Moulton Misses the Point on the Second Amendment

Seth Moulton thinks our Second Amendment rights are a "problem" in need of a "solution." (DOD photo)
Seth Moulton thinks our Second Amendment rights are a “problem” in need of a “solution.” (DOD photo)

Massachusetts/United States – -( Let’s get one thing out of the way: Seth Moulton served in the military during the War on Terror and put his life on the line. As patriotic Americans, we owe him gratitude for that. However, his military service does not mean we should fail to call him out for going after our Second Amendment rights. Moulton has held himself up as part of the “Problem Solvers Caucus,” but sadly, it looks like our Second Amendment rights are something he sees as a “problem” in need of a solution.

Unlike fellow War on Terror vet Tulsi Gabbard, Moulton has been very vocal in his desire to strip law-abiding citizens of their Second Amendment rights. In his first campaign for the House, he got endorsed by Michael Bloomberg. He’s also spread the nonsense about how “civilians don’t need weapons designed for war.” Never mind that civilians already cannot acquire the select-fire (capable of firing either a single shot per trigger pull or at full-auto) M4 carbine that is standard-issue for the United States military due to the 1986 Hughes Amendment.

The AR-15 and other modern multi-purpose semi-automatic firearms – the only fire one round per pull of the trigger. While they bear a superficial resemblance to the M4 carbine, M16 rifle, and AK-47, they are not “weapons designed for war.” They are no different from a Remington 597 or Ruger 10/22, semi-automatic rifles owned by many law-abiding citizens.

Moulton is misusing his combat service to give credence to one of the big lies spewed out by anti-Second Amendment extremists, in an effort to punish millions of Americans who never shot up a school, church, mosque, concert, movie theater, or other public venue for the misdeeds of a very tiny minority. Justice Department stats show that you’re more likely to be killed with someone’s bare hands than with a rifle of any type, much less the so-called “weapons of war” Moulton is fear-mongering about.

This deceit alone makes Moulton a non-starter for Second Amendment supporters, but Moulton is worse from there. We have the usual votes for “universal” background checks (never mind that NICS doesn’t have complete records, and in many cases, shooters already passed the checks). That’s not a real surprise. Nor was his vote in opposition to HR 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, in the last Congress.

What is stunning is that Moulton also voted against the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act, which addressed the arbitrary denial of Second Amendment rights to certain veterans. These veterans had not been declared dangerous to themselves or others, they simply needed help managing their disability benefits. That is potentially a huge mental barrier to seeking help for service-related conditions.

The practical reason should not obscure a principle: The invisible wounds suffered in the course of serving our country should not become a reason to strip law-abiding citizens of their Second Amendment rights, barring a court involuntarily committing that person after due process.

Our Second Amendment rights were among those Moulton was defending when he served this country. He has the right to his opinion about them under the First Amendment (something some members of his party don’t seem to respect), but Second Amendment supporters need to use their First Amendment rights to point out just how badly he is missing the point on Second Amendment issues.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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    1. Kind of sounds like someone has decided to totally disregard the Constitution. So where did these Elected Servants all of a sudden come up with this assumed power, in their attempt to destroy the Bill of Rights anyway? The United States Constitution is to limit the power of Government not the American people.

    2. Ok Harold. Lets ask a question.

      “However, his military service does not mean we should fail to call him out for going after our Second Amendment rights.”

      Your words right? Well, doesn’t it seem hypocritical that someone named Harold Hutchison, who is trying to pass himself off as such a stalwart second amendment supporter, has spent a very long time with dozens and dozens of articles attempting to lecture the real second amendment supporters of why we should be compromising with the Anti’s on the left?

      “This deceit alone makes Moulton a non-starter for Second Amendment supporters”

      Hmm, So what about your own deceit Harold? How many times have you advocated for more laws which would be in violation of the second amendment since your argument would say Government has authority(it doesn’t) to write and pass in spite of what the constitution says? How many times have you defended infringements like NICS, or the FOPA(86) which unconstitutionally regulates firearms purchases by citizens state to state?

      “but Second Amendment supporters need to use their First Amendment rights to point out just how badly he is missing the point on Second Amendment issues.”

      Does that apply to you as well, or do you just ignore and avoid answering questions like the ones I am putting forward today only because you are a liar and a hypocrite? We know you for what you are Harold, and some of us wont forget about how you have betrayed the constitution before you got started on your “CYOA” tour over the last month.

    3. Anyone who knows the history of the twentieth century in Europe and Asia should know what the penalty is for registering and/or surrendering their guns. Somewhere between one hundred seventy million and two hundred sixty million citizens. Think about that number for a minute. That is half or more of the total population of the whole United States of America.

