Oregon ‘Militia Threat’ has all the Markings of a Smear Job against Gun Owners

To Gov. Brown and Oregon Democrats, anyone who opposes this gaggle of gun-grabbers’ citizen disarmament schemes is an “anti-government extremist.” (Kate Brown/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “Based on an allegation of ‘militia threats’ Senate President Peter Courtney canceled today’s floor session.” Oregon Firearms Federation informed members in a Saturday alert. “But the good news is that while they are not on the floor they are not allowed to be hunting the Republicans who walked out.”

“Hunting Republicans…?” That was explained in a Friday alert:

“Senate Republicans have walked out to protest the outrageous behavior of the majority party. The Governor has called on the State Police to track down those who left and force them back to the floor… [Governor] Kate Brown is working with law enforcement in other states to try to get them to assist in the arrest of the absent Republicans and all the Republicans are facing fines of $500.00 for every day they are absent.”

Simply put, while Democrats enjoy a supermajority (in both legislative chambers), Republicans are needed to form a required quorum. That means 20 out of the 30 Senate seats (29 as of late May, with one vacancy) are needed to conduct business.

It’s illustrative of her hypocrisy that “progressive” Gov. Brown is demanding other states where Republicans may have sought refuge to cooperate with her on forced detention.  After all, this is the chief executive who “issued an executive order that forbids all state agencies and employees from helping federal immigration officials locate or apprehend undocumented immigrants.” Turnabout being fair play, “Second Amendment Sanctuary Sheriffs” could and should tell her to go pound sand.

This walkout is not over the right to keep and bear arms, but rather a tangentially-related freedom issue. The Senate Republican protest is over a radical “cap and trade” bill Democrats couch as being a counter to “climate change,” but is really about wealth redistribution and imposing job-killing requirements on their constituents that competitors, including from communist China, won’t comply with.

So what does this have to do with the calculated excuse being used as justification to shut down the government? Per Oregon Live:

A spokeswoman for the Senate President confirmed late Friday that the “Oregon State Police has recommended that the Capitol be closed tomorrow due to a possible militia threat.”

Some citizens, including “Oregon Three Percenters,” were planning a protest. True to form, gun owners who will not comply with disarmament edicts are being portrayed as “anti-government extremists.” That’s despite the fact that they are the ones calling for rights abusers and infringers to obey the Constitution and observe the entire Bill of Rights.

To seal the smear, many news outlets are pointing out how some in the groups supported the Malheur Refuge protest. Left unsaid in the conflation is that the violence there was committed against one of the protest leaders with the ambush killing of LaVoy Finicum, replete with crime scene evidence tampering and lying by authorities.

As for the “possible threat,” it’s fair to ask what the hell that even means – it either is or it isn’t. What Oregon “progressive” are feigning the vapors over is actually a “quotable” statement made to the media by State Senator Brian Boquist about a response to armed force, not the initiation of it.

“Send bachelors and come heavily armed. I’m not going to be a political prisoner in the state of Oregon. It’s just that simple.”

Compare that to, say the state mottos of New Hampshire (“Live free or die”) or Virginia (“Sic semper tyrannis”).

Supporting statements made by Oregon III% said they would act as bodyguards to dissuade the initiation of force:

“[W]e have vowed to provide security, transportation and refuge for those Senators in need…We will stand together with unwavering resolve, doing whatever it takes to keep these Senators safe.”

That has nothing to do with the planned demonstration. It is a statement that a line in the sand has been drawn on the initiation of force by Brown’s enforcers under very specific circumstances. It is no different than any gun owner saying and meaning “Molon Labe.”

If you think about it, if gun owners were willing to surrender their rights without a fight, the Second Amendment would not be worth the parchment it is written on. If the gun-grabbers don’t want to hear that some will not disarm and go gentle into that good night, they should stop threatening unconstitutional gun bans and confiscation.

As an aside, it’s nice to see Sen. Boquist starting to grok the principle behind defending rights against usurpations. That’s because he was a principle Republican backer of SB 719A, a gun confiscation bill that would ostensibly reduce suicides at the expense of murdering due process.

As for those now feigning outrage over his statement, consider how they are universally silent at Joe Biden’s call to “action” at the Moral Action Congress of the Poor People’s Campaign in Washington, D.C.:

“There are certain things where it just takes a brass knuckle fight…Let’s start a real physical revolution if you’re talking about it.”

Does anyone see any Democrat politicians canceling sessions and making a big deal about “possible threats” when his supporters demonstrate?

