Final Rule: Removal of Expired Regs Concerning Commerce in Guns, Ammo & Machine Guns

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Final Rule: Removal of Expired Regs Concerning Commerce in Guns, Ammo & Machine Guns

USA – -( Effective April 1, 2019, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has issued a final rule on the removal of expired regulations concerning commerce in firearms and ammunition and machine guns, destructive devices, and certain other firearms.

Summary: This final rule makes technical amendments to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). These technical changes are being made to remove expired, obsolete, or unnecessary regulations; correct specific headings; and to reflect changes to nomenclature resulting from the transfer of ATF to the Department of Justice from the Department of the Treasury pursuant to the Homeland Security Act of 2002. The changes are designed to update and provide clarity throughout these regulations.

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Removal of Expired Regulations Concerning Commerce in Firearms and Ammunition and Machine Guns, Destructive…


ATFATF protects the public from crimes involving firearms, explosives, arson, and the diversion of alcohol and tobacco products; regulates lawful commerce in firearms and explosives; and provides worldwide support to law enforcement, public safety, and industry partners. More information about ATF and its programs is available at

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    1. For now buy all the firearms and especially ammo that you can imagine ever needing while it’s cheap and available.

      1. God bless my home The great State of Arizona private sales legal Armslist . No papers no government infringement

    2. I could have sworn I read somebody say Government and Competent in the same sentence! That hasn’t happened since about the mid 1800’s. As our government started G-r-0-w-i-n-g by leaps and bounds, more and more scoundrels have found it very profitable to become a POLITICIAN ! Term Limitations would help us change the dirty underwear a little more often !

    3. Quote: “ATF protects the public from crimes involving firearms, explosives…” IF true then that means the Boston Marathon Bombing DID NOT occur and neither did the shooting at Parkland school. Since they both occurred along with many others, that statement is a falsehood. Can we say ‘liar, liar pants on fire’?

    4. The “ATF” or the “BATF” or the “BATFE” protects no one. It’s a self serving, belligerent, unconstitutional “agent” of the executive branch… “protection” seems limited to protecting itself.
      Want to prove different? then “rule” the NFA, GCA, hughes amendment, all the various unconstitutional limits imposed both federally and by the rogue states ILLEGAL and call it a day, go back to your day job(s)

    5. All the forefathers of this country where capitalists. So they built this country useing influence and money they gained from being capitalist. So capitalism did build this country. You are the ignorant one

    6. The ATF states that its whole purpose in life is to protect the public from Firearms explosives and arson.

      Evidently that was not applicable at Waco or Ruby Ridge because at Waco they used Firearms, explosives and arson and at Ruby Ridge they left out the arson and simply just used explosives and firearms to murder an innocent boy and the boy’s mother.

      In both cases innocent members of the public were killed and at Waco they were simply wiped out both men, women and children, and at Ruby Ridge the FBI murderer of Randy weaver’s wife was promoted and also killed others at Waco.

    7. The BATF is congress’ scapegoat. They can make the rules and congress doesn’t get the flack for the removal of freedoms. It took some real smart congress critters to figure out how to stick it to us and not lose their seat in doing so. If there was a pair anywhere in the halls of congress they could stop this and own up to their deceit.
      As far as Kurt is concerned, I think a long session with a shrink would do you some good, maybe. You sound like it would be in your habits to go postal.

    8. The BATFE is the joke of the law enforcement community at all levels. They need to be disbanded and shut down. Apparently Americans have forgotten all the abuses and needless prosecutions by BATFE, Fast and Furious and of course, the BATFE’s finest hour: Waco. I suppose that’s not surprising since most of the country has forgotten 9/11 and focused on their own personal comfort.

      1. @JPM, and disbanding BATFE would only require a stroke of the pen by the Sec of the Treasury because BATFE does not have its own enabling act. If we could pressure Trump to order the Sec of Treasure to disband BATFE, Congressional involvement would not be required.

