Sadly She Is Back In Office, But She Is Not Flying USAF Air


Henry Delay
Henry Delay

USA – -( A frail, retired Air Force, Chief Master Sergeant, Security Forces (SF) “cop” with a cane in hand, walked out onto the flight line of Andrews Air Force Base.

He stopped at the entry control of the hangar where Air Force One was parked. He advised the young SF Staff Sergeant on duty that, back in the day, he had flown with three different Presidents, providing security for Air Force One and the men who flew on that plane.

He wanted to know if President Obama was going to be flying today and could he please speak with the President. The Staff Sergeant told the old Chief that it was 2017 and Obama was no longer the President. The Chief then asked if Speaker Nancy Pelosi was flying on her 200 passenger Air Force plane today and could he speak with her. The SF Staff Sergeant told him Speaker Pelosi was also no longer in that office and did not fly out of Andrews AFB anymore.

The old Chief left but returned the next day and asked the same question of the same young SF Staff Sergeant. Receiving the same answer he turned and left again.

On the third day, as the old Chief approached, the SF Staff Sergeant got on the radio and requested his Flight Chief supervisor to be present. This time the old Chief asked the same question to both men. The Flight Chief, a little annoyed, advised the old Chief that President Obama was no longer in office and that neither person was authorized to fly on an aircraft out of Andrews AFB anymore. He added, “Chief this has now been explained to you three times.”

The old Chief, with a smile on his face, replied that yes, he knew both people were no longer in office, and yes he was a little annoying to the Staff Sergeant, but he just loved to hear the same reply each time to his question.

With that, both the Staff Sergeant and the Flight Chief came to attention and rendered a crisp salute to the old Chief Master Sergeant. “See you tomorrow, Chief,” stated the Staff Sergeant “cop.”

Well, folks, the sad thing is “she” was not voted out of office and she is now back in as the speaker of the house. The old Air Force “Cop” Chief Master Sergeant is not around anymore. Most likely he is rolling over in his grave.

The is no cooperation from Pelosi along with her Democrats and their efforts to disrupt the nation is glaring. However, President Trump is continuing to fly out of joint base Andrews but “she” has been ground for the time being.

“She is baaack” and obstructing as if her life depended on it.

Our nation is depending on leadership.

The Henry Delay:

A Henry Delay, A Henry Delay,
Praise the Lord for a Henry Delay
A Henry Delay, A Henry Delay
Pray to the Lord we never see that day.

Major Van Harl USAF Ret.
[email protected]

Major Van Harl USAF Ret
Major Van Harl USAF Ret

About Major Van Harl USAF Ret.:

Major Van E. Harl USAF Ret., a career Police Officer in the U.S. Air Force, was born in Burlington, Iowa, USA, in 1955. He was the Deputy Chief of police at two Air Force Bases and the Commander of Law Enforcement Operations at another. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Infantry School.  A retired Colorado Ranger and currently is an Auxiliary Police Officer with the Cudahy PD in Milwaukee County, WI.  His efforts now are directed at church campus safely and security training.  He believes “evil hates organization.”  [email protected]


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You should hold your disrespectful comments and see how he compares in the end. He has America in his thoughts and actions as where Hilary and Barak had self and party ahead of anything good for amsrica. Get on board with supporting your president or get in line with the rest of the traitors to this country. Disrespecting the president is a crime whether you know it or not.

Get Out

That’s why we have the 1st Amendment. Should POTUS be allowed to disrespect people as he does all of the time?

billybob texas

Does anyone know FOR SURE if The Speaker (ess) of the House is still using a 757 to fly ‘home’ to SFO every weekend. I had heard years ago, when she was also the Speaker that she needed a 757 for her entourage – and a 737 wouldn’t do – either in capacity or in transcon range. Well, now the 737 can easily do the transcon range. Is she now using that smaller, cheaper plane?

Van Harl

The question was, what is a Henry Delay?
Here is a column to explain the answer.
A Henry Delay.

willy d

We as the other party had to suck it up for 8 years when Obama was the so called President, so now after 3 years the Demo-Rat party still can’t admit that Hillary Lost and can’t face it, BO HO!!!!!!!!!! If the Republicans had done anything against Obama as the Demo-Rats have done against Trump, they would have been jail with life sentences for sure, but with a bunch of nut less bunch that they are none of the Demo-Rats are in jail as of this writing, all of which shows no ball from the Republican Party, they better find… Read more »


Today’s Democrats are the Communists our fathers warned us about. They’re dangerous to our dear Nation.

Bob Koceja

I also like hearing those words.

Shame on every gun owner who votes Democrat.

Will Flatt

You mean guys like GREEN WATCH DOG??

