Why I Chose to ‘WalkAway’ from the Democratic Party

By Tammy LaPorte, Hartford, Connecticut* through Arbalest Quarrel.

Why I Chose to ‘WalkAway’ from the Democratic Party

Hartford, Connecticut – -(AmmoLand.com)- I was raised as a young woman to believe that the Democratic Party was the party that cared for all people. They were the party of acceptance, tolerance, and peace, unlike Republicans, I was told. Not once did I question why I was a registered Democrat. In hindsight, this was incredibly foolish. Like others, I wanted to be a good person and a lover of all, regardless of a person’s race, color, or personal preferences.

After all, you can’t possibly be a Republican and care for the welfare of others. Or can you?

My “aha” moment came during the 2016 General Election Primary. I began following the Primary debates religiously on all networks. As time passed, I found myself drawn to the Republican Party. That Party made more sense to me. Much more sense. Not once did I see Republicans engage in the outrageous and appalling behavior of Democrats and those associated with them, on the far “Left.” Violent protests, vandalism, and threats to our courageous men and women in “Blue,” were becoming the norm. And Democrats were attempting to justify this behavior. I could not accept that. It wasn’t long before I turned to my husband and said, “I think I’ve been a Republican my whole life but just didn’t realize it!”

Today, I can proudly say, I’m a registered Republican. As a proud Republican, I continue to be engaged in politics like never before.

Listening to Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh was particularly hard for me, as a woman. I asked myself, “could the accusation against Judge Kavanaugh really be true?” Once again, I was told that I should believe Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation simply because she is a woman and because I am a woman. I was told what I should think and feel, based on my gender, alone. But, I have the right to think and feel for myself. I don’t need, and I don’t want other people to tell me what I should think; or what I should believe; or how I should act. As a woman, wife, and mother I strongly believe in Due Process as a fundamental Constitutional right.

During this difficult time, I happened to see Brandon Straka, a self-confessed former “liberal,” on Fox News, speaking about his growing movement, the #WalkAway Campaign. I was thrilled to hear that I need no longer be alone in my political journey. Through this true Grassroots movement many Americans, including former registered Democrats, like me, have united to carry the message that:

You too can #WalkAway from the Democratic Party—the Party that has walked away from you!

To show Democrats and the Far Left that there is, in fact, another voice in America, the #WalkAway Campaign is holding a multiple events and rallies. Click here for more info or to register.

It’s time for the silent majority to become “unsilent.” Whether you’re a #WalkAway or a #WalkWith, we urge you to take part in the upcoming events and rallies. We’re taking our Country back! Please join us!

*Qualification: The Arbalest Quarrel became aware of the #WalkAway march and rally through the writer of this article. AQ has no independent knowledge about the #WalkAway march and rally, or about the #WalkAway movement, or knowledge of the movement’s creator, Brandon Straka. We, therefore, invite the reader to do his or her own research. But, AQ does point out that the Connecticut Republican Party supports the #WalkAway march and rally. And, a writer, Fredy Lowe, posted an article, in Ammoland Shooting Sports News, on August 7, 2018, about the #WalkAway movement. The article is titled, “Liberal Democrats, Please Join Us in MAGA, Please Just #WalkAway.”

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  • 54 thoughts on “Why I Chose to ‘WalkAway’ from the Democratic Party

    1. Blacks were freed by a Republican. Blacks voted Republican until welfare came along. Now the democrats have them in slavery again. I’d vote for isis before an evil, scum democrat sob.

