What Democrat Eric Swalwell’s Gun Policies Really Mean

Those who can’t think will vote for anything that makes them feel safe, even if their fear has been cultivated without them knowing.
Opinion By Dan Wos
Author – Good Gun Bad Guy

Eric Swalwell
What Democrat Eric Swalwell’s Gun Policies Really Mean

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- When Anti-2nd Amendment Radicals push gun-control laws, they want you to think they intend to save lives, but when we look at how these laws would violate the rights of people and put them in danger, we begin to understand their real motives. When anyone wants others to be vulnerable, we have to ask ourselves, how it is that the perpetrator might benefit.

It’s not so unbelievable that those in power (or those who desperately seek power) would want to control the people they represent, but that some people would welcome that control over their own lives is a much scarier thought.

Congressman Eric Swalwell recently held a rally that attracted a whopping 20 people, where he unveiled his latest list of gun-control measures. His performance took place outside the NRA Headquarters in Virginia (for effect). His list of attacks on the citizens he hopes to represent as President include civil liberties violations that cause the gun-grabbers to salivate, but when we look at the potential results of his ideas, we get a good idea of what his real intentions might be. Here are some of them.

Ban and “buy back” so-called “semi-automatic assault weapons” and prosecute those who don’t comply

This is confiscation under the guise of “buy-back.” As soon as “prosecution for not complying” enters the equation, the freedom to choose is eliminated, and our “rights” are gone. This is the thinking of a dictator.

Implement background checks for all gun and ammunition purchases

Studies have shown that 90% of criminals surveyed in prison, acquired their firearms illegally and avoided background checks, while 95% of background checks denied are initially “false positives” (good people being unjustly denied). If the gun-grabbers know that criminals pay no attention to background checks but good people are the ones denied, who are these background checks intended for?

Create a federal licensing program for gun owners, requiring them to satisfactorily complete a training program with both written and practical exams, the same way most states do with cars and hunters.

This would appear to be another way to limit gun-ownership by giving bureaucrats the ability to create required standards that would be impossible to meet. Who do you think would write the rules to these mandatory programs or the questions on these exams?

Require that all people or businesses selling more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition in a 30-day period be federally licensed in a program similar to the Federal Firearms Licensee system.

This could be an attempt at implementing another government-issued license created and run by those who don’t want firearms dealers in the first place. Firearms dealers would have to meet additional government standards, ultimately making it more difficult for them to conduct business.

Prohibit individuals from hoarding ammunition in quantities exceeding 200 rounds per caliber or gauge.

Two hundred rounds is hardly “hoarding,” but any terminology that makes gun-owners look dangerous is helpful to the anti-gun agenda. This would appear to be rhetoric on the surface but if implemented, would limit the ability of gun-owners to train; turning gun-ranges into ghost towns and creating an ammo drought that would prevent people the ability to defend themselves if attacked. Guns would collect dust in closets because there would be no sense in carrying one if it was ammo-less. A law like this would conveniently criminalize anyone who owns more than 200 rounds. But how would they ever know how much ammo you have? That’s what the ammo background checks are for.

Limit ammunition sales for individual purchasers to 200 rounds per 30-day period.

Again, the lack of ammo would shut down gun ranges, causing a lack of interest in future generations. If no one can shoot for practice or recreation, the desire for these activities will quickly disappear. This, coupled with a continued effort to implement gun-fear in our youth, would make gun-ownership a thing of the past.

Repeal the law that prohibits the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives from consolidating and centralizing records relating to the acquisition of firearms maintained by federal firearms licensees.

“Gun-Owner Database.” Not sure if there is any other way to see this one. Remember the Red Flag Laws that many states are trying to implement and ask yourself how they would work hand-in-hand with a database.

48 Hour “cooling off” period for firearm purchases.

The biggest problem with this is the fact that people would be vulnerable to attacks during waiting periods. Women being stalked or pursued by a violent predator would have to “wait it out.”