      Many of the people who were marched to open pits and shot execution style throughout Europe and Asia actually had supported the dictator and helped elect him. So what does that really mean? It means just because you are a democrat does not mean you may not be seen as a threat to the ruling class and done away with. However, that is no way to learn that lesson. Our founders knew that because England had begun tyrannical actions with them. Consequently, at the time, having weapons suitable for war actions was seen as a necessity and right. If the members of the thirteen original colonies had not had the necessary weapons to form a militia we would not be a free independent nation today. If we had not had that militia we would not have won that war. However, the militia is a topic for another conversation later.

      The second amendment was “not” put into the constitutional Bill of Rights to protect the hunting right or even self defense although it is recognized to be a God given right. It was put in place for the reason of keeping a government in check so it does not violate the laws set forth in the constitution itself. If government stays on the track Obama put it on in his effort to fundamentally transform America those weapons may once again have to be used against government. Our government.

      Lastly never and I mean absolutely never give up your weapons or even allow them to be registered. Furthermore, make no mistake background checks are a form of registration as are CCW permits. This government needs to destroy its records of guns after a year. Otherwise they are registered in a round about way. There is a saving factor there however, and that is no record of a individual sale there is no record so there is never proof a gun is still owned by the original buyer. However, under a dictatorship will that save your life? Very doubtful!

      1. It’s nice in theory, but this will never work. Essentially no one is going to give up their family in the futile attempt to keep their weapons. If weapons are outlawed MOST citizens will hand them in. And in a tyrannical dictatorship such as the one you postulate, the one household that holds out will just be an example to the others. When you watch your neighbors watch you get dragged out into the street and shot, they aren’t going to sacrifice little johny or Sally, or the pregnant wife for some ideals of liberty.

        But if you disagree with me and think this is a real possibility, quit being so partisan. You don’t have to worry about Obama. All Obama did was drive gun sales. You need to worry about ALL government, Trump, the anti-Obama – went on camera after the school shooting in Florida and said that the cops should be allowed to take weapons from law abiding citizens and then worry about due process after the fact. His batf is just about ready to ban bump stocks and despite being lauded by the NRA, don’t forget that this guy supported the awb up till only a few years ago.

        1. That’s what people said in pre WWII germany when they registered guns and later confiscated them, the only difference, they where honest enough to not call them buy backs and claim it was for the safety of the children !!

        2. Shit, you’re smoking Crack. Liberals here that demand gun control are armed to the teeth and they refuse to comply to gun control so your theory of surrender is way out there even for liberals. Gun control is nothing more than liberal politics to disarm those they don’t like. Social justice. We have fags here waving rainbow flags in one hand and AR’s in the other and they’ll fight to the death for their guns. It’s a circus and yeah they will watch you be dragged out and executed because they hate nonfags. Fags are ruthless sicko’s. (Gay misspelled backwards)

    4. People need to read and understand more than just the words in the Second Amendment. Why those few words were selected is more important than the words themselves.
      The reason for the Bill of Rights to even exist is based on government abuse and tyranny. The issue surfaced in Boston in 1768. Boston was occupied by the British Army and the soldiers became a huge part of the Boston population. Maybe doubling the adult male population.
      Then in 1773 the people of Boston dumped the King’s tea in the harbor. Still this seemed minor.
      Then in 1775 the patriots learned that the British Army was planning to confiscate arms in storage at Concord and Lexington. These arms included not just muskets bit gun powder, flints, swords, pikes. Military arms the government wanted to remove from the equation.
      The Patriots had formed an unauthorized militia they called Minutemen. The key was that these patriots did not request a charter or approval for their militia.
      So attempted gun confiscation resulted in the Revolutionary War beginning on April 19, 1775.
      Thirteen years later when drafting the United States Constitution it was recognized that the new Constitution put weaponry solely in the hands of Congress. A Bill of Rights was demanded.
      The intention was primarily that the People MUST have the ability to control government. Military grade arms were and are necessary in order to be sure the government actually counts the votes accurately. Likewise, the power of the People to ultimately enforce the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, to prevent tyranny.
      There was a time when Civics and citizen responsibilities was taught in grade school. Nw it isn’ even taught in college and it isn’t practiced in Congress. Congress is becoming tyrannical.
      Tha’s why they are pushing “gun control,” not to control criminals but to keep their power and subjugate the People, white, black, yellow and red, just paying taxes so Congress and the elite can establish “socialism” and enslave the people..

      1. You are spot on. All the proof that one needs to support your facts can be found in the writings of the Federalist Papers. This should be mandatory reading in every Civics class as it explains all the thoughts put into the Bill of Rights. To take away any of the Bill of Rights is solely so the government can control the people. The 2nd Amendment is there to give the people the ability to control the government who oversees the Army. There are unquestionably those sheep out there who would never defend their own rights but there are many who would.

