U.S. Firearms Freedoms Again Being Blamed for Mexican Cartel Violence

If you didn't insist on your right to keep and bear arms, this wouldn't be a problem. Right? (Secretaría de Seguridad Pública Tijuana/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “As President Trump wants to fight drugs and migrants pouring into the U.S., Mexico is reeling from bloodshed fueled by American guns, bullets and grenades pouring into Mexico,” San Diego’s KPBS News reported Tuesday. “More than 33,000 people were murdered in Mexico last year, an all-time high. The police chief of Tijuana, Mexico’s most violent city, told KPBS ‘nearly all’ of the more than 2,000 weapons seized in the city since 2016 were American-made: AK-47s, AR-15s, Glocks and more.”

They’re getting American grenades? Really?

Jefe Marco Antonio Sotomayor says the guns are coming in from the U.S. because of our “weak gun laws.” One of the source states he blames is #1 Brady-rated California. He says there is “no way for people to buy them” in Mexico because there’s only one gun store, it’s controlled by the army, they restrict what people can buy, impose a six-month background check and they maintain a federal registry.

Disregard for a moment allegations that “corruption is deeply embedded within the municipal and state police forces in Tijuana.” If the chief says so, it’s got to be America’s fault.

If so, it’s an admission that the four Southwest border state multiple long gun transfer reporting requirements imposed by the Obama administration didn’t work. It’s also an admission that laws forbidding transfers to prohibited persons like criminal aliens, which also apply to private sales, don’t work either. Neither do background checks for dealer sales going through NICS. Ditto for waiting periods and registration, by including California in the mix…

“About 70 percent of the 15,316 weapons submitted to the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) by Mexican authorities nationwide in 2017 were traceable to the U.S.,” the KPBS article continues.

Do they really want to play this game again?

When gun-grabbers first started throwing around that claim, they were assuring us it was “95 to 100 percent.” The con they’re pulling is limiting numbers to what is being submitted for tracing. The total population of guns recovered but not submitted is much larger. And the total number of guns in the hands of Mexico’s warring cartels equips armies.

Speaking of which, since KPBS brought up “grenades,” who thinks the cartels get their weapons onesie-twosie from U.S. gun stores and gun shows? How about their “U.S.-military issued rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers and explosives”?

In reality, many of the weapons are obtained from police, Army deserters and corrupt administrators.

As I explained in a 2013 report:

“In January 2011, news reports explained not only how weapons were being smuggled into Mexico across its southern border, but even identified the criminal enterprise behind the operation: Los Zetas. As the gang was started by defecting military and has been abetted along the way by cartel/police alliances and corruption extending into the highest offices, there’s also a largely unexplored diversion of U.S. weapons approved for transfer to the Mexican government by our State Department.”

“Those weapons are being used by drug cartels to enforce their business, to go after law enforcement, Mexican authorities and innocent civilians,” Ernesto Diaz, an assistant special agent in charge with the ATF, weighed in for KPBS. The thing is, he’s intentionally bolstering the meme that it’s America’s fault via “U.S.-based smugglers.” That way, politicians and the media can exploit Mexican violence to step up American demand for citizen disarmament.

Good ol' ATF. This was exactly the rhetoric when Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” got its start, as a shortcut to spook the herd into agreeing “something must be done.” Eric Holder was hoping for a semi-auto ban.

Still, seeing as how Democrats, their media cheerleaders, and the Mexican government are once more in a lather over accusations about U.S. guns in the hands of Mexico’s homicidal underworld, perhaps a bipartisan, commonsense reasonable restriction through compromise is in order:

How about if both governments enforce the damn border?

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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    1. Wow. You guys are fired up (pun intended).
      There were many us guns sent across the borders during the two (or three?) fast & furious schemes. Eric Holder and Barry Soetoro should be canonized in Mexico for arming that cesspool. They probably sent military weapons as well (why were all the federal agencies accumulating all that firepower and where is it now?).
      I say we quit giving them guns and just give them the bullets… We could keep the peace out to 1000 yards from our border easily. The rest of Mexico can tear itself apart. I won’t miss it.

    2. You don’t think if they didn’t get them from us China and our Russia would be cashing in just like they did right after those two plane accidents that in five to ten years we’ll be told it was Russia that hi-jacked those computers so they could sell their planes, we live in a dog eat dog world as if you haven’t noticed.

    3. Just more bs from gun grabbers wanting to strip us of the second amendment so the liberal bastards in Washington
      Can take complete control of this country.