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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The same woman, Kate Brown, publicly stated during the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Standoff “This spectacle of lawlessness must end. And until Harney County is free of it I will not stop insisting that federal officials enforce the law”. She then petitioned FBI Director James Comey and urged him to take “swift” action. Shortly thereafter Roy Finicum was ambushed and murdered. Now Kate Brown has ‘deployed” the Oregon State Police to “roundup” and bring in her political opponents. Oregon has become a thrid-world sh*thole and is being run by a tyrannical, evil, self-important she-thug. This is just the opinion of… Read more »


Very true, Bob. I left OR for Arizona last year. They are really trying to take over this state, too. And I saw in the local paper today where the local Dem party is trying to stratigize how to take this county. PLEASE leave us alone.


New Mexico to Oregon: “Hold muh beer and watch this!”

Elections have consequences. Crooked elections have even more severe consequences. 2016 was the crookedest I’ve ever seen.

John Galt


The Revelator

“That has nothing to do with the planned demonstration. It is a statement that a line in the sand has been drawn on the initiation of force by Brown’s enforcers under very specific circumstances. It is no different than any gun owner saying and meaning “Molon Labe.” If you think about it, if gun owners were willing to surrender their rights without a fight, the Second Amendment would not be worth the parchment it is written on. If the gun-grabbers don’t want to hear that some will not disarm and go gentle into that good night, they should stop threatening… Read more »


All of these Socialist Dumbocrats think they can skirt the will of the people and the Constitution of the USA. Well I got news for them. Our OATH to the Constitution NEVER ENDS AND WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT BOW TO ANYONE If Oregon NEEDS HELP BY GOD THEY WILL GET IT FROM ALL OF US ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY. DON’T GIVE UP OR GIVE IN.


Were start holding Pledge of Allegiance here every morning a 6.

The Revelator


Misfired again there.

My pledge is not to any flag, or to the Government(Republic) for which it stands… Mine is directly to the Constitution. If the “Flag” violates that Constitution, then I have no obligation to it.


How can you pledge allegiance to a non-existent entity? The Republic for which it stood has been declared null and void.


So, just the rumor of armed citizens showing up was enough to shut down the Senate? OUTSTANDING! If just the rumor scares hell out of the liberal politicians, imagine what real action would accomplish. The libtards are pushing gun owners and radical on the right (most of us), to action and they don’t realize what the result would be for them. Looks to me to be a silver lining on the clouds on the horizon.


I’m not radical now let me get back to polishing this ammo.

Scotty Gunn

Lots of carpet munchers there.


Flannel shirt militia! This being a family comments section ill leave you to speculate on what sorts of weapons,,,,,

Old Corps

This lesbian governor has done significant damage to Oregon. With the help of a deeply partisan Left legislature, she has set in motion a series of oppressive actions that are intended to strip conservative and even moderate Oregonians of the ability to resist a complete transition to a Leftist state, perhaps even in excess to California or New York. I firmly believe these socialist governors are in competition to see who can convert a state into totalitarian socialism. No, I’m not Chicken Little, but the sky damned sure looks to be cracking overhead. What I am is a Marine combat… Read more »


Thank You sir for your service to America and to Americans.
I agree with you that this ALT-LEFT (DNC)/DemocRATic National Communist party is PUSHING LAW ABIDING American Citizens to the brink. I pray she and the co-conspirators are OUSTED SHORTLY from EVERY POSSIBLE PUBLIC OFFICE. Americans MUST WAKE UP and understand the assault America IS under.

Allen Hoadley

I am a veteran as well I’ll be with you one hundred percent thanks for your service

Barry A Odgers

Ditto! Retired vet, here also


she is not a lesbian. this is something that has grinded my gears since she was first running for Governor. SHE HAS NEVER HAD A GIRLFRIEND. she used being a lesbian as a way to get the Portland and Eugene vote. she is married to a man. she has been married to a man as long as she has been Governor. She is a lesbian when it is politically advantageous

flush brown down

She is bi sexual, plays both sides of the fence.

Joseph perry mcclung

Why on earth would either side of the fence want anything to do with that.


Not even a Muslim would go for it and they will fuck anything.


It’s too bad that it’s not enough to support natural rights and the constitution- the fact that such a vast majority of the gun owning demographic are so vocally hateful towards women, LGBTQ, and certain groups of foreigners is one of the biggest reasons that the progressives are winning in US politics. Who cares if Kate Brown is a carpet muncher? How is that relevant? Muslims will fuck anything? Good lord, people. We should never have given women the vote? I got news for some of you. Women, and LGBTQ are the fastest growing demographic of the gun owning population.… Read more »

Ed Holzberger

Thank you, brother(RVN 26 Jan 1968 – 25 Aug 1969), I don’t live in Oregon, but I’m with you!


