Senator Marco Rubio Confronted Over Red Flag Law Support ~ VIDEO


Washington, DC – -( My recent trip to the White House and the D.C. Swamp turned out some unique opportunities to fight for gun owners.

Among those opportunities was a chance I had to confront U.S. Senator Marco Rubio for his support of Red Flag Gun Seizure laws.

Remember, it was Senator Rubio who last year introduced a Red Flag Gun Seizure law, and it was Senator Rubio who once again introduced another version this year with S.R. 7.

While gun owners continue our efforts to beat back gun control from the likes of Sen. Schumer and Sen. Feinstein, it is extremely frustrating that we are getting stabbed in the back by phony supporters of gun rights like Senators Rubio and Graham.

Gun owners are fed up with this treachery from weak-kneed Republicans.

By sheer luck, I ran into Sen. Rubio in the hallway and we had about a 1 1/2 minute debate on the issue of Red Flag laws.

Sen. Rubio did what most politicians do by dancing around the issue, ignoring me, and trying to justify his support for gun control as “constitutional.”

However, I didn’t let him off the hook!

Gun owners need to know that we will do everything we can to hold these traitorous politicians accountable for their actions. That was my intention in this debate with Senator Rubio.

I wanted him to know that gun owners are furious for his support of Red Flag Gun Seizures and I delivered that message on your behalf.

You can hear the debate for yourself by clicking the link here or on the image below!

You may wonder what you can do to help expose Senator Rubio for his treachery. I’m glad you asked.

We need to make him feel political pain for what he is doing to gun owners!

Therefore, we are asking that all gun owners share this YouTube video on all your social media sites, email lists, and blogs. It’s time to hold Sen. Rubio accountable for his actions.

That’s why sharing this debate is so crucial.

You are the key to keeping politicians in office honest about their 2nd Amendment support, or lack thereof.

Help us hold Sen. Rubio accountable today!

In Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

Idaho Second Amendment AllianceAbout Idaho Second Amendment Alliance:

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms through an aggressive grassroots program designed to mobilize public opposition to the anti-gun legislation.
Our website can be located at

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Gary S

All these Red Flag Laws are for the Owner or Others saftey. Take the guns and can’t harm self or others.
I have not heard any of the confiscators mentioning mental health evaluations. Isn’t that the point, gotta take the guns cause they’re sick.


A perfect example, come to America then try to change the country to look like the sh-t hole they came from. Send this asshat back to his roots and let him try to tell his homeland what to do. He was elected by like minded people from the same cloth he is from and that is a very small percentage of the American citizenship but he is trying to make laws for the whole country. Marco Polio he is a game and should be found in the pool. Dump him even if it is for a conservative democrat. He has… Read more »

Dubi Loo

Seems Little Marco wants to make the USA just like Cuba. Total Oath Breaker and traitor to the United States.

William Flatt

Rubio is a RINO, always has been and always will be. Best if voters could replace him in the next primary that he comes up to, and replace him with an actual constitutionalist. Republicans need to know that they will be replaced if they don’t do their job, and the ONLY job they have is to uphold the Rights of the people and provide for the general well-being of our Republic.


I have yet to read in any of the Red Flag Laws now enacted through-out the States, what happens when firearms are damaged during this process by public servants? These draconian laws do not discriminate between low end firearms or high end, collector firearms, etc. For example, a set of commemorative firearms (usually a 30-30, shot gun and hand gun), gold inlayed, highly polished, worth $15,000, what happens when damaged? What about a Barrett 50 with a high end Burris scope, worth about $7,000 and it gets damaged, who makes the firearm owner whole? Who determines a firearm is actually… Read more »


They can write anything on paper according to USSC opinion and case law but it doesn’t make their writing automatically constitutional and enforceable therefore USSC has ruled you do not have to obey unconstitutional laws therefore the more accurate question becomes who do I submit the invoice to for the ammo I burn through defending my rights when they come to steal my property?

Mack The Knife

Isn’t it “your” fault that “your” guns were confiscated? Therefore any damages to “your” guns are “your” responsibility. If you ever get them back. Stay the hell out of trouble and there won’t be any. So, how could it be that anyone else should pay for your carelessness with your guns. Sarcasm


About right so it appears – the exercise of constitutional rights now converted into a crime by self serving servants. Not sarcasm!

Piper's Colt

Like all hastily written laws, unconstitutional as they are, are simply knee-jerk reaction to a given situation, written without safeguards for those who are obviously innocent. Most folks do not have the large amounts of money that lawyers require to fight the confiscation in court. Those who make false claims must be held accountable or the abuse will continue. And that is what it is, abuse. Everyone can accuse anyone of a crime or be fearful for any reason if they, themselves, are not held accountable. The whole red flag law is totally unconstitutional and does not enhance safety in… Read more »


Marco, why not call yourself a MarxiCrat and change parties? That would be your first honorable act, you candy-assed poofter!


