Media: All We Want is “Good Little Victims”


Ft Collins, CO –-( CNN’s Agenda

On 7 May 2019 (Tuesday), two active murderers entered a charter school in a Denver suburb and started shooting with pistols stolen from the parents of one of them.

One dead. Eight wounded.

Both suspects were taken into custody, apparently uninjured.

In reporting the incident, CNN reporters piously wring their hands over the fact that a twelve-year-old student, Nate Holley, with the two active murderers standing outside a closet-door behind which he was hiding, had grabbed a baseball bat and vowed to “go down fighting”, when necessary.

CNN does not admire and celebrate the fierce courage and resolve displayed by Holley. They do not put Holley on a pedestal, as a young American lion, nor do they congratulate his steely resolve and amazing strength.

Not a chance!

Instead, they cynically bemoan Holley’s brave decision to arm himself in order to righteously fight for his own life. They denigrate and mock his audacious determination to be something more than a “good little victim.”

To “progressives” at CNN, personal courage is a “sickness.” They insist, when confronting evil, “resistance is futile,” and we should thus all aspire to the status of “helpless victim,” and never want to be anything more.

Nate Holley, and all others thoroughly infused with the dauntless American Spirit, epitomize these progressive leftists’ worst nightmare!

“Are these the people, created in greatness by the work of Jefferson and Franklin? Are these the bitter farmers, hunters, and craftsmen who came out of the wilderness, furious for liberty and justice? Is this the new world of Giants?” ~ Irwin Shaw


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    1. CNN (Communist News Network) is a piece of SH__ Trump Bashing Network. They do NO REPORTING, NO JOURNALISM, Anyone who even turns to those Democrat Opinion Mongers show just how stupid they really are. These so called NEWS people will not survive their own bias. They will be stopped because what they are doing and have already done is BY GOD WRONG! WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA!! Using your damn brains might help you survive! If you turned their brains into gas, it could not run an ANTS go-cart around a BB!

    2. I have no doubt that the reporter was stunned by young Master Holley’s reply. For years the media has stuck a microphone under a kids mouth, heard them say, “I’m scared,” and burst into tears. This kid says he was getting ready to fight and intended to go down fighting. At the same time another student in the same school did just that and saved countless others.
      Courage no longer fits into the MSM’s narrative.

    3. I am not a fan of CNN.

      Watched the interview. The kid was amazing. The interviewer got choked up. Hell, I got choked up. “Not going down without a fight.” Gives one hope for the future generation.

      There was NO mention of anything against the actions of the kid. I was left with nothing but admiration. At NO time did the interviewer denigrate or lessen the kid’s actions.

      Next time the author of this article can take a blank piece of paper and read between the lines.

      CNN screws up enough on it’s own. Don’t have to manufacture BS for them. Don’t have to publish BS that didn’t happen on this forum. Stick to the facts.

      1. I agree with you totally. I too saw nthe interview and after reading this wondered if I missed something. Makes a body wonder who’s lying to whom and for what goals. Been thinking of leaving a few of these right wing sites for this very reason. Who can you believe

    4. This so-called reporter is a joke. She can not even interview someone without demonstrating her ability to act a fool. She was dumbfounded by the young man’s courage and her response was a perfect example of the low quality of the Communist News Network. Probably because the staff at CNN are all mentally retarded cowards. I will add that the young man showed more control and intelligence than she did. In addition Nate Holley will grow to become a productive part of American society and it is to bad, but not surprising, she did not. Nate’s parents have raised a smart self thinking young man. God Bless you Nate.

    5. Anyone who viewed the video would know Farnham by his own doing has lost all credibility. The reported voiced how she loved the young lad and even said he should be and will be known as brave.

      Shame on Farnam and Ammoland! Why doesn’t Ammoland moderate postings by writers like it does those who comment?


    6. This is a kid that is wise beyond his years. For the same reason there will never be another terrorist take over of a passenger plane over American soil because the passengers have no choice but to stop it themselves so is the fact you can’t out run a bullet. There are few choices when facing a terrorist and that is exactly what those two kids are. You can hide–maybe, you can get somewhere else–maybe, but when you have 30 kids and a teacher coming face to face with a terrorist there is just no other choice but to attack. Especially at close range like in a classroom. At worst you can’t loos any worse that the original evil intent and at best you can stop the terrorist before he kills anyone else. This is a very brave kid who understands the situation and the way to combat it. The kids that put a stop to the shooters also understood the same principal. Sadly one lost his life but he has a part on saving many lives. The LORD Himself said there is no greater love than a man lay down his life for his friends.. Is there an amen out there?

