Alaskan Human Rights Commissioners Resign over 1st & 2nd Amendment Scandal

Alaskan Human Rights Commissioners Resign over First and Second Amendment Scandal
Alaskan Human Rights Commissioners Resign over First and Second Amendment Scandal

U.S.A. -( Marti Buscaglia, the head of the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights, became embroiled in a scandal involving a contractor, Brad Linegar, because of a political sticker. She and two Commissioners have resigned as a result.

On 14 March, 2019, she left a note on the windshield of Brad Linegar’s work truck, using her business card, calling a pro-Second Amendment sticker “offensive”. The note was buttressed by the business card of the Chief Probation Officer for Region III in Alaska, Kendall Rhyne.

Then Buscaglia indicated the contractor should not park his truck in the parking lot. It has been reported she sent an email to the owner of the building, who had contracted with Linegar’s business, Sage Mechanical, and asked the owner to “do something” about the company. From

Sandie Roach The business card is one issue. The other is the email she sent to his client. As we haven’t seen it, here is the jist…
The client had received an email from Marti Buscaglia, the Executive Director of the Commission. According to Linegar, the email implied Linegar was a racist and asked the client to “please do something” about Sage Mechanical. The email also accused Sage Mechanical of performing substandard work and exercising poor judgement.

Alaskans were upset. It was a step too far to claim a pro-Second Amendment sticker was offensive and racist. It was unacceptable that the head of the Human Rights Commission would use her power to push for an independent contractor to be fired over a bumper sticker.

Governor Michael Dunleavy called for an investigation.  On the 5th of April, 2019, the Human Rights Commission voted to suspend Marti Buscaglia for 15 days without pay, and to require her to write a letter of apology. From

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The executive director of the Alaska human rights commission has been suspended for 15 working days without pay for complaining on social media about a “Black Rifles Matter” sticker she believed to be racist on a vehicle in the commission’s Anchorage parking lot.

Commission members voted 5-2 Friday to suspend Marti Buscaglia, effective Monday. She must send an apology letter to the truck’s owner, Brent Linegar, after the commission chairman, Brandon Nakasato, approves the wording.

The slap on the wrist did not satisfy Alaskan citizens. Marti Buscaglia resigned as head of the Commission. Two other Commissioners followed with their resignations.  From

Commission Chair Brandon Nakasato submitted his resignation Tuesday morning, effective May 1, to allow the commission to elect a new chairperson. Freddie R. Olin IV, the commission’s vice chair, submitted his resignation on Monday, also effective May 1.

Nakasato said in his resignation letter that he is hopeful that “new leadership at ASCHR will allow for us to more quickly recover from this recent controversy and restore public trust in our ability to achieve our organization’s mission.”

Brad Linegar, the air conditioning and heating contractor that Buscaglia smeared and attempted to ruin, issued a statement.  Statement by Brad Linegar, as reported by mustreadalaska:

If A bumper sticker can incite a call to ban one from a parking lot, cost them their livelihood and ostracize them as an outcast. I can only imagine the anger that someone has to be carrying to follow such a path about a total stranger. This is who she is and a slap on the wrist is not going to change her ideology. When she was hired or appointed, she wasn’t even qualified for the job.

She has lied in the past to get hired and has been fired before. From an internal source, she has been weaponizing this department and she will continue to do so. This cannot be tolerated at this level and is a dangerous precedent to set if she is allowed to continue in this job. She has willingly wasted taxpayer money, willingly infringed on my 1st and 2nd amendment rights, she willingly tried to cost me and my employees their livelihood and ostracize me in a small community.

She then went on to speak to the press and continue to lie about her intentions. If she wanted to simply have a conversation with me, then a note to that effect could have been left on my windshield.

Instead, she saw fit to write a different type of note, put my truck on Facebook on the State page and email my client from her state provided email, all the while using the full weight of her title along with her cohort, the chief of parole officers to intimidate me and my client.

She also did this all on tax payer paid time, taxpayer-provided business cards and so on.

The Governor was elected to do many things, and one of those things was to get rid of this type of abuse of position and to stop this type of behavior.