Looks like Gabby Giffords in the picture from the rubber gun squad which is proof lefty’s don’t need brains since hers was replaced with an empty peanut shell.


Rally at Oregon State Fairgrounds, Salem, Thursday June 27th, 6:00AM.

John Dunlap

This is a political tactic, more intelligent and dangerous than we’re giving Brown credit for (any relation to Moonbeam?). If she can whip this up into a long term shutdown of the legislature by claiming that Republicans have created a security threat, she can basically hold all other legislation and public services hostage, eventually forcing Republican legislators to return. The useful idiot CNN-bots that keep her and her kind in office all along the West coast will believe it, of course. Someone here mentioned California and illegal aliens. It’s worth mentioning that California was a red state not long ago.… Read more »

Clark Kent

‘Basically hold all other legislation and public services hostage’? GREAT! BRING IT ON!


Back in the 90’s Oregon was a great place to live and work, a center right community. Then the Spotted Owl issue closed federal land to logging. As a result, working people with families and kids in college, many middle aged, were flipping burgers. The housing prices fell and people from California cashed out their overpriced houses and moved to Oregon. Unfortunately, they brought their liberal/progressive mindsets with them. As a result Oregon is going the way of Kalifornia. The state is now a nut-house of socialist/progressive libiturds. The same type of people are moving to Texas. During the Depression… Read more »

Guesty McGuesterson

Yep. In the early ’90s, I was strongly considering Oregon or Idaho as places to move my family to (from California, which was still politically centric at the time). Now I’ll never go to Oregon.


Yeah those Spotted Owl habitat psyop games are the same as the global warming psyop of today. A scam. I once told the feds there weren’t any Spotted Owls on my mine during inspection and when they asked why I said because I ate them all and they tasted just like Bald Eagle then I laughed and they wondered because they couldn’t find any around. Was the end of that game.


Trust me. Oregon is still worth fighting for.
Besides there’s only Idaho, Wyoming and Utah left. We’re running out of free states to run to.


d-sucker dhimmi-rats will do anything

Steven Gorrell

I don’t listen to anyone talk about gun bans that believe it’s O.K. to kill a baby in the womb.


Then they eat it and make Pepsi out of it and squeeze the blood out in a glass and drink it while plotting their “gun control/confiscation” holocaust agenda.


Why are the photos always a gaggle of women? Anyway, this is an example of tyranny being employed to force legislators to kowtow to a governor and using propaganda from the MSM to make it sound like the people trying to do the right thing for their constituents are murderous violent servants of Satan.


Republicans with balls? What odd concept.
I wish they all had them.

Green Mtn. Boy

Due to the infestation of RINO’s,cull the heard at the voting box and the number of bulls will increase.


This state and the laws they want to impose may be the start of a revolution. Once the “Shot heard around the world” is fired, there is no going back until the progressives have been silenced. Let our voices be heard and not our arms. But if it comes to having our arms do the heavy work, then let them be blessed by God.

Big Jim


terry ralston

We shouldnt push revolution, if all other options have been exhausted then and only then maybe revolution. our forefathers tried everything they could think of before revolution was their final choice. Only when the british came in and physically tried to take the guns was the powder keg lit. Understand that was only one of many reasons like taxation without representation among others. Conservatives need to keep calm heads and just let the democrat bauble heads continue their crap. if they go too far and really try to take guns then its time to act

Wild Bill

@TLS R, Yes, and if, God forbid, it should come to a worst case scenario, then: The libtard storage facilities (known as cities) are already surrounded. And asymmetrical methods can reduce their numbers to a manageable level.

Old Corps

Yes. Period.

Clark Kent

You forgot to mention the revolution also began at the attempt to take away ammunition. This is already happening in California. You snooze, you lose.


Stupid women, driving the country left, into oncoming traffic and then the gutter, same way they drive cars. Female logic is based on “feelings” , not conscious decision making based on reasonable expected outcome. The founding fathers were correct.


MB, you are right. It was stupid women acting on “feelings” back in 1918 when they pushed for prohibition( and banning prostitution), saying if you banned all alcohol things would be peaches and cream( sound familiar? Ban all guns) what they ended up with was an put of control booze runners, the mob, thousands dying from poisoned home made brew, and underground bars (which even the politicians who voted for prohibition went to) who served booze to anyone including children, them the women decided that prohibition should be repelled. Now this same group wants to ban all guns from all… Read more »


You have been reading up.
You left out trump activating the Patriot Act to get the FEMA camps filled up.

n r ringlee

When fascism comes to America it will march under the flag of progressivism.