Bob Koceja

I like hearing those words also.

Shame on every gun owner who votes Democrat.

WV Bill

Shame on every AMERICAN that votes Democrat! Does anybody in government respect the Constitution anymore!


President Trump didn’t enter office until January 20th 2017.


Glad to see some folks calling out the profanity and grammatical incompetence. It’s that kind of stuff that creates plentiful cannon fodder for the opposition.
As for the story itself… it’s a little strange without some context I’ll grant that, but it’s just a story. Folks might want to try and relax. White knuckling it through this roller coaster called life is pretty miserable. Fight when to have to, love when you can, but try to enjoy the ride.


It’s a joke people!
it’s been around a long time, but I still like the old vet say ‘Yeah, I know, I just like hearing it again.” I do too!

Bob Koceja

I also like hearing those words.

Shame on every gun owner who votes Democrat.

Charles Mcvey

I am a Retired SFC E7, US Army, and yes I served under numerous Presidents that I did not like, but the one thing I always did was keep my thoughts Fort Knox KY in 1961 that it was a violation of the UCMJ to speak ill of the President, even in jest. As a Non-Commissioned-Officer I taught my fellow servicemen that same concept, and yes there were a few who made the mistake of treating t he person serving in that office in a disrespectful manner. When it came to my attention directly or via other sources, he or… Read more »

James White

Soldiers come under the FREE SPEECH AMMENDMENT just like any other American citizen, however if you teach them what is right, instead of acting like a bad ass you would not have had that problem. Leadership instills conformance not the UCMJ.

Jim Fagan

He was not elected by the will of the people – he lost by 3 million votes. He was elected by an obsolete system called the Electoral College.


Goes to show how one sided Americans are. Trump won and the liar lost. Get over it If Trump is that bad we will find out in 2020. What will you do or cry about when he wins again. We have gone to far with the politically correctness. He runs the country just like the company you work for. He cares about your rights even though you think there automatic because your an American. Bernie or Joewill show you that you have no rights except what they want to give you. I feel sorry for all of you.


Amen to that

Austin Powers

I just signed up to also read what others have said. Political opinion aside, this “story” the author told is ridiculous. Nobody unauthorized would be getting that close to an ECP, especially 3 days in a row. The two SF guys rendered a salute simultaneously to the “retired Chief”? I’ve been Active Duty USAF for 7 years, and yes, it is in fact extraordinarily unheard of for an enlisted member to salute another enlisted member. Especially after one has just annoyed and wasted someone’s time, ESPECIALLY in the USAF. Fake news.

Mark Hitzges

@Austin Powers
Really? THAT’S your take-away from this? A joke, and an old one at that, can’t be true? Huh!


It’s called a joke dude! Really? You thought that was for a real? The same joke had gone around for years only in a much shorter version where a retired Marine approaches a guarded gate to the White House everyday until he is asked why he keeps coming back. It’s a very old joke.


It’s not “fake news,” it’s just a story.
The old Chief represents wisdom.
The SSgt and Flight Chief represent all of us busily doing our daily tasks. Thier impatience represents the mindless, meaningless way we sometimes perform those tasks.
The old Chief MSgt extended his wisdom three times before the less experienced men had a glimpse of understanding the message.
The “salute” represents understanding and respect of the wisdom the old Chief offered.
— This is just one old gals take on this story — ☺


It’s not “news” it is a “story” meant to be a funny anecdote. Get a life


Lighten up Francis, it’s a joke!

gerald j jessup

It’s a joke not anything else. Don’t take it so hard

Richard Madrid

If your proud of your Country dont worry about how smart you are or how much u know in these comments I’m a Democrat but we are all smart when we see what’s right for this Country we have tried a Democrat and Republican to lead us..Obviously they all have screwed us in one way or another…this is a free Nation!! But at some point even Countries need to look back and ask are we losing our values? Are we too nice? Are we just a another pushover with a big gun?..folks notice how all these Foreiners living here are… Read more »


Ots funny how every single one of try and show off your knowledge and Experience and some of u are correct “no one will remember you” who cares anyways. I’m a Democrat at heart but when your as proud as I am of my Country

Wallace Curry

Try taking a basic grammar course pal. Your libtard inspired, no rules/no wrong, state controlled public school education is showing.
Proud Constitutional Conservative and D.J. Trump supporter.

Lisa Cee

Garbage. Pure garbage. And you should be ashamed to be propping up a TRAITOR and DRAFT DODGING con man, his high dollar mail order bride and spoiled grifting spawn. DISGRACEFUL!


Where did you serve cupcake?


Spell check your shit before you post it. I was so confused. You lose so much credibility if you don’t care enough to see if your words are spelled correctly.

