Ruger Announces Six New PC Carbine Models

Ruger Announces Six New PC Carbine Models
Ruger Announces Six New PC Carbine Models

U.S.A.-( Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is excited to introduce six new PC Carbine configurations including three free-float handguard models chambered in the popular 9mm Luger and three standard models offered in the highly anticipated .40 S&W chambering. These new PC Carbine models are offered in varying magazine capacity and threaded barrel configurations to ensure multi-state availability.

With improved utility for home defense and competition, the 9mm free-float handguard models feature a hard-coat anodized aluminum handguard with Magpul M-LOK accessory attachment slots on all four sides for easy mounting of M-LOK-compatible accessories. The appeal of the popular PC Carbine is further broadened with new models designed to accept the powerful .40 S&W cartridge.

Ruger PC Carbine .40 S&W
Ruger PC Carbine .40 S&W

All of these new models boast the hallmark features of the original PC Carbine. Uniquely designed for use with a variety of magazines, the PC Carbine has an easily interchangeable magazine well system that allows the rifle to accept common Ruger and newer Glock magazines. The PC Carbine also features a dead blow action with a custom tungsten weight that shortens bolt travel and reduces felt recoil and muzzle rise.

Similar to the popular 10/22 Takedown rifle, the PC Carbine is designed for quick separation of the barrel/forend assembly from the action for ease of transportation and storage. Takedown is as simple as locking the bolt back and verifying that the rifle is unloaded, pushing a recessed lever, twisting the subassemblies and pulling them apart.

The rifles also feature a reversible magazine release and charging handle to accommodate right- or left-handed shooters. The bolt is machined from heat-treated, chrome-moly steel to ensure strength, structural integrity and durability. The cold hammer-forged, chrome-moly steel barrel with ultra-precise rifling provides exceptional accuracy, longevity and easier cleaning, and some models feature a threaded muzzle to allow for use of standard muzzle accessories.

Ruger Announces the Return of a Pistol Caliber Carbine
Ruger Pistol Caliber Carbine

The accurate sighting system features a barrel-mounted, ghost ring adjustable rear aperture sight and a non-glare, protected blade front sight. The durable, glass-filled nylon synthetic stock features a soft rubber buttpad with spacers to allow the rifle to be adjusted for different sized shooters or varying levels of outerwear.

The PC Carbine ships with the SR-Series magazine well installed and an additional magazine well that accepts newer Glock magazines. A 9mm Ruger American Pistol magazine well is available separately at

For more information on the PC Carbine or to learn more about the extensive line of award-winning Ruger firearms, visit or To find accessories for the PC Carbine and other Ruger firearms, visit or your local independent retailer of Ruger firearms.

About Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.Ruger Firearms

Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. As a full-line manufacturer of American-made firearms, Ruger offers consumers almost 700 variations of more than 40 product lines. For 70 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility. Our motto, “Arms Makers for Responsible Citizens®,” echoes our commitment to these principles as we work hard to deliver quality and innovative firearms.

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    1. Graham Rockwell’s of Ruger phone number is included in this message.

      I am disabled veteran who has been shooting all of my life. Yes, I am disabled and I know I look pathetic so if you want to make fun of me for being a cripple and missing body parts that’s okay. You can make derogatory comments like I should kill myself, or throw another pity party. I’d just love to cut the legs off of some people and see how they do the rest of their life. There is not many people I would do that to but there are some I would like to know how it feels.

      ANYWAY —————>>>>>>

      I have a comment about Ruger at this moment. I like Rugers They are a middle grade firearm. I have several of them and they will still kill. They work. Maybe the smoothest actions but bottom line you can kill a rabbit or bear with them.

      I was speaking to Graham Rockwell of Riverside Firearm ( I guess that’s Ruger) and he said he was the Production superintendent of Ruger. He was speaking with Chris Killoy (CEO of Ruger) and he was directed to call me by his boss Chris Killoy. Well, Graham stated in his voice mail message that he was an Afghan vet and If I wanted to talk firearms or anything else to give him a call.

      I did and I talked to him about what I had written the CEO of Ruger. I begged Graham Rockwell for a job since I have been trying to find employment for over eight years. Well! We know that no one wants to hire a severely disabled vet around, We can’t very well relocate because we live in poverty because no one will employ us to begin with.

      Ruger like the rest of f America had no employment for me so Graham said NO. However Graham did want to talk guns. So we talked about the PC carbine and the Ruger American in .450 BM for a few minutes. Graham told me to be patient about the .45 ACP PC Carbine because it’s coming but he would not give me a date. I have a Mech TEch .45 ACP carbine and it is more accurate than I ever could have imagined. I’ve owned many other .45 ACP rifles but nothing as accurate as the Mech Tech. It;s pretty cool.

      Oh last thing about Graham. If you call him (his number is below) Thank him for me. Tell him Tom the severely disabled veteran & engineer believes you have forgotten where you came from. Please ask Graham never thank another veteran for his service for the rest of his life and ask him to never tell anyone he is a vet. Why? Well when they thank you and they do not have a disability from combat, they have forgotten where they came from. Either that or they were never were in combat and never had to carry their fellow comrade from the battle field under fire. They didn’t have any guts then and they don’t have any guts now to help another comrade. One thing I have learned, I believe no one really cares. I was baptized in Hue City in 1968. I don’t tell stories but I will say it was hell.

      Oh BTW Graham’s phone number is 603-865-3157. Call him while you can. I am posting his number on 5/31/19. It may be changed soon after a few people read this message.