      1. Of course 90% of the guns come from the United States, nothing much gets checked going into well at least Nogales Sonora port, I get offered 2000 to bring a bushmaster or AR15

    4. Well to be honest they are right .
      I already paid my time in a federal prison for smuggling gun to the Mexican side. Where I used to get those? Long story but is a big connection.
      Buyers use to pass them through the desert. Trailers . Few years ago we didn’t have no problem at all passing the border the Mexican government just need our ID reason of why I’m visiting and that was all.
      I’m talking when the Z use to run the show in tamaulipas.
      But also here in United states it’s very easy and cheap to buy a gun on the streets .

      So please don’t be offended when shit hits the fan and people tell the truth about our country .

        1. Of course we’d say somebody is lying just so we can ignore this fact and not really take a look at this. To say a man is lying about this fact is like a lie in itself when you clearly see when cartels clash they clash with American made guns.

      1. Put the wall up. Keep heavy surveillance for tunnels and climbing. Triple the border forces. Upgrade the vehicle inspection process. Asking a driver if they have any weapons on board is not very prudent. I cross the northern border many times each year. They dont look very hard.

      2. Great. A convicted gun smuggler that probly smuggled himself here, with fake docs, (Johnson, really??) Telling us “WE SUCK”.
        What sucks is your coward MILITARY not standing up for your own people. Grow a pair and go back down there and fight if your so righteous.

      3. I gotta laugh at this Bull shit. Starting with this article. The Tijuana police who spoke said American made AK-47 and Grenade??? Really, can you please tell me where in the US I can get those??? Cause Im a gun owner and I haven’t seen those. AK47s are banned in the US. AK47 are easily found in the black market all over the world… Go to any South America country or Africa and find it yourself… The fact you said you are a “smuggler” and don’t know shit about the product you “smuggle” tell you you are a piece of liying crap… so by the same logic every armed conflict in the world is US fault because AK47s run wildly??? GTFO… Second I GREW up in a border town in Mexico and I know first hand what cartels use… They use Fully automatic rifles normally AK47s or military issued M4s which are regularly banned in the US for civilian use.. Highly regulated and expensive if the gun is pre 1986 made.. It is already ilegal ( you might know as “smuggler”) to take ANY weapon or ammunition to Mexico… So you think more laws applicable to me will solve the fact real smugglers already break the law to supposedly take weapons to Mexico?? Yeah there might be some handguns… And some other idiot (the ones believe AR15 are military fully auto machine gun) who might smuggle ARs to Mexico… Cartels must modify it or better and cheaper, get it already fully auto in the black market…. As a Mexican born, I think Mexican people should have access to firearms as here in the US.. maybe they can defend themselves from cartels, corrupt police/military and their own government!

      4. Not only is this Man correct it is just plain crazy to now talk so poorly about someone with 1st had experience. Trolls don’t come on and say that kinda sht! I think 1st off people of ur mental calibers should understand what all of today’s lingo means! 2nd all must forget the 80s. I mean how stupid are you all!! There was even a court ruling to prove that yes us the United States of America gave these weapons to not only the government but to the cartels. These same guns get plastered all over streets of big cities. OUR GUNS ARE KILLING OTHER PEOPLE not hard to believe. So why sit here on ur ass and play keyboard warrior and flex ur thumbs? These are real problems that the ignorance in these forums are not only blind to but are unwilling to even educate in the slightest bit. There is always more then 1 side to a story folks!! It’s not all about liberal gun grabbers. YOU AND YOUR IGNORANCE IS WHY THEY ARE TRYING TO TAKE OUR GUNS!! STUPIDITY THAT BLEEDS FROM THESE FORUMS ARE CREATING THE POSSIBLE REASONS TO TAKE THEM! Gun grabbers. Lmao. Remember more guns sold in last 5 yrs of Obama then in AMERICAN HISTORY!! Gun grabbers. Hahaha if u were the least bit positive u would think he got us to take up arms?? Ehh u ever think. We’re dumb animals easy to manipulate!

    5. another good reason to close the border to keep our guns out of the hands of the cartel in Mexico.. Who was it that lost a shipment of gun to the cartel a few years ago wasn’t the BATF that done that

    6. Mexico should help build the wall so they won’t have to put up with the influences of the US. But who really cares what Mexico wants? The wall would save us from so many of these lawbreakers from coming here. By the way, if US companies weren’t so greedy they wouldn’t be building products there. I won’t even buy a box of cereal that says made in Mexico because you have no idea what measures are taken to insure no contaminants are in the food or rat chit.
      We are a whole nother country with very different views and different practices. You can’t merge the two together. Build the damn wall and, if need be, close the border until it is done along with making some sensible immigration laws.

      1. I agree. There’s no way in hell they are buying grenades in the US and smuggling them to Mexico. The Mexican Govt. is buying grenades and arms in the US and shipping them legally to Mexico at which point they get stolen or sold to the criminals. The one big exception was “Operation Fast and Furious” where Eric Holder and President Obama sold weapons to Mexican Cartels” as an experiment of sorts. With Liberal leadership who needs enemies?

