What Needs To Happen With The National Rifle Association? ~ LISTEN


Reform the National Rifle Association
Reform the National Rifle Association

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Here is what the NRA (National Rifle Association) needs right now! It needs a reboot at the top… the house needs to be clean.

The officers and the Board Members that have been trying to convince you that everything is okay (Meadows, Lee, et al), the old guard that prefer the status quo (Porter, Hammer, Printz, et al) and those newer Board Members who are either parroting the message or keeping their heads down (Rathner, Lightfoot, Colandro, et al) need to go.

Is there room for the latter group to speak up and change their colors? Maybe… but, that opportunity gets less and less likely each day that they don’t do it.

Meanwhile, people wonder if those of us who are so vocal about the PROBLEMS have any SOLUTIONS to offer. Well, yes… we do.

Save the Second

I spent an hour talking with Armed American Radio’s Mark Walters earlier this week going over the Five Points of NRA Reform that have been proposed by Savethe2a.org.

  • 1. Make the Board Smaller
  • 2. Put Term Limits in Place for Directors
  • 3. Stringent Attendance Requirements for Directors
  • 4. Engage Members in more than just Fundraising.
  • 5. Narrow the Focus of the NRA’s messaging.

Learn more about the points and why they are important at the organizations website and LISTEN to this hour of radio:


Rob Pincus
Rob Pincus

About Rob Pincus

Rob Pincus has been educating people about defensive shooting and related personal defense topics for over two decades. He is the Executive Director of Personal Defense Network and the owner of I.C.E. Training Company. He has authored several books, produced over 100 training DVDs, appeared on several TV & Radio shows and trained military, law enforcement and armed individuals around the world. His advice focuses on efficiency and practicality based on his own experiences and continuing research of both real-world events and cutting edge training practices. www.icetraining.us


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    1. I go along with most of the suggestions. However i feel that the highly touted rating system must also weigh the anti freedom bills voted on by Congress senate goobernater president etc… i mean freedom is as freedom is. Yes the 2a is paramount unlike what whiney letspeeinfear’s i mean wayne lapiere has pushed in the past. Erpo, universal gun checks, firearm id cards, gca 34 68 86, hughes, silencers, bumpstocks, restrictions on normal magazines, one gun a month, caliber restrictions, magic bullet encryption, gun registration, politicians not sued under 18usc242 for deprivation of civil rights, money spent on ama and cdc to denounce guns, federal lands closed to firearms, restrictions on freedom of travel going from one place to another, new york and other agencies using xrays on vehicles with people inside, etc. All need to be fought like hell and politicians named as a party to every lawsuit. Every one of these is a violation of personal civil rights and liberties they must be held accountable for their actions.

      Also The current board must be relieved and LaPierre and his lapdog cox must be sued for gross mismanagement and malfeasance. They must be stripped of all power co tracts and retirement plans. They bankrupted the nra and caused great harm either by willful malfeasance or gross mismanagement. Either one must remove them from office strip their retirement and all consulting contracts they made with themselves. Wayne is trying to make it look like he is a victim but he hired ack mac and was warned by Robert brown they cost more than double than they should. cox is a guilty co conspirator and the board complicit with all of it. Oh yeah.. they are also legally responsible as well…. looks like couommie just may get what he wanted a big trial to grandstand on.

      For heavens sake get the freaking charter out of newyork.

      1. All nice ideas, but reality is a bitch. There are no workable mechanisms in place for any of this, like firing LaPierre and/or Board members, or moving the charter.

        Wayne LaPierre has the ultimate power in the NRA and he will certainly not fire himself or his loyal Board members. The NRA Board of Directors partially consists of LaPierre loyalists who will do everything to keep him in power and the rest are mostly cowards that won’t do anything. So far, only two of 76 NRA Directors have spoken up against LaPierre, Timothy Knight and Allen West. Wayne LaPierre seems to be dead set on leading the NRA his way, with all the financial corruption and compromises on gun rights, or burn it to the ground, so that no one else can take it over.

        Moving the charter is extremely complex and requires a number of lawyers, member approval, and, most importantly, money, time and planning.

