Kansas Governor Kelly Headlines Anti-2nd Amendment Rally

Kansas Governor Kelly Headlines Anti-2nd Amendment Rally
Kansas Governor Kelly Headlines Anti-2nd Amendment Rally

Kansas – -(AmmoLand.com)- Kansas Governor Kelly’s defenders claim she supports the 2nd Amendment, but anti-2nd Amendment activists blew her cover last weekend by voicing their support for her at a rally to push a radical gun-control agenda.

Kansas Governor Kelly has called for new restrictions on firearm purchases and aligned herself with those pushing for red flag laws that would eliminate your due process rights.

Governor Kelly doesn’t share our values and she needs to hear from you: 785-368-8500

Leading up to the rally, the Co-Lead of the Topeka chapter of Moms Demand Action told KSNT that “Only federal dealers require background checks so people can go online or do private sales just to avoid that background check, which is really dangerous, and it puts guns in the wrong — in dangerous people’s hands.”

Avoid background check
Avoiding background checks?

Inaccurate and incomplete information is far too common coming from those fighting to restrict or eliminate the right to keep and bear arms. Help us spread the truth by donating to our political action committee or becoming a member today!

Congresswoman Davids Schedules ‘Roundtable Discussion’ on Gun Control

Kansas Congresswoman Sharice Davids Promotes Gun Control
Kansas Congresswoman Sharice Davids Promotes Gun Control

Governor Kelly isn’t the only prominent Kansas Democrat pushing to restrict the ability of Kansans to defend themselves. Congresswoman Sharice Davids from Johnson County is hosted a roundtable discussion on gun control this Saturday. The panelists include anti-2nd Amendment state representatives, an anti-2nd Amendment state senator, and leaders of anti-2nd Amendment groups Student Demand Action and Moms Demand Action. Congresswoman Davids doesn’t seem to believe there’s any need to include different perspectives on an issue in a ’roundtable discussion’.

Contact your Lawmakers.

Kansas State Rifle Association

About Kansas State Rifle Association:

The Kansas State Rifle Association has one purpose. To promote and strive for the improvement and protection of the firearms and sport shooting industry and protection of second amendment principals by encouraging and stimulating well-qualified individual citizens to run for public office and to take a more active and effective part in governmental affairs. Visit: www.ksraweb.net

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Green Mtn. Boy

Kansas Governor Kelly has called for new restrictions on the Constitutional rights of the people of Kansas,It would appear the citizens are in need of a new governor.


GMB, Right on.

Get Out

Yep, Anti-gunners keep telling the lie long enough it becomes their truth. Also, the Co-Lead of the Topeka chapter of Moms Demand Action needs to be called out to prove her statement that she can get any firearm legally online without a BGC. Does she know that : Online gun sites are regulated by the Federal government through mandatory laws that require selling guns online to be administered legitimately. The most significant law regarding gun purchasing is administered by the federal government. US federal law requires that all guns purchased online must be shipped only to a holder of a… Read more »


What part of the US Constitution are these tyrants going to piss on next?


Why attribute something to a “Johnny come lately” when you can quote the original:
“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
Joseph Goebbels


Once the 2nd amendment is gone the rest will be easy to get rid of. the rich and powerful like Bloomberg from every town have their ARMED SECURITY AND LIVE IN SECURE BUILDINGS OR COMPOUNDS AGAIN PROTECTED BY ARMED MEN AND WOMEN but are telling us every day people we don’t need to be armed. WHEN SECONDS COUNT, THE POLICE ARE MINUTES AWAY.

Wild Bill

@Bravo 6 8 Gulf, It could go that way. Positively feudal. The princes, barons, and dukes have armed contingents, walled living space, and authority over us. We peasants are permanently fixed to the land.
Socialism … how promising!


Sometimes I wonder if these CONTROL SUPPORTERS are to stupid to see the danger of an unarmed society or are they misguided in their desire to swallow the lies re: public safety. They must be unable to reason that if you can not defend yourself then you are a “subject” waiting to be enslaved or controlled. A check of history tells us that unarmed societies are usually conquered by an aggressive stronger nation i.e. Russia, Germany, Poland and to many to list here. It has been reported that Imperial Japan did not try to invade the USA because the citizens… Read more »


Here’s a short list of some nations which have confiscated guns and then murdered citizens:
Ottoman Turkey 1.5 million murdered
Soviet Union 20 million murdered
Nazi Germany 13 million murdered
China 20 million murdered
Guatemala 100,000 murdered
Uganda 300,000 murdered
Cambodia 1 million murdered
Rwanda 800,000 murdered
“That couldn’t happen here”, right? Tell that to the people at Waco and Ruby Ridge.