The only way to stop people like this is to get them out of these positions where they can willingly damage others, while pushing their personal agendas and purposefully operate outside of their job scope and directive. This is dangerous and Alaska is watching. The world is watching as this situation has been seen all the way in India. Future voters are watching.

Buscaglia has said she has been considering retirement for some time. Will there be any criminal prosecution?  It is illegal to use a government office to deprive anyone of rights, privileges or immunities under color of law, or to conspire to do any of the above. Marti Buscaglia will be lucky to avoid prosecution or a lawsuit. Fortunately for her, no one in Alaska appears to have acted on her heavy handed request.

Second Amendment supporters are vigorous in guarding their rights. So called “Human Rights Commissions” have been notorious for trampling on First Amendment rights in Canada and other places. Marti Buscaglia has found Alaskans will not stand for it in Alaska.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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Get involved,fight back!


Send them three F#[email protected] over to “The Penosi&Scummer Camp”…



Why Alaska has a state human rights commission?! Shut it down!!! The country do not need a kangaroo court composing of far left liberals dictating what rights you have and what rights you shouldn’t have….SHUT IT DOWN!! Canada has gone with its own human rights commissions. SHUT IT DOWN!!!


For all you jerk offs blaming California for her, if push really comes to shove, you might need a little help at some point. From *everybody* else who actively believes and enjoys our 2nd Amendment rights – and not just from California. Don’t you think?
So stop insulting your friends.
We don’t like those nutcases either. Or Gruesom Newsom especially.
We just can’t afford to move.


Looks like a few more snowflakes melted in the great state of Alaska..

Ronald Nuxon

Let her move to one of the lower 48s, preferably, New York or New Jersey. There they are loaded with her types and she wouldn’t make a difference.

Candy Crowley

No, move her to southern Missouri. We will see to it that this evil Nazi never abuses, threatens, or violates the Constitution rights of another human being ever again. People this hate-filled should be wiped out for the vermin that they are.


No Candy,
Too many Conservatives that still hunt wildlife for food at dinner time. She would have a nervous breakdown as most of us are conceal and carry 2A who are well trained in saving someone else if need be.
Let’s save her money for counseling and or medication for her breakdown.
Let’s send her to Deaborn Michigan , Vermont or New Hampshire. She’d survive better there and the weather will not be such a severe change for her.


No excuse to not prosecute her. While you’re at it, sue her for slander as well.


I really hate to say this but if you people who wrote these comments, Don’t go out and back them up,then nothing will be done or change back to our great constitutional rights that were given us by some great men, Thats why we have the second amendment,so the people who understands their freedoms that they gave us to protect us from this kind, of stupidity, ignorance and idiots that have no brains,but their own way of trying to ruin this country,I will fight to protect these rights which have lasted for two hundred years if it comes to that… Read more »


No one gave anyone rights. These were granted by a higher power. They were PROTECTED by our forefathers, and GUARANTEED through the Constitution which is set in stone. As for backing up talk, I commend my fellow Patriots in staying their hand. As they are the ones trying at all costs to prevent bloodshed. The true Patriots will not be the ones to fire the first shot. But when all else fails, they will be the ones to defend those that are too ignorant to think for themselves. Such is the life we live. Those of us who have sworn… Read more »


Well said, sir. Thank you.
Just because lots of the whack jobs happen to be in California, it doesn’t mean we aren’t with you.
Because the vast number of us ARE.


Somebody should take this BIT-H out in the woods and leave her as grizz bait. Her husband (if she has one) is probably a Khalifornia transplant fruitcake. From a legal stand point she exposed her liability by trying to personally destroy this man by verbal and written actions. Sue her ass.


I saw her pic, I doubt that grizz would be that hungry.

Timothy Votaw

Reprehensible and obsessive behavior by this woman. To assume such arrogance and evident bias in one’s job performance is truly cause for dismissal. This is becoming commonplace throughout the different levels of government, most notably in the federal sector. I retired a few years ago as a federal investigator for one of the agencies. I was not ready to retire, at all. But I saw the coming activism creeping into the seams with the arrival of Obama and his minions. . By now, these spoilers are well-entrenched at all levels, as we see so graphically in Depts. of Justice and… Read more »


This Marti Buscaglia reminds me of state officials I’ve had to deal with in the Middle East and in the lesser developed countries of Africa where it is normal practice to use one’s positions of power for one’s own personal purposes and prejudices.