        1. Being the fact that regs regarding firearms imposed by the batfe are unconstitutional by definition, it should be the first effort of any sitting president.
          The classifications could then be carried over to the two parts of the 2nd amendment directly. Destructive devices, explosives, and crew served weapons would fall under the first half of the amendment (well regulated militia), and be limited to militia use only. Small arms of any nature (sbrs, auto rifles, smgs) ,and devices pertaining to small arms (accessories such as silencers/suppressors) would he covered by the individual right covered by the second half of the amendment.

          These are the only regulations that fall in line with the second amendment. A militia should also have to be recognized by state Congress (not federal) and be well regulated in regards to background checks and safegards to ensure it’s members are peaceable citizens. These are the same rules that our founders envisioned when the amendments were written.

          1. @Son of Lib, Couldn’t we just skip the classifications and recognizing and stuff. We could just buy our own weapons platforms and systems. I am very partial to tracked vehicles.

            1. Apologies for the horribly late reply.
              I would agree with you to a point, the freedoms recognized by the 2nd amendment should mean that law abiding citizens could own the big guns. And in a perfect world, I’m all for it. But as we know, the reality is, there are people with the intent to do evil things in this world. As such, weapons have to have some form of regulation. But those regulations should be the will of the people and not bureaucracy.

              Think, if any of these school shooting happened with the aforementioned hardware, especially Destructive devices, there would no longer be an argument, liberals would be able to abolish the 2nd amendment pretty easily (for the pen stroke and liberal votes, not physically). This would no doubt trigger a civil war that would end with a ridiculous amount of bloodshed on both sides. We could get into that being the reason for a militia in the first place, but if we were able to win, get the aforementioned classifications and regulations, and still mitigate any chance of the left having an argument, then that’s the way to go. Diplomacy would work a lot better with automatic small arms and organized militias with military firepower.

              Besides, you would have a shit ton of shiny new toys, and by constitutional law, Congress would have to supply the militia with all the big shit, so you would save a shit ton of money not having to buy it yourself. And you, as a law abiding citizen, would still be able to go and drive said tracked vehicle, and shoot it on a range built for it.

      2. No No!! If you disband the BATF we might get a competent agency that would be a much larger pain to the Gun Owning Public!! Live with the Dumbies!!

        1. Competent agency the gov. Created? The BATF&E is no more competent than the organization that would replace them.

    9. Back in time , people would rise up against there government, but now people are fat dumb and happy. Back in time people really had nothing so they had nothing to lise we are talking about a time when a man’s word was his bond and a handshake meant something. People would rise up and fight for there rights and there word because it was all they had.Today people are content with there life a full stomach makes people 50% less aggressive so food is readily available 24/7 McDonald’s, Jack in the box, Taco Bell all designed to keep you fat ,dumb and happy , kids don’t go outside anymore playstation , Xbox and cell phones keep you busy and looking at a screen instead of looking around and being aware. You can see agression and irritability in people when they don’t eat ,so keep them fat so they don’t rise up.

      1. Stop using auto spell check and fix your spelling and grammar. When a person is unable to write a simple sentance correctly, people assume ignoriance and ignore the message.

      2. H.F. your message is spot on, regardless of spell check. Too many people look for any mistake in grammar or spelling so they can make negative comments regarding the message. The message here is absolutely true.

      3. @H. F. Why don’t you have the first “Armed Revolt Against the Government” meeting at your house? You could coordinate via Ammoland messages!

    10. Capitalism has built the best country the world has ever seen the USA. If you’re not happy here please leave.

      1. Steve: So you’re saying just lay down and accept whatever our “dear leaders” say and do? Over the course of history we’ve seen the end result of that and, indeed, are witnessing it right now in countries like Venezuela. No, our form of government demands that, in order to be successful, WE the People, tell our elected Representatives what we want. We are their bosses not the other way around. Remember, the least government is the best government, something Liberals have never subscribed to.

        1. I think you’re missing Steve’s point; which is that people who want socialism, all the liberals and all the muslims who want sharia law, and other ne’er-do-wells, THEY should leave the USA. They should leave precisely because their values are not American values. They are anti-American and anti-liberty and as such should have NO place in our society.