And feminazis


We’re drafting the Feminazis for the war with Iran. We need more ground invasion forces and feminazis are demanding equality so they’re going to get it. Their big day is coming soon.


Liberal Socialist Democrats
Open Season. No Bag Limit.


All “militia” groups, like all groups claiming to be the KKK, are nothing but Anarchist Councils: Organizations populated exclusively by undercover cops.

Paul Luhrs

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot???

Wild Bill

@PL, Apparently he has had extensive interview time with all the militia groups.

Douglas Kuykendall

You need to quit shooting that shit in or veins. It’s no good for ya. Makes you have dumb ass thoughts

No Filter

Thanks David! I know you share in my disgust of our super majority Lunatic Leftist legislature and the lies they are spreading over this Senate walkout by the Republicans. I’m proud of them for showing some backbone! Oregon Leftists think they will single handedly save the planet with this “cap and trade” bill. Reality is it’s a massive tax scheme that will kill jobs and raise the cost of living for all Oregonians. What the unknown is what will happen when Republicans return. Who will sell out? What damage to gun rights will follow if Republicans capitulate? Yeah, some of… Read more »


@NF….Arnie gave us the bill Oregon is now wanting to institute. Businesses here are now paying a carbon tax as are refiners, we are fixing to hit with I believe another .47.5 tax increase on petrol, higher taxes across the board, and now the citizens here in californicate are paying for the devastating fires caused by both SCE and PG&E. PG&E filed bankruptcy after burning down Paradise, Ca. Gov Brown stepped in and saved their butts, passed a bill the citizens will pay. It’s now being reflected in our utility bills. The utilities here in cali are no longer regulated… Read more »

Mark Rybeck

The federal and state “Communist” governments of America are doing everything they can “to infringe” our well regulated Militia to secure a free state. It is necessary for the people to have the right to keep and bear arms…..Brown is proving this…

Robert Lucas

Time for 50 State Constitutional Carry.


Time for Article 5 convention of the states. First, and amendment that states explicitly “The Right of the to Keep and Bear Arms Shall Not be Infringed by any government federal or state.” Then the following amendments: Marriage is between on man and one woman. The United States was founded on Judeo-Christian values, and no government, federal or state, shall restrict the practice of freedom of religion in the public square to include the workplace and schools. Repeal the 17th Amendment. States shall abide by the Electoral College. A balanced budget amendment. Strengthen the 9th and 10 Amendments. Term limits… Read more »

Wild Bill

Whichever Congress is sitting at the time is in charge of Article 5 Conventions. Do you trust the current congress to maintain current Rights or establish new Rights? The elite political class, globalists, and democrat/socialist/communists are salivating for an Article 5 Convention.


I wouldn’t trust the scum to go Article 5 any more than I trust them with my guns. 2A is perfectly clear as written. NO FUCKING ARTICLE 5!!!!!!!!


Ditch the Judeo….


=Question for you: GIVEN that the present government largely ignore the Constitution and all ammendments enacted persuant thereto, on WHAT BASIS can you, with a straight face, assure us that any NEW Constituton or ammendments enacted persuant thereto will be observed? The vast majority of the items you suggest are ALREADY LAW but are being ignored. Anchor babies? Do not exist. REAT the 14th Article of Ammendment. Not there. Immigration, already well handled under existing laws, but largely ignored. Out of control lower Federal courts coninually take up legal cases restricted ONLY to SCOTUS. If a matter has either a… Read more »


Let’s not forget Nurse Brown has a real blood lust, and her manipulations should be staunchly opposed. I’m glad Senator Boquest said he’d defend himself, no laws against that; just don’t let Agent Bretzing stick a gun in your pocket Senator.


Those ugly women in the picture could be effective birth control due to their faces are exceptionally ugly. I have no idea how American men are surviving these hideous females. You guys are tough that’s for sure.

Wild Bill

@OV, Too bad that youngster alcoholic in New Hampshire is not available to drive by that libtard group, he would be seen as just an innocent victim of circumstance. But I hear he is already engaged.

Wild Bill

@OV, Guess I better hunker down, here, on the ranch! Do you recall that guy’s name? I did not realize that more than one was involved.


Possibly. Hard to tell due to my screen cracked when I zoomed in for a closer look.


Hickenlooper apologized to Indians for Colorado militia slaughtering the Indians at Sand Creek so I looked up and the info I found it says it was the military that slaughtered Indians at Sand Creek. Gov does not like militia. Gee I wonder why. Militia to gov is now quite relevant due to the coming civil war. Duh, is a no brainer.
Enjoy the prewar psyop to brainwash you into believing what they want you to believe. Be a good slave and surrender your arms. Have faith.