    2. I registered as a Republican when I turned 18. Worked for the Daddy Bush campaign, then he lied about taxes, murdered two people at Ruby Ridge, and advanced the “New World Order”. I changed my registration to Independent. Willie Nelson got my vote in 1992. In 1996, I re-registered as a Republican so I could vote for Pat Buchanan in the primary. The GOP told Pat’s supporters to take a long walk off a short pier. So I re-registered as an Independent. In 2000, we had the choice between ALGore and Baby Bush. I wrote in Yosemite Sam. Did the same in 2004. In 2008, we were offered a pretend American in Obama or an Israel Firster, Big War nut in McCain. Again, Yosemite Sam got my vote. Voted for Elmer Fudd in 2012 rather than the Alien or the Predator we had running. In 2016, I bought into the hype and thought Trump actually meant it when he said he was going to build a wall, deport aliens, and bring our troops home. Not gonna fool me again. Voting for either major party is a fool’s game. They are two sides of the same corrupt coin.

    3. “As a woman, wife, and mother I strongly believe in Due Process as a fundamental Constitutional right.”
      “Take the guns first, go through due process second,” – Donald Trump.
      Yep. No problem there.

          1. @CM Yep, so now who do we vote for? And as an aside I see that some fool is saying that Obama Care was a Repub plan. I saw that Gruber dude on TV say that Obama had to lie to the American public to get his health care plan approved by Congress. Gruber was part of the Barry Soetoro administration and was quite proud of how he successfully lied to the American people.

        1. Who the fuck lost their doctor? I know literally no one who lost their doctor. Absolutely insane. Obamacare was a fucking Republican plan. Republicans wouldnt allow anything else. It was literally a plan created by the republicans.

    4. A minor correction for reader, Danny G. His neighbor and her son are receiving health benefits from Medicaid, not Medicare. For Medicaid the patient pays zero, it’s like welfare. For Medicare the patient had payed into the system through either payroll deductions or quarterly payments. Unfortunately, the Dems want to multiply persons, such as that neighbor, in order to change the voting ratio in their favor. It’s all about political power. And when it comes to politics, the Dems are smarter, that’s how they elected Obama et al.

      1. I am 70 and on Medicare. Everyone should know that hearing aids and any dental work is not covered. Under Medi-Cal it is. I’ve worked my entire life and cannot afford hearing aids and have had to wait (thus far) at least 6 months for needed dental work . . . Just FYI.

        1. Sharsha –

          I am going to be 70 soon and have been on Medicare since 2016. I chose a Medicare Advantage plan OVER regular Medicare and thus far am pretty satisfied with it. I get SS and a small pension but it’s enough as I have always been a saver and careful shopper. I was able to get what the Advantage Plan calls a “Buy Back” which means they only deduct about $30 per month out of my SS instead of the normal $134.90 that most people on medicare pay.

          I have some Dental coverage (basic cleanings 2x/year including exams and x-rays, panoramic x-rays every 3 years, fillings if I need them for molars but limited amount – I never needed , extractions – 2 per year but I don’t need)

          I get eyeglasses each year – pretty basic but I save a lot within Network. Exam is free.

          $500 per ear for hearing aids also included – no deductible.

          I have drug coverage – many generics are free. I use Eliquis which is expensive but pay $40 co-pay per 3 month prescription – retails for over $1200 per 3 month prescription! No Deductible.

          Doctor Network is pretty good. If you try one of these plans – check a couple of things: Ask for Network Provider booklet, Drug cost booklet, the cost of all above examples and any you feel are important to you. Get these BEFORE signing up! Go to free presentations in your area and ask lots of questions. All Advantage Plans MUST cover everything that Medicare covers at minimum. Most cover more. You need to ask former/current patients how they like it.

          Go to meetings each year to assess if there’s a better Advantage Plan out there. Don’t bury your head in the sand thinking only your plan is best. Check, check, check. No regrets. This is my 4th year on same plan but I did the foot work!

          I get free gym membership because they include a great Silver Snrakers Plan. I go to LA Fitness for no cost whatsoever. No limits on usage.

          ER visit cost is $75 – no deductible.