Poor lost Little Marco is he now mentally ill also? And dies he no longer remember the oath he swore to uphold!
Past time for him to go?

Witold Pilecki

I have a personal acquaintance here in Kommiecticut that had all his firearms confiscated by the state police, because he was getting a divorce. Now this guy is a big furry plush toy, lived in town all his life, drives a school bus, and is very soft-spoken. All his wife had to do was tell her lawyer “she was afraid” and BAM!! All his firearms were taken, and they were treated like garbage, being tossed into the back of a state police truck. He contacted me when it was time for them to stop holding them, even though he still… Read more »


This type of action in my state would get a cops ass shot off. Quit re-electing corrupt, oath breaking politicians. We all see the same old turds in office from a lot of other states. My state has a bunch of liberal turds in Austin as well. Turds stink! Time to flush.

Get Out

IMOA what’ll happen is these Red Flag Laws will become the “Get even law” in that the guy next door or ex-wife, or someone that feels you’ve wronged across town calls in that your a danger to yourself and others. I also believe anti-gunners and pro gunners will be calling to report the other hoping to put them in danger when the hit team arrives expecting to confiscate weapons.

Mike Hathaway

Rubio talks about penalties for abuse – but can ANYONE point to a single instance of anyone EVER being prosecuted for abusing the law? ANYONE? Hello, BUHLER? ANYONE?


Tell him how you feel.
If you are from Florida, tell him that as you can vote him out.
His e mail is
His phone number is (202)224-3041
I e mailed him and expressed my opposition in a polite but firm message.


The flaw with trying to vote him out is that no one of any real character will primary against him, so that only leaves us the intolerable option of replacing him with a Commie-crat and having to try to fight them off for 6 years! We desperately need someone to primary against him!


I do not support red flag laws in any way regardless of the wording. Maybe a poison pill would be to insert language that would penalize false claims with prison time as well as financial fines and put the financial burden on the government to pay all attorney fees, court costs and other expenses for malicious prosecution when there is insufficient evidence to support the seizure. Insufficient evidence would be – not enough evidence to convict or institutionalize an individual being charged. The state would have to conduct a trial within 24 hours of the seizure.Pay restitution immediately with no… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

Sorry, but your, so called, poison pill approach simply does not work. It is often used as an argument by people who DO support red flag laws, though, such as the NRA leadership. Red flag laws are based on the accuser’s feelings and not on hard evidence. You can’t proof that someone lied about their feelings. As for the trial, the target of the red flag confiscation order has to prove that he/she is no danger to the public. It is called guilty until proven innocent. Your, so called, poison pill approach has actually been added to some state red… Read more »


It may well be hard-to-impossible to prove that someone “lied about their feelings,” that’s true. But “feelings” are not evidence in a court. If no other condemning factor can be brought out in a hearing/trial (and especially if a complainant’s bad motives – anger, spite, etc – can be demonstrated to the judge), then the judge’s finding of “innocent/not a danger” is by itself reason to penalize the person who initially filed the complaint without justification.

If the complaint was based solely on unreasonable/unjustified/irrational hoplophobic fear, it was indeed a false claim.

Gary S

But that all happens after 6 trial delays and $7-8000 in legal fees……


Or simply penalize people for crimes they commit not crimes that they didn’t commit.
Just a thought.


I heard the other rhinos call Rubio the shower boy sweet cheeks.


He sure does have a pretty mouth.

John Andrew Kociuba

Red Flag Law is Unconstitutional and anyone who supports this trash is not just a traitor to Constitution but future generations as well.

Daniel T Karaszewski

Song and dance but at least he had some dialog. Thanks for you voicing our concern, good job.


What about Devin Nunes who is stringing us along with fairy tales of indictments? He looks Muslim to me and after all these years of him leading us in circles I question his authenticity. I wrote the names below of the ones I know for sure are on our side. Names are as follows.


indictments of whom for what? your post does not make sense.

Green Mtn. Boy

Sen. Rubio is a worthless RINO,just in case everyone hasn’t noticed,he should just join the other party and have it done.

Ktown Bill

Thank you, Greg Pruett, for taking this important opportunity to confront Sen. Rubio about SR 7. Yes, you are correct.
These weak-kneed RINOs who are ignorant of the history of the Second Amendment and our Bill of Rights must be confronted and held accountable by the voting public for their betrayal of our constitutional rights. Although neither of us live in Florida, you have done us all a big favor. Thank you, sir!


They aren’t ignorant about 2A they are intentionally treasonous unAmerican rino scum of the earth. Bathhouse boys. Fags who seek to enslave Americans and make them slippery up the backside. Criminals.


I do live in florida and have contacted marco several times about these erpo’s at both the state and federal level. he claims there is due process, but without speaking to a judge to face your accusers and rebut any accusations against you, you would have been afforded due process. also questioned him about the lack of prosecution on false reporters and required/mandatory mental health intervention for those to be found guilty of said erpo. I do not have any firearms in my home, they were tragically lost in a boating accident on my way to my vacation home in… Read more »