I doubt the heat/air guy will pursue this any farther because it would be bad for business. He still has to do work for her type and that would curtail him getting some jobs. A small community, you don’t create anymore fuss than you have to and still be able to stay in business. His only recourse is by word of mouth, not a big lawsuit. Besides, government is full of her type. She was just unlucky enough to get caught. Unfortunately, that is not revealed in a resume or job application so it happens. There needs to be a… Read more »


Letting her retire with benefits isn’t a punishment. She abused her position and should be prosecuted.


Why is the hell is it that when someone abuses power, they are given the option to retire with benefits? They should be outright fired, and lose their benefits as a result.

George Steele

She should not have been allowed to retire; she should have been terminated for cause and abuse of office. It is time that the right starts sending a message that the left does not run every aspect of our lives, and that if they think they do, they will pay for their mistake dearly. The notion of liberty does not extend to the freedom to deprive another of their constitutional right to free expression.


She hasn’t worked long enough for the state to have benefits. She will get the money she put in a retirement account. Alaskans agree that the punishment was inadequate and the uproar continued. I just hope she leaves the state.


I hope she doesn’t receive a pension on the taxpayers dime


Send her back to California… Gavvie is probably looking for a few psycotic control freaks eager to impose their “values” on the unsuspecting populace. Besides, they deserve her. Perfect match. Oh, and let THEM pay her pension.

Randy Locher

This Bitch and All who colluded with her should be Sued to Hell and back!! Take away her pension, benefits and every other thing she has. SUE, SUE, SUE!!!!

Roy Payne

If the Commission or the State do not prosecute this antifa, anti-gun, anti-1st & 2nd Amendment witch, I hope Linegar can find an attorney who will.

This case needs to get nationwide attention and go to the SCOTUS, if necessary!


He got an attorney a bit ago. When she tried to go after his business, that was too much. When she tried to go after the building owner, that was icing on her poop cake.


this is what happens when a woman gets in a position of power,it goes to their heads,or boxes.she is an example of why i will never vote for a woman for any kind of elected office.


No need to be sexist. Be better than this. Being sexist just promotes the left’s ideology.


Has nothing to do with being sexist! GOD created us and GOD set the rules. GOD told us that woman shall NOT be in authority over man! Any Christian that supports this feminism BS is in direct violation of GOD’s laws. Do as you please, and you can call me anything you like, but I also refuse to vote for women in ANY position of authority! Isn’t the demoncrap party example enough of what women stand for? How about the Supreme Court – 3 women, 3 braindead wenches! Ecclesiastes 10:2The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the… Read more »

Ernestine hanlon abel

Not my god


OK, the good guys won one this time … Had this happened in California the results would have been reversed … Glad there are still some free thinkers around …


kind of… she resigned, presumably with all of the perks her former position carried into retirement. And no charges for misuse of gov’t office/resources and slander/libel. She need to suffer some consequences… time will tell.


She has only worked her for a couple years. No benefits. Bets that she doesn’t write the apology letter she was ordered to.

Harold Wayne Price

I am so absolutely thrilled that she has lost her job, but it does not need to end there. She should be prosecuted and I wish the contractor to sue her for her actions. She should not receive any more compensation from the state, retirement or any funds of any kind for her actions. She is a criminal. Way to go Alaska. Call Pelosi and offer her some advice also.

Get Out

Very Nice.

Perhaps to top it off, some tar, feathers and a wood rail would have made it even better.


These might be Federal Civil Rights violations, sue her and the Alaskan government that employed that nut job.


Nah. Leave the government of Alaska out of this. The Governor acted quickly and decisively. She may have been hired based on some lies, but how were the desk jockeys that read her bio and CV to know she was growing her nose?