          1. @Will F. I think that both points are valid, and do not contradict. Now that “socialists”, moslems, and other garden variety libtards have gained some modicum of power, not just doing whatever they tell us is even more important. And bouncing out illegals is down right mandatory.

      2. You sound like an ignorant fool, capitalism didn’t build shit. Our forefathers, the men that fought the same tyranny that runs our country today, are the ones who built this country.

        1. All the forefathers of this country where capitalists. So they built this country useing influence and money they gained from being capitalist. So capitalism did build this country. You are the ignorant one

        2. Wealth is created by the production of goods and services, if you decide what to do with your wealth(really your time), you will be successful. If the government decides what to do with your wealth you will have nothing. No one will take better care of you than you.
          Watch out for government they have killed more people than any other single cause.

      3. Nah man you are quite wrong about that!! WE THE PEOPLE made this happen!! Capitalism fueled wars and starved the little people of this country. They then sent us to war and WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE “BUILT” THE GREATEST COUNTRY THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN! These cowardly Capitalist fks used that to GET RICHER!! It’s the people that build the bridge, dam, skyscraper that “BUILD” this country. The people that own it have forgotten we and only “WE” can build it!!!

        1. I think we have a definition problem here! You guys are all confusing the definition of capitalism (what people think we have) with what we actually have CORPORATISM! If we had a true capitalist system people wouldn’t be able to use money to use the state to protect or build their power or wealth. Corporatism is the system we are actually living under today where corporations lobby (use money to influence lawmakers and or regulators to protect and or give them an advantage in the market) if we didn’t have such overreaching powers of the government to use against people this wouldn’t happen!

      1. I second that. Why did no one address this when the House, Senate, and Presidency were all controlled by the party that claims to be for individual rights? We got close on the Hearing Protection Act until everyone got spooked by an idiot in Vegas.

    11. Unjust laws will be broken policy wrongly written so what do you do about it vote Trump we don’t have another choice.

    12. Sadly the ATF is in violation of Article VI within the US Constitution. Supreme Law. Why? We the People were ignorant enough to allow it to happen. The ONLY powers the ATF should have to regulate is the sale of goods outside the US as originally intended.

      1. Core, you are quite correct! The ATF, like every other bureaucracy (every single one, without exception), has self-defined its own growth.

    13. You know we are in trouble look what the our gov. did in new Orleans did the honest law abiding citizen get their guns back they were left with no police no protection how did it go for them leave our rights alone

    14. It means your federal government works for Wall Street the industrial military complex. Not for you. It means as long as you keep voting for Wall street’s Republican, and Wall street’s Democrats. You don’t have a voice. Maybe that’s why the dollar is no longer backed by gold, but bullshit instead. It means
      “WAKE UP!”

    15. We are victims of CAPITALISM. If I tell you there was no Roman dark age only a cover up for Rome sacking its self, and that we have been duped for 2000 years. You won’t belive me.
      The information is out there. It’s not hidden. Take a look at your own history. The western hemisphere was pillaged by Europeans under the guise of saving the soles of the heathen.
      After extracting all wealth the Indigenous were given a choise.
      Be slaves to our church or starve to death. CAPITALISM is founded in GENOCIDE. Just ask any Indian. The industrial military complex incinerated 3000 people in the world trade centre, so they could steal trillions in tax dollars and plunder the middle East. We are a nation of cowards. Our federal government is treasonous. Its a threat to life on this planet,
      and how many people even have the balls to stand up and say no? Socialism and communism are not evil. They are nonexistent and have never been tried. Neither one has any use for banks and money. The countries that called them selves communist weren’t. This was more smoke and mirrors to keep real Communism from ever being tried. WHY? because you cant bribe politicians without money. Money is the weapon of take over. Follow me on this if you would.
      Insider trading is not legal. Martha Stewart went to prison for it. We are all equal under the law according to the constitution.
      So why is insider trading ok on Capitol hill? CAPITALISM is why no Democracy lasts longer than 200 years. Money is used to take the voice of the people away. Until humanity outlaws CAPITALISM, money and banks, and bankers. The cycle of war, GENOCIDE, and starvation will continue, and its only a matter of time before your a victim.