        1. Chiefton, I’m almost seventy, and I have no direct knowledge of current school curricula, but I have read that they don’t teach civics any more, and that the Constitution is not taught in its entirety, let alone the Federalist papers. Maybe there are conservative private schools that still teach thos topics, but I’m pretty sure you won’t find them where Common Core – a socialist attempt to reduce the education of our children and grandchildren – is used. Fir most kids, it is necessary for the parents to straighten them out on the facts, although they should also be taught to nod their heads and say “Yes” with a smile if their teacher is the kind of flaming socialist that is present in public schools across the nation.

    5. Harold misses the point that ANYONE that runs as a COMMIECRAT is someone who CANNOT BE TRUSTED, EVER. Harold mistakenly thinks that just because that someone served as a vet, that they should ‘get it’ with regards to the 2nd Amendment. However there are plenty of Commiecrats who served in the military, pukes like John Murtha and John Kerry. NO COMMIECRAT CAN EVER BE TRUSTED, NEVER EVER!! And neither can some Republicans (RINOs).

      What we need is a 2nd American Revolution, to flush out all the traitors so they can all be nailed. Politics and petitions for redress of grievances have failed us. It’s time for bullets and rope.

    6. ARs, AKs etc are PRECISELY the sort of “arms” the 2nd Amendment protects! Its purpose is to establish that we have the means to keep our government under our control. So that when doofusses like this guy come up with these unconstitutional ideas we can tell them no and mean it!

    7. I don’t care what he served in nor where, it does NOT give him the right to strip me of my rights. he’s a swamper if ya ask me……..damn you’d think an ex-military guy that “foughtfor our countries rights” wouldn’t come home and try to make the 2nd A null and void. Some much for what HE was fighting for. Someone needs to bitch slap some sense into him.

      1. Please tell me where in the Constitution it says you have a right to an ar15… If you say the bit about ‘shall not be infringed’ then I assume you also would advocate for terrorists with violent felony convictions who are in the country illegally and pledge allegiance to ISIS while chanting “death to the USA” to have access to nuclear weapons. No? What happened to “shall not be infringed’?!?!? Seems like you are ok with *some* infringement then… This guy isn’t trying to take away ALL guns. He is just looking to take things a step further from current restrictions on weapons.

        Oh and for the author of this piece, there is NOTHING stopping a citizen with a clean record from buying a M4. The Hughes amendment didnt outlaw civilian posession of weapons that can autofire. It just made it more expensive. There are what, the better part of a million preban select fire / automatic weapons in civilian hands… I’m certain you know this, but why let the truth get in the way of your argument?

        1. Being dumber than a stump is not considered a high mark in many circles.

          1. Remember what “assume” does – makes an “ass” of “u” and “me”, in this case just you. Not allowing an avowed enemy of our country weapons is not an infringement on US citizens – but you knew that and were just trying to be a smart ass. Congrats on being half correct.

          2. And, while you’re being stupid, unless that M-4 was manufactured before 1986, NO, YOU CAN’T LEGALLY OWN IT! “Under the NFA, it is illegal for any private civilian to own any fully automatic weapons manufactured after May 19, 1986. ” “Adopted by the U.S. Army in the mid-1990s, the M4 assault rifle is a modern version of the M16, which U.S. soldiers have been using in battle since the Vietnam War. ”

          Now apologize to the nice people.


          1. Talk about dumb.

            1. The Constitution applies to EVERYONE under the jurisdiction of the United States. Not just citizens.

            2. The m4 was ADOPTED by the US military in the 90s that doesn’t mean none were manufactured preban – and do you mean to tell me you only concern yourself with appearances now? Because there are PLENTY of preban weapons with the functionality of the m4

          2. You are totally ignorant of the law. It is NOT illegal to own a fully automatic firearm. You just need to pay a tax, get a background check and be approved by the ATF. Unfortunately, fully automatic firearms are ridiculously expensive when you do get a license to own them.

            1. @Chiefton, PF, and all the others, You are correct, Stan’s misstatements are either due to ignorance or on purpose. I wonder which.

        2. Those ISIS friends of the people you vote for are NOT citizens of the United States and have not rights here. We can infringe upon them till the cows come home.

          An AR15? Heck, the 2nd Amendment, along with the Militia Act of 1792 states that we are to have free access to M4s, etc. (although I don’t like the M4 platform), because we are to provide our OWN arms, suitable for militia (military) purposes OF THE TYPE IN COMMON USE AT THE TIME.

          In addition, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in US v Miller (1939) any firearms would fall under Second Amendment protections for ownership by the citizenry precisely BECAUSE they are standard military issue.

          That (probably doesn’t) ends your lesson for today.