Jeff English

Just a typical ignorant Trump supporter.

Lisa Cee

Yep! And judging from comments, he’s not getting the responses he hoped he would! LMAO!


And Pelosi and her ilk are not? Must be blissful to just believe what you want to.

Wolfpack 8tfw

63170/security police augmente, 80-92, 6 yr in south korea on three bases. First guy was right the trump cunt and the whole bunch, needs to go. No leadership at all, this basturd is destroying everything we do in south korea and kissing putin, kim, and Chinese premiers ass, as well as the terrorist state of Israel we prop up. GENERAL COLIN POWELL FOR PRESIDENT. I WANT STAND BY AND WATCH THIS NYC YANKEE USE THE CONSTITION FOR SHIT PAPER. Wolfpack 8TFW, ooh rah

Marking Thyme

It is apparent that your skills of a vernacular level were limited approx. grade 3 and you are still trying to spell by phonetic interpretation as such. When you learn to express, without profanity, your opinion, I am sure you would be welcome here. Personally I do not agree with all the decisions put forward by this or the previous tennant in the Oval Office, but atleast I am capable of civility and correct spelling.


Amen brother ! Ignorance shows itself when a person cannot articulate a complete sentence correctly without cussing, name calling or hate speech, must be a socialist Democrat with a closed mind.

franco chevalier

that’s odd, the ppl here making the nastiest, most juvenile & uncalled for comments r those who r obviously NOT democrats. seen it elsewhere too. but right or left, its the PERSON, not the political persuasion that’s on display. no one has a monopoly on mendacity or stupidity; or forebearance for that matter.


AMEN Brother !

Dr. Strangelove

@ Marking: I failed HS English and I find the linguistic skills of some people atrocious. How can they expect to be taken seriously?


@ Marking, I like what you said, and the way you said it. I would be less delicate, and tell @Wolfpack “Sounds like BS, you picked up some verbiage from someone, but I doubt the military in the 80’s would take on someone so short sighted and uneducated and place them is a position of authority.”

franco chevalier

thank you for that. every time i hear that canard about being “elected by the will of the people” i feel absolutely bilious. the electoral college is an absurd anachronism that, unfortunately, lacks the political ‘will’ to relegate it to the dustbin of history & move on. too many outmoded, outlandish & obsolete curios still obtain in our constitution that could bear rectifying for the good of the nation. “originalism” is just so much sauteed horseshit masking intellectual laziness & inertia.

Wild Bill

The only people that distain the electoral college are people that do not understand its purpose. The electors are to insure that a popular vote winner is actually meets the Constitutional requirements for presidential sevice. The second purpose is so that the votes of rural people actually have meaning.
Who could be against those safe guards?

franco chevalier

some wild english there brother bull. i know all about jefferson’s “tyranny of the masses” theory brohim-you’re not the only one who can read. curiously enough u don’t seem acquainted with the fact that the electoral college was a sop to the southern states to enable them to count slaves as part of their population for representative purposes. my point is that we need to drag the constitution into our MODERN era (unless of course u think the dred scott decision was a sound one). present day USA bears little resemblance to 1776 america. let’s amend it to keep it… Read more »

franco chevalier

would appreciate it if you left ‘NYC’ out of your rant; “the donald” did VERY poorly in NY state because he is well known as a weird, unsavory grifter. FOR DECADES now. btw, gen. powell is ALSO a “NYC yankee”-who DIDN’T inherit $400mil & turned out, as anyone with honest eyes can see, QUITE the opposite of trumpty-dumpty. so a bit more THOUGHT & COURTESY if you plz; that’s supposedly what one is taught in the corps(@ taxpayers expense i might add)


This is a disgraceful column. Expressing your political views as if they are endorsed by the military itself is strictly forbidden by the UCMJ with good reason. You are undermining the democracy you pledged to protect by taking your own views and pitching them like they are that of every armed forced service member.

You should be ashamed of yourself.


The whole thing is stupid. Retired guy gets onto the flight line, up to the ECP by AF1 without having a m15 shoved up his ass? What fantasy world is the author living in? And promoting an alternate reality where every one serving naturally agrees with him? Any respect you might have earned has been shat on & flushed with this screed.

Jerry S.

What’s an m15? and it’s merely a joke being recycled to one’s preference of service, for example this one is Air Force. It is an old joke I’ve heard as Army and Marines, so try not to have a stroke!!

Dave in Fairfax

It’s a fully semi-automatic AR-15.


Tell the president’s cunt daughter to stay off of military flights while you’re at it.