      1. WELL HELL KURT THINK YOU JUST NAILED IT ON THE HEAD!! About time got few more people explaining the TRUTH of our worlds! This is a great post and should fire up many people to do some homework. If they don’t we continue in this ongoing argument who’s right who’s wrong!! EVERYONE. WE ARE RIGHT. WE ARE THE PEOPLE!! ALL POLITICIANS HAVE THEIR AGENDA AND “THE PEOPLE” are not part of that! But we have the “Voice” “Numbers” and “Resilience” to make this happen! WE ARE AMERICANS!! ALL OF US! YES THATS RIGHT AMERICAN. Not White.. Black.. Chinese.. Japanese.. Mexican.. African.. Wealthy.. Poor…………

        We Are JustPlainAmericans!!!

        1. I think you misread!! Looks as if you need to do some of that homework I talked about. Just missing the point! Alot more then guns at stake Muzzy!!! Like the people the despise abortion yet have 0 adopted kids. 0 family adopting and hate that Gay people want to fill that void. Do you listen to yourself ever Muzzy? Look at youself in the mirror. How are you American you should ask yourself. This is AMERICA read up a little to what that truly means!!!

          1. The type of government is meaningless. The problem is all governments are run by PEOPLE, people that want power. Like Hillary said, there will be no more civility until WE are back in POWER! Disarm so we can be in complete POWER. A war is coming, it’s coming around the bend and there will be no peace until it is fought. It is too late.

      2. Kurt boii you have the evidence that no country has tried socialism and or communism, I mean it’s sad that some people in this country want a change so bad that they would want communism. If you think the government is bad now (which it is) than a communist government would be a hell of a lot worse, they would be able to control everything more than this government does now. Oh and before you say I’m a slave to the system then I’ll answer to your statement I’m not. A change in this government is required but not communism. So give me some evidence that no “country hads never tried true communism”? I’ll wait!

        1. Actually, he’s right about no *nation* having tried true communism. That’s because it’s a f#$%ing fairy tale which doesn’t account for human nature and our aspirations, or the power-seeking and ratcheting tyranny in The State’s nature. Both are aspects which The Founders well recognized.

      3. Ya know, I was sitting here the other day thinking “wow, I do believe most of the fired up wackos have decided to go back to sleep for a while” and then WHAMO, here comes Kurt, with not one, not two but a whole basket full of conspiracies and half truths. If I took a truckload of crap and threw it against a wall, in hopes that something would stick, I couldn’t have done a better job. Bravo!!

      4. You don’t really think that 9/11 was an inside Job do you??? Your conspiracy theories are way off. It actually never even happened! The buildings never existed at all, they were just put in movies so you thought they were in the NY skyline. People who thought they saw them in person were essentially seeing a magic trick. Most of the world we live in is an illusion, similar to The matrix documentaries. WAKE UP People! The robot overlords have tricked us into thinking the world is round and that up is up when us WOKE people know that up is down!

    16. The Act expired on September 13, 2004, and ATF is removing or amending the following regulatory provisions that had, in whole or in part, implemented that Act and are therefore no longer effective: Updated Act that’s all folk’s

      1. And this ” the transfer of ATF to the Department of Justice from the Department of the Treasury pursuant to the Homeland Security Actof 2002.”

      1. This is CAPITALISM. Our country is run by Wall Street
        Thats who the Deep state is. Our spy network, or the eyes of this country was run from WWI to 1961 by Allen Dulles. A Wall Street attorney. After the CIA was formed second in command was David ROCKEFELLER. Read the Devils Chessboard. Find out just how screwed up CAPITALISM really is. The F-ing investment bankers want everything including what you have. We go to war just so we can be fleeced through the military budget. Investigate and find out the truth. If your brave enough to stomach what you find.

        1. Thanks Captain Kurt, you have had enough to drink of the Kool- aid. I do not have time to debate with a fool today i have to go to work.
          But you and Bernie can go out and play for recess now.

