YouTube Weighs in on the National Rifle Association Controversy ~ VIDEOS

YouTube Weighs in on the National Rifle Association Controversy ~ VIDEOS

USA – -( In the ongoing story of the National Rifle Association shake up AmmoLand News readers are well informed and fall on both sides of the debate. In that effort of bringing you alternate opinions here is a selection of what the talking heads on Youtube have to say on the situation from folks many of you know and follow as they weigh in on what they see or hear. As well as where they fall on the debate?

The biggest takeaways are:

  • We have no good facts directly from NRA. They need to talk to the membership like adults and rip off the band aid.
  • Board members in general seem uninformed.
  • We love and respect what Wayne Lapierre has accomplished but the mismanagement is a fatal error.
  • That with increased transparency, communication and a true independent third party audit we can come out with a stronger NRA.
  • That this will not be over soon.

As always your comments are always appreciated.

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JPFO used to be great, but they’re not the same without Aaron Zelman and since they were sold to the SAF.


, Flatt, @USA, Nice Job, Thanks.

Will Flatt

You know the NRA dumpster fire is totally out of control when even Hickok45 says he’s gotta walk away and no longer stand with them. That speaks even louder volumes than Eric from IV8888 & Tim from Military Arms Channel doing a joint “gun gripes” episode criticizing the NRA and throwing their unequivocal support behind Gun Owners of America At this point, only a terminally ineducable and ignorant fudd would continue to unconditionally support Whiny LaPee-yew and his radioactive corruption. You know who you are. Everyone else will be doubling down, even tripling down, with support for all the… Read more »


What is JPFO?

Now there are two posts 🙂

Will Flatt

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. Their website is