    2. Great article, but why tie it to Rob Pincus, a johnny come lately, on the firearms training scene. Having attended several of Robs classes in order to learn what not to teach professional gun toters, I appreciate your trying to boost his credibility status. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

      1. Rob Pincus wrote the article and is interviewed in the linked audio. Rob Pincus has been a leader in holding the NRA leadership accountable. Your credibility status is exactly ZERO. Reading comprehension is essential!

        1. Actually, Charlie, your credibility is a joke. Everyone in the gun community knows what a clown Pincus is. His efforts to weaken the gun lobby for his own self interests proves this. He’s no better than Shannon Watts.

    3. Is a president/read LaPierre/ have salary of$.1.400.000?
      Also spending as much as he wants on anything he wants ?and all the time asking members for more donation.He don’t CARE about NRA ,but only himself.

    4. I am not happy too . Yes ,I am unhappy with the 503 BAH, BLAH designation . That is what limits the NRA’s effectiveness to a greatdeal , and the NRA’S political influence, as well as all other ‘PRO 2 ND AMENDMENT OUTFITS .’
      I read the criticisms of Wayne , LaPierre – the best and most faithful servant to the 2ND Amendment and The NRA membership- from the time I joined in 1968 to the present. I heard he spent money on fancy clothes, really good hotels, fancy food, limos – SO WHAT, I DON”T GIVE A SHIT, GIVE ME WAYNE ANYDAY.
      I heard some BLAH, BLAH , the NRA will lose its 503 tax free status. That will never happen . I will tell you why . You will have real attack ads, against MORON ANTI GUN LIEING and leaniing POLITICIANS. Do not forget this country , at this time is breaking 50/50 between REPUKES And DUMBS.The NRA is no different. If the NRA can come out swinging, screw the tax free status – a lot of pressure can and will be put on our DUMB members to come over into the light.

    5. Just because a person wears $ 2000 suits and gets their picture taken with important people it does not make a leader. LaPierre should step down and leave so we can get back to work and take on the anti 2nd Amendment crowd.

      1. It was apx. 4000 suits, and every ten days. On average anyway. The one year we’ve seen so far he spent 140,000 USD of the NRA’s money on clothing. An average of 383.56 per day, or 3835.61 per ten day period. Perhaps it wasn’t all suits, there were probably some ties and shoes in there as well, but it’s still quite excessive for the expense account of a non-profit corporation.
        No wonder they ran it all through Ack-Mac. All the better to launder the money into LaTrine and his minion’s pockets. It’s S.O.P. When running a non-profit. Just funnel the money off somewhere else to maintain your NON-profitability. The march of dimes, ACS, and all the rest run the same scam. Why do you suppose the big charities spend only 2-3 cents of every dollar collected on whatever cause they champion? All the rest is funneled away, or spent on perks and “administrative expenses”.

        1. i know! He should wear overalls when he’s trying to influence people. Maybe some high-classed flip flops.

          The clowns whining about clothes surely have no idea about how things work beyond digging ditches or working at 7/11.


      S – Smaller Board
      T – Term limits
      E – Engage with members
      A – Attend 100% meetings/functions
      M – Message simple points

    7. I agree with all the article’s suggestions about what the NRA needs to do to clean house and get itself out of the mess that the current officers and board have created, EXCEPT for one small comment that appeared here and which I keep seeing.

      The one exception I have to take is with the “back to our roots” — Sorry, Rob, but the NRA was not formed to be a pro-2A or pro-RKBA organization and it has never been one, so there are not 2A/RKBA “roots” for us to go back to.

      Rob’s graphic states “The NRA was founded to provide firearms training and education” which is close to accurate. Actually the NRA was founded to support RIFLE marksmanship through training and competition. It has always done that and continues to do that reasonably well even today. As an outgrowth of its interest in rifle marksmanship, the NRA became involved in teaching safe firearms handling. This is another area that the NRA has done well and continues to do reasonably well today. But the NRA has never been interested in supporting the right to keep and bear arms beyond the extent needed to support rifle marksmanship competition. Note that throughout most of the NRA’s long history there was never any real threat to the right to take a rifle to a range for an organized competition, most gun control efforts focused on pistols that might be carried concealed.

