Madonna Deserves a Hypocrisy Award for Narcissistic ‘Gun Control’ Video

That’s entertainment? While “gun control” may enable this to happen to one of Madonna’s followers, chances are her armed bodyguards would make sure she was safe. (Madonna “God Control” screenshot / YouTube)

U.S.A. – -( “Madonna makes powerful gun control statement in disturbing music video: ‘We need to wake up’,” Yahoo! Entertainment’s Music Editor writes. “[H]er new clip for “God Control” …  may be her most shocking — and important — yet.”

Self-important, maybe.

The video recreates a scene right out of the Pulse nightclub murders and goes heavy on the simulated death.  As in the original slayings, which were committed in a “gun-free zone,” no one appears equipped to defend themselves. Whether the killer in Madonna’s video is also a registered Democrat is unclear.

“This is your wake up call,” the singer now presenting herself as “Madame X” tells her Instagram followers. “Gun violence disproportionately affects children, teenagers and the marginalized in our communities. Honor the victims and demand GUN CONTROL. NOW. Volunteer, stand up, donate, reach out. Wake up and insist on common-sense gun safety legislation. Innocent lives depend on it. Join me in supporting the following organizations…”

Would you take the shot? Sorry, no guns allowed. (Madonna “God Control” screenshot / YouTube)

She goes on to name the usual suspects, from Bloomberg’s Everytown and Marx… uh…March for Our Lives down to some obscure groups few have heard of.  Curiously, some of the majors, the Bradys, the Demanding Moms, and Gungrabby Gabby are left out, making it fair to wonder if it’s intentional. More likely, “Madge” (she used to go by that back when she was affecting a British accent and “murdering” pheasants until she became convinced their dead souls would come back to haunt her) has noticed a few of the players and now assumes herself to be an authority.

Such is the “common sense” from someone demanding “GUN CONTROL. NOW.” Funny thing is, Madonna didn’t seem to have a problem apparently violating New York state and City edicts in order to make a fashion statement with designer shoes.

This is hardly the Immaterial Girl’s first foray into citizen disarmament advocacy. She was one of the celebrity signatories of a Handgun Control, Inc. (that’s what the Brady Campaign called itself before they figured it would be smarter to hide their true intentions) “Open Letter to the NRA.”

In it, she and the other stage props called for all kinds of infringements—from waiting periods to bans on semiautomatic firearms, one-gun-a-month limits and more.

“We are not gun haters,” they assured us. They’re just fine with using the coercive power of the state (meaning they can shoot you if you disobey them) to impose infringements on you, just so long as their precious hindquarters are protected.

Madonna demonstrating proper head placement for “gun control” followers. (Madonna “Sorry” screenshot / YouTube)

Case in point: What happened when an “undocumented” intruder attempted to “migrate” over the wall and into Madonna’s Hollywood Hills estate some years back?

Her security guards shot him.

“Wake up,” indeed.

Check out Madonna’s “God Control” below, and doesn’t the presumptuousness of that title just about tell you everything you need to know? The good news is, even Parkland’s Emma González calls it “f**ked up.”

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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False Flags Happen

No on was hurt in the pulse night club false flag.


Putrid hypocrite scum!
So your palace guard can blast some dirtbag with weapons the quality of a John wick movie, but a single mother can’t defend her apartment with a highpoint?


“God Control?”

Is somebody finally stepping up to do something about all those “Assault Allahs?”


Why waste my time watching her video. She probably gets a point and a penny anytime somebody watches this ignorant slut. Did D.H.S. grab her ass when she stated that she has thought about blowing up the white house like they did Terrible Ted for making a statement that he would be supprised if obummer made it three months if re-elected. I don’t see equity in how the conservatives are handled vsn the demonrats. I used to like Taylor Swift but with her financing and support against the 2nd, she us just another P.O.S. like this one to me.

Mr. Bill

Madonna, who says she has “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House” knows she is too mentally unstable to possess firearms thinks no one is stable enough to possess them. This is the overarching commonality among those wanting to do away with the 2A.



Not at her – at you people.

Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from getting upset.

The Revelator


That’s ok, we’ve all been laughing at people like you for years…

Especially the ones who ironically choose names which are highly accurate as to their level of importance. =)
I’d explain that to you, but you’d just end up confused.


It strikes me odd that she refers to this as “God control”. With the perceived actions of the actor portrayals, it reminds me of why God struck down Sodom and Gamora. And when a person “stumbles onto her property her body guards SHOOT him. Tell you what a good idea would be if you want to use God’s name. Take away your body guards guns, turn them into the authorities, (guns and guards.) then fire them all and hire a group of televangelists to protect you. How would a criminal even consider using an ill gotten weapon to harm a… Read more »






I am really enjoying David Codrea’s articles. Tell it like it is!


Her favorite position in front of Dennis RODMAN . This bitch is more useless than AOC. It is a shame she did not have an accident while filming this video!!!!!!


Madonna is an over the hill, silicon, Botox fluffed ZERO, nothing but a ditch witch, twink licker… She is a HAS BEEN that no longer exists to 99% of american CITIZENS.


