck/men are awesome” rhetoric and people will not think you’re an idiot.

Ergo Slugg

And you win the “Scurrilous and gratuitous nasty comment of the week award”! Congrats!


super-women camel-hair-on-her-a**, fart-stain, pees-loosely, optional-kotex, toilet-waters: what would America be without your accomplishments? i rest my case.

Aaron Freeman

There might be something to that, where men have to grow up with increasing upper body strength, but women wouldn’t be sorted out, until Authority is thrust upon them suddenly. Obviously, this social worker was unready for the big time.


I agree that the POS should be fired from her job, stupid liberal scab. Murkowski? What a pitiful animal.


The term “special kinda stupid” comes to mind.
Sack her!


Main stream media will never pick up this injustice.
Its always the right wing,
2nd amendment, bible believing conservatives that get blamed


Ignorance of the law is no defense. Sage shoud file a formal grievance. Also Sage should brng a civil case for economic harm (libel/slander) since his work was publicly characterized as substandard. (I assume Marti Buscaglia has proof? OR otherwise has left himself open to lose in court – nail him to the wall!)

E. Bryan Hoover

I believe Marti Buscaglia is a SHE, not a HE, otherwise this post appears correct.

Dominic Benecasa

Point taken but you never know with liberals she may claim to be a he…

Gavan Brooks

Wait for it…


I saw a guy at my local walmart last week. He was wearing a shirt. ” Black Rifles matter ” on the front of shirt. I’ve been in the fight for a long time , our 2A Rights matter. As an owner of multiple black rifles , AR-15 ‘s I thought to myself , I have to get myself one of those shirts. If for no other reason than to start a conversation with an anti gun libtwit & educate them on the subject. Since when are guns , and lives , one and the same ? They aren’t ,… Read more »


don’t waste your precious time, d-suckers don’t care about anything except confiscation & extermination


“It is illegal to conspire to deprive someone of their Constitutional rights” Yeah?! What about all the “Gun Grabbers” trying to take away our 2A???? Can we sue them???


That might be happening in Pittsburgh if the city council pass their “gun control” measures. Should find out by the end of March…


Does any of these idiots even LOOK at our bill of rights and the constitution ever?
It should be publicly viewed by us the american public the questioning of every person wanting torun for office.that they be questioned on both then we choose by our votes


Racism is anything you say that liberals disagree with if you are white.


You don’t even have to be white! If you are a minority who’s Pro-2A or Pro-Trump or conservative then you’re branded as racist.


I’m very much liberal leaning and I support 2A 100%. Part of the problem is this blind hatred of a stupid bipartisan system that is shredding this country in two. very violently I might add. Why can’t we all just think for ourselves?! I totally agree there are liberals who latch on to all leftist ideas JUST as badly as some conservatives latch on to only right beliefs. In this case, they are freaking out over a very stupid thing and are harassing folks with this behavior.


The difference is that the left (liberals, socialists, totalitarians and anarchists alike) use the powers of state to FORCE their views (and specific action) on those who disagree. It’s not the right trying to drive bakers, photographers and other small business owners out of business with full city/state gov backing because they won’t support an unacceptable lifestyle. It’s not the right harassing left organizations applying for 501- C (3) & (4) tax exempt status. It’s not right-wing gov employees exposing the PII of left-wing citizens (i.e. doxxing). It’s not the right forcing universities everywhere to cancel lefty/socialist/communist guest speakers. It’s… Read more »


Very well said, Tommy Boy !!!

Leon Craig

TommyBoy, I applaud your post. You are 1000% spot on. I would love to see any liberal respond.


if leftist don’t like something they want to ban it, i.e. fossil fuels, plastic bags and straws, guns. we, conservatives say use it if you want to. leftists are always angry and sad, conservatives are happy as long as leftists don’t want to ban stuff. leftists are all victims, conservatives think everyone can be winners if they try. leftists want to kill babies before and after birth, euthanize seniors, but not execute convicted criminals, conservatives support life. leftists believe immigration and criminal law violate human rights, conservatives believe in the rule of law. the difference is leftists seek control over… Read more »

Dan Rayha

If you support America, yet claim to “lean liberal” you are just an idiot voting against yourself. Only one question remains, are you an American or a democrat?

