Democrats – Trying To Separate You From Your Firearms Since 1934

Democarts War on Guns and America
Democrats – Trying To Separate You From Your Firearms Since 1934

USA – -( Before there was an NRA/ILA to fight to protect our rights; back when the concept that owning a gun to protect yourself was part of just being an American and the 2nd Amendment was never a question, the Democrats wove into their DNA the desire to disarm America.

While we know the National Firearms Act as a law to disarm criminals from having machine guns the original intent, and the original version pushed by FDR, was nothing less than comprehensive disarmament for the common man.

The definition of a “Machine Gun” originally included any semi-automatic firearm that could hold 12 rounds or more, basically, ANY semi-automatic with a magazine, Add in the barrel length restrictions and lots of generic rifles also get tagged. All pistols and Revolvers would have also been banned. Or taxed out of existence really.

The purchase of every firearm would require registration and a fee. The $200 fee in 1934 is the equivalent of over $3,700 today. So sure, you COULD buy a gun, but only if your were rich and more than likely these firearms would have been squeezed out of the American Culture.

The intent of the NFA of 1934 was to disarm America.

How did FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt) sell the NFA? Like all good Democrats he used fear and spin by focusing on criminal use of machine guns.

The Roosevelt Administration went to print and radio outlets and asked for their help. Just like today, the media took a side, to assure that any use of a machine gun was an evil event, even though most machine guns were on one gangster vs. another.

If any of this sounding familiar? Senator Feinstein offers an “Assault Weapons Ban” so broad it included 1911’s!? The liberal media makes every use of an “AR patterned firearm” into a national disaster. Just like they did in 1934.

Disarming America is a CORE belief of an FDR Democrat in that time. Corry Booker and Eric Swalwell (that crowd) are doing NOTHING but following an 80-year-old playbook. They long to be the politician to fulfill Roosevelt’s dreams. In the halls of the Ivy League, the failure to disarm America is taught as Roosevelt’s only major failure. Good liberals line up to continue the battle not even knowing why.

The National Rifle Association was caught off guard by this. The NRA of 1934 was not the political juggernaut that it is today. Unprepared gentlemen rifle shooters of that day 1st stumbled in their testimony until the full weight and reality of the bill sunk in. Then nationally gun owners rallied and helped block many of the most egregious parts of the NFA. The NRA acted more as a communication and awareness network of loosely associated shooting clubs than a lobbying group. It was 40 more years or so before the NRA/ILA came to exist.

Gun control is and never has been about saving lives. It is the last unfulfilled dream of the Roosevelt Administration. Then as now the Deomcrat’s strategy is to lie, use fear and scare tactics with the help of a supportive media.


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We collectively can make a difference. Gun owners have been fighting this same fight now for 80 years. A copy of the NFA is below. If you care to read it.

American gun owner beat them back then, and we must do so again and again, we have a country to save!

National Firearms Act: Hearings, Seventy-third Congress, Second Session,

About Don McDougall

Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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I was reading a Guns magazine from May of 1968.
( )
in it, they were saying that the supreme court had ruled on january 29th of that year that the Gun Control Act of 1934 was unconstitutional.

if that’s the case…why is it still law?


“Before there was an NRA/ILA to fight to protect our rights” — You conveniently “forgot” to mention the fact NRA officials support the BATFE and every current federal anti-gun law. “the Democrats wove into their DNA the desire to disarm America.” — The two most vehemently anti-RKBA SCOTUS justices, Warren Burger and John Paul Stevens, were appointed by Republicans, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Who created the BATF in 1972 then told journalists there was no anti-gun law he wouldn’t support and how he regarded the private ownership of firearms as an “abomination”? Republican Richard Nixon. Who signed the Mulford… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

Seems all but obvious that if/when the demoncrats and a few rinos get into power they ARE GOING TO DISSARM AS MUCH OF THE POPULATION THEY CAN. Didn’t the British try this in 1775 at Concord? All of this is directly being traitorous to the constitution and the people for whom it was written to defend. To formally announce traitorous intent to destroy the very thing they will be sworn to and required to defend is a sign of just how blatantly evil and brazen and corrupt politicians have become. There can be no justice when you hold no law… Read more »


Democrats and Republicans have been violating the constitution and infringing on our rights for much longer than that and the NRA has been eager to help.

Tad Pole

NRA kinda like a OLD vehicle, wore out time for something new


If you don’t t want to have to sign up on the detestable Scribd to get a copy of the NFA hearings, Google books has a downloadable eBook. It’s also on a site called “”.

willy d

Danny 338, Wallace Curry, JW; We should start our own Moderated Club, I have tried to figure out what I did to set this in motion, but like you guys, here we are being moderated, at almost every comment we try to make!!!!!!!! Bets On About This One???????


Do not ignore the Gun Grabbing Republicans.folks!

rich z

The only thing that saved FDR was the second world war . It made him look great ,in the eyes of the country and the world, BUT, there was a lot of going’s on NO one saw.