            1. @Stan, There have been many acts of Congress and various legislatures, but those acts are contrary to the Constitution. Applying the proposition that legislative acts contrary to the Constitution are not law, from Marbury, even a casual reader of the Second Amendment can conclude that those acts are unconstitutional, and can never be more than erroneous legislative acts.
              As to Miller, Chas Moore is quite correct, and Miller is still good law.
              If one combines the holdings in Marbury, Miller, Heller, and McDonald, then the GCA, the NFA are pretty well repudiated.

            2. @wild bill
              Funny though, the one branch of government the Constitution empowered with determining constitutionality disagrees with you. If you want you want to defend the Constitution , defend ALL of it, not just the second amendment.

            3. @Stan, the Constitution did not and has not empowered the Federal Judicary to determine Constitutionality. Please see Art. III US Constitution.
              I do defend all of the Constitution. If some future POTUS said We are going strictly back to the Constitution., then half the population and every politician, judge, and bureaucrat would piss in their pants.

            4. @wild bill
              I know what article III says. And it’s not what you think it says 😉

              You obviously disagree, but your opinion is not the defacto reality we live in.

        3. Stan.
          what you are spouting off about has not a thing to do about OUR 2ND AMENDMENT.’
          and you are TRYING TO MIX APPLES AND ORANGES.’
          and back when our founders created the 2nd amendment, there were NO MODERN FIREARMS AT THAT TIME YET INVENTED..
          but when the MILITIA were ordered to be called out, they were to bring THEIR OWN ARMS EQUAL TO WHAT THE ARMY WERE FIELDING AT THAT TIME.
          so think about that.

          1. Please explain why what I was talking about doent have relevance to the second amendment….

            As far as your claim that even today when troops are called up they are expected to bring their own weapons with them, weapons on par with what they will be using, how many enlisted grunts have their own SSBNs? Or m1a1s? Or stealth drones controlled half a world away? The reality of it is that not only have weapons evolved since the day of the founding fathers, so has the reality of both the military and civilian worlds. You might not like these changes, but you are powerless to stop them.

            1. @Stan, I see Jame’s point. Citizens and LAPRs are apples. Illegal aliens are oranges … with nothing to do with the Second Amendment.
              As to calling out the Militia. In theory, the unorganized Militia could be called up. You, Private Stan, could be one of those call ups.

            2. Wild Bill is correct you could be a call up and Wild Bill would know. Trust me this info is right up his alley. It’s a good thing they don’t call up madmen right Bill. If you don’t wanna get caller then just act nuts like Arlo Guthrie. Tell em you want blood and guts hangin from your teeth or just post here that should do it. Lol.

        4. @Stan, When has your ridiculous and contrived hypothetical ever come up? What private person has ever had the technical and financial capability to develop, maintain, and secure a nuclear weapon? Only a handful of nation states in the world have ever had nuclear weapons … much less some individual. Yours are the arguments of a high schooler.

          1. Look up what sum shinriyko did… Granted it’s more than 1 person, but they would have if they could have…

            The likely hood of my suggestion happening is not the point. Either EVERYONE has that right, or not. If you are ok with limits on the second then it’s just a matter of where…

    8. Regardless of his ‘service,’ this anti-gun whack needs a daily refresher course in “our Rights!” Every member of Congress should be forced to watch the following testimony at least ONCE a month, perhaps once a week. Note, even bak-in-tha-day, the smirky condescending look on ole “Nose Under The Tent” Schumer, how obvious is that in telling you those ‘freaks of nature’ have no intention of allowing “We The Serfs” anything that ‘might’ affect them:

      Dr. Susanna Gratia Hupp testimony before Congress

      1. She as well as many others is the precise evidence to them that their gun control works exactly as they have intended. They did nothing to correct the problem after listening to her testimony and then they wrote more gun control. They’re still writing more today and with Trumps blessing now have gone as far as to throw due process in the trash and implement gun control upon people they “think” need guns taken away. Only those who worship “them” are allowed to have guns according to their fake policies. They are a fraud.

    9. Harold, for once you were on a good roll. Yes, exposing the like of this Moulton dirtbag is a great service.

      But you had him up against the wall, but failed to drive home the real point:

      no matter his “service record”, since he is some sort of federal or state political office holde,r he had to have sworn an oath to uphold, protect, defend, enforce, the Constitutions of both his own state and of the United States.

      In his campaigning to remove our rights to arms, he violates that oath. In my view, that disquaifies him from any further service in any role other than inmate in some jail or prison. Violating that oath is a felony offense of perjury.

      Next time, how’s about including ALL the reasons to despise and reject him? Not fit for office, or any other public service. No, not even dog catcher.

    10. I am a retired military officer that has known fellow officers, many very senior, that oppose citizens rights to arms. Some being hoplophopic. These officers of course favor and promote like thinkers. I still find this very scary. There should be no surprise in Moulton’s rhetoric. There is no reason to believe him to be any different than any other politician who’s means justify their ends. Consider it fortunate that he joined the anti-American democrats, instead sabotaging the republicans. We have too many saboteurs now.