Mr. air handler man ought to sue her in her personal capacity, and bury her. Let her eat the poison fruit of her own actioins.

Paul O.

Classic liberal playbook tactics. My right not to be offended trumps your 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. That’s why conservatives and gun rights people are being de-platformed on social media. Whose rights matter more? It depends on the number of oppressed victim groups you can claim membership in. Female, check. LBGTQIA, check. Non-white, check. Non-Christian, check. The more of those groups you’re in, the more your rights trump anyone else. This is what is being hammered into minds in the neo-Marxist, intersectional American educational system. Diversity means devision. That what the liberals want. And they’re getting it. They want to… Read more »


Their playbooks are Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky. Read them both, or at least Alinsky. Their plan is clearly laid out. These were made the new constipation by that erstwhile sorry excuse of a fraudulent president, the kinyun. He adored both of those dirtbags and believed in their poison. Government employees like this one continue to try and implement the poison. Glad she got caught and dealt with.

John Timmins

Now that the stupid communist bitch is out of a job, where can I get my “bumper stickers? There are so many more p o s just like her that need to be” triggered ” just for sport, LOL

Racer x

I also would like one of those bumper stickers,if you find them please let us know!


lots of them on Amazon


Good for Alaskans ousting this bum! Wonder what cherry job they we re-emerge in next. They never seem to go far.


There has to be an idiot in every crowd and Alaska just found theirs!


I’ll be surprised if charges are brought against her. Being a former government official, the usual excuse is, she resigned, was recalled or wasn’t re-elected and since she is no longer in office she’s suffered enough. I’ve seen it happen in New Mexico, in Texas, in Idaho and other states.

Bill in ILL

Must be nice to be a radical lefty communist and be above the laws the rest of us have to obey. This “woman” should be doing life without parole. That would wipe that smug look right off her arrogant face.

Steven Lemm

Unfortunately, the government in all states along with the federal government is full of these anti Americans. You might be surprised how rotten your government actually is. Our founders had remedies for this tyranny we currently endure. How long before the solution is applied or will we allow this magnificent country to slip into total decay? I know there are citizens of all political backgrounds that love, honor and respect our God given heritage of the United States of. America. Let’s unite to move back up to the fabulous ideals our founders developed at the beginning of our wonderful nation.… Read more »


Well.. her actions have caused me to acquire a small stack of Black Rifles Matter stickers and now there will be many more people sporting them in the back of their vehicles as well. I encourage all of you to do the same..


I think the guy should start cutting them out of a whole variety of colours…. maybe even make them show the ra=nge of human skin colours. On each one, Black Guns Matter, Red Guns Matter, Yellow Guns Matter, Brown Guns Matter, WHite Guns Matter….

that way if someone had a selection of them on his truck or toolbox no one could holler RAYCYST like this eedjit did.

Matt in Oklahoma

Wow and Alaska survived after her leaving? What is that made up position anyway? I guess snowflakes melt even in Alaska

Rob Halvorson

Why is Kendall Rhyne’s part in this being overlooked? He put both cards on the truck.


I’ve asked that same question everywhere I’ve seen this story post.

Seems to me that this would be a US18 violation if he took part in suppressing a persons civil rights ‘under color of law’.

Dave Bennett

Recently I wound in an email “debate” with a friend over the increasingly outrageous avenues of assault primarily on our 1st & 2nd Amendments but not exclusively since the entire “Bill of Rights” is literally being being ignored using the pretense of “publuc safety.” I pointed out that the chipping away at our rights will not end well when the government attempts to disarm us. The current epidemic of “Red Flag Laws” spreading across the country and now gaining traction in the US Congress is an incredibly dangerous precedent apparently “approved” by some lower Federal Courts. Incredible that in this… Read more »


The DemocRATic communist/islamist/nwo party and RepubliCANT members are pushing for disarmament.


It will never happen-disarmament- in Missouri. Middle of the country we have millions of amo and hardware of all kinds. This is why USA never invaded before(except the mess at the border now.) We’d stop them whichever way they entered our country.
God Bless America


Yeah, Texans talk a lot of crap about how they’ll stop this and that, but look how they’re entire southern portion is overrun with illegals, many who got a free ride from Ronnie Raygun, and then from each of the Bushes. If I lived on the border of Texas and these asshat illegals entered my property, they’d be buried right there!