        1. The USA.TRAINED the Zetas in Fort Bliss back in 1994 and dispatched them into Just, Mexico and Nuevo Latedo. They had missions on getting the drug cartels to war against each other. Some organization in the good US of A sent trailer loads into Mexico through Tijuana, Just and Nuevo Latedo. This happened to get rid drug cartels but they ended up killing millions of innocent people all the way far into South America. Now, that’s how sneaky silent earefare from the USA started a plan that now has immarants pleading asylum for violence that was orchestrated the some people and Government from the USA. THATS THE DAD TRUTH !!!

      2. What makes u think a wall is gonna stop anybody I’m a us citizen my self but no wall is gonna stop who knows how many tunnels they got if u really believe they found every single tunnel any person can figure out even a better way to get passed the border without any problem everybody needs to stop making it seem like if it’s all Mexico’s fault cuz it’s not THE US is just as corrupt they just know how to wipe there hands clean on some other country for example blaming Mexico

    7. If the demand for firearms is so great in Mexico thier government sould make them legal for all non criminals. I have heared that 25 percent of households in Tijuana have firearms, the vast number of these are illegal. This fosters corruption and makes the law a joke.

    8. First off, why would anyone believe anything a Mexican official says? They’re more corrupt, or at least more blatant about it, than U.S. Government officials. Second, why would anyone believe anything the BATFE says? They’re more corrupt than Mexican government officials. It looks like Mexico returning seized American guns to the BATFE is nothing more than a Lend-Lease program like the U.S. had with Britain during WWII, since the BATFE (and Holder with O’buckwheat’s approval) provided Mexico with most of the guns in the first place (Fast & Furious).

    9. These GUN GRABBERS expect U.S. to act like their little sheeple they have under their control. I am 68 live very close to the Mexico border and haul oil field freight. I have lived here all my life and Mexico has been corrupt all my life but is way worse today than when I was in high school and college. While making a delivery close to the Rio Grande on a canal used for watering crops we found a flat bottom aluminum boat in that boat was 2 AK-47s and a duffle bag. Not wanting to get shot we called Border Patrol when they came, while other held m4s (fully automatic assault rifles that look like AR-15s) they retrieved the guns and duffle bag. The AK-47s were from China the mags from Russia and the Ammo from Russia and they were fully automatic. OH AND THE MONEY IN THE DUFFLE BAG WAS $120000 FROM THE U.S.A.!!!! SO DON’T HAND ME THAT CRAP THAT THESE WERE AMERICAN WEAPONS MAYBE ONCE UPON A TIME THEY WERE BUT WE HAVE LOST HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF WEAPONS THROUGH THIEVES AND JUST BATTLE FIELD LOSS!! CARTELS DON’T WANT SEMI-AUTOMATIC LONG GUNS THEY WANT FULLY AUTOMATIC GUNS THE POLITICIANS WILL NOT TELL ANYONE THAT THEY THINK WE ARE COMPLETE IDIOTS AND SADLY ALOT OF U.S. ARE IDIOTS!!

      1. David DID say in the article that the percent figure traced to the US as source was the percent of ALL GUNS SEIZED that were submitted for tracing.. and Chinese/Argeninian/Russion made guns are identifiable as such and thus were not submitted for tracing.

        I’d like to see the breakdown from BATF on not just country of origin but PROOF they were first sold through the civilian retail trade system. That would exclude all of those Colt AR type rifles sold in full compliance with US import/export laws.

        We did learn, back in the days of Fast and Furious, (thanks to David Codrea and Mike Vanderbaugh) that US gun manufacturers are prime suppliers of weapons to Mexicoa government, including many state and local police agencies. It is also well established that HUGE numbers of military and government individuals defect from the organisations and take their issued weapons (along with a few spares when possible) with them to go and serve the cartel with they ally themselves. In other words, show up to work for los Zetas bringing their own stolen military grade full auto weapons as a “you really need me” signup bonus.. in favour of the lawless outfit they join.

        So, while that percentage of weapons submitted for tracing (never mind the sum of those seized) what percentage of them were originally sold to Mexico’s government for their military and police? Inquiring minds want to know. Besides, we are on a “need to know” basis, and we really NEED to know.Right?

    10. ‘Civilians’ don’t own guns in Venezuela, either; the corrupt Chavez regime pass a law declaring ALL guns are ‘owned’ by the government; TURN ‘EM IN!! see gun control works; ‘gun safety; that’s just a ‘talking point’ for the dumb ass ‘useful idiots’. Disarm the law abiding and we’ll be “safer”. Yea, right.