      There are a lot of politicians in this country who should take note of the truth. Anti gun laws that are on the books are ignored by criminals therefore more of the same gets the same answer. Anti gun laws only harm and put into danger needlessly the innocent. So the truth is those who write, enact and enforce anti gun laws are themselves are not just committing treason but they are also culpable for the lives lost because the innocent were not allowed the GOD given right to be armed and self defense.

      Had some of the teachers in that school been armed things might have turned out better. Had those two terrorists been more knowledgeable with the weapons they used things could have been much worse. The answer to a bad guy with a gun has always been and will always be a good guy with a gun. In this case a baseball bat and a counter attack of the good against the evil. There is a GOD given mandate to be armed in the BIBLE and you can find one example in John 22:36. The BIBLE is the basis the founding fathers birthed our nation with. Not only did they know the truth about being armed but they guaranteed the right to be armed in the second amendment. Only a fool or someone with evil intent would try to take that right away from the public. At best they are committing treason and at worst they are culpable in murder, attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. Putting Pandora back in the box is impossible.

      If you are not armed you need to get that way. There is a battle coming and you must be prepared to meet it if you are to have even a chance of survival. Freedom is not free, it comes with the highest of costs. Those who would surrender their freedom for a little promised security will have and deserve neither. Arm up, carry on.

      1. @GO, Yes, I can. At the end of the boy’s answer to her question, the CNN interviewer uses nonverbal communications to mock the boy. She shakes her head in disagreement and throws up her hands. Then she asks him his age, again, as if to diminish his credibility. Her message was quite clear.

    7. Didn’t a school district actually arm students with ball bats and rocks to defend themselves for just such an event? I predict this shooting story will disappear quickly as none of the details fit the narrative. No ‘assault weapon’, stolen guns, transgender shooters.

    8. In the West we grow up learning there is a time to talk and listen and there is a time to “Draw a Line in the Sand” and protect yourself. This is not a hard Concept to except in Colorado or Texas. I would be very proud of this Young Man if he were my son. I have Grand Sons that age and would hope they would act in the same way.

    9. CNN and all of it’s LIBERAL anchors is disgusting and should be shut down. CNN must search far and wide for these people, like Don Lemon. I do not understand how anyone can watch and listen to the garbage they sell.They are the enemy of the American people!

    10. John/OP. What in the video you attached backs up your article?

      I surely wouldn’t be surprised if CNN reacted as you stated; however the video shows no evidence of that.

      1. underdog; Looking at the behavior of the “interviewer”, the editorial is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. The INSANE ACTIONS of the interviewer that THOUGHT these children are beyond belief. I encourage children to DEFEND themselves while in “GUN FREE ZONES” better known as “MULTIPLE TARGET AREAS”.

        1. What “behavior” of the interviewer? What “insane actions”? The editorial is simply offbase as is your comment. Obviously, Brooke Baldwin is amazed that a 12-year old has the courage to defend himself. Liberals believe we are all helpless. Try listening to her actual words, instead of trying to interpret things that aren’t there. It’s bad enough when things are there, like her last statement about “35 school shootings since the fall”. She left out some important information about that figure, viz., not all involved guns, but all did involve people “taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs.” Google “35 school shootings” for the story.

      2. Underdog, based on the reaction of the interviewer, she clearly couldn’t comprehend that someone, a 12 year old, as she questioned his age, would do whatever it took to preserve his own life. She clearly doesn’t get the concept that self-preservation is a natural attribute and that being a witting victim is the result of indoctrination – not natural nor normal. “Bravery” cannot be taught, but there are those willing to be indoctrinated, and those can’t comprehend someone with self-determination.

    11. The left doesnt want heroes because that’s just future opposition. They want sneaky little cowards who obey what their liberal over-lords tell them. If anyone is still confused by who the good guys are and who the bad guys are, I feel sorry for you.

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