      1. Jack Mac,
        Good post. However, “who’s means justify their ends?” If Moulton’s ends are to disarm American citizens and gut the 2nd Amendment, then his ends are totally wrong.

    11. “Unlike fellow War on Terror vet Tulsi Gabbard, Moulton has been very vocal in his desire to strip law-abiding citizens of their Second Amendment rights.”

      No, Harold, Seth Moulton is as mentally deficient on the Second Amendment EXACTLY as is Tulsi Gabbard:

      “Tulsi is working to increase school security, shore up and reform our mental healthcare system, close the gun show and online loopholes, ban military-style assault weapons and bump stocks, and require background checks on anyone seeking to purchase a gun. She has cosponsored legislation like the Gun Show Loophole Closing Act, the Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Act, the Keeping Guns from High Risk Individuals Act, the Assault Weapons Ban, the Support Assault Firearms Elimination and Reduction for our Streets Act, the Domestic Violence Loophole Closure Act, the Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act, the Gun Violence Research Act, and more.”

    12. You have failed to point out that the 2nd was designed to address tyranny of government.
      How will we the people be able to right the wrongs of overstepping government?
      1776 my need to happen again.
      But how, if we the people have been criminalized by having the tools to reduce tyranny?

      1. “the 2nd was designed to address tyranny of government” This Statement is exactly why the federal and states governments should not be allowed to have any jurisdiction over the 2nd amendment. It’s as simple as conflict of interest.

        1. That’s why “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” was written into the 2nd. Government is simply ignoring it.

          Politicians who infringe the 2nd should automatically be removed from office and barred from ever holding any other public position, even local dog-catcher.

      2. @Jon54, Our tool will be asymmetrical warfare. The libtards are incapable of conducting any kind of civil war. So said libtards use government to do their bidding. We will reduce those numbers.

    13. I knew Seth Moulton, I served in Iraq with him. During our tour he was relieved of his duties as a rifle platoon commander for showing exceptionally poor judgement that put His Marines lives at risk. Rep. Moulton should stick to worrying about his little slice of Massachusetts and not work to try to deny his fellow Americans their Constitutional rights.

      1. Jarhead, Moulton is now putting us all in danger. When I was an active duty officer I had only one fear of being fragged. That was that it would be determined justified.

    14. He is a traitor to the constitution. Once you ignore your oath nobody in this country owes him squat. I hope he enjoys his liberal lying lifestyle because once you cross that line there is no coming back.

    15. The bottom line is that the Second Amendment is a Right within the US Constitution, and Article VI declares everything within it Supreme Law. Government cannot touch it! Defund them!, Disbar them!, Discharge them! The Commonwealth of m-Assachusettes and their elite bureaucrats can take that and shove it where the sun don’t shine. People of Mass. please start voting out these unconstitutional clowns before it’s too late.

    16. Good content guys ….. they can start at my house , I will take one for the team ! I have never been in the military (went to the recruiter but have a bad eye) but I have sworn an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States on my own !

      1. Joe, formal military training is nice to have, but unnecessary for warriors. Try not to take one for the team, live compatriots are preferred to dead ones. Fighting against certain death does occur. It is preferred to avoid and evade to ambush. Then escape to do it again. A lot of us may become one of the hundred-million armies of one.

        1. Military firearms training is OK, but not great. Some get the school of live fire under attack, which can sometimes teach more. But without excellence in skill at arms training, the other lessons won’t make you survive.

          For the best rifle marksmanship training out there the Appleseed organisation is the one Sixty five bucks for a two day course in every aspect of marksmanchip. We constantly get militayr and es militiary come out and they always marvel at how we teach them things military never did.. and when they learn these their marksmanship improves signficantly. Explore appleseed info dot org, select events up top, select your state of choice and learn what is scheduled. All volunteer organisation. Some military have come to us to help train their guys.

        2. @Jack M, You are correct, sir! The “Jim Bowie” defense will not be effective or necessary. We will need patriots that look ordinary and harmless.

    17. I don’t know if Moulton is ignorant, stupid or a stooge but I suspect the latter. Not everyone who served our great country is a good person and it’s wrong to assume that they are good people based upon a single set of actions. He’s obviously gone full politician and his true character is being revealed.

