About that NRA Board Vote Outcome. . .

Editors' Note: Lt. Col. Allen West was seeing a lot online grief about the lack of new blood making it onto the latest NRA Board of Directors and had this to say.
Opinion by Lt. Col. Allen West

NRA Board Election Ballot Vote
About that NRA Board Vote . . .

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Okay, since there are stupid people online who make assertions about something they know nothing about, let me enlighten you.

The new slate of officers [candidates] for the National Rifle Association was decided upon, and nominated by, the NRA Board of Directors nominating committee.

There were no nominations from the floor when these names were put forth. With no opposing nominations, the vote was done by acclamation, not roll call vote. This action is similar to passing a piece of legislation by voice vote.

Now, for you chuckleheads, I did not vote for our Board to go into Executive session. That was reported.

Here is the deal: there were some 2 million ballots issued [to voting eligible NRA members] for this past 2019 Board election, for which I was a candidate.

There were less than 150K ballots returned.

[of that number returned some were ineligible or not counted, for assorted reasons, including being blank, having made more than 27 choices, received past the voting deadline, being ballots from wrong years, or not authenticated by the member properly]

So, all of you brave people complaining about me via the invisible mechanism of social media, did you vote? Did you participate? Or, are you just a couch warrior that ain’t got the balls to say something to my face?

Now, please, have a nice evening, and know that God loves you. I can choose whether I do or not.

Allen West Headshot
Allen West

Allen West is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army. Mr. West is a Senior Fellow at the Media Research Center to support its mission to expose and neutralize liberal media bias and is author of the book from Brown Books Publishing Group, “Hold Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death” available on Amazon.

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    1. I’ve been following the issue of high salaries and indirect enrichment of NRA officers for about two decades. That’s why I limited my NRA membership to annual terms, since I wanted to be able to leave when things got too bad. That time has come and I’m not renewing. After the NRA meeting debacle, I renewed my expired membership in GOA and sent them a fat donation to boot.

      I hope the NRA board can straighten things out and get rid of the self-serving good ol boys who have wasted our contributions for a long time. When that happens, I will gladly rejoin.

    2. I am 78 years old, been a NRA member off an on over the years…..forever there slogan has been,”send money, to protect your gun rights”……as we witness those we elected to WDC, to protect our constitutional rights over the decades incrementally destroyed or altering them.
      “Hate Speech”, generated law, has taken away the ability of your First Amendment right of speaking your opinion…..
      Second Amendment, right to Bear Arms……I fear that the enemy has placed its Trojan Horses within the NRA leadership, they will under mine an eventually sell out to our tyrants in WDC that wish to transform America..
      Could our government be following Hilter’s blueprint for gun confiscation?
      Hilter, referenced the Rifle a “Military Weapon”…..our enemy in America have labeled the Rifle a “Assault Weapon”.
      Registration followed by Confiscation…….on the horizon?
      As they say History Repeats itself>?

    3. I did not vote this year because I misplaced my ballot, then had pneumonia and a bad case of the flu. So I guess I should not say anything. But I have voted in every board selection since I have been getting them for the last 15 years or more. I live in Oklahoma so I hardly ever select a Yankee or someone from the west coast or New Mexico. So I get maybe 50% of my selections on the Board. But I still like to vote for/select the folks whose bios dovetail with my preferences. We should all vote/select if given a ballot. Unfortunately we do not always succeed, but participating in the process is worthwhile. Having said all that, I have worked for nine hospital boards. Without a doubt, every one of them are self-perpetuating and self-serving. A small minority of each one of them controlled every one with the rest of the members being “me too” followers. It always sucked and as a CEO I never reported to a single one of the nine boards that did not mis-govern. That is just the way boards are. And term limits never made much of a difference because those new board members were stacked by the “good old boy” network that functioned in each of those communities.

    4. For the record, my wife and I vote every year. We read every bio and work very hard to choose those whom we consider to be the best candidates. Col. West was on both of our lists.