        2. Kurt, what we have in this country is a unique form of capitalism run not be supply and demand as is the true form of capitalism, but one run by greed. Would that we did have a true capitalistic system, but we don’t, as you pointed out. Corruption, especially at the national level, is what drives everything from Washington and it trickles down to the states and local levels to effect every one of us. Some folks don’t what to believe it, some are in denial and some just don’t care as long as the lights come on, the water comes out of the tap and their television set works. Apathy, is what the powers that be want and that is exactly what they are getting, and as such, gain more power and control.

    17. So when is someone going to point out that the ATF exists purely to impose unconstitutional garbage and infringe on the only constitutional right that specifically says “shall not be infringed.”?

    18. Will this transfer speed up or slow down the time it takes for the processing of applications for SBR’s, select fire , and or suppressor’s , and AWO’S for which we pay an unjust tax on, and subject ourselves to an illegal form of arms registration.

      1. Hmmmmm
        Well, your application will ‘ forever ‘ be ensnared on im the backlog of other individuals applications and tangled ( read strangled ), in the red tape of the currant legal system.
        Justice will be served, ( provided you are one of the ‘ JUST US ” group. Oh, I see you are not. Please gi take a number and go to the end of the line to re file your application . Thank you. Your tax dollars at work to serve JUST US. better.
        Get back in line sheep.


      1. Muslims have fought for and with America in every war from the revolution forward. And irish fought with Nazis also. Also “forget” is one word.

        1. learn your history. ever heard of the Barbary pirates, WW1 in phillipines. just because a few of a group of people help us does not mean they are our friend and have our best interest foremost. islam is anti-thetical to western values and freedom.

      2. You got that right Obbie the only thing is Hajj Amin al-husyni and other leaders did not just help the Nazis they were the mirror image of not just the Nazis but the SS. Husyni was considered the Hitler of the middle east and he and his minions ruled the middle east after the Nazi’s defeat and their decendants still rule the middle east that is why the milddle east is still very strict anti Semitic.

        1. Kinda think it is to show that we as AMERICANS have no voice any longer!! They do what they want and when! Trump is kicking this snow ball down the hill everyone!!! No Republican or Democrat directly is at fault. They are working on this as a TEAM. Were FKD! We as a people should be writing or atleast having a vote on where and what they do with any of our RIGHTS!!

    20. so how do we reconcile the fact that the ATF agents take an oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And yet, the ATF is the primary constitutional violator…outside the whole democrat party?

    21. So how do we reconcile that the ATF agents must take an oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and yet, it’s the ATF that is the primary constitutional violator, outside of the whole democrat party?

    22. The ATF protects the public? Bullshit, the ATF is the most overzealous, gestapo like government agency in the Western hemisphere.

      1. “Protects the public”
        I stopped reading when I read that. How well did they do protecting Randy Weaver such that Gerry Spence win against all his friends advice and successfully defended him in court after his wife was shot dead and his son was shot in the back. But wait, there’s more. Some of those same agents got to go to Waco Texas.

        It seems like the least qualified to carry weapon sometimes are those who carry a badge and can’t be weeded out because it’s a civil service job.

        1. Just watched Ruby Ridge as well. Hate to say it if you all are gun people then you know what happened just by the sounds of the gun fire!! Listen close… Large caliber rifle followed by pistol caliber followed by Small caliber rifle rounds. Doubt the dog was shot with a 308? Quick math says he shot the cop and the rest followed. Now was it all just? HELL FKN NO! But does show you the force they will bring! Scary what it is! BTW his friends were a bunch of puss foot nationlists!! Just stood there heha heha ding dang digity. Big flex there. Haha

    23. As a agency with out Constitutional authorization,writing regulation on a right the government is prohibited from infringing upon,something is wrong there..

    24. Glad to see all of our hardwork in protecting the 2nd ammendent and overall features of our firearms finally paying off. Thank you.

      1. It’s all about control period & they are trying to put a grip on it once the grip is established then they will pull. Will it get ugly when they try & stamp us. I’M SURE IT WILL.

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