PreOrder Deal: SB Tactical SBA4 5-Position Brace Mil-Spec Carbine Ext $106.57 FREEs&h

UPDATE: Brownells has ended the product sale, but you can still use the coupon code to get money off the current price.

SB Tactical SBA4 5-Position Brace Deal 2
SB Tactical SBA4 5-Position Brace Deal 2

USA – -( Buy Online Button ClearBrownells has a pre-order sale on the all new SB Tactical SBA4 5-Position adjustable brace with the Mil-Spec Carbine Extension for $106.57 FREE shipping with a coupon code. The expected retail is $130.00 Comes in black and FDE.

SB Tactical has done it again! Introducing the SB Tactical SBA4 Adjustable Brace! Designed for all platforms capable of accepting a mil-spec carbine extension, the SBA4 adjustable brace greatly enhances the usability of the firearm by adding a third point of contact.

  • Based on the popular SBM4 brace design
  • Includes mil-spec carbine receiver extension
  • Integral, ambidextrous QD Sling socket
  • Comes with adjustable nylon strap for custom fit
  • Available in Black or Flat Dark Earth
  • ATF Compliant
  • Veteran Designed and Made in the USA

Upgrade your next build with the SB Tactical SBA4 Adjustable Brace!

SB Tactical SBA4 5-Position Brace Mil-Spec Carbine Ext $106.57 FREEs&h

SB Tactical SBA4 Related Video: (new product no reviews yet)

SB Tactical SBA4 5-Position Brace Cart Check 03/04/2019:

SB Tactical SBA4 5-Position Brace Cart Check
SB Tactical SBA4 5-Position Brace Cart Check

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Brownells is NOT selling these braces at $106.57 per above ad. Brownells price is $129.99 per Brownells direct communication.


The above ad for the new brace from Brownells at $106.57 is incorrect. Just contacted Brownells. They are selling @ $129.99 pre-order… sale.


Not to be Debbie Downer but this is the kind of crap that draws the ATF’s attention. Someone will keep pushing it until braces get “re-declared” SBRs and go the way of bump stocks.


Anyone noticing that Ammoland does not post many comments? Brownells is not selling aove BB4A brace at $106.57. Per Brownells, they sell at $129.99.


I guess we just need to avoid drawing attention to ourselves by our betters in gov’t and just passive-aggressively hope and pray they don’t violate our inalienable rights any more than they already have. My bad. I thought we lived in America.


Do what’s legal when it’s legal. Ex post facto laws and government theft of private property is illegal. Either you live free or live as a slave. Always defer to the Constitution. The USA will only remain free if we the people decide we will keep it that way.


Bump stocks were done by executive order

Wild Bill

@John Dunlap, What was the number of the Executive Order so that I can look it up? I’m pretty sure that it was a BATFE rule making function.