‘When the Levee Breaks’ – NRA’s Untenable Position ~ VIDEO

Opinion by Adam Kraut

NRA Danger
NRA Danger

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Over the past few months news of impropriety, questionable business dealings, lack of transparency regarding the inner workings of the NRA, and outrageous compensation have emerged. While the source for a lot of this information is not one that many people hold in high regard, much of the information has been independently verified. Jeff Knox through AmmoLand News has written extensively about these issues.

While NRA is currently embroiled in litigation in New York over the Carry Guard program, an IRS complaint has been filed seeking to question its non-profit status. Worse yet, the possibility of New York State (the state where NRA is chartered) for violations of state law loom as a very likely possibility. Perhaps more terrifying for some of the Board Members is the possibility of legal action in which they might be found personally liable.

Undoubtedly, the current state of affairs the NRA finds itself in happened under the watch of Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre and various Board Members (those sitting on the Finance and Audit Committees) who apparently failed to fulfill their fiduciary duty to the organization and its members. I am calling for Wayne LaPierre and those Board Members to tender their resignations immediately. The very future of the organization depends on the ship being righted and righted quickly. Of equal importance, I call upon the Board to terminate all contracts with the marketing firm Ackerman-McQueen, along with any of its subsidiaries or affiliates, and to bring all public relations back in house.

The obvious question that arises from this call to action is “who will replace Wayne LaPierre?”

I don’t claim to have the answer for who ultimately fulfills that role, but I do have some ideas. First, an interim person will need to take on the part of Executive Vice President. The order of succession calls for the Executive Director of General Operations, but the Board can name someone more suitable if needed. Second, the Board should immediately form a committee to look for individuals who are qualified to run a non-profit of the NRA’s size and scope.

Make no mistake, these individuals should be heavily scrutinized in order to ensure that they are fit to run the NRA. Members of the organization should be permitted to submit names of those they think would be suitable candidates. The goal should be to canvas the largest field of qualified people and narrow down from there.

As mentioned to me by a former Board Member, this person should never become the face of the NRA. The idea of the NRA being synonymous with the Executive Vice President’s identity is a dangerous proposition that has in some ways led us to where we currently find ourselves. NRA’s public faces should come from its own in-house PR department and should be comprised of a wide demographic of individuals. After all, the NRA is comprised of over 5.5 million members.

Of equal concern is the compensation that has been paid to Wayne LaPierre, or perhaps I should say, will be paid too. Already netting over 1.4 million dollars a year, Wayne’s golden parachute ensures that he will continue to be paid as a speaker and consultant for the NRA at the full base salary he is currently receiving as Executive Vice President. Which raises a pressing question, how much will his replacement be paid? Moreover, to the extent this type of payment is rendered, how is NRA going to afford to pay it? Does it come from the constant requests for $20 donations from the members? If so, aren’t there more prudent ways to spend that money given the NRA has nearly exhausted its 25 million dollar credit line, liquidated 2 million dollars from an investment fund, borrowed close to 4 million dollars from its officers’ life insurance policy and about 5 million dollars from the NRA Foundation?

NRA Contractors Money
There is absolutely no reason that the NRA cannot and should not be doing PR on its own. The cost savings would be enormous.

Then there’s the never-ending drain of money from the NRA by Ackerman-McQueen. As current Board Member Lt. Col. Robert Brown refers to them the “vampire vendor.” There is absolutely no reason that the NRA cannot and should not be doing PR on its own. The cost savings would be enormous. In-house talent would always work with the best interests of the association, not the vendor or its questionable billing practices.

The Colandro Challange

With that out of the way, there is one more issue to attend to. Numerous individuals have asked if I’d be running for the 76th Board Seat at the NRA Annual Meeting. Others have asked if I would endorse or support Anthony Colandro (who is now being supported by Wayne LaPierre, among others!?). I’ve decided to keep my options open. My name will appear on the ballot, however, if Mr. Colandro will join me in demanding that Wayne and the Board Members who failed to exercise their fiduciary responsibilities immediately resign, I will consider stepping aside and offering my endorsement. Without that commitment though, I could not in good conscience endorse any candidate.