    11. As an American who has spend much time in Mexico, loves Mexico and has family in Mexico, I will attest that the majority of violence in Mexico is not caused by guns, it is caused by the cartels fighting each other for control of the drug trade.
      To address it, we need to recognize that as long as there are illegal drugs, there will be cartels to handle the trade. We can either make all drugs legal or encourage the Mexican and American authorities to recognize the situation and work with only one cartel to insure that this one cartel will have control of the total drug trade.

    12. All governments over time become corrupt because people are corrupt and this is a perfect example. blaming others for the problems/issues affecting their country and not taking responsibility for the laws they impose upon their citizens but exempt themselves from. sound familiar? where can I get automatic weapons and grenades from? I haven’t seen them for sale in any advertisements I receive. if mexico let their citizens possess firearms to protect themselves maybe they wouldn’t have the murder rate they do. this is what happens when you disarm law-abiding citizens and not criminals. all gun control bills/laws are about disarming those law-abiding citizens, not criminals. if our politicians get their way with all the illegal immigration we will become mexico and with their violence included.

    13. Are they talking about the guns sent to Mexico by obama and erik holder? Mexico has American guns so maybe they need to talk to the gun runners. AKA obama, holder and ATF.

    14. Most of the grenades are Chinese.
      While it’s true most of the weapons come from here they have also discovered several illegal gun manufacturing companies in Mexico. Gosh if they just had a border where illegal things couldn’t flow into their country…….

      1. Most of the weapons DO NOT come from here!

        The hoplophobes utilize an accounting trick.
        **The fact is, only 17 percent of guns found at Mexican crime scenes have been traced to the U.S.
        **In 2007-2008, according to ATF Special Agent William Newell, Mexico submitted 11,000 guns to the ATF for tracing. Close to 6,000 were successfully traced — and of those, 90 percent — 5,114 to be exact, according to testimony in Congress by William Hoover — were found to have come from the U.S.
        But in those same two years, according to the Mexican government, 29,000 guns were recovered at crime scenes.

        Seems the total numbers are are a bit off when ya look at the BIG picture. My calculator says 17,6%

    15. Anybody else notice that the “AR-15 style rifle” in the KPBS article had the pin for an auto-sear?
      Then again, the rollmark on it said “COLTS”, so who knows what it really was.
      They also have an air pistol in their slideshow, simply referring to it as an “umarex 40xp”

    16. Sale MO guns to the Mexican , they got to protect there selves and family ,plus they can keep the weapons, after it calm down ,then we can sale the mo bullets, sale them mo granades 2 , US understand wat there going through, inshallah salute

    17. Omar says her Muslims are going to kill all white Americans. She must be talking with Oprah. Personally speaking I can’t hardy wait let’s do this. Ammo, the new gold.

      1. We have played cowboys and Indians already,now it looks like the Muzzy’s want a game of cowboys and ………
        Mexico needs to take care of their own chit hole.

        1. I’m on board with Rocky Mountain and Green Mtn. Boy! The time is approaching when we citizens here will need to decide when it’s our time to stop the tyranny. As for mexico’s gun problem, quit blaming someone else for problems they have created. Crooked bas_ards!

    18. Years ago this was all DEBUNKED. They have FULL AUTO rifles they have HEAVY MACHINE GUNS, they have RPGs they have regular grenades. Just like in FRANCE the other day the cops confiscated MILITARY WEAPONRY.

      Mexico leads the WORLD in violence, in MURDER.

      Surprisingly according to a book by anthropologist Marvin Harris, White males, and this was written in 1980 when we had fewer gun laws, owned almost all the guns in the US, and had LOWER violent crime rates than the Japanese in Japan and Englishman in England.
      The professor said the reason for the high violent crime in US was due to African Americans and Latinos.
      So when they BLAME guns why do the Swiss have,m or had before immigration, such LOW violent crime rates, they HAD liberal laws for possession of machine guns.

      I have to tell you that Ammoland is a great source for NEWS as well as everything with the firearms area.

      I have to put it bluntly here, based on the polls I have seen on the topic of firearms over the last decades or more people of color are HOSTILE to the 2nd Amendment.
      So demographic change means…

      On this issue, which to me is the MOST IMPORTANT, the change in our demographics is, at the very least, WORRISOME.

      1. The “fake news” useful idiots that report this stuff, alter the facts a bit. The grenades that the mexicancartels have, come from the Guatemalan NATO munitions plant that the cartels have infiltrated. The same NATO plant that the democrats helped fund, so that the U.S. military munitions supplies would be transferred offshore. Offshore- so that the democrats could surrepttiously control funding, and supply of munitions for U.S. military operations, among other things.
        The cartels receive U.S. military weaponry from numerous middle eastern countries as payment, much of it from israel.
        You have a miniscule amount from U.S. criminals, which generates the larger problem of the cartels maintaining their ATF, and FBI weapons conduits, long after the “approved” operations have ended.

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