    5. I voted for Colonel West for NRA Director. Hopefully, someday I can vote for him as POTUS.

    6. Allen, what exactly are you griping about? Point by point, what are you accused of, what are your complaints about and what are your responses to whatever it is that is bothering you here? Your message is without context or meaning, other than that you are willing to call people names because they disagree with you, or you disagree with them.

    7. Wayne is now begging for money saying it is needed to save the NRA and tp protect gun rights? Just who owns this down fall and failure Wayne??? Suppose you agree with Mr. West, it’s the members fault.
      I think not!

    8. Sorry, Colonel, but I have to call BS on each and every NRA Board Member who are now tap dancing that of course _I_ didn’t support the officers but the unanimous vote was just automatic because there was no other choice.

      This is exactly the kind of non-feasance that becomes the collective malfeasance of the Board leading to the NRA’s legal problems with NY regulators. If the board members were doing their jobs, the organization wouldn’t be in the mess that it is in today.

      And if all the board members who claim to support the right to keep and bear arms actually meant what they say, then we wouldn’t be looking at an 85+ year record of the NRA as the single largest and most effective ANTI-RKBA organization in the USA.

    9. Colonel West has hit the nail on the head so to speak. There are 271,600 CHLs in Oregon. If each of them would email and call (just once) the anti gun legislators who are in session now, do you think we would still be fighting for our rights? As a matter of fact he has pointed out the problem in America, people don’t want to be involved.

      1. Gary, l recently sent an email to the head of the Senate minority asking him to do all they can to stop SB 978 and other bills like it. That was days ago and no reply. I have sent my own comments on OFF’s Taken Action link. Do these get any attention? I hope so. But you’re right, that’s a sizable voting block with voices that should be heard!

    10. In 2013 Wayne stated NRA membership would soon be at 10 million!
      Today by this substantial failure it is clear his leadership and business plans have failed big time? Time to move on?

    11. I voted! I have voted every year since I become a life member. I am now a Patriot Life Member. What I have noticed is the elections are RIGGED! All of the incumbents are nominated by a select group, selected by elitists within the NRA, and then they add a few stragglers so out of 27 positions to be filled we, the voting membership, have maybe 35 choices. Now, those odds are a certain shoe-in for most, if not all, of the incumbents! In all probability those odds gives us, the voting membership, the chance to change one incumbent out of 25 each voting cycle. That is not a choice, that is a “Russian Putin re-election”!
      So, don’t lecture us LtCol West! You are part of that problem. And let us not forget you support “Red Flag Laws”, you support Banning Bump Stocks, all because YOU believe YOUR values should dictate to everyone else what Rights they should be allowed to have by the NRA! Our Rights belong to each and everyone one of us individually, NOT to the NRA to use as “poker chips” on the “political gambling table”! YOU either fight for ALL of our Rights, or you are part of the problem! Do you remember the old quote, “I don’t like what you have to say, but I’ll fight to the death for your Right to say it!” Well, you don’t like all of our Rights, so you ARE NOT fighting for ALL of our Rights because YOU think YOU know better than everyone else, including our Founding Fathers.
      NO, I did NOT vote for you! I voted against you. So, what value did my vote really have in this RIGGED “Russian Putin re-election”?
      What happened to you? I use to like you.

    12. No accountability for the vote counts, no real representation for the members or their needs and no way to stop the LaPierre “train” from continuing down the corruption line. If the NRA is sending out letters to ask for money to keep from folding, how ’bout if LaPierre and his chronies donate a portion of or all of their salaries to help. Trump donates all of his salary back to help the country, but the NRA administration takes ALL of theirs, and more, straight to their personal bank accounts.

    13. The first axiom of politics and life is that once a person gains power he does all he can to keep power.

      Sound like anyone at the NRA to you?

      If you all want Adam Kraut to get elected then vote only for Adam on the ballot.

          1. As if voting on an NRA ballot will ever changea anything about the NRA.
            Rigged means rigged.
            How many times will you vote for Adam Kraut and lose before you admit this? Three? Ten? Twenty?