FDR was behind Socialism and for a one world government to my understanding. How else do I word it, but the Democrats are not who you think they are. So many years they had Americans fooled but all along they really weren’t for the people or their beliefs. My dad said in the early 50’s there school teacher showed them a film that had Ex President Jimmy Carter promoting the American Nazi party. Not only did my dad tell me but his friends/classmates also told me the same thing some 40 years later. Why would these God fearing men have… Read more »

Larry Brickey

Jimmy Carter wasn’t Prez until the 70s.

Greg K


Chris Mallory

Carter graduated 60th out of 820 midshipmen in the Class of 46 at the Naval Academy. Carter was an active duty naval officer (including the Academy) from 1943 to 1953. He was attached to the nuclear submarine program. He risked his life helping shut down the Chalk River reactor when it had a partial meltdown.
Carter was probably the last Christian to hold the office of US president. Carter has his problems, but being a Nazi wasn’t one of them.


Get yourself a copy of : The Roosevelt Myth, 50th anniversary edition by John T. Flynn to read the horrifying story of FDR. It’s worse than you think.


‘None Dare Call It Treason’ is another good book about that Traitor.
His Wife was one heck of a Kook too!


Kettles v US provides the Supremes with an opportunity to review US v Miller and clarify, restrict, uphold or overturn. Kettle filed his Writ in January 2019. The Court in Miller upheld the NFA in 1939. Concerning is Miller the defendant, did not file any briefs, his side was not represented, only the governments. The case also provides the Court an opportunity to uphold a Sovereign State, which passes legislation authorizing and protecting commerce of a product legal to make, sell, purchase, possess and use, within its boundaries, notwithstanding federal law (NFA) forbidding. History shows gun control laws such as… Read more »

Wild Bill

, So is it Kettles or Kettler? What is the whole citation, please?


I seen the typo, sorry. Correctly it is Kettler. He and Cox were prosecuted together in federal district court and appeal to the 10th Circuit upheld their conviction, even though they both relied upon Kansas law protecting their activity. The appeal to the Supremes even though titled Kettler v US, is an appeal from US v Cox, 906 F3rd 1170 (10th Cir 2018).

Kettler’s Writ before the Supremes has been assigned 18-936. You can go to the Supremes web site and pull up some history since Kettler filed his Writ.

Wild Bill

, Muchos gracias.


How about an article with an audit of the NRA books? Why is Mr. LaPierre billing membership for his wardrobe? Surely he could afford a suit or two on his $!M salary.

Green Mtn. Boy

Negotiating Rights Away of Americans and members,proudly since 1934.

Wallace Curry

The NFA was and continues to be the most egregious assault on Constitutionally recognized (NOT GRANTED) natural individual rights. This assault is coming to full fruition with the goal of total confiscation and the birth of the American totalitarian State, if we allow it. Remember “United we stand, divided we fall.” Be ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with your neighbor. Molon Labe.

Will Flatt

NRA is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. They pushed for the passage of the NFA. And the GCA. And Hughes. How long before fudds stop apologizing for the antigun antics of the NRA???


No mention of how FDR and all the same Democrats also sold concentration camps with the same tactics? How about how his judicial appointees (including Hugo Block, an avowed KKK member) approved of those as well?


FDR was surrounded by Communists who just happened to be Jewish. And their influence was behind him.
And that’s not revisionist BS either.
And revisionist history is sorely needed. We’ve been lied to for yrs by the victors etc.
Two sides to every coin. Ya just can’t present the other side without being slandered.
Truth hurts. All the name callers prove that.


Revisionist BS. The NRA supported and still supports the NFA.


Is anyone else being flagged for moderation with every comment?

Wallace Curry

Quite a bit.


Me too, so far every post. Wanted to see if this one made it through?


Almost every time for me. No names are used. I have stated “idiots” and “idiotic”. So tired of Ammo Land flagging and censoring me.


The modern democrat party are THE domestic enemies our Founders warned us about. Let’s not forget, they fought a war for independence against the most powerful military in the history of mankind over 2 primary issues: 1) onerous taxation. It was never really about “no taxation without representation”. The colonists had always paid taxes to the Crown. They only rebelled when those taxes became so oppressively high that they couldn’t tolerate them. 2) gun control. The first shots of the Revolutionary War were only fired after the British tried seizing the colonist’s powder stores and arms in Concorde. That was… Read more »

Chris Mallory

The Founders would have hanged people who tried to give them prohibition, the drug war, and “driving is a privilege”. They included the 9th Amendment for a reason.


The NFA has to go.

Big Jim

And should have never existed.

Clark Kent

Any other fantasies that will never happen?

Big Jim

Really Clark? The Democrats made full term abortion legal in New York. Let that sink in a moment.


N.R.A.. helped PASS N.F..A , Shannon Watts Twitter details Wayne LaPierres luxury spending and housing an ” Intern “

1776 Patriot

Shannon Watts? Like Shannon Watts from Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action citizen disarmament front mob? That Shannon Watts?