The idea that someone would need time to “cool off” or they would otherwise kill is an idea that lives in the minds of Anti-Gunners. By believing others would act dangerously when angered or “triggered,” they may be revealing more about themselves than they realize. This is a common projection that comes from the irrational gun-fear crowd that believes “guns make people do bad things.” This reveals their own dangerously volatile lack of physical restraint. Someone who thinks other people needs 48 hours to “decide not to kill someone,” may have some deeper issues that need to be addressed.

Prohibit states from allowing teachers to be armed on campus.

Preventing teachers from being able to protect themselves and their kids would only seem to perpetuate the dangerous activity we continue to see in Gun Free School Zones. If the idea is to prevent senseless killings in schools, how does it make sense to make teachers and students more vulnerable purposely? It would seem that this type of policy would encourage more school attacks, ultimately justifying the call for more gun laws, but I’m sure that’s not the intent here. Nobody is that sick.

Require that liability insurance be purchased before a person can buy, trade, or otherwise receive a firearm, which is what states already require for automobiles.

This looks like yet another way to eliminate gun-ownership in America by pitting insurance companies against gun-owners. How soon would there only be one insurance company left willing to provide this insurance and how expensive would it be? Would a law like this encourage frivolous lawsuits against gun-owners? How would it help to offer monetary rewards to people for suing gun-owners? What would happen if your insurance policy lapsed? Would the insurance company be required to notify the government, similar to the way insurance companies now notify DMV if your car insurance lapses? Using automobile insurance as a way of justifying this is a way to make it seem like a “common sense policy” so you look irrational if you don’t go along with it.

If only the Anti-Gunners could see how voting for this type of government overreach would likely affect them on issues they care about down the road. If we find ourselves telling them, “See, we told you so,” it’ll already be too late.

Dan Wos
Dan Wos

About Dan Wos, Author – Good Gun Bad Guy

Dan Wos is an American entrepreneur, author, musician, and NRA member. He is the founder and President of House Detective Inc., a home inspection and appraisal company serving many markets across the United States. He is also an active real estate investor.


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William Flatt

Swalwell’s agenda is a wish list for starting a civil war… one that the Left would lose, badly. Hey Eric, do you want a purge? Because this is how you get a purge!!

Wild Bill

@Billy D. Flatt, The Left, themselves … personally, would not participate in actual fighting. They can not start a lawn mower, much less a revolution. Can you see the Mothers Against Drunk Driving Bde standing tall in formation?
The Left would use governments, federal, state, and local, to do their dirty work. The best way to stop them is not let their agenda get made into statute (unconstitutional statute).


I read (50 years ago) that the 2nd Amendment was written to protect us from our own government. The founding Fathers knew all to well about the European governments of the time, disarming their populations. Their intent was to insure that our citizens always have an armed response to government tyranny. Please understand that I am, in no way, advocating violence against our government !! Only attempting to offer additional ideas about the reasoning behind the 2nd.


Sallowwell doesn’t understand the Constitution or the American culture or public. If it wasn’t for the fact that he is a congressman no one would pay him any attention. If by some diabolical turn he was ever elected for an office, out side of Kalfornia, much less POTUS, there would be a bloody civil war. Thankfully, we are not that far gone. If we can reelect President Trump, hold the Senate, and recapture the House we may be able to avert a civil war and return this country to its core values. Hopefully, the public at large will wake up… Read more »

Silver Fox

Swalwell and his coconsperitors are taxing Americans in the socialist people’s republik of Kalifornia into bankruptcy to force them out or into homelessness and then replace them with foreign invaders called illegal aliens. I dare him and them to lead the charge personally and not be hiding behind a police shield!