      So, what was the NRA position on gun control? The NRA actively supported the first national gun control law in the United States – the National Firearms Act of 1934. During testimony to congress in support of the act, NRA President Karl Frederick testified: “I have never believed in the general practice of carrying weapons. I seldom carry one. … I do not believe in the general promiscuous toting of guns. I think it should be sharply restricted and only under licenses.” THAT was the first official statement of the NRA position on the right to keep and bear arms — Read that again, according to the NRA your right to carry “should be sharply restricted and only under licenses.”

      After shepherding in the National Firearms Act of 1934 to control what kinds of guns people could have, the NRA then supported the Federal Firearms Act of 1938 which created the FFL system as well as being the first law to create categories of people prohibited from having firearms. Yes, prior to 1938 everyone had a right to keep and bear arms, but the NRA gave us the first of the ‘common sense’ limits saying some people should not have that right at all.

      Throughout the seventy years following those two NRA victories, not one piece of federal anti-gun legislation has passed the congress without the blessing of the NRA — yes, I know, most of those have been supported by the NRA only in the name of “necessary compromise” to supposedly avoid something even worse.

      The NRA supported the Gun Control Act (1968) with the compromise that avoided a national registry.
      The NRA supported the misnamed Firearms Owners Protection Act (1986) despite the infamous Hughes Amendment
      The NRA supported the Assault Weapons Ban (1994) with the compromise that included a 10 year sunset.

      The Republican 2016 hat trick taking a majority in both houses of congress as well as the White House was cheered by gun owners, but it was the worst possible nightmare for the NRA leadership and staff. Gun owners suddenly felt safe and that constant stream of donations to the NRA slowed significantly.

      Rather than make a serious effort to regain some of the rights that had been Negotiated Away in the past, the NRA was more interested in finding ways to keep up its long-established fund-raising model of constantly bombarding members with one Urgent Appeal after another to fight some supposed new threat. Without the constant threat of more gun control proposals to fight, the NRA was looking at a reduced budget that might lead to questions about lavish expenses and golden parachutes.

      Most recently the NRA hasn’t even bothered with the fig leaf of “compromise.” After the Las Vegas Shooting, it was the NRA that first seriously proposed a ban on bump stocks – then when the Republican majority in Congress failed to enact a bump stock ban, it was our own beloved leader Wayne LaPierre who personally met with President Trump to assure him of the NRA’s support for a ban by executive action. Does anyone really believe that Trump thought up having the BATFE redefine bump stocks as machine guns all by himself?

    8. LaPierre, right/ Wrong, guilty /innocent, no longer matters. If he is truly a 2A advocate he needs to resign. Wrong, or Right he is now a distraction. If he truly is a 2A advocate he should realize this and do what is best for the organization.

      Got a renewal in the mail but can not renew till a new leadership is in place. Not my fault, we can not win with this Tainted With his leader ship. Therefore not spending good money after bad.

    9. First and foremost, LaPierre must be ousted! He controls who serves, who get elected, hell, he most likely is the one who shreds the ballots as they come in to NOT be counted. He controls every aspect of the NRA and all suggestions without first dumping LaPierre are wasted words and a waste of time.

    10. Does anyone know how to contact the Board members by email? That would be a good way to express our views. Not through the Bureaucratic Filter of Headquarters!

    11. How about engage the members in one of the bylaws of the NRA…TRAINING THE MILITIA and getting behind REESTABLISHING it with a repeal of the DICK ACT of 1903. Without those most important 13 words of the 2nd amendment in force and effect, we are nothing but chattel to the powers that be via their thieving, stealing monetary system. We NEED those first 13 words, most likely the most important 13 words of the whole Constitution in force and effect because a WELL REGULATED MILITIA is NECESSARY for the SECURITY of a FREE STATE of existence. Without it, we are nothing buy one man weekend warriors. And in most cases nothing but keyboard warriors.

    12. The NRA definitely needs term limits! Corruption occurs a little at a time and progressively gets worse as in our Government. Eventually all you have is officials working for their interests and not the members.

    13. I want to see a full, independent audit and a change in leadership. The executives are mismanaging the NRA. The board is negligent in overseeing the executives. The board needs to get executive compensation under control. I didn’t donate to pay for LaPierre’s suits.