          Primary Care office visits are free/unlimited – No deductible!
          Specialists are $30 per visit co-pay – No deductible

          Hospital stay – 1st 5 days cost $95/day. Day 6-90 cost nothing.- No deductible
          Oh – I also can order thru the plan $50 per month of their OTC (Over the Counter) items like
          Bandaids, toothbrushes, Generic pain relievers like Tylenol, Aleve, and Ibuprophen. Generic equivalents for vitamin supplements , etc.
          Blood Pressure cuff (about $25 out of your $50 but well worth it) Digital thermometers, and so much more. That
          Adds up to $600 value per year included! They cover the bases but don’t have everything. Free shipping comes with it.

          Good luck – check it out!

          1. The Advantage plans offered will be different according to your zip code. What you qualify to get someone in another state or the other side of your state may not be allowed to join.

    5. Talked to a neighbor the other day and she said Trump was disgusting. I said what do you mean ? She said he says mean things. I said like what. Well he gives people horrible nicknames. I said like what. Of course she had no answer. I said he has been good for the economy and when he says something he does his best. She then shut up and started about how Obama care got her insurance. I said you are on Medicare and that had nothing to do with Obama. I said couldn’t you get insurance earlier. Well I had to pay for it she said.. I said so did I.. Well that’s not fair she said . My reply why not, everything cost something. Do you want doctors to work for free ? At that she left and went to watch TV. The TV purchased by her young sons disability (he says he is afraid of people0 He did not graduate from High school but his mother home schooled him and she is dumber than a rock. He wont work, she can’t keep a job-fired after two days trying to work in a local eatery. These are democrats that know nothing, do nothing and have a lot of luxuries I don’t and I have worked all my life. One job full time and another 20-30 hrs. a week.to help get my kids thru college. I think I am the typical Republican and they are typical democrats. Enough said

    6. @Boris made a valid point. I am almost 72 and have been a registered Republican from day one when I first registered to vote. I remember having many conversations with my Dad, who was a registered Democrat all his life (but was as much of a Republican at heart as was/am I), in reference to his registering Republican, since he was was one at heart. He said he could not vote against the leading Democrat candidates and try to keep them from the primaries if he war a registered Republican. And, back then, the Democrats outnumbered the Republicans by three or four to one, more sometimes here in Oklahoma, so it was his duty to vote for the worst possible Democrats possible in order to help the conservative Republicans win elections. And he actually did that till the day he died in 1979. And he always voted Republican in the presidential elections, etc. I admired that, but I really did want him to be a registered Republican.

    7. It is finally getting around and people are waking up to the fact that while the world still turns and there are problems galore the democrats are complacent to just sit in their committee meetings and run roughshod over anyone that is not taking guns away, letting illegals in, climate change, assaulting staff workers and fighting with anyone who doesn’t agree with them. This stigma is real and will follow them for a long time. Congrads. to those who have seen the light, welcome aboard

    8. I have been a member of the #Walkaway movement since last year –maybe a week or two after it was started. At last count it has about 204,000 members, still adding dozens daily. Without a doubt it is the most inclusive, open, and friendly group I have ever encountered with a great sense of humor. After progressive trolls tried to claim it was a fake organization made up of Russian algorithms (aka “bots”) they promptly came out with Tee shirts with an R2D2 like character and a play on a famous quote from the first Star Wars movie, “I am not the Bot you are looking for”
      New members are greeted with a barrage of dozens (sometimes hundreds) of friendly supportive greetings from people of all genders and sexual orientations, all racial and ethnic backgrounds, and ages from smart young teens, to aging baby boomers. Some people are silent lurkers, others write or video narratives of how they got where they are today, some short, some long.
      There is no anger, no name calling, no hate, just a feeling that we can love the United States and what it means to us and the world, and that the democrats, progressives and socialists and all their media sycophants can no longer assume we will blindly dance to their lies, anger, hate, and even violence. There are now chapters in every state, see walkawaycampaign.com

    9. I have been a life-long Democrat since my first vote in 1970. In 2016 I voted Republican for the first time and now I am more committed to the Republican viewpoint. The Dems have all gone to the left wing and I will not tolerate that. Who is going to uphold a strict interpretation of the Constitution? Not the Dems who think that the Constitution can be changed at their whim. Conservatism has a real place in our society.