Madonna is still alive? Thats news to me..

Marie Stuart

Who gives a Dam what this Hasbeen have to say. She doesn’t even live in the US, stay in your lane Madina, no one cares how far you can Bend Over!!

Bill Jeans

Perfect spokesperson for the Left. Offered to .. uh .. fellate those who vote for the Hildabeast. I would be afraid my shots had expired, considering the source. What a “lady”. So demure.


She reminds me of a Raggdy Ann Doll which dates her good. She is also as sexy as a used condom. Just the sight of the slut can make your hair fall out. You should see her when she washes her face,” SCARY”, looks more like a Predator than a woman.


In Fact she makes a good Medusa! ! ! !


Looks like the Material Squirrel is trying to grab a nut in that photo. Wish l was that flexible! I’d never leave the house!




Imagine how many THOUSANDS of nuts (normal, bi and strap on) have been deposited in the hole the Material Squirrel is attempting to get too. This over the hill bi bitch is the LAST person that should throw her two cents into anything. She is surrounded by the bottom of the barrel scum, lets hope someone pulls the drain plug in her barrel and it drains.


Ill bet if you reached in her while at that position, you might find Jimmy Hoffa.

Roy D.

Her hypocrisy knows no bounds. Her video decries the presence and use of firearms because of all the deaths they cause. And yet, she lights up a cigarette/cigar and smokes in the video. Guns are used in around 40,000 deaths total in the USA every year. Smoking in the USA results in over 400,000 deaths every year including deaths from second hand exposure. But then liberals have no truck with the truth.

Crotalus Maxximus

Ditto on the tobacco. I will say she still knows how to make a glitzy video. But I have to wonder how she made those sixty some year old Ta-Ta’s plump up and jiggle so well?


If you look close, you will see a belly button between them.


Is that the method for self imposed cunnilingus??
Definitely a Hypocritical dumbocrat.
( If my dog humped her leg, Id shoot my dog!)

William D Jr Willever

gcm: I’ll take a bet on that about Jimmy Hoffa being there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s big enough,and well used, it’s the only thing she has because she hasn’t got a BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get Out

She’s another one who needs to voluntarily give up her armed security whether at home or on the road. She should take the “God Control” Gun control and apply it to herself before telling others to disarm.

Kenny Smethers

Crying over gun related deaths as she glorifies smoking,…the number one cause of preventable death in the US

Justice is coming

madooma: what an insult to the real Madonna mother of the Lord Jesus Christ. madooma is a satan worshipping numskull. She’s a hypocrite has been who threw her ugly ass body out for everyone who would waist their time to even watch her pathetic performances. She’s nothing short of a total used dusce bag. They should call her the madusa and her and ugliary clinton can hang out together.


I didn’t even watch the video because I didn’t want to throw up. It is amazing how many people call her everything but a good person but one thing I didn’t see was the word pig or hog and I think that fits her as well. She has made a fortune by being the whore next door and doing out of the norm sexual things that a woman with any intergretery wouldn’t do. Then to mention God in this ramble puts her exactly where she belongs.

Joseph Barrett

I think that shooting was a hoax, it’s a false flag attack. I don’t believe it for a minute. there’s too much evidence showing it was staged and there was no obituaries for any of those people just Facebook memorials. I know what you’re thinking, but do your research it appears to have been staged.

The Revelator

@Joey Barrett Would you like to cite your sources? See, We already know who it was, the real reasons he did it are already known, including his religious beliefs. We know how the Obama team tried to use it politically, and how the Media worked to cover it up with red herring stories about how the murderer was a struggling “closeted” gay trying to come to terms with a fight he had with a ex. We all know that was bogus. So please cite your sources. I want to verify if they are credible or not based on who you… Read more »


For one, the supposed dead ones I saw in the video were still breathing,
not to mention Madonna should be used to having juice shot across her
face, just not red. There’s eight minutes I will never get back.

The Revelator


I believe Joseph was referring to the actual Night Club shooting, although you did just give him a plausible deniability line.

Big difference between the video, and the real life incident Prima Donna is trying to use as justification for her video.

scott P kinsella

I didn’t know that that stupid, liver spotted, wrinkled old whore was still alive. She is simply pushing the left agenda for her puppet master Jews.


Say, isn’t mondonna a high school dropout? And before she became famous, posed nude, used drugs, bragged about being bisexual and all her sexual conquest of both men and women, yeah a real role model. She can’t sing, she always has 5 or 10 backup singers to cover up her voice. The main buyers of her music is 10 to 20 year old girls. Check this out, on the internet it says she has $850 million dollar fortune, unbelievable. So when they become rich, they suddenly “know it all and know whats best for the peasants”. Boycott mondonna cd’s and… Read more »

George Clark

Lest we forget sex with animals…….


Come on now George, lets not degrade the animals.


She’s a whore, a slut, anti-American (lives in England) and has about as much credibility and grasp on reality as Charlie Manson had. But she is loved adored and believed by all her loyal fans who will blindly believe and follow anything she says or sings, not unlike the Manson Family.