    14. The NRA lost its focus years ago. I am a Life/Benefactor who stopped contributing, supporting, or paying any attention to their election alerts several years ago. All too often they supported incumbents who were anti-gun. The NRA does a fine job promoting hunter’s rights and gun safety but fails when it comes to defending the Second Amendment.

      LaPierre must go.

    15. Ugh you know the board is pretty much powerless right. Wayne is King and little is likely to change. Saying otherwise is feeding the fable that the NRA is redeemable in its current state and that we should continue to support it. When the truth is it’s corrupt to the core, members mean nothing other than money for more corruption, the board is only a means for one to self benefit with no actual power in the NRA and Wayne isn’t going anywhere unless the bank account runs dry.

      1. Ugh, you know that Rob Pincus knows all of this and agrees with you, right? Rob Pincus has been calling for defunding the NRA for months, if not for years. Here is a December 2018 article where he says so in conjunction with his criticism of the bump stock ban: https://www.2ao.org/trump-bump-stock-ban-now-what/. Rob Pincus thinks beyond firing Lapierre & Co, which we should (firing and thinking beyond)!

        1. Okay then why are we talking about term limits, board attendance and the like? We haven’t worked out the first problem, that being how to regain control and prevent Wayne from passing the sword to the next corrupt turd. When we work out the first problem we can talk about this stuff. Until then figure out how make Wayne and Chris gone, return power to the board, that is after removing like minded turds from the board. I’m well aware of who Rob is and what he knows. It an enormous disservice to the people who aren’t all that in tune with what is happening and what needs done to focus on the end game when the problem still exists. Wayne is still King, the board is still useless, members still mean nothing and nothing is anymore different today than it was yesterday.

            1. @Barut, I think that LaP was using Cox as wolf meat. Someone high up had to get thrown to the wolves. Cox got picked.

          1. The only option that is left is to defund the NRA! Once the money is gone, so will be the corrupt leadership. We have to talk about what to do after the storm is over, though!

            By the way, Chris Cox has resigned. Yes, it can go that fast. What if Wayne LaPierre is in handcuffs tomorrow? We have to figure out a plan for what is next!

    16. The solution to any problem becomes easy, once the true source of the problem is recognized. That is what is being faced (or not) in the NRA right now.
      The powers that be at NRA have a vested interest in hiding the source of all the problems, since the source is them. Once that is recognized, the solution becomes simple; get rid of the corruption at the top, no matter how much trouble they choose to make on their way out.

      1. The question is, how to get rid of the corruption at the top? It is not as easy as you think. People in power want to hold on for as long as possible and people in the inner circle just want to take over and continue business as usual. Rob Pincus offers goals here, or at least a discussion of goals, to make people think beyond the current roadblock of reforming the NRA. However, the only path to achieve these goals still seems to be to defund the NRA until there is no money left to pocket by the NRA leadership. Rob Pincus has been calling for defunding the NRA for months, if not for years.

            1. I third it… the only way is to oust the crims by either force, prison time (these scams ARE illegal, just rarely prosecuted, since almost all non profits do it), or failing those, defunding. Proving money laundering, followed by prison sentences would be the best of all possible solutions.
              Strange isn’t it, that with all the hatred the left SAYS they have for the NRA, that Mad Maxine and Pelosi, et al, show not the slightest desire to prosecute these federal crimes? Why not? One would think a Congressional investigation would be called for, even if A-M and the NRA settle before discovery. Plenty of cause for subpoenas of both’s records.
              But not a peep from the anti-gun left. Why? Inquiring minds want to know…

    17. A thorough house cleaning top to bottom,term limits for all positions including the BOD and every BOD .no matter their last name currently Needs To Go NOW .

    18. .reduce board from 72 to 5
      .any dues payer can vote for any measure or board member
      .dues payer-determined pay & benefits for elected officers

      otherwise, FOAD

      1. The voting right is an interesting topic. I am an annual member of other nonprofits, where I do have voting rights. Having said that, the NRA is a political organization and could be taken over and effectively shut down by a mass influx of one-time signups if the voting right is extended to all members. Imagine Moms Demand Action taking over the NRA. All that is needed is a lot of anti-gunners to each pay a one-time $45 membership fee. Having said that, the current bar is 5 years of membership.

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