    18. So because the military carries a similar weapon that automatically makes it a weapon of war? What about the 9mm they all carry? Is that also going to be considered a weapon of war? Most weapons at some point somewhere were carried by a military force. Companies build weapons trying to get large Gov’t contracts and then afterwards they introduce them to the civilian market. Because the USA market is so big we have companies that just go straight to the civilian market but alot did start out looking for Gov’t contracts. So using the left’s argument they should be calling for every gun carried by a military to be called a weapon of war. The fact they are not shows it’s just a soundbite they use that the non gun owning public thinks sounds reasonable on the surface because they have no idea it’s just another made up term like “assault weapon”. They use it because they know the majority of non gun owners will think it sounds reasonable. Make something sound as scary and dangerous as possible to scare people that other citizens own one of these. Maybe their neighbor… I’m surprised they haven’t started calling them super deadly anti gay nuclear powered racist space laser death anti trans machine assault guns… you know get all the buzzwords in…

      1. True enough. Every one of us who own a 1911 pattern pistol have a “weapon of war”. That was designed by John Moses Browning as a miltary side arm for officers, originally desiignated the M1911. He later developed the smaller, higher capacity Browning High Power, BHP, origninally designated the M1926. My everyday carry. Many of Walther’s designs, the Lugers we can all now buy, I believe the Beretta 92 were also developed for military use, as well as a good number of Sigs, FN’s, and some of the revolvers we all know and love.

        Then there are the long guns. Growing up, nearly every deer rifle I knew about was a military bringback M 1903 Soringfield or clone, many also brought back Mausers in various related calibres, and the legendary and amazing 6,5 Swede is still sought after today for fitting with a Monte Carlo style sporting stock, small lightweight scope, and becomes an eight and a half pound deer in the freezer tool, a friend of mine regulary hits his big bucks (one of them trophy size) at 400 yards, dropped in his tracks with one shot.
        SHotguns also saw military service, I think it were Mossburg perfected a lightweight pump action short barrelled twelvebore that saw some service in the First German War as a trench clearning weapon. I suspect several of us reading this now own one like that but with standart length barrels,

        They wanna talk about “military weapons”, perhaps we need to press that meme. It would be to their embarrassment and, hopefully, shame.

          1. I lived in mass until recently and sent emails to this moron several times about pro gun issues. Every time I recieved a form letter back thanking me for being on his side in the gun control fight even though what I sent him was exactly the opposite. It was so frustrating that he would actually send responses back like he and I agreed. I kept sending my emails while I lived in mass but since I escaped to NH I haven’t sent any more to him

    19. Mayor Pete and this guy are just the leading edge. Their is something seriously wrong with our military. I know many vets and nearly all think firearms should be regulated to the point of no longer being in citizens hands. The military is ingraining socialism/authoritarianism into those that serve. If we loose them we have lost.

      1. Martin, you should meet more vets. I have found very few to be against their fellow citizens possessing firearms. The military by nature is authoritarian and too many commanders are willing to carry that outside the military. I doubt that we would loose all of our military members. Even if we did we would not have lost. I am concerned about the recruitment on non-citizens.

    20. His attitude is not entirely unusual for those who were officers in the military. My cousin served in Vietnam and eventually retired out as a Lt Colonel. his attitude was that civilians did not need firearms and if they had any they should be strictly regulated. This attitude was repeated by several others that I knew. Seemed to think we should trust the military and police with firearms only.

        1. Not all of us who were officers are liberals. I retired as a Major (Vietnam) with 100% service connected disability and am very, very conservative (see my writings). I consider liberalism a mental disorder…. genetic is some cases and learned in others. There is no cure for it…. those infected need to be locked up and have the keys thrown away. That is the only cure for their disease and the only hope for our country.

        2. Son, you make a strong point about college, and people going through them. Unfortunately, your point can be made about pre-college also. As a retired military officer my views have never been what is now called liberal. Too many of my brother officers can be called such liberal.

      1. @OG, Another case of the arrogant deciding what others don’t need. I bet that your LTC cousin, now that he is a civilian, has more than one firearm.

    21. Not all who “serve” are heros, self sacrificing or loyal. Some are self serving posers looking for a ticket punch to further their civilian careers and/or a free education. The pride and honor of being an American is of no consequence to them.
      Seth Moulton is on of these. His primary platform when running for office, here in Mass, was “I’m gay and had to hide it while in the Army (boo hoo).” Not a qualifier for POTUS but worthy of the Libtard pity vote. Moulton is a big government, limited rights, America bashing D-bag. Ultimately as dangerous to Individual 2A Rights as any of the other Communists and morons filling out the Dimwit Party’s America Last presidential hopeful dance card.
      Spent 20+ years in the Army. Knew some officers who met the Moulton Standard. They usually received minimal obedience and zero respect. Never missed when they were finally gone.

      1. What is it about the environment in MA? Seems to produce “Patriots” who serve their country to pad their resume to pursue a political career. The one whose ambition to become POTUS was torpedoed by some of the men who he served with in VN is still committing treasonous acts.

