Despite Agency Abuse, FL Concealed Carry License Holders Number Over 2 Million

Official Communication by Marion P. Hammer
Unified Sportsmen of Florida Executive Director
NRA Past President

I Will Not Comply Ban Guns
Despite Agency Abuse, FL Concealed Carry License Holders Number Over 2 Million

Florida – -( The media is reporting that Florida is leading the nation and has now become the first state to have 2 million active concealed carry license holders. This is despite the irregularities and allegations of unlawful activities in the Commissioner of Agriculture’s office that slow and delay the issuance of licenses.

For the first time, since the “Right-to-Carry” legislation passed, the agency is being run by an anti-gun Commissioner of Agriculture. Some are accusing the Agency, under the current Commissioner, of unlawfully regulating and suppressing the number of licenses being issued.

The Agency is prohibited, specifically by statute, prohibited from adopting regulations or implementing policies to diminish the right of law abiding citizens to get licenses, but the law doesn’t seem to deter the current Commissioner anti-self-defense, hand-picked, upper-level staff.

Mr. Eric Friday, a Jacksonville attorney and General Counsel for Florida Carry, reported today that “Despite the claims by the Commissioner there is ample evidence that the process for issuing Concealed Weapon Firearm License is not going as smoothly as she claims.”

Florida Carry, Inc. has evidence that the Commissioner and her department are engaged in several processes to slow or delay Floridians’ ability to exercise their right to bear arms. These include using ‘secret’ evidence that the applicants and their lawyers are not allowed to see and refusing to grant formal evidence-based hearings as a matter of routine.”

“The department is also refusing to approve licenses based on decades old arrests that are not disqualifying and using other states’ (California and New Jersey among others) failure to respond to requests for records as a basis to indefinitely delay the issuance of licenses.”

“I am currently representing two clients regarding actions taken by the Department to deprive them of licenses without due process and based on information the Department knew or should have known was not reliable.”

When the “Right-toCarry” law passed, the legislature included a special section in the law to protect the rights of Florida citizens against anti-gun activities by the agency that implements the concealed carry law. The law is apparently being ignored by the Commissioner.

Florida Statutes 790.06 (2)(15) reads:

(15) The Legislature finds as a matter of public policy and fact that it is necessary to provide statewide uniform standards for issuing licenses to carry concealed weapons and firearms for self-defense and finds it necessary to occupy the field of regulation of the bearing of concealed weapons or firearms for self-defense to ensure that no honest, law-abiding person who qualifies under the provisions of this section is subjectively or arbitrarily denied his or her rights. The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services shall implement and administer the provisions of this section. The Legislature does not delegate to the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services the authority to regulate or restrict the issuing of licenses provided for in this section, beyond those provisions contained in this section. Subjective or arbitrary actions or rules which encumber the issuing process by placing burdens on the applicant beyond those sworn statements and specified documents detailed in this section or which create restrictions beyond those specified in this section are in conflict with the intent of this section and are prohibited. This section shall be liberally construed to carry out the constitutional right to bear arms for self-defense. This section is supplemental and additional to existing rights to bear arms, and nothing in this section shall impair or diminish such rights.

Unified Sportsmen of FloridaAbout Unified Sportsmen of Florida;

Unified Sportsmen of Florida was organized in 1976 for the purpose of protecting the firearms rights of all law-abiding firearms owners in Florida.


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Marion Hammer, corrupt Pierre Loyalist, NRA Fear Mongering Shill

“The Florida Senate is ignoring its own rules for how to conduct an investigation into whether powerful National Rifle Association lobbyist Marion Hammer failed to file a dozen years’ worth of quarterly lobbyist compensation reports as required by state law.”

NRA money flowed to board members amid allegedly lavish spending by top officials and vendors
Payments (that we know of) to Marion Hammer from NRA funds 2016-2018


Obviously NOBODY bothered to see if the new Commissioner of Agriculture knows her job description or if she’s even qualified to hold the position yet you’re all standing there allowing her to carry on… WHY? Remove her butt from office, IMMEDIATELY! She started violating the law after she raised her hand and took her oath of office and then started to fail in her duties as per her oath of office that is a high crime!


Expect this sort of thing when there is no specific consequence for official misconduct, The people who write legislation too often neglect to consider that bureaucrats oo often have an agenda that is a polar opposite of the legislation. Hang a few and the survivors become more attentive to complying with the specifics of the laws.


Be glad you don’t live in Illinois. we are dealing with an agency that is going well beyond the limits that were set to supply us our CCL’s. By law they are to be issuing licenses within 120 day period for those who don’t provide fingerprints. 90 days for those who do provide prints. Those in the 120 day category are seeing 140 days for there approvals. With fingerprints are seeing 110 days. With no effort from our state government to address the problem. Of course they will take your money for there outrageous fees within seconds.


So what are you people in Illinois doing to remove these people that are ruling over you?

Don’t ALLOW yourselves to be oppressed by a ruling class and then come on a public forum and whine about it without having done or are doing something to change the status quo! And don’t fire back with that pussified excuse that you’re only one person!


And if not for Hammer it would have grown by zero because we’d have constitutional carry if she wasn’t so intent on killing it while protecting the traitors who voted for the anti-gun disaster.


Dream on. Unless constitutional carry is nationwide, it’s useless.


There’s always the “don’t ask, don’t tell” option…