Bob Koceja

Human Rights Commission? They need to change their title.
How would these anti gun people like if we start taking away some of their rights? Maybe we stop all discussion
on anything relating to restriction.

Shame on every gun owner who votes Democrat.


Since she’s already on a Commision wouldn’t Commissar be appropriate?


Alas, Me thinks she doeth have the smell of a democrat!


All guns matter.

USMC 3/1

This is an all too familiar scene in my beloved USA. The liberal agenda being forced on all of us. If this would have been a conservative, which it was not because we believe in the freedoms the Constitution, this would be all over the major news networks. However since the bias was perpetrated by a liberal toward a gun owner, we read about here.


I suggest s. Buscaglia spend some time reading the Bill of Rights, especially the first Right..


Reading without understanding is wasted time. This person should be repeatedly instructed in the history of the United States and the rights and responsibilities of citizens under the Constitution. Repeat as many times as necessary with appropriate stimulus to completely understand the error of her ways.

Raymond F Miller

It would do absolutely no good for this communist to read the Bill of Rights, it is that very document that he wants to eradicate. The Communists are content with a little nibble here and a little nibble there, to destroy our country and our rights. Look at the damage Barry Obambam did to the whole world with his Muslim crap, there won’t be any of them left in the dessert very soon. They are bringing their murderous ways with them to the civilized world.


“with appropriate stimulus”

Would a 2″X4″ suffice?


Only if applied repeatedly… preferably around the head and shoulders.


Just think what is being taught in public schools. No wonder the good guys are falling behind! I saw in the news where a student with a NRA hat was sent home because the hat was sensitive and offensive. Yet a 8 grader can wear a shirt that says “F You!


It seems unlikely the head of the Alaskan HRC would not realize the potential criminality of her actions.” You miss the point, leftists only care about laws they can use against Americans and believe they don’t have to follow the rules.


Oh I’m writing this POS!!

Jill Sacsayhuaman

I was sent an image of the sticker before I knew anything about this story. My first thought after seeing the sticker was to laugh. It’s funny. My second thought was “someone’s going to think it’s racist or worse they will think the owner is advocating attacking Black people with AR-15’s”. So far as I can tell every time someone makes a play of words with the “Black Lives Matter” tagline someone thinks it’s racist. It’s just an unfortunate fact that when you have such a sensitive issue anything that can be misunderstood will be misunderstood. If Ms Buscaglia thought… Read more »


Ya got to “unnerstan”! There was this BLACK silhouette of a RIFLE and THEN the blm chant was co-opted and twisted to suggest that the Second Amendment rights of American citizens are under attack by the anti-gun nazis, which is true. Therefore she was MORALLY OBLIGATED to do everything in her power AND engage in an attempt to slander and persecute the owner of this truck for the effrontery of expressing support for the Constitutionally protected RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. I do hope this woman has an opportunity to enjoy employment in the fast food… Read more »

Nelson McAtee

She might spit in their food if the custimer looks like a conservative or God forbid has the audacity to wear a “racist” MAGA cap!


I sometimes would vote liberal but with so many liberals starting to take socialist stands and demands. Which is causing a lot of us to look elsewhere to protect our constitution and our rights as Americans.


First off marti should not only be fired but as the article stated she should be arrested and charged period…..her buddy….probation person kendall, who is a peace officer, is not a Police Officer, State Trooper, or County Deputy, has zero authority outside his area of employment, he also should be fired and charged……….some people get a little authority – power and they think they can do anything they want……….both are scumbags and never should have been hired for the positions they have, period……………………….


So, uh, you guys know the “horrible racist” who made those stickers? Why it’s Maj Toure, a black second amendment supporter and head of the organization Black Guns Matter!


