Mass Shootings by the Numbers, What You’ve Been Told is a Lie


Falling Crime
Mass Shootings by the Numbers, What You’ve Been Told is a Lie

USA – -( Have you noticed that only mass shooting where an AR patterned firearm is used are the only ones covered by the fake news, like CNN? The purpose of bending the coverage of shootings of all types is to move public opinion. Gun control is a political tool to scare suburban white women to vote for Democrats.

Here are the actual numbers and statistics for mass shooting in the US from 1998 through 2018.

Here are the three big TRUTHS the left is lying about.

  • 78% of mass shooting do NOT use an “Assault Rifle”
  • As a Percentage of the population, whites, and Hispanics are the LEAST likely to do a mass shooting.
  • Gun Control laws have NO effect on mass shootings.

Only 15 of the 67 events involved an “AR patterned” firearm; they are used in less than 22% of mass shootings. Only 22% of all mass shooting used AR style rifles.

As a Percentage of the population, most shooters are of middle eastern descent.

Percentage of population shooters of middle eastern descent.
Percentage of population shooters of middle eastern descent.

As a percentage of the population, White and Hispanic are the least likely to commit a mass shooting.

The real issue is the ratio of mass shootings to population.

Ratio Of Mass Shootings To Population
Ratio Of Mass Shootings To Population

The actual percentage of the population in the US from the middle east is remarkably small. Their participation in mass shooting dwarfs all other groups.

Gun Laws Have No Effect On Mass Shootings

California and Florida both have the greatest number of mass shootings (6 each). The State, with the most restrictive gun laws and the State with the most open gun laws both suffered the same number of mass killings. Exclude the Pulse Night Club shooting, and CA has more casualties than Florida too.

So the left lies about mass shootings. Liberal politicians lie about mass shootings. Why do they lie? To scare suburban white women (who voted 51% for Trump) to be scared enough to vote against their interests and elect a Democrat.

I’d like to thank the Crime Prevention Center and Dr. John Lott for making the raw statistics available. If you have an opportunity, you can donate to them to help keep the facts and truth available to the common citizen. The left is entitled to its own opinion, not it’s own facts.

About Don McDougall

Don McDougall

Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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Chad C. Mulligan

Important that we start replacing “gun control” term with “citizen disarmament”. Because that’s the globalist “libs” objective. Nothing less.

The Revelator

I’ve used “people control” instead, since it goes much further than disarmament into the realm of total compliance.

Roy D.

Reminds me of the inequity in the counting of OCR errors tyhat I dealt with in the Army. They counted them the easy (lazy) way and not the correct way. Fortunately my error rate was mostly zero. If you don’t know what an OCR is you don’t have a need to know.


Wow here’s some real fake news

Heed the Call-up

Bob, care to explain how these statistics are fake?


They are fake due to that lefty’s don’t concider facts that get in the way of agenda therefore facts are fake according to them and Clark Kent. I would further state that this is an example of lefty logic at the risk of knowing no such thing exists.


There is a typo in the first table. The value of “0” should be “1%.”

Lee Smith

The crime prevention center’s web site ( can get you started at finding documentation for McDougalls’s charts and much more. The most recent of the more than half-dozen books by John Lott—all readable but carefully documented—is The War On Guns Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies. I’m not putting it here as if I were putting it in an endnote or a bibliography. Just google it and buy it on amazon or at your local bookshop, folks. “Oooooh Noooo! I can’t share this, there are no proper citations.” Well, then do a little digging yourself and find the sources, whiners!… Read more »

john blanchard

I am 9.8 % (sorry 10%) confused by what I read here as far as repeating any of this to a democrat to prove anything,well …………..just as well sit home and clean my gun..


I watch MSN (Muslim State News) go straight after the person for permits and registrations who is defending against an attack while completely ignoring the fact that the criminal doesn’t have permits and registrations. They immediately demonize self defense and the defensive shooter protecting life. Muslim State News funded by enemies of the state attempting to destroy America and rob us of our country but hey like Barry Sotoro stated on his presidential twitter a couple nights after his Muslim attacked at Orlando Night Club he said, give us your guns and we’ll stop attacking. He was right, they’re still… Read more »


The vast majority of shooters have been DEMOCRATS and MUSLIMS. Solution BAN THEM BOTH.

David Garlisch

I really do want to share this article. However the lack of links and specific citations to the supporting data prevents me from doing so. Writing “I’d like to thank the Crime Prevention Center and Dr. John Lott for making the raw statistics available.” does not qualify as a valid citation.


Go to the last letter hover your mouse, left click and hold it down, now as everything turns blue move the cursor along that line until you get to the left side, now move up till you get to the top, now let up on your mouse and hold down the “control” key and then the C key. Now you have copied it, go to your email hit compose and hold down the control key and hit V, there now you have pasted everything that was “blue” on your screen

Fully Involved

Umm… what exactly does copying and pasting this article into the body of an email accomplish? Maybe there’s more to your reply that got cut off, but as it stands, your reply is completely nonsensical.