      Most everyone that reads this message you have come into contact with me through the technology you use everyday. No kidding! There’s high tech developments in your cars I’ve invented and manufactured. The improvements in your eye sight. Oh and possibly our countries nuclear defense system and fuels. I can name dozens of products you all use that I have had my fingers in but the one thing I was not able to do was help myself.
      If there’s anyone out there that can give an engineer / scientist a job that I can work at home, please let me know. I doubt it but …. I know this plea is a waste of time..

      1. Quit whining!!!! I’m a disabled vet, lost my arm. Did three years in Iraq and been blown up, shot and stabbed! Even with my injuries including TBI I persevered. You throwing Graham under the bus and posting his phone # because he couldn’t give you a job is total bullshit. Try being a professional warrior and stop crying about your injuries. I’m proud of mine! Every scare ( my body looks like a road map ) and piece missing from me is a sign of a true warrior and I never quit and I sure as hell will never rant like you did about being made fun of. Try being proud of your injuries and know that when your being ridiculed or laughed at your the bigger man. I served both in the Marine Corp and U.S. Army and kept serving even after my injuries until I retired. So man up take the pain and know that what you sacrificed was for the good of all Americans. Just please don’t taint the rest of us with your self pity. I’m sure you new the score when you signed the papers and took the oath to serve. Oh yeah I was also a whit male police officer in Inglewood, CA during the Rodney King, LA riots. So I know what being ridiculed, insulted and hated is like but it never stopped me from performing my job.
        Go back to your warrior roots and overcome and adapt, you’ll be a better person and it might change your outlook on life.

        Now back on track the Ruger PC rifle is a terrific rifle. I have one and shoot it supressed and it’s a joy. The break down makes it easy to clean and it’s solid as hell. For those of you that wonder what a rifle like that is used for well you need to be more involved in the shooting world. Yes you can hunt with it, choose your ammo accordingly. Home defense, without a doubt. Cheap plinking, hell yes. Remember a +P+ 9mm out of a 5” barrel has as much energy as a subsonic 300 black out shot out of a 12” bbl. Shoot a +P+ out of a 16” bbl and it surpasses it. All firearms are significant and have a purpose for something or someone. So just if you find no need for it remember someone else will.
        If you go down that route of ( why would someone need something like that) then you just joined the anti-gunners.

    2. Over past 20 years I’ve been loyal Ruger customer. I love my stainless 300 Win Mag. I’ve recently looked at PC at my local BIG 5. I have to admit it’s a good looking carbine. However the takedown option does nothing for me. I also do not see that 9 mm or even 40 S&W is a good option for hunting. What is the aim of this model?

      1. This is the funnest plinking rifle I own. More punch than a .22LR but still affordable to shoot. Good for small varmint hunting. Works great. I like the breakdown because I use it for camping. Small fairly light and uses the same magazines as my side arm. Only one kind of ammo to carry. I paired mine with. Solar powered red-dot and it’s very accurate.

      1. A friend of mine got M&P mags to work with the Ruger mag well. A small amount of work with a file on the mags is all that is required. The mags still work in the M&P

    3. I know glock 22 mags will work with 9mm as well, but does the pc carbine 9mm function with glock 22 mags..?

    4. I am anxious to see the PC 40 S and W carbine appear as I have already the PC 9 mm rifle and I really enjoy shooting it. Along with that I have two Ruger 22 rifles and a Ruger ..223 and a 7.62 x 39. JB

    5. C’mon guys. 10mm is still too expensive for range day fun. Philosophy of use for pc9. Nice , easy to handle pcc that’s inexpensive to shoot and learn with. Also I’ve tried backpacking this thing and it’s still pretty bulky but fits my covert pack pretty well. With right ammo it’s pretty rowdy. Still wanna try it with can on it but not yet as they are twice the cost of the rifle.

      1. 10mm would be awesome. Theres good deals on 10mm ammo just look. Or get a better job. 10mm is way worth it, build it they will come. God bless

    6. 45 acp and 10 mm come on guys. That would be awesome if you could swap calibers with barrels.

      I have the 9 and absolutely love it it seems like it will cycle anything. I reduced powder charges to see how low I could go and still cycle it’ll cycle with a bullet getting stuck in the barrel below 500 feet per second 147 grain jacketed. now shooting 147 grain lead with 2 grains of Red Dot at 800 feet per second

    7. I know I’m going off the path here but why in the world would ruger ever stop production and never bring back in it’s original configuration the Mini -14 with the original factory folding stocks they would surely be Rugers biggest selling firearm even outselling rugers version of the companies AR-15 don’t understand why theyve not done so.

        1. I too agree ! Seems like someone is missing the BOAT . THE 40 S&W is ok But the 10mm is the current HOT CARTRIDGE. THIS IS SAD EVEN Hi point is making a 10 mm carbine . Hope they wake up soon .

            1. It’s gotta start somewhere. These are selling big time (40s sold out at many sites) and ruger in business to earn good American dollars. Wouldn’t be surprised if larger bores are in the works as we speak. Stay tuned!

    8. I still have about 40 to 45 black talons myself i was issued 20+ years ago. Ammo should last decades kept in a cool dry environment. Ranger Ts are the same just a different color. SXTs are NOT the same. [email protected]

      1. Midwest Industries sells a nice m lok floating hand guard. I just installed today and it fits like a glove. Looks pretty sweet too. Doesn’t go to the end of the barrel like the new Ruger but is an upgrade to what comes with the older model pc9.

    9. Happy to have a caliber and magazine compliment to my SR-9.
      Makes loading up for a week of back country camping easier.

    10. I still have a ton of 180grain black tallons, I guess I could shoot those from this 40.. at least it seems like an idea.. I do like ruger..

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