    14. Ltc west… what a disappointment. I never received a ballot and with all the things going astray in my life I was not diligent about voting.had i voted, you would have been my only vote.i never have said anything against you, unlike the skunks LaPierre cox powell, north and the ruinous entity ack mc is. The vessel that the NRA is is now broken in half and capsized. Shes going down fellers. Maybe what comes out of this wreck will shed those, and be strong and a true 2a fighting force. If not, 2af and goa will have to step up farther than they are now. But they do a great job in spite of the NRA,

    15. I just received an email yesterday, May 1,2019, from Wayne Lepierre stating how bad things are right now for NRA and the future of the Second Amendment, begging for a donation. I guess he thinks he needs a raise for all the good work? NO donation, No more membership, and No more emails for me, UNSUBSCRIBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. Col. West, Sir, I have been a life member since the early 70s. I learned the trick of only voting for those I knew not
      the MAX number allowed. You might be pleased to know, I voted for you as my #1 choice !!! KEEP UP FIGHTING !!
      The NRA is like a small plum on the bigger target of the Socialists, the whole USA is in their AIM ,and WE are in
      their way !!! Without fighters like you, we will lose the battle !!! CHEERS !!! CWO John Miller, (RETIRED ARMY)

    17. Who even cares?
      The NRA has turned itself into a running joke.
      Is there anyone you can trust in this organization any longer?
      It’s nothing but a paycheck to these guys, a cash cow.

      Join GOA, and stop letting the NRA negotiate away your rights.

    18. I wrote the BOD and told them no more donations until this mess gets straightened out. The executives have not properly and faithfully executed their duties and the Board is negligent in their oversight.

    19. You need to be life member or 5 year regular member to vote.
      I joined when I bought a new gun and there was a discount for a membership in the box.
      After the NRA practically told President Trump to ban bumpstocks, I joined Gun Owners Of America and Let my NRA membership lapse.
      Everyone else should do the same.
      The NRA’s strategy of compromise and common sense has led to considerable erosion of our gun rights.
      Join GOA and help them with their no compromise approach

      1. Interesting !?! Exactly (point by point to point) my story and history ! I wonder how many of us think and act that way ? If more than half million – NRA is the swamp.

    20. Same bunch of decades old BOD members, who have stood idly by and let LaPierre do as he pleases. Same bunch of members standing idly by, not voting and allowing it to happen. Can’t imagine why our freedoms are being taken away, as we are so poorly represented.

    21. If you do not vote then you can not complain about your laziness or “I don’t give a shit attitude”. Not voting is how we end up with candidates like the DEMOCRATS. Shall I name them all?

      1. The NRA PTB tell the membership who to vote for, the low-information Fudds vote exactly that way, and the PTB get exactly what they want for another term. The thinking man’s vote doesn’t really count. It’s like casting a vote for the non-machine candidate in a Democrat primary.

        Do y’all remember the year when the PTB were so scared that they actually took out a “Do NOT vote for” ad against the independently nominated? Exceeded their authority, violated their own by laws, lost a court case for doing it. But by then the election was over anyway, so the PTB won again. They get what they want, hell or high water.

    22. West complains that members do not take seriously a process that provides them little or no say in the running of the NRA? I think he’s mad at the wrong people for the wrong reasons. I didn’t vote in this year’s “election” because I do not believe that the current administration serves the members and I will not support it. How many of West’s “chuckleheads” feel the same way? And if I had access to the BoD members, I’d be more thsn happy to tell them to their faces, as I did more than once in conversations with Neal Knox years ago. Try being more accessible, BoD.

        1. Thank you. Some of those mouthers are the ones who stayed away from the polls in 2012 and GAVE Osama bin Obama another term.

        2. Voting for someone you don’t personally know is like getting in a fight with a bag over your head . Choices are do it or don’t vote. NRA BOD and candidates are just ghosts in a closet. Information on them is like jello in your hands. Another fine fix we are in. Votes have some effect but action is the most effective. LaPierre knows that and uses it against the membership hiding it all the time, a corrupt politician and as greasy as the old mob. lots of different points of view but this one makes the most of common sense..The GOA makes the NRA look like a 3 year child wanting attention and candy. If you support the NRA then you had better know WHY.