    10. Decades ago the democrats were known as the defender of the little guy, the poor and defenseless. Many people flocked to that message and still vote “D” as their forefathers did for generations. The democrat party has morphed into a quasi-socialist entity garnering votes with the siren of “free stuff”. Democrats need to wise up and ‘walk away’.

    11. I was born in the USSR. I was blessed to escape in 1995 and come to live in the greatest country on earth, America. I am still shocked after 24 years here to see people actively desiring the life I was so blessed to escape. The life of Socialism is evil to the core and it is just envy and corruption that drive it. I am shocked that the Media in this country is openly rooting for the destruction of our country. The media wishes for bad news and manufactures fake news to push forward an agenda that helps the Socialists take power. I watched negative American news stories on Soviet TV as a child and wondered how Americans survived riots in the streets every day and acid rain and extreme poverty. Then when I emigrated here and saw how wonderful life was and the abundance of blessings here, I could not believe my eyes when my husband turned on the Propaganda News. Please America. Wake up and see how blessed you are! Appreciate all that you have and stop creating false crisis to deceive your people. I see the Left moving into dangerous Socialist positions and the RINO’s on the Right that fight against our Elected President, President Trump!. Why? The only Utopian society on earth is the free market , capitalist America. Anyone can achieve their dreams here if you work hard and take part in and support our society and uphold the Constitution. If we go the way of the socialist and the never Trump gang, we will lose the only hope the world has to bless nations. If you are a Democrat not, please wake up and Walkaway. Do not try and tear out the tongue of the conservative to prove he is a liar, because it only proves you are afraid of what he is saying. God bless America.

      1. Thank you so much! You nailed it! So many of us have been awakened, and the only way we can lose is if they cheat. There’s no better spokesperson than you because you have lived it. I was at the #walkaway march last year, but, unfortunately, this year, I have pulled a hamstring and cannot make it, but I will be there in spirit. Please stay safe, and, yes, God Bless America, and God Bless you and all the Patriots who love our country.

    12. Remember Walter Cronkite, voted the most trusted man in America? Power of the lying press exists today. What have the democrats actually accomplished for America? Expanded welfare, unfulfilled promises of more “free” stuff like obamacare, more illegal aliens, richer “elite” democrats. They buy votes with promises of more free stuff such as reparations, free college, forgiven college debts, and then surprise, surprise – just more hot air. Democrats/socialists/communists/leftists are some of the best liars, cheats and thieves America has to offer. IMHO, of course.

      1. Not only that, they will do anything to gain more power.
        Including shooting up a country concert in Vegas or a softball event. Or anything else they can blame on idiot Republicans who stand there drooling not knowing what to say. So they come up with a mafia style law like the Red Flag Seizure. Marco and anyone on board with it needs to be canned.
        These people don’t care what happens to you, but they’ll show up to the funerals to gain votes. it’s appalling.

    13. Who killed Lincoln , A DEMOCRAT. Who killed J.F.K. , A LEFT WING NUT , Who shot REAGAN , A DEMOCRAT. I can list even more DEMOCRATS who killed REPUBLICANS because they DIDN’T LIKE THEM . WE DON’T need GUN CONTROL ,we need DEMOCRAT CONTROL.

      1. God bless you rich z, and God bless the Republican party. You nailed this one dead on, what the demoncratz has done,kill..kill..kill. They’re (The Demoncratz) are nothing but Socialist Nazi’s in sheep’s clothes and there agenda is to kill us Republicans, yes blood thirsty kill. Here in the state of Georgia for several year’s 10+ they’ve emptied out these bootcamp type prisons and to my understanding it’s for the ones who don’t comply with their new government when the time comes. Any ways that’s another proven subject, the empty bootcamps. I say fight for the 2nd amendment rights and fight for our freedoms. I’ll fight until my end☠. God bless what’s left of Amerika.