For those attending the NRA Annual Meeting this year, I’ll see you there. I hope you’ll join me in demanding accountability from the Officers and the Board.

– Adam Kraut

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Montana Guy

Regretfully I am a Life Member of the NRA. What a waste of $330. The NRA is a bunch of empty suits, just like Washington DC. Both need to go.

Arthur Conrad

April 24: The Federal Election Commission (FEC) was sued in federal court on Tuesday for allegedly failing to enforce campaign finance laws against the National Rifle Association (NRA). Giffords, the nonprofit organization founded by former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) after she survived an assassination attempt, sued the FEC for allegedly allowing the NRA to violate campaign finance law — including to help Donald Trump. The new lawsuit, reported by BuzzFeed court and justice reporter Zoe Tillman, mentions the word “Trump” thirty-five times. “Plaintiff’s complaints demonstrate that the National Rifle Association (“NRA”) violated the Federal Election Campaign Act by using a… Read more »


Shove it, guy. Buzzfeed, of all things. Fake news, fake facts, fake outrage.


Look, I get that Adam is upset about not getting on the BoD. I get that he is calling all patriots to action in the wake of the recent news hysteria surrounding NRA funding. I don’t, for the life of me, understand why Adam would choose to reference Tony Colandro in this tirade against the NRA. He doesn’t need the NRA to be 2A, but the NRA sure as hell needs a guy like Anthony Colandro. Shame on you sir for implying that Tony will somehow “lose his way” unless he bends the knee to your argument. The ONLY way… Read more »


We need to stop trying to patch holes in a burning building for the sake of the name on the door. The NRA has become a hotbed of infighting, corruption, and concessions to gun grabbers. If this is what we (the public) wanted, we’d leave it to the state and federal politicians. Let the building burn, and rebuild completely anew, or work with the groups already working towards the same goal (SAF, GOA, NAGR, CRP).

J Richardson

How is it that the person who comes in 33rd out of 35 candidates get the endorsement of the NRA when Dave Butz (existing BOD member) was 28th and just missed re-election. Adam was 29th and I know hell would freeze over before he would ever get their endorsement but logic says the existing BOD member gets the nod. I have nothing against Mr. Colandro but my “something ain’t right with this picture” meter is pegged.


My thought is they don’t want the same, they need new stronger energy. Looking more into Colandro, he has built a successful business in a tough anti gun state. Some say one of the most successful gun ranges in America. I watched a few of his rants on youtube as well. I think he is exactly what the NRA BOD needs. Unfiltered, direct, calls out the bullshit and suggests solutions. His type of presence and energy on the board will bring a new level of attention and focus. Looking forward to seeing new results!

Colandro Anthony P

Maybe because a am a very active committee member, that is always there contributing to the committees I sit on with three decades of credentials and not a famous figure?



Adam (and many others) would rather curse the darkness than light a candle …. Colandro is the candle!


I don’t know Mr. Kraut from Adam (sounds bitter) I do know Anthony Colandro and he is a pit bull! No lip service here. He is the real deal! Lives, eats and breathes 2A – 24/7. This “challenge” is pure bullshit, and a lame attempt to derail Colandro’s chance of getting a well deserved seat… Google Gun For Hire and see who Anthony is. Google “Kraut” …. first thing that pops up is SOUR!

Charlie Foxtrot

Adam Kraut is a plaintiff and litigator against the NRA’s bump stock ban. Some people apparently can’t use Google. Enough sad!


Bump stock… REALLY? some would say “it’s what the bump stock stands for” (give them an inch they’ll take a yard) I say choose you battles wisely. I never could get one of those to run. Waste of time and money fighting that…

Charlie Foxtrot

Right, choose your battles wisely. Hence he is fighting the bump stock ban. Why? Because it isn’t about the bump stocks, stupid! I have never owned one of these contraptions and I would never do even if they would be legal. Unfortunately, NRA shills like you only listen to NRA propaganda and have never read the federal regulation banning bump stocks nor do they understand the legal concepts being used here. You clearly do not understand the legal implications of using the Chevron Deference to rewrite federal firearms regulations by the executive branch. The bump stock ban sets legal precedence… Read more »


Anyone with the smallest amount of brain cells knew the bump stocks could not survive. If it did, and some “numbnut” pulled off another Mandalay Bay it would be the end of discussions, our elected officials don’t have the stomach for that. You do.. I do.. but they don’t and they write the laws.