    22. It seems each day I hear more and more that all of these people that are anti-gun just really have NO clue about the truth of guns and makes and or the understanding of the US Constitution. One day that we all as Americans does not come is another civil war. At that point all of these anti-gun people will learn very quickly how stupid they have been. A part that is so ignored in the anti-gun community is the new market they are creating…AMERICA GUN BLACK MARKET”..This in itself will prevail as the new gun market and everyone will benefit from it. Lets watch and see…all of this is going to blow up in their faces..

    23. No one ever brings this up in mass shooting discussions. On May 4th, 1970, Kent State University had a mass shooting. 4 students killed, and 9 wounded. The perpetrator, the Ohio National Gaurd. Why, to quench the protesters on the US involvement in Vietnam and Cambodia. If this happened once by a state government. It will happen again by our government and has happened. Does any body remember the gun confiscation down south after the south got hit very hard from a hurricane? They came in by force with weapons drawn to disarm and leave hurricane victims defenseless. How about the LA riots. Armed Korean business owners were defending their property and business from looters and rioters. Why, the State of California stood down. Seth Moulton, I’m sure while fighting in the middle east you saw men, women and children killed by the hands of the same enemy you were fighting. So Seth Moulton, please explain to me why it’s ok for state/federal government to kill or use threat of force on American Citizens? There will be a day that American Citizens will have to defend this country against an unknown enemy. My last question Seth, will stand with armed American Citizens or help the enemy?

    24. WTH people? We don’t HAVE 2nd amendment rights. We have UNALIENABLE rights that include the right to defend our state of well being against anyone trying to infringe on it. The 2nd amendment is a COMMAND to those who are sworn to defend the Constitution to leave our UNALIENABLE rights alone. Any violation of any of our UNALIENABLE rights is a direct act of war against We The People. You know…the FOURTH branch of government that is being ignored because of the money power transfer since 1913.
      Right at the beginning of this “article” I take issue with the very first paragraph… Let’s get one thing out of the way: Seth Moulton served in the military during the War on Terror and put his life on the line. As patriotic Americans, we owe him gratitude for that”
      I’m sorry, WHAT “War on Terror”? That is a misnomer in itself. Total brain washing BOVINE EXCREMENT. If anything the war on terror has created terrorists. Only an idiot can’t see that. And so this paid mercenary was out there working for the international banksters and oil companies as well as the CIA to make sure the heroine pipeline isn’t interrupted and “as patriotic Americans” I OWE him gratitude for that? MORE bovine excrement. If these people want to fight for freedom, they need to march on DC with their military toys. THAT is where the loss of our freedoms stem from not some country in the middle east that has never done one single “bad” thing AS A COUNTRY to the US. Well unless you want to take into count the attack on the USS Liberty by our “ally” Israel back in what? 1967? Trying to get us into a war with Saudia Arabia. Maybe we need to take a good second look at THAT country.
      Our country is being run by total lunatic psychopaths and most of you eat their crap and call it chocolate.

    25. Moulton may have a true conviction about guns in the hands of civilians. I don’t know his service record but if he saw enough “asymmetrical warfare”, he could have an educated, albeit misguided, opinion. Props and thanks to him for serving.
      That said, shame on him for not seeing that he’s being manipulated by the dark forces of the left. If he’s a true patriot, he’ll come around. If he’s an elitist then, service to the country or not, he’s a traitor and the enemy.

    26. Likewise, I served nearly three decades, survived America’s most unpopular war to be met by “progressives’ and leftists who vilified me for doing my duty. That life lesson has stuck with me for over four decades now. I learned at that time and during my subsequent readings of politics as two very left wing universities that our Founding Values are the only thing worth preserving in our Republic. I knew that before I hit the yellow foot prints but that central truth was reinforced time and again. And our Founding Values are a composite whole and not a smorgas board of government give aways. Our rights come from our Creator. The purpose of government is to defend those rights. All of them. Unfortunately I was in a small minority among career military members in believing that. Far too many adopted progressive attitudes in universities and carried them forward in to their military service and beyond. As a mustang I saw both sides, life in a rifle squad and life as a field grade. Those in the rifle squad have far clearer understandings of our central missions to defend the Republic and the why of it. Funny how my brothers from Viet Nam, the great unwashed and raggedy-assed are so much more real conservatives than the majority of my field grade associations. When people hold up their military credentials as proof positive of dedication to American principles I start looking for the yes-buts in the matter. In this case we find a guy who served but who has sold his oath down the pike. So sad for our Republic. Semper Fidelis

      1. Thank you sir, some us do understand, Many will never understand it wasn’t really a war of principal even though we had it. In the end, not one knew but us. It’s not about that shit hole that you never forget, or if it was the poppy that kept the world happy and it always seems we find another conflict where one bully bandit is trying to take it from another. Hell the CIA will fix it. All that crap to hand it to Pol Pot for slaughter time. Chinese are anti drug or is there a new boss in town? Afghanistan Ooh Rah back to poppies again. Could this be why Russia didn’t want to give her up? What’s that saying, going to Heaven served in Hell. Besides already been pre selected. Expected nothing when I left ,and there wasn’t anything that a big old smile in the snowflakes face that didn’t make ya feel good…Get Some. Here it is over 50 years later that oath is the same, and taken the oath three more times. Most likely my active service on my final oath will run out next year about this time, but the oath remains as long as I’m on the green side of the grass! Semper Fi

      1. You may be technically right, in that the enemy is unidentified. Meanwhile, what label would you give to a person who undermines his country, in whatever way he might choose? Good to look at whole meaning, and not get tunnel vision.