He (David Garlisch) wasn’t saying he didn’t know HOW to share the article, he was saying that he won’t because of the lack of proof of the information and statistics, as in no links to where the information was derived. Reading comprehension is going down, down, down, in this country – SEVERELY!

Fully Involved

I share this sentiment wholeheartedly.
Ammoland, if you want to separate yourself from the fake news out there, at the very least cite your sources. Otherwise you are no better than all the fake news fabricators out there.
Simply putting everything in a table and telling us the name of the guy who told you this is not sufficient; to suggest otherwise insults the intelligence of your readers. Also, as readers, it’s not our job to hunt down the alleged author to validate your statement; it’s your job as journalists to provide the evidence supporting your argument.

The Revelator

Ok, I feel for David and you…. However, there are a few things you need to know. The Raw Data came from CPRC, and as such they must be cited as the source. The secondary source is the individual who then went through the raw data, made the graphs, and wrote the article(provided he cited the source of data) Linking to the article would be a form of citation. Now as the author compiled his info from RAW DATA, that means there is no specific other individual to quote. However, we have two people commenting, who were too lazy to… Read more »


Sir, There has been only ONE mass shooting using an ASSAULT WEAPON. That was on the Valentine Gang Shooting. There have been NO ASSAULT Weapon used in ANY American MASS SHOOTING in the last decade. There have been AR 15 rifles used, yes, however, THEY ARE NOT ASSAULT WEAPONS.

Roy D.

As I have said before on this site, and others: Whomever is allowed to define the words wins the argument.

The Revelator

It’s not “defining the words”, its re-defining.


I like Laddyboy’s definition! But l agree too, that the loudest voices are winning the day. I recently talked with someone who believes AR-15s are fully automatic. I offered a brief explanation to counter his idea. l said don’t believe the hype and misinformation and suggested he look up what the “A” means and learn for himself.

Scott High

Where did these “actual numbers” come from? I would like to quote them as being factual but don’t see any reference to where these numbers have been published and by whom? Thank you!

Jon M.

The final paragraph of the article states “I’d like to thank the Crime Prevention Center and Dr. John Lott for making the raw statistics available.”
I would presume that is his primary source for the data in question.

Fully Involved

That’s not a proper citation.

Heed the Call-up

Fully, for those that are independent thinkers, and are capable of researching information by ourselves, it is quite enough – to know the source of the raw data. If you disagree with the research and commentary, please feel free to conduct your own research and report back to us – citing sources, of course.

Howard burchette

What? This article is definitely written by a white man. LMFAOO.. Almost all mass killings in America are committed by the so called white man . You’re feelings just got hurt, you’ll be alright. Almost every single insane mass shooting story about white men going in schools, churches, malls etc and murdering innocent people are committed by white men, and Hispanics rarely commit these crimes. Hispanics are black so stfu

Mr. Bill

You manage to express a new level of ignorance with each sentence. Congratulations.

Dan Schwager

What about mass shootings by gang members? How many people being shot does it take to be called a mass shooting? In Calif, TX, AZ, NM, how many mass shoots are done by mexican gangs? I would say the mass media won’t cover them because of the radical aspect of the crime.


Hispanics are black? Isn’t that what white supremacists think? Hispanic isn’t a ethnicity, it’s a cultural group.
Of course most mass shootings are committed by whites, they’re a majority in the country. But adjusted for population they are slightly less likely to be mass shooters than other ethnicities.


What about if mass killings are caused by disease, such as EBOLA ? How many of you know that hundreds of Black African Invaders waded across the Rio Grande during the past few weeks, and were dumped onto the streets of San Antonio ? They mostly come from the French speaking Congo area, where EBOLA is on a rip. Ebola can lie dormant in a person, undetected, for a year before symptoms show up. And recently one man was infected by a woman one year after she had been “cured”. But I digress. These INVADERS have been witnessed to have… Read more »

Wild Bill

@L Pi, My sources told me that those Congolese were recruited, aided, and funded by the Venezuelan government. One theory is that getting Ebola started in the U.S. is Madura’s response to US efforts to oust him.

Daniel Pearson

Latinos are NOT black or African. Hispanic is meaning from Spain which 99% of the Spanish speakers are not from Spain. Howard Burchette must be African for most likely believes if you are not lily white you have negro blood on you which is totally incorrect. .

Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger

You fell into another trap: “78% of mass shooting do NOT use an “Assault Rifle””

100% of mass shootings do NOT involve an assault rifle, which happens to be select-fire. You probably meant “assault weapon,” which only has meaning in a relatively few jurisdictions.


What he should have used was “semi-automatic rifle”.


Imagine that the liberals lie!