Piper's colt

Socialists know nothing of common sense. They are emotionally driven with a knee-jerk mentality to fix problems that they have created. How does a government entity buy back something that they do not, or never have, owned. What a joke! Our constitution was written by men with more intelligence that socialists will every know. They knew that free men needed a means and way in which to protect them should the need every arise. Governments are ordained to protect the people from foreign invaders, not seek ways to destroy the freedoms and liberties of its citizens. The old adage: “power… Read more »


So he wants aa 48 hour cooling off period? Hah!! HOW will that help? I have a cooling of period of a few months whenever I decide to buy a gin. First, a considerable tome of reasearch to make certain what I want to get why, and who makes the best versions of that. Two months, at best. Next, the long, slow, arduous quest to round up those Sawbucks I will need to trade for it when it is time. five to ten hundred dollars don’t just fall from the sky, not on the planet I occupy, at any rate.… Read more »


I can assure you all that the dirtbag ex-lover jiltee already HAS his gun. It is putative victim who does not.. he’s already seen to that earlier in the “relationship”. SHE will be the one needing the gun NOW. HE is the one needing the “cooling off period”, best effected behind bars, but how to put him there pre-crime? Methinks SwillWell is the one with the mental and character disorders, which he projects onto we who uphold the law and would harm no one. His thought patterns are tnose of a deranged person seeking unlimited power and attaching his own… Read more »


Tionico, wherever you live now. Move away to another state that has no waiting periods.


a 48 hour cooling off period? Hah!! I have a cooling of period of a few months whenever I decide to buy a gin. First, a considerable tome of reasearch to make certain what I want to get why, and who makes the best versions of that. Two months, at best. Next, the long, slow, arduous quest to round up those Sawbucks I will need to trade for it when it is time. five to ten hundred dollars don’t just fall from the sky, not on the planet I occupy, at any rate. This can take up to another four… Read more »


This POG lives in my state. His being elected is indicative of the “fool and his money” sequitur. I did not honorably retire from the military so a bunch of snot nosed politicians can take our God give rights away. That’s just plain wrong. These thug politicians (i.e. Hitlery, Cortez, Sanders, Schumer) are going to get their come uppance and hopefully very soon. Tired of their lies and malarkey!


correction: give should be given.

Concerned citizen

Eric swalwell is a joke and a loser. He suffers from mental illness, paranoia, using too much meth, and masterbates at photos of micheal Bloomberg!
Who in their right mind voted for a turd like swalwell? They must suffer from. mental illness too. Hold a recall on this turd and yank himout of pffice and into a prison cell.
Background checks = gun registration = gun confiscation = democrat storm troopers kicking in your front door and hauling you off to a democrat run New World Order concentration death camp!


I can’t speak for the primaries that got him into position, but after that, voting Democratic without even looking at the names, agendas, or qualifications is a great way to get us into a mess.


Come and get them, pünk! Bring your own body bag.

Gene Ralno

Red flag confiscation laws are being trumpeted by democrats right now because their usual gun control arguments are lopsided losers. They’ve been hoodwinked by Bloomberg’s rhetoric and haven’t read his 2018 data. It reveals gun homicides declined seven percent, firearm injuries declined 10 percent, fatal child shootings (under 18) declined 12 percent and unintentional shootings plummeted 21 percent. Generally, since 1991, the murder rate has fallen by 45 percent and the overall violent crime rate has fallen by 48 percent. Additionally, shooting incidents involving students have been declining since the ’90s. During that time, citizens were buying a record number… Read more »


Yeah exactly. In a nut shell, the size of a watermelon you nailed it.

Dan Wos

Thanks for the reply. You make a great point about gun owners becoming dependent. I also agree that the Democratic Party wouldn’t exist with less than half of the country dependent. The less dependent people they have, the more irrelevant they become.


Exactly and is why they are legalizing drugs like Magic Mushrooms so their constituents can get wasted out dependent and not know what the cult leaders are doing thus creating the Cali affect where they are wiped out laying face down on the sidewalk not knowing what planet they are on. Liberal utopia wasteland of zombies.


“Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their… Read more »


Make Orwell fiction again.


Swellmouths ( Jerry’s kids) parents are on Tuckers site saying they wouldn’t vote for him. My guess is it due to the effects of the vaccines. Im certain they know best. Own parents refuse to support kid found in alley. Hahahahahaha.