        1. Chris, our enemies are easily identified. They are anyone who wants to disarm us or allows it. The most dangerous are in official authority. These people have already identified us as their enemy and are advancing against us. The us are all the US of A citizens wanting the rights of freedom.

    27. Our second amendment rights protect us from an over zealous government. Previous dictators like Adolf Hitler always disarmed the populace by one ruse or another so that he would have no opposition to total and complete control of the country. Automobile accidents kill more people than guns, and anti – second amendment rights folks, who often have armed protection, never discuss all the events where guns are used, I. e. crimes, law enforcement, etc.

      1. First, we don’t have “2nd amendment rights”. We have UNALIENABLE rights and the 2nd amendment is a PROHIBITION against the government to infringe on that unalienable right. As for the 2nd amendment itself…the first 13 words, possibly the most important 13 words in the whole constitution was eviscerated in 1903 with the passage of the Dick act doing away with them. We as a people HAVE NO MILITIA which the founding fathers declared was NECESSARY for the SECURITY of a free state. Do you live in a free state? Or are you a SLAVE like the rest of us. Is your labor stolen at gun point from you in the form of “property taxes” and “income taxes” so that the system can hide the fraudulent monetary system making you “think” that those taxes actually pay for something?

        People who don’t want US to have guns DO want their pet military and police to have them. Not a GOOD IDEA, shown by past history.

    28. Our second amendment rights were never in need of defending from the Taliban or Saddam. So, no he wasn’t defending or rights. Our freedom is threatened by the enemies within, not overseas.

      1. He wore a uniform and swore to uphold the and defend the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic…. the same oath we all take. Know your audience and know your facts before spewing words of venom. Better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

        1. Well you’re doing a good job of proving the last sentence for yourself. AND posting that you were CSM US Army DEFINITELY removes all doubt. You were conned into being a mercenary for the international bankers, oil companies and CIA so that you could defend what THEY wanted you to defend. And it sure as hell wasn’t me or my rights. And I’m NOT sorry if this raises your ire against me or those of us who think like me. We need a MILITIA not a stinking standing army that is being worshiped like some lousy golden idol these days. I swear it reminds me of Hitler and his times in front of crowds when I see how they make your military god into something we are to worship with their lying commercials, stinking display at football games and other venues. A MILITIA would do just fine. Who in the world would attack this country with 800 million firearms in it?

    29. One hell of a way to retired, office personal management DAV now, god I’ve gotten a raw deal and everyone just watched me go down hill with no empathy or remorse thanks alot 5south DOU San Diego CA VAMC.

    30. If the VA wants to get you they’ll do anything to protect there butts. At least at the end of it, I’m not involved in medical criminal activity anymore.

    31. No due process Judge Steven Stone San Diego superior court cash in a favorite after I fought 1year half to keep my second amendment rights. Former US Attorney southern California who defended the VA Medical Center after I went forward with adverse events.

      1. Since your right to keep and bear arms is an UNALIENABLE RIGHT granted at birth, get a gun, keep it for your protection and be willing to SHOOT ANYONE WHO TRIES TO TAKE it. That includes RED COATS calling themselves “law enforcement”. You see, to FIGHT for FREEDOM we have to make sacrifices and sometimes that means dying. So if we are willing to DIE for our rights, then eventually those who are infringing on them will realize that a paycheck isn’t worth getting shot for.

        I’m a pissed of armed run away slave. Yes, that is what I am.

      1. Our oath is to protect the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Our enumerated rights are a comprehensive whole of natural rights granted to us by our creator. Folks who work to undermine our Constitution and our Bill of Rights are enemies of the Republic. That is why I believe we are now in a civil war, a cold one for the most part, and it will go hot unless progressives like Moulton understand the American people will not submit to authoritarianism nor will they give up their natural rights. Funny thing about most Americans. They might not be really good at articulating their political views. They are really good at defending them.

        1. Really? Like all those Americans that defended their right to keep and bear arms after Katrina? As a whole, Americans are yellow striped cowards. Their military in the case of drones sit behind a desk in a bunker thousands of miles away while they drop bombs on wedding parties and children. IT MAKES ME ILL! The united states of America needs to change it’s name to the United States of Pussyana.

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