If it’s a lie tell me why the shooter of these killings are always white. These mass shootings


Howard – you mean like the “white” guy in Virginia Beach a few weeks back – THAT “white” guy?
BTW – he didn’t use an “assault rifle” nor an “assault weapon” (wholly invented term) he used two pistols.

Heed the Call-up

Nor was he white.

Somaht Retsar

I question why the Middle Eastern share of population changed from 0% to 1% (which caused the total percentages to go from the expected 100% to 101%). I suspect that this was done so that the outrageous 8.7 ratio had a basis. But manipulation of stats always will throw doubt on so-called “findings.” This problem could have been avoided if the table, instead, had shown percentages to the nearest tenth.

J Gibbons

@Somaht Retsar, whether or not the tenth of a percentage point is shown is irrelevant. All of these numbers are subject to rounding up or down to the nearest whole percentage point. The ratio is calculated using the actual data, not the rounded data in all modern spreadsheet and analytical applications. The decimals are left out to make it easier to read. If you want to dispute the numbers, please go to and do your own number crunching. Whether you agree with the numbers, the point of the article is that everything shared by the main stream media on… Read more »

Mr. Bill

If your assumption is that the first table is due to rounding down. Then the second table would have had a denominator of <0.5% so he figure would have been greater than 2 x 8.7.

A better question would have been original sources of calculation data as asked by Scott High.

n r ringlee

You are expecting progressives and leftists to base their “solutions” in truth? I have a bridge in Brooklyn…………………..


Beach front property for sale in Wyoming too……. has white sand just like Florida…….. cheap, real cheap……..

Jeff Johnson

You fell right into the fake news anti gun useful idiots trap. There is no such thing as the fake news term “gun control”. There is the communist democrat disarm law abiding citizens plan. And there is crime control. But crime control deals 99% primarily with democrats committing crimes using guns, so the fake news useful idiots won’t be reporting that! Also not reported is the fact that 99.9% of not quite “mass shootings” are committed by communist democrat criminals! Own the language! Use NO terminology being perpetrated by the communist democrats!


Ammoland I love your articles but can we tone down the inflammatory rhetoric in the introductions. As soon as you start saying things like “covered by the fake news, like CNN” etc etc you instantly turn off the people we need to convince facts or no facts. I get you and most of us are angry about what is happening in this country regarding our 2A rights but the delivery method needs to be better.

Sean dimmick

The “people we need to convince” do not read articles

Kittredge Seely

That is a false statement. A reader might share an article with a non-reader. I share all kinds of articles with family & friends. An inflammatory article with good facts won’t help us tell people the facts.


cnn is fake news – along with many others, tough s**t

J. Beverly Ewen

Trying to justify mass shootings is totally meaningless when one looks at other countries with gun laws that are stricter but guns are still permitted. Here in Canada, mass shootings are so rare, Canadians are horrified when it does happen. in Switzerland, where every male must own a rifle, mass shootings and gun crimes are almost non-existent. Perhaps it’s the gun culture that is to blame for mass shootings? The idea that one shoots first and asks questions later is as simplistic as the idiot who fires a gun in anger! Somebody needs to wake up.


Why do people insist on comparing everything, the United States has a constitution that protects individuals rights including firearms. You say perhaps it’s the gun culture, perhaps it’s the media when something horrible happens they jump on it and replay it forever. Maybe had these events not been broadcast, some of these may not have happened. People want to blame guns, what about the media sensationaling the putting ideas in the heads of people who may not have otherwise thought to do something so horrible!

Heed the Call-up

J. Bev, yes, that’s it, the “gun culture”. Can’t say I have heard anything more stupid in my lifetime. Law-abiding citizens aren’t planning mass-shootings. If that were true, there would be tens of millions, at minimum occurring annually. It appears you are the simplistic one here. Where in our laws does it allow a person to mureder others, regardless of method?

Wild Bill

@Heed, Someone needs to wake up, alright… the Canadian people. The Canadian people are mere subjects to their government. And she better be damn glad that the vast majority of Americans are law abiding or there would not be a Canada, just a fifty-first state North of Minnesota.


We invaded Canada twice and got our asses kicked both times. And to compare the two on gun laws is apples and oranges.

Roy D.

Yes, Beverly, it is a “cultural” problem; but, it is not a “gun” culture problem.

Wild Bill

@Roy, I have to agree with you it is the “gang culture”, the “drug culture” and the “libtard culture”. I have to agree with you because Bev is a Canadian and has no standing to criticize American Constitutional Civil Rights.


try hip-hop culture


How did this try to justify mass shootings in any remote way? Or equally as ignorant, how can you think the gun culture is to blame for a terrorist act or the actions of an insane person? This article was simply comparing statistics to show how the liberals, progressives, or whatever they want to call themselves this week, bend the truth/facts to suit their own oppressive agenda’s. There was one thing I feel was incorrect, that was saying Florida has the most open gun laws. The state with the most open gun laws is and always has been Vermont. In… Read more »