I received an invitation to attend Rep. Davids forum, but upon attempting to get the required acceptance to the event was advised that it was “Sold Out”. Now I know why. They DO NOT care to have the facts presented so that the public might be actually informed. I suppose that is the “Biden” effect of facts / truths. Scary!! The people actually making the decisions are less informed of the issue than their constituents. Fight back Kansans!


This is why muslims run for office as Democrats and not Independents. Neither of those groups have any hesitation about lying to further themselves or their causes. Also, both groups pretty much want all Republicans to die.


Not Real Sure How This Witch Got Elected, Kris Kobach Was Ahead In The Election Results Until LAST MINUTE Count. Kansas Has 8 Counties That Very High In Voter Turnout 95-99 %. Kansas is Also the Land Of The Three Suns, Sunshine, Sunflowers and Suns A B-tch-s.

Arizona Don

It is becoming obvious the anti-gun presidential candidates (which is most of them if not all) are determined to pass more gun restriction laws into effect should they attain a position of power in the upcoming election. In essence they desire to confiscate all guns. Taking Americans guns has, twice in the past, caused a war on American soil. Once against the British called the revolutionary war and the second was in Texas against Mexico which also brought on a war in Texas another revolutionary war. Both attempts failed miserably and there is no reason to believe another regardless of… Read more »

John H

I don’t know what it is going to take to get people to wake up, and realize that all GOD DAMN elected DEMOCRATs are lying douchebag that only want power so they can dictate their sick Ideals to the rest of the country !! Recall every Son of a bitch that took a oath of office where they swore to protect the constitution of the United states of America , and as soon as they get in office they try to put them selves above the constitution !! These assholes work for us, and we don’t owe then anything but… Read more »


It IS time to get these COMMUNISTS out of any and all PUBLIC OFFICES.


And the dhimmicrats continue in their racist ways.

John H

They really are that ignorant


I’m sorry but there is no need for people to own assualt weapons, 40 and 50 caliber rifles that can kill at a distance of a mile or if they do own one it shud be kept at a licenced and secure gun club no need for these in any houshold


I see that English isn’t your mother tongue.

Wild Bill

@Roy, I think that mac, the european peon, does not need a car, a house when a one room flat will do, more than one meal per day, more than two suits of clothes, one pair of shoes or more than four hours of electricity per day. If he has decided on more than that he is just wrong.
@macaroni eater, see how easy it is? I did not need to find out anything about you or your life to decide your future.

Dave in Fairfax

Mac, your first few words show the error in your thinking. “There is no need” is your lead-in. You don’t have to apologize, understanding the difference isn’t in your nature. In this country, unlike those of most of the world, we don’t have a history of having our personal bodies and all our possessions being owned by the government, whether it be a king or a czar. As a result our beliefs are based on our personal WANTS rather than on an externally determined NEED. Furthermore, our Bill of Rights doesn’t recognize Rights that have been agreed upon between a… Read more »


that has got to be the most moronic thing i have heard in a long time. lets talk logistics. that would be an extra monthly or weekly storage fee, for a person making a little over min. wage that would take their 2nd amend. if the weapon is needed for self-defense how would one get her or his rifle after hours, and that is just the first two that come to mind. Next what in gods name is an assault rifle? and a 40 caliber rifle that can kill out to a mile? PLEASE


No need for a car that can go more than 25 miles an hour either. Ban them all, we’ll all be much safer.

Wild Bill

@Ned2, Most facetious and funny!


I agree. You are sorry.

Oh, and the first 10 Amendments is called the Bill of Rights, not the bill of needs. Though, I do fully support your right to NOT purchase a firearm, of whatever caliber, if you chose not to.

Arizona Don

Why was the second amendment put in place by our founders? Do you know?

Will Flatt

He doesn’t know squat. If he did, all that BS wouldn’t be spilling from the sewer of his mind.

Will Flatt

STFU you commietard, and GTFO! Your less than worthless opinion is neither needed or wanted here!!