      2. Lincoln was a socialist progressive in love with big government. He was a legitimate target of war. It was a shame Lincoln did not smother in the crib. The American people would have been better off if he had never been president.

    14. As a fellow life long Connecticut Yankee and Republican. I am shocked to see a story from another Connecticut resident that according from the author is from Republican from Hartford. Hartford has a almost microscopic Republican party in the city. The Democrats and Working Families Party have full control of a bankrupt city and control a soon to be bankrupt state.

    15. The Democrat Party has shifted from a Party that advocates a Socialist doctrine to one that has has now adopted the Communist Manifesto. It is no longer the Party of JFK. It is the Party of Karl Marx.
      While our current President, who I can’t really call a 100% Republican is working to fix the decades of problems caused by the Washington establishment, we have the current Democrats in Congress (and some Rhinos), working hard in trying to overthrow or at make ineffective this his administration. In the 2 plus years of his presidency, the Democrats have not done one thing to make the lives of Americans better. It’s been; obstruct, resist, impeach, investigate and while attempting to cover up their silent coup, the give illegals, criminals and malcontents move rights and privileges than our own citizens. More of the same gun control, climate change, single payer health care, and a plethora of failed and failing social experiments. It’s time to not just #walkaway. It is for the future of our Republic, and the freedoms and opportunities it offers, to #RUNAWAY, from this dangerous political assault on us and ours!

    16. A recent poll by dems top three issues:

      Climate Change
      Health Care
      Gun Control

      When the dems continue to drink the kool aide of the far left, Independents will continue to vote republican. The dems leading candidate, Joe Biden, recently joined the ranks of the far left advocating free health care for illegal aliens. Suck it up taxpayers, free means YOU pay!

    17. Judge less ye be judged. You have no claim for her or anyone else to throw stones of ridicule or judgement, we all have fallen short of perfection, it is on us to encourage each other to walk together in righteousness, forgiveness, and understanding is what we would want for ourselves, and only Jesus has claim to judge, do you know the mercy and love of Jesus? He loves you, and wants to grant your hearts desire. I will pray for you, God Bless you.

    18. I’m a registered Democrat so I can cast my primary vote for the most crass, erratic, intolerable and unelectable candidate.

      In fact I’d say I’m a proud Hillary (primary) voter!

    19. “Not once did I see Republicans engage in the outrageous and appalling behavior of Democrats and those associated with them”

      In 1933 the Democrat party decided the solution to famine was to limit food production, burning “excess” food. In 1942 the Democrat party put American citizens in concentration camps for no crime. In 1943 the Democrat party allowed actual, enemy combatant, prisoners of war free roam over the areas it was supposedly dangerous to allow American citizens to remain in. The “people” who orchestrated it are, to this day, are considered the party’s signature and most loved president and his enablers. His policies and those of the 73rd-78th Congress remain the backbone of the Democrat party’s agenda.

      If you left because of the “appalling behavior of Democrats”, why on Earth were you a member in the first place?

      1. The answer is literally in her first sentence:
        “I was raised as a young woman to believe that the Democratic Party was the party that cared for all people.”

          1. Can we please just celebrate that one more person has seen the light and not ridicule her for not seeing it sooner? I mean, really, have you ever learned something new and thought, “wow, I wish I’d known that sooner.”?

      2. That is an odd question Nanashi. How about research? Not everyone does their due diligence. Not everyone sees the lies. Some see what they believe and take a little convincing. Some grow up with a family that are very liberal which influences you until you become someone who can step back and realize what the Democratic Party represents. Why are you more concerned about how long it took rather then the fact that they made the decision to walk away?

      3. Who cares why it took so long to leave the democrat party . She did it now at the right time.Lets hope many more will wake up and do the same thing .

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