Mr. Bill

Evidently she’s spent some time in Southern California being indoctrinated while working at the Orange County Register. A job she gained fraudulently claiming she’d graduated college. [is a slimebag]


hrc-t**t: placing false information on a resume is not a “rookie” mistake. it demonstrates that you were a liar. the referenced incident in AK is indicative of dhimmi-rat integrity, a “relative” thing in America today.


An individual can’t “violate [your] 1st/2nd amendment rights”. Those apply to the government, but not individuals. People kicking you off a platform,telling you that your full of shit, or that you are a dick isn’t a violation of your snowflake ass rights.


Since this article is about the GOVERNMENT acting to deprive him of his rights, your post is as irrelevant as it is idiotic.


Josh, he apparently missed the part about the Demo-Communist being a part of the Alaska state government. That the totalitarian wannabe used her official business card to transact that sad vicious business.


the probation officer chiming in to the attack is also an unwarranted attack by a person acting under the cloak of government authority. If he’s not fired he should at least be reprimanded and publicly censured.


@Stupidity Reading comprehension skills are a must these days. You are obviously lacking in that department. An agent of the government ALONG WITH ANOTHER AGENT OF THE GOVERNMENT are supressing a citizen’s rights as well as potentially depriving him of business. Yes, that is overstepping and illegal. It’s called TYRANNY and intimidation. Classic methods used by hate groups such as the KKK, BTW.

Keith Brockmiller

You are aware of what “UNDER COLOR OF LAW” means, don’t you? Next time, read the article. Or maybe go back to movon.org, or wherever you came from.


Riiiiiiight… Call the person expressing their support of the second amendment, using their first amendment right, the snowflake, but disregard the actual snowflake who got butthurt over a “racist” freakin’ bumper sticker….(made by a person of the same race its supposedly racist against, mind you) How about you try getting your head screwed on and priorities straight before continuing to propagate this double standard garbage, using your own blatantly obvious bias, to criticize opposition, yet all the while desperately needing a healthy dose of critical personal reflection, yourself! Doesn’t take an optometrist chef to see you’re a pot callin the… Read more »


Well Mrs. over concerned about stupid lefty ideas it scares me you have access to something more technical than an Etch A Sketch. Crawl back in mommy’s underwear drawer and leave real people alone.


then never again will an individual, even if owner of a business, be hauled into court, fined, intimidated, reporgrammed, etc, for calmly declining to bake a cake, sing a song, toss some flowers into a mason jar, “in support” of certain types of social events falsely known as “marriages” when both of the principals involved in the social event are of the same gender…… you just said “individuals can’t violate” my rights. So if I want to marry my cat I can demand Bob the FLower Guy create some very catty catnip arrangements to decorate the cathouse, then sue him… Read more »

Kenneth Waggoner

She wrote the note on the back of her government business card,

Roy D.

The last of my immediate family left Alaska several years ago after having lived there since 1964. I have three cousins and their kids still there. The downhill slide started in 1968 with the pipeline (which was delayed until 1973). A beautiful land made less so by liberals.

Timothy K Bunn

These socialist politicians have invented a problem that they can’t control. It has become out of control. They didn’t ” create,” it, for only God can create. Neverthe less, this Socialism has become bigger than can be controlled, and has in fact taken over them.


Was the middle name Marti Swallows Buscaglia or
Marti Spits Buscaglia, can’t remember, mustnot matter what color it matters…


I lived a total of 9 years in Alaska and just recently moved back down to the lower 48. Logic alone should have stopped Ms. Buscaglia from publically going after Mr. Linegar on Facebook. Alaska is a Constitutional Carry state. Over 50% are packing at any given time.

Ms. Buscaglia, “an armed society is a polite society,” and you weren’t being very polite, were you? Hmmm?

George Sentementes

Liberal politicians are not above the law they have to abide by tbe Constituion,it was made to keep dangerous politicians from becoming dictators,it kept the previous potus from becoming one

Capt T. Stone

One of the 1st signs of the disease of liberalism is the loss of a sense of humor, the second is seeing a racist behind every tree.

scott groom

Alaska denys a disabled man all human rights and lrgal rights as his treatments cost money. So they steal and cheat to take a supreme court order from him. Gov. will not even look at proof of bias and corruption in his own back yard. Man has no choice but to sue the good folks of Alaska.