        3. Dave. How do you know if your vote was even counted? I am not wasting any more money on the Board. Including the stamp to mail the ballot. They have suckered me out of money and I will not be suckered into trusting their election.

          I will consider to shut my pie hole, don’t want to waste my breath.

      1. “I didn’t vote in this year’s “election” because I do not believe that the current administration serves the members and I will not support it.”

        So vote for board members that will make changes, that’s the only way anything will happen.

        1. Lt. Col. Allen West, has you and the, what? 74-77 board members? Been doing your jobs all along, this train wreck would have never happened.

          As for, “voting”? You are pining away that members should vote for people they know absutley NOTHING about, except for what the NRA wants us to know about them. THAT is nothing more than a voter tossing a dart at a list while blindfolded. Had you and all the others been doing your jobs, keeping the, “elected officials”, titled, statuses and rhetoric down to a mild roar, paid attention to detail, checks and balances, properly performed your getting of people and companies you squander OUR funds on, you wouldn’t be,on here right now kissing and moaning about those of us that did NOT vote, which in the real world IS A VOTE! Aside from the fact that you didn’t send,me a ballot! But the bottom line remains, those that were previously elected all had jobs to do and you ALL failed US! The United States has turned a corner when it comes to being forced to, ” Vote for the best of the worst.” We want, no, we demand REAL candidates with OPEN AND REAL BACKGROUNDS based on trust, ethics, challenge and fortitude.

          You and your lackeys go get ALL of our rights back that you traded away, right the NRA ship and we will take amother look at just how serious you all are in running this operation!

          Another thing, a true leader NEVER, I mean NEVER blames others for problems THEY were responsible for.

    23. I got an email yesterday from the NRA saying they needed donations to keep from being shut down, doors closed, lights off. The NRA today really need a better approach than shaking a cup on a corner asking for money so you don’t lose your house. I bought higher membership levels when Hillary ran and the Hearing Protection Act was a real possibility because you were pushing for better outcomes.

      What are you doing now? All defense?

      In Maryland gun rights activists are printing “We will not comply” tee shirts. In 2016 you raffled off a “stand and fight” truck.‎ These were all successful.

      Why don’t you gin up some challenge coins that say “liberty” and “NRA” on one side and “socialism” with a death’s head on the other‎? Do a series with Second Amendment quotes on them. Get some feedback from your local branches, heck, sponsor a contest for a member design. Then make silver and gold coins for people who really care.

      You can do this. Don’t run. Don’t be defensive. Fear doesn’t work for your constituents.‎ We are the hunters, those who venture into the forest to feed themselves and their families. We are the competitors who want to be the best at their sport. We are the freedom-loving people who serve their communities, friends and neighbors to built better futures with our own hands, not take bread from others.

      Show them how to show their support for you. Give them things they can show their friends to get them involved.‎ Let’s fight to win, not for a draw.

    24. We are our own worst enemy. In NJ we had a 32% voter turnout for Governor. You would think gun people would recognize the right to vote and exercise it. Last NRA election less than 5.9% voted!

      2.5 million eligible and 145,000 cast a ballot.


      1. Thee American voter is stupid and indolent. Proof: The election to Congress of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez(Bronx Marxist)

        1. No argument from me. But, did they really vote for her or did the Dems rig it to get her in??? Dems are finding out they can’t sell communism. So, they are importing votes and committing voter fraud. Sounds like the NRA knows these tricks all too well. Including the well known globalist scam of creating parties like Republicans and Democrats to keep us fighting each other and blaming ourselves for voting for a party that screws us over. Now, they have alleged elected officials blaming the voters and all the voter/non-voters are fighting amongst themselves. Democrats have truly taken over the NRA.
          “Those who cast votes decide nothing. Those who count votes decide everything.”
          — Joseph Stalin

      2. It would be nice if the was a list provide after each election of those individuals that voted and their ballot was good and counted. This could be done by membership number and not by name to protect members privacy. Additionally, those with problem ballots could be listed along with the reason or reasons their ballot was rejected. Furthermore, who is auditing the vote count? I for one would like to know if my vote was counted or not!
        As for the article you can easily tell it was written by someone who never became a full bird?