NRA shill? …if you only knew!

This is a marathon… not a hundred yard dash.


NOT ONE INCH WITHOUT RESISTANCE! They took the yard from that given inch. They redefined the term “machine gun” with that metaphorical inch. They destroyed businesses and livelihoods with that inch. Inches given elsewhere are allowing victims to sue manufacturers over shootings they did not commit. This now threatens all manufacturing of firearms inside the U.S.. Anti-gun activists smell the blood in the water. Do you think they wont push for victims to file suit against companies that they want wiped out? They’ll fund the suit just to see the companies toppled. Jobs lost, companies ruined, Families damaged, by each…… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

Gary, I am replying to your last post. It looks like you really do not understand the Chevron Deference. I am not arguing about bump stocks. I am arguing about how they were banned. Please inform yourself about the implications of using the Chevron Deference. It is quite dangerous! Since you brought it up, let’s argue about the bump stock ban. Your argument supporting the bump stock ban also makes clear that you support the original 1986 machine gun ban. There is also the issue of $100,000,000 in privately owned property being outlawed without compensation and without due process. According… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

Smart@$$ comments about his name show that you have nothing to say.
If you don’t know who Adam Kraut is you haven’t been paying attention. He’s been warning people about what the BoD was up to FOR YEARS. He’s been running for a position on it FOR YEARS. Marion Hammer’s comment about the enemy within was aimed at him, Knox and everyone else who has been trying to get the leadership to change its ways.


Perhaps if he played nice and got on, he could do more good…screaming from the rooftops how much the NRA sucks is not going to work… infiltrate first!

Is there anyone reading these comments who actually thinks these elections are for real?


No sadly. The NRA insiders, I’m sure, already knows who will get the appointment. They use the same underhanded backdoor politics the government does. Kraut won’t get it EVER. He’s too much the public figure and his point of view is open and plain to see. This prevents them from manipulating him from what you thought you wanted, into what they want. What the NRA seems to want more ineffectual apologists so they can continue to push you for more money “to fight the good fight” while they take a ride on the dome of contributors. IF they were too… Read more »

Colandro Anthony P

I would like to address the “Colandro Challenge” as presented by Adam Kraut. First, let’s remember where most of this “news” has come from. I’m not on the board yet, and I don’t have access to the same information as a board member. I do, however, sit on three committees: Education and Training; Clubs and Associations; and Range Development. That has been my focus as a committee member — until now. I’m independent and I will make my own decisions. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I won’t be intimidated by ANYONE to make ANY decision. In New… Read more »

Scotshot Grant

I’d like to verify what Anthony says. He has worked tirelessly for the 2A community in New Jersey and has reached out to embrace everyone, as far as I can tell, who has come to him for support. He provides resources (free range facilities), publicity (he invites people on his radio show to move their cause) and money, generously. He doesn’t do this for an easy life, he does it because he truly does believe in the 2A cause. The ins and outs of the nomination for the 76th seat I have no comment on, but what I will say… Read more »


Hilarious podcast and posts on Ammoland every week. Thanks for all you do!


I joined the NRA last month thinking I was helping in the fight for our 2A rights,BUT. Ya there is always a BUT. I wish I had learned more first,now I should have ,instead of thinking the NRA leadership honestly fought for us. I put off joining for years, now 59. I couldn’t take any more ANTI-GUN BS and signed up for 5 year membership. Now I will work more at turning it around to what it is meant be. Will watch closer now and help clean house now that I’m here.


That’s also why I joined! I’m glad I’m not alone!


Wayne’s “Golden parachute” fund would be better spent hiring lawyers to fight all these unconstitutional laws and regulations coming down the pipeline! I have since hearing of this out of control corruption at NRA stoped renewing my membership and have become a Frontline Defender with NAGR because I feel they are doing a much better job defending our 2nd amendment rights than the NRA.

Anthony Kueber

This is real simple, sports fans. Drop the NRA like a hot rock and shift your support to an organization that actually defends the Second Amendment, Gun Owners of America.