Exactly. The piece of shit in chief has destroyed our alliances, except with North Korea, the butchers of Saudi Arabia, and his puppetmaster in the Kremlin. No lame anti Obama joke is going to justify how far the office of the presidency has fallen with the current disgusting pervert criminal in it. I served under every president from Reagan to Obama and have never seen such a ridiculous and embarrasing travesty as the one our country is suffering now.


How about Obama and Israel, oh yea Trump did mess up Obama’s alliance between us and Iran.
Get info correct.

Robert J. Lucas

@ Mike T, Thank You For Your Service, First and Foremost. Let us not forget the last administration that you served under. • Eric Holder, Obama’s attorney general, broke the law by deliberately sending guns to Mexican drug lords and ignoring a contempt of Congress charge with impunity. • Obama lied about Obamacare. • Obama turned the IRS and the FBI into political instruments used against honest ordinary citizens to advance Obama’s political ends. • Obama bribed the Iranian mullahs with billions in US cash. • Obama lied about EPA regulations and “shovel ready jobs”. Both were political kickback schemes.… Read more »

NT Branden

Describing the President’s daughter in such a disrespectful and obscene way say more about you than her. You are a little boy, not a man. The President and his daughter are accomplished and upstanding Americans. We all know their names. Nobody will know or remember you.


Thank you “NT” from an old USAF Weather Repairman. USAF 1967 – 1971.

franco chevalier

absolutely LOATHE this current POTUS creature AND his progeny but have to agree; referring to ivanka trump in such terms is cringeworthy & despicable & does speak more of the commenter. no adult filters or impulse control & accomplishes WHAT exactly?

robert l brown

The author is correct about one thing. “Our nation is depending on leadership.” Sadly, we don’t have it right now. Nor will we, until the present administration is run out of town, once and for all. But I guess this type of thinking is common to an Air Force officer who says he attended Army Infantry School. I’m a 23 year Army Infantry Senior NCO, and I don’t ever recall seeing AF officers attending Infantry School.

Gary Shaw

Sadly the fact that you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. As an USAF law enforcement specialist and Criminlal Investigator in the 80’s I attended many army schools, including Military Police Investigators School. Many from my squadrons attended Ranger School as well and if you look back into his time in service, the 50’s the USAF was brand new and many of its enlisted and officers were selected from the US Army. When you get a few years under your belt you may begin to realize those that came before you deserve respect, as we respect you. As… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Hiwayman Shaw, Thank you for your past and future service. And hey, lets be capitalizing that “a” in Army schools, please!

Van Harl

Class 82-8. I did my time at Benning and I am an11B. I did the time as a active duty Air Force officer. Did you spend a lot of time interacting with officer students attending IOBC?

Wild Bill

@Robert I brown, Hooah and thank you for your past and future service. Having graduated from any (or many) Army schools, why would you refer to those NUBs in government as “leadership”?


Sending air Force navy to army for certain types of training vise versa is common. Especially for different types of special programs that are in process…


In 1975 the Air Force transitioned from having Army personnel guard many AF installations (especially overseas) to having our security people assume those duties. WHen Air Base Ground Defense was instituted in Security and Law Enforcement training, existing cops went back for Air Base Ground Defense training. Many Air Force Cops (enlisted and officer) were sent to Army infantry training to become the AF cadre at Air Base Defense Training courses.

Jim Hitchcock

What a stupid fucking post and a waste of anyone’s time reading it.

Mike Hunt
William Gannon

Someone call Whitehouse maintenance… there’s an orange shit stain that needs to be removed from the Oval office.

S Safeer

Ditto !


Your a waste of humanity, too. That don’t mean we should disrespect you, as you have US!!!. On second thought Jim, you truly are a pathetic excuse a POS.


Why are you bashing trump ? The man dodnt even think he was going to win but he did ! And now here you are , grumping and moaning snd groaning about trump. Open your eyes dummies. What party has been trying to run trump over ? The dummycraps have and you know it. All of you are a bunch of cry babys. Get over it !!


I think a Henry delay is when you’re a sexist and are waiting until “she” is gone and replaced by a man, whom you can respect. What Air Force did the author retire from in which enlisted saluted other enlisted members?


I just signed up and read what my fellow veterans had to say about each other and the President makes me want to quit now. Respect for anyone can be shown in a number of ways. Saluting a friend or fellow veterans isn’t unheard of. As for the President, he is the Commander and Chief.


Obama was president until 2017. Come on, I’m a libertarian-conservative myself but y’all can at least get the dates right.

Walter Goddard

Are you referring to Inauguration Day on January 20, 2017,
..Or Obama’s meddling, in Trumps administration, to protect his agendas?

it's just Boris

Okay, I’ll bite … What’s a Henry delay? (yes, I DuckDuckGo’d it. No, the answers were not helpful in context.)