        1. Full birds are difficult to become. They have to have done something that has them “stick out ” so to speak.
          Like I had a Dr who was a “Full Bird” BUT he was ranked something #7 in the world, and 2 in the county in what the type of medication he did. And he did it at this country’s best military medical hospital. And no it was not Bethesda, it was the one that they (our wonderful Congress Critters) shutdown and moved (only once they realized they had made a huge mistake) /”realigned with Bethesda.
          That Dr is now part of Yale University medical school teaching,.

      3. Well Anthony, what you are describing is the “Greek Idiote.” Nice assessment! I’m in Eastern WA, and we had an even lower turn out (ballot by mail) than yours. Not just for the Legislatures, but for 1639 as well.

        Having noticed this 2.5 million vs. 145,000, it dawned on me; “How many of those Eligible, Are actually life members who have died?” Does anyone know? Is there a way to Know?

      4. I watched the annual meeting, and the sad thing is out of the 145k about 10% were were not counted because of various reasons. If I recall properly there were some that were sent back that were from up to 10 years ago, one that was not filled out, and I don’t recall any more reasons. But they listed maybe 10 reasons why they were not counted.
        Now I am not a member, but I watch NRATV almost every day to keep up with 2amendment news and who is trying to take it out of the Constitution. There are many reasons that I am not a member, mostly because bills are more important.
        But I have to say even though I and I am sure many others are not a member of the NRA, we still have to keep abreast of what they are doing to help We the people to keep and bear arms and rally behind them to support their efforts.

    25. West has my support. Right on target and good commentary. Vote or shut up. Folks, all this infighting is tearing up the NRA and playing into the hands of the anti-gunners. Despite our differences, we must stand together united OR fall – fail to protect our 2A rights. Either we come together united, or we lose. Your choice, choose wisely. The time is now.

    26. Lt. Col. Allen West just pointed out that the rest of the NRA Board of Directors has no say, if the NRA Board of Directors nominating committee only nominates 1 person per position. The nominating committee holds all the power and seems to be loyal to only one person, Wayne LaPierre. Does anyone need more proof of how dysfunctional the NRA is?

      I bullet-voted for Adam Kraut, as usual, and he lost, as usual. So, please don’t tell me that this is all my fault.

      1. Yes, everyone I know voted for this individual so what happened? Why is the vote count for each candidate published

      2. I didn’t vote and sounds like a lot of members have my same reasons…..I didn’t vote because when I read the ballet, not one of the nominees said they where going to throw out the current board or get rid of the top people… So why vote ??? Like you, I have voted for and for the removal of members and guess what ??? Nothing ever happens from the outcome….. (HUMMM !!! WHO COUNTS THE VOTES ???) So I have come to the conclusion that the people with the money to keep it open must want it the way it is and so they can have it …. It is obvious it is NOT an organization for the members and hasn’t been for a long time…. I AM VOTING NOW WITH MY MONEY – I WILL NOT SUPPORT THE NRA OR ANY OF IT’S SIDE-KICK ORGS. ANY MORE FOR ANY REASON ….. Anyone who takes exorbitant amounts of money out of any ORG dependent on donations is a disgusting, despicable, slime ball in my opinion, and needs to be removed and jailed and I hope that is what happens to all of them…… THE WAY TO VOTE NOW IS TO WITH HOLD ALL MONEY FROM THEM TILL “THEIR ORG.” DIES!!!! Then maybe and only maybe, it could be reestablished in a way that is open and above board, or not…..

        Everything I have read about Retired Lt. Col. Allen West seems to be above board as far as I can tell and wish him and others who maybe trying to do the right thing with the NRA no harm, BUT to me there comes a time when one has to make a decision as to an organizations usefulness and if your donations are spent wisely and if it still represents ones own values any more, AND I SEE NONE OF THAT WITH THE NRA AT THIS POINT !!!!

        AND LIKE ALWAYS, others have the right to feel and do as they see fit …………..

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