Public Comment From Gun Owners SHUT DOWN During Pueblo, CO City Council Meeting


USA – -( In March, during the heart of the “Red Flag” ERPO debate, Pueblo City Council Member Mark Aliff announced he would be presenting a Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution at the March 25th regularly scheduled council meeting. This was on the heels of over half the counties in Colorado adopting similar resolutions, as well as many municipalities, in response to a poorly written and downright dangerous piece of legislation Democrats in the Colorado legislature were pushing – HB19-1177 “Red Flag” Emergency Risk Protection Orders ERPOs. This bill did pass by one vote with all Republicans and three Pueblo Democrats voting against it. It is still awaiting the governor’s signature.

I attended that Pueblo City Council Meeting with friends from Pueblo, and I witnessed first hand a gross abuse of power via manipulation of standard protocol, effectively silencing those who were there to speak on the resolution. It was blatantly obvious this was planned prior to the meeting and I have submitted a Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) request with the city to find exactly what went down.

Watch the Video Above.

Here’s a synopsis of how the meeting went:

  • The announcement of the resolution came approx one week prior to the meeting. Communication with the council member presenting the resolution told us comment on the resolution would be taken during general public comment at the beginning of the meeting. This is standard for anything unless it is a specific hearing on an ordinance, as is outlined in council rules.
  • Upon arrival, it was discovered public comment on this topic only was moved to later in the meeting when the resolution would be be discussed. A separate sign up was used for this one topic, and anyone who had signed up for public comment on this topic was reserved to include with the others.
  • In the past if public comment was to be taken at the time the resolution is presented, that comment is given PRIOR to the motion being moved. In this case, they moved the motion first, then asked for a second, which didn’t come and the council president found that as terms for denial of the resolution that no one had been allowed to speak to! This is unbelievable, as the job of city council is to act on behalf of the citizens. If they do not even allow citizens to speak, they cannot and do not represent them.
  • Many people in attendance were angry. Everyone left the room where local media interviewed people from both sides of the issue. After attendees left, the council continued to discuss what had just happened, with the main discussion participants being the city attorney, council president Dennis Flores, and the council member who put forth the resolution, Mark Aliff.

If you're in Pueblo, here’s what you can do:

Share this info with others. Here's the link to our article >>>

Let them know EXACTLY what you think of this power move.

Monday, April 8th, 7:00pm
1 City Hall Place
3rd Floor
Pueblo, CO 81003

Contact all city council members by email and phone.

Bob Schilling
[email protected]

Larry Antencio
[email protected]

Ed Brown
[email protected]

Ray Aguilera
[email protected]

Dennis Flores
[email protected]

Chris Nicol
[email protected]

No time to contact them all individually? Copy/paste this email list and send your email to them all!

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

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  • 16 thoughts on “Public Comment From Gun Owners SHUT DOWN During Pueblo, CO City Council Meeting

    1. It’s a shame when something like this get rammed down the throat of taxpayers that dont have a voice to view their opposition. I am surprised no wanted to sue the city counsel. Better yet put a bullseye on those people in the city counsel and hit the target to get them out .

    2. The libs are cutting their own throats with these. I expect many, like myself, are scattering their firearms where they can never all be confiscated, and untraceable firearms acquired. Law enforcement can never get them all, making enforcement of such idiotic laws impossible.

    3. Obviously, you are all living on Animal Farm. When are you going to figure out that these pigs are erasing and changing the laws and procedures that interfere with their successful rule and will keep them in power while relegating the rest of you deplorable farm animals to serfdom and slave labor. Remember this though: You really do deserve what (or who) you vote for in the first place.

      1. @Charles V, That is why we are all living on animal farms and ranches. No elitist city council. The only representative of county government is the sheriff’s deputy that comes out once a year about Christmas time, to show that the Sheriff is “on the job”. No state government employees. No feds.
        But we can do more than vote. We can pick the “not corrupted yet” candidate and throw a barbecue or party to support him. Get them to do a little speech.
        When the democrat national socialists finally get a president elected, we can refuse to buy anything (except guns and ammo) and crash the economy.
        We can convert all of our holdings to cash, that the government can not track, before the government seizes it (for the greater good).
        We can refuse to send our livestock to market. Then see what happens in a week.
        Of course this would take careful forethought and preparation.

    4. They’ll tell ya that they’re ramming this measure down your throats “for your own protection” and “it’s for the children”, at the same time removing your right of self defense and rendering the children ever more vulnerable to the monsters they’ve created by eliminating the teaching of morality.

      THEY have the power, and they’ll abuse it as they see fit, Constitutions, procedures, and protocols be damned if they’re inconvenient. They have an agenda to fulfill.

      When these bastions of local government come up for re-election, pay careful attention to the vote count.

      1. No, this is how liberty morphs into war!
        Keep it up you liberal bastards. You’re going to poke the bear one too many times.

        1. @Wayne Clark, I think you have your finger on the pulse. We have to get the libtards to revolt first. I think a second Trump term might just do the trick. Although, I hate to wait that long.

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