They did a fantastic job at leaving their info behind for the authorities though. Hope this is made into a criminal case. Also interesting is that the perpetrator is the head of a human rights commission. Maybe they will add a background check to position requirements now.

In fact I believe that should come standard with any office, especially SCOTUS. If you can’t be unbiased when it comes to the Constitution of the United States, you don’t get in. Simple.

Richard P Bartanen

I have to differ a bit. I want the SCOTUS to BE BIASED toward the Constitution, holding to the authors’ original intent. If our Constitution is to preserved, the majority of our elected & unelected officials need to be biased towards the Constitution as written and intended. An unbiased SCOTUS will see pro and anti sides with equal merits, and will will rule based on current political leanings instead of upholding the integrity of the original reason.

Capt. Karl

And, ALL God’s Patriots said; “AMEN !”

Todd Eastman

Amen !



wood and steel

Amen brother

Walter Goddard

Love the update too @SOL,
A timeless, document.. fit for the life of the People, for the Life of the USA…
How does it fit in with the description of a patented writ..


That is not bias any more than gravity being “biased’ in only pulling us down toward the floor, never up toward the ceiling. All these guys swore an oath to protect, defend, uphold, and faithfully execute the Constitution… that is not bias, it is a condition of employment, sort of like showing up for work is. And WHEN will we begin calling out those who refuse to abide by those oaths so casually and insincerely sworn? To sear such an oath then violate it is felony perjury. Charge them… I’m sure this SoCal Dweeb who left her hate-note on someone’s… Read more »


Absolutely… Apologies for not clarifying that sooner. I meant that the SCOTUS should not be able to (mis)interpret the Constitution of the United States based on personal or political opinion. It’s a literal document. It is often misinterpreted about the Constitution being a “living” document in that it can be changed to adapt to society. When in fact, the “living” nature of the Constitution is that it can be adapted to any point in time. Such as the vague nature of the second amendment. It was purposeful that the founders didn’t include a type of weapon in the literature. They… Read more »

Dennis Coates

Ask that domestic terrorist if he / she wants to live.

Witold Pilecki

I see all LIBTARDS as traitors to The Republic and potential “swingers”….if you catch my drift.

Stephen Baker

My truck would rust before I let her intimidation tactic work! She needs to be just another part of the 5% in the unemployment line and THEN just another inmate number at the penitentiary! God I hate career butthurt liberals! Since when is a black rifle a “race” you f’n idiots???

Get Out

IMOA, What we should be witnessing is her carrying a box with her belongings while being escorted to her car by security and being told not to come back.


hrc-t**t: NOYMFB

Charlton Butler

I agree with first and second amendment rights more so than others. I believe in guaranteeing and securing those rights by law and, G-D firbid defensively as well. I also understand freedom of speech and being a racist are two different issues that apparently this fellow found a way to combine. It is racust but he gas the right to say it. I kinda like it when a$$holes are courteous enough to wear signs, robes, caps, uniforms etc displaying their ideals.

rich d.

you should look up Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter

Witold Pilecki

That parking lot sounds like a good place to hold a Second Amendment rally! During business hours, of course.


Since it is private property, I doubt that happens. Why would the property owner disrupt his clients?


since there is a government agency in tenancy the place is not private…. buclic access to government offices is a necessity.

Even if the rally were to keep to the sidewalks which are indisputably public, it woiuld still be a fun time. Signs demanding her dismissal and criminal charges would be a good place to start. Oh, and lots of people carryoing lots of BLACK and ugy rifles… maybe even fly in the guy who makes those stickers, and let HIM have his say for a while.


being a d-sucker must an entry-requirement to get into gub-ment


correction: …must be an…


just fire the hrc d-sucker & impeach traitor-murkowski @ the same time, 2 for 1