AR15 Armorer’s Master Kit by Real Avid, Review ~ VIDEO

The Clarys review the Real Avid Armorer's Master kit.

Real Avid Armorer's Master kit
Real Avid Armorer's Master kit

USA – -( When Armalite developed the AR15 in the late 1950”s, they probably had no idea as to how popular it would become. They had limited success in selling it and finally in 1959, Colt purchased the gun and in 1963, the US military selected a fully automatic version to be their standard rifle, replacing the reliable M-14.

Without getting into a discussion of politics, suffice it to say that the anti-gun folks in the country mislabeled the rifle as an “assault rifle”. Whether on purpose or unintentional, they used the term to malign the rifle for the next 50+ years, ignoring the FACT that AR stood for Armalite Rifle, NOT Assault Rifle.

Over time, AR platform rifles have been developed with an infinite number of variations, from barrel types, calibers, stocks, and rails. There has never been a firearm in history that allowed the end user to modify it to where it bore no resemblance to the factory original. AR platform rifles have truly morphed into the Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR), capable of being tuned, tweaked and “polished” into a personal piece fitting each users' individual requirements.

With the capability of modifying your AR-platform rifle to suit your personal preferences, it makes sense that you have the proper tools to do the job. Without the proper tools, you wind up paying a gunsmith $50 – $100 to make changes or you wind up possibly damaging a very expensive piece of equipment. That being said, enter the Real Avid Armorer's Master kit.

Real Avid Armorer's Master Kit

This kit has every tool that you need to either build an AR rifle from the ‘ground up”, or take an existing one apart for a complete cleaning, as well as making the modifications to it that you have been planning on. The tools are tough, well designed and cover all aspects and variations of the AR rifle. Although not cheap, it is worth the investment if you ever plan on making modifications to your MSR.

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The specifications (components) of the AR Armorer's Master Kit are:

  • Armorer’s Master Wrench with Replacement Hammer Heads
  • Lug-Lok Upper Vise Block
  • Smart-Fit AR15 Lower Vise Block
  • AR15 Master Bench Block
  • Torque Wrench
  • Easy-Grip Handguard Tool
  • AR15 Pivot Pin Tool
  • AR15 Pivot Lock
  • AR15 Pin Punch Set
  • Pin Alignment Tool
  • Accu-Grip Picks
  • Bore Illuminator/Safety Flag
  • Front Sight Adjuster Tool
  • Professional Tool Case which keeps the tools organized

The MSRP for the Armorer's kit is $249.99. It will pay for itself in short order if you plan on modifying your rifle.

Jim and Mary Clary
Jim and Mary Clary

About Jim and Mary Clary:

Jim and Mary Clary have co-authored over six hundred published articles (and counting) on shooting and hunting. You can read many of them on AmmoLand News.

  • 9 thoughts on “AR15 Armorer’s Master Kit by Real Avid, Review ~ VIDEO

    1. I can personally attest to the quality of Real Avid tools. I used them DAILY for almost 2 years, in a production shop, doing ten-fifteen upper or lower assemblies per day. The tools worked without fail, day in and day out. The armorer’s wrench is the best design I have ever used bar none. The Lug Lock Tool is terrific as well. The master AR15 Multi-tool is a MUST for any AR shooter’s range bag! At one point I was asked by the manufacturer for my input and suggestions for their tools, which I provided over several months. My contribution was minor in the grand scheme of things, but it was fun to be involved in the process. I own similar tools from other makers, though they mostly reside in the bottom of my toolbox these days.
      One of the things I like about this kit is the fact that I have everything I need for total AR maintenance, repair, and modifications, all in one kit. Cheap tools give poor results. Not saying they can’t be made to work in a pinch, but for someone doing a lot of building and modifying of theirs or others guns, this kit is a gem. And some of us just like to have quality tools to work with. Is it perfect, no, nothing like this ever is. But this kit comes the closest to that for me.
      It contains all the tools you will need for AR specific work minus the everyday tools we all have in our toolboxes like Hex and Torx bits etc. Again, I highly recommend this kit for the serious and frequent AR builder.

      And in the interest of full disclosure, when I discovered after using their tools for 2 years that they had a case to contain them all in one place, I asked if I could purchase one to put my tools in. They said no /;-)). Instead, in gratitude for my efforts on their behalf as an “advisor” they sent me an entire kit. This was after my stint as an advisor had been concluded. The folks at Real Avid are the Real Deal, and their tools bear that out.

      And lastly, they have no idea I just wrote this.

    2. So-the military named the AR after a manufacturer? That would be a first. AR couldn’t stand for Automatic Rifle, huh?
      Kit looks like crap. You could piece together a much better kit for the same money.

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