I just renewed along with an $80.00 contribution, Why don’t y’all do the same?

R Vincent Warde

While I agree with the GOA the vast majority of the time, I simply cannot sign on to their never give an inch mentality. It would be nice if politics worked that way (and in some states this is a winning strategy), but federally and in many states, it can result in very bad outcomes. The most glaring example of this short sighted strategy is background checks. Like it or not (and I don’t) the vast majority of Americans do not think that anyone should be able to buy a gun without a background check. Consider for a moment the… Read more »

Scotshot Grant

Thank you for this. If what you say i correct, then yes, we would have been better with M-T. You are certainly correct when you say that Blomberg and his unlimited $$ are the enemy. The ballot initiatives in WA was a disaster for us, as are the Red Flag laws. I’m a mamber of NRA and SAF, and continue to support them both.


Whoever agrees to try to repair this mess needs to be a hard-headed interim who knows and accepts the realities of turn-arounds.


I agree with Adam, time for an overhaul at the top.

Green Mtn. Boy

“Wayne’s golden parachute ensures that he will continue to be paid as a speaker and consultant for the NRA at the full base salary he is currently receiving as Executive Vice President. ”

Wayne’s going to need the money even if he ends up in a federal pen,got to keep the wine and cigar club going,even if it’s behind bars,lifestyles of the rich and famous you know.


The only reason I belong to the NRA is that the Club I belong to requires that club members belong. And the clubs board is too hidebound, and filled with non-thinkers that it will take another hundred years before they look at what is actually going on and change their “must belong” policy. Fact is that gun owners are not deep thinkers, in fact they tend to believe what they are told by entities that they have come to trust. They simply do not question their “reality”. Gun-owners are conservative which is defined by the dictionary as “disposed to preserve… Read more »


The “must belong” for manny or almost all guns clubs is a result of liability insurance. The NRA is just about the only place that a shooting range (gun club) can obtain insurance at a reasonable rate. One of the conditions of obtaining NRA range insurance is 100% membership of all club members. Other companies may offer equivalent insurance at three to four times the cost, but as we all know local club dollars are usually tight so the club is being prudent.


I’ve had a lot of deep conversations with gun owners about the long term ramifications about their pro 2A positions versus the anti-liberty mentality.
We have had long drawn our discussions with all ideas on the table, from the probable and already here, to the far fetched and might happen someday.
Don’t tell me they don’t think. We also discuss the benefit of the NRA and other organizations, and whether big organizations should be the engine driving this in the first place.

Ansel Hazen

I have that problem too. My gun club requires NRA membership but they do subsidize the insurance policy for the range and our youth shooting program gets funding from them too. Still, I give the absolute minimum because I have left the room in regards to lobbying congress critters. We can not win the 2A battle at the ballot box any more. If GOA and 2AF etc start funding militia’s then they will get my money. Training with others to be able to have an armed defense of our republic is where all my efforts go now. They ARE going… Read more »


A life member and over the last few years it has been constant calling me for more money. Until Wayne is gone and the board changed, not one cent. We had to block the NRA from all my phones for the calls had become daily. Wayne, leave and leave your parachute behind.

David Brantley

I have long since taken the same stand. The “inner circle” at the top is a microcosm of the DC swamp.

n r ringlee

Any organization that becomes part of the DC swamp will eventually fall due to corruption and self-serving actions by the elites. This is one such case. We need a major reentineering of NRA. Until that happens my money goes to Arizona Citizens Defense League, Second Amendment Foundation and Gun Owners of America.


I concur. I have had more support from, and seen more pro-2A activity by Arizona Citizens’ Defense League than from the NRA. I refused to renew my Certified Firearm Instructor credentials, and, at the present time, I would not even consider joining the NRA — except that I became a Life Member in the early Nineties, so I’m just letting it ride.


Agreed … AzCDL is doing a good job


Patient is Terminal , N.R.A. is ” walking Dead ” — N.R.A. , is Compromised from within , just like the thousands of government ‘ managers ‘ in the DC swamp. ( see Senior Executive Service )


The biggest takeaway from this for me is that you, a lawyer, find the legal threat the NRA is under existence serious.