Bill in ILL

It is not incredible, these are the unintended consequences we are getting good and hard. We let them get away with road blocks, DUI laws, gun laws, etc. In their totalitarian minds, if we have no problem with all of that, we have no leg to stand on when attempting to argue their new, draconian proposals. I have been warning people about this and almost every single one of them laughed at me, accused me of promoting drunk driving, accused me of being criminal. And, I cannot tell you how many times I heard: “If you have nothing to hide,… Read more »

Kenneth Clark

Is it really so hard ? If you have a great job .. Why ? Can’t you just keep your mouth shut and do your damn job..
Anyone voicing political views on the clock should be automatically removed.


Normally, they would be. My husband worked for the state for over 30 years, and this would have been a firing offense. Not sure what went on here.


General “Vinigar” Joe Stilwell said this about a troublesome person he had dealings with during WW2, ” ILIGITIMI NON CARBORUNDUM” Which means ” don’t let the bastards wear you down”.
These anti second amendment folks are like the end rows of a corn field, you get nothing useful out of them, but are still going to have them. Knowing how to deal with them is half the battle, and it sound like you good folks in Alaska know what your doing. Just an astute observation from a deplorable from the cyanotic Old Dominion state.

Steven Sarasky

What do you call a. Pimple on a. Lefty’s. Ass ? BRAIN TUMOR


I don’t even recognize this Country anymore. It seems to me that a police state is desired by many. I can’t see how this is all going to end well.

Wild Bill

There are many that think they will be making rules that the rest of us have to live by.

John Timmins

It won’t, believe that.


I hope the people of Alaska run this pos clear out of the state. After she loses all she has basically stolen from the taxpayers.
She deserves nothing less, except maybe jail time..

Todd Eastman

Losing her job is only part of the Solution.
She basically fled the Scene and will get a lucrative paycheck until she croaks. That’s not right. The citizens of Alaska Will More Than Likely get Stuck Paying For this useless POS State Employees Actions. I hope he Sues And Gets 2 New Trucks, 4 Guns And 3 Businesses Out Of This Suit To PARTIALLY Satisfy His Grief. She should lose her Pension or at least part of it in Perpetuity. She has Shamed Gun Owners And This Man in Particular.

Jared Patrick Balmer

She should be removed from any benefits. She tried to do that to the owner of that company. So she needs eat a big crap sandwich. People like her need no place in any government job. They are wolves who pray in innocent folks who value their God given rights. We all know what wovles do. Kill they are a predator.


What’s disturbing is a continuing trend of “if x then y” pigeonholing people by beliefs. In this case it’s “he believes in gun rights so he must be a racist.” Never mind all the law abiding minorities that legally own guns and support the 2nd Amendment. I’ve seen conservatives do the same. “She’s a feminist so she must hate guns.” Such a knee jerk view comes from mentalities that don’t use critical thinking or recognize the nuances in human values or behavior.

Chris LaCoste

“…don’t use critical thinking…” we have the leftist control of the government school system, to thank for this.

Longhaired Redneck

Many if not most of the bureaucratic rabble Cant Understand Normal Thinking, let alone critical thinking!


once again, this is straight out of Saul Alinskh’s Rules for Radicals, the book our immediate past kinyun prezidunce tried to use to replace our Constitution. The one of his “rules” that the kinyun has really infected this nation with is the one about dividing into factionis.. black/white, rich/poor. dem/rep. guns/fear of them, native born/import, young/old, male/female/other, planet rescuers/trashers…..then set those facions, in any combination possible, against each other until chaos ensues… then quietly step up out of the background and suggest the Final SOlution, but only WE can make it work.
Bingo bloodless revolution and overnight tyranny imposed.


And these anti gun people think gun owners are paranoid and nutty ! Ha

Willie Brown

Pretty typical behavior from a leftist female. They end up getting people hurt and killed from their insanity.