Trump’s Dig at Chris Cuomo Shows Arbitrary Danger of ‘Red Flag Laws’

So is our “pro-gun” president saying we must close the Meltdown Loophole? And speaking of “filthy language,” what does he want to “grab them by” again?

U.S.A. – -( “Would Chris Cuomo be given a Red Flag for his recent rant?” President Donald Trump asked in a Wednesday Twitter tweet. “Filthy language and a total loss of control. He shouldn’t be allowed to have any weapon. He’s nuts!”

He was referring to the CNN talking head’s screaming meltdown and threat of violence at a New York bar against a customer who called him “Fredo.”  His furious reaction is instructive, particularly in light of Cuomo’s elitist disparagement of Second Amendment-recognized birthrights. The well-earned Streisand Effect will no doubt follow him to the end of his days, but it by no means rises to the level of legal justification to confiscate guns.

Defenders of the right to keep and bear arms, alarmed by the president’s backsliding on promises made to gun owners to win their votes, are pointing out the obvious in their replies to the president.

“Your tweet here @realDonaldTrump is precisely why: 1) #RedFlag laws are awful policy ripe for abuse, and 2) why your personal opinion cannot lawfully or constitutionally result in another person’s fundamental human rights and property being taken from them by force (govt guns),” Firearms Policy Coalition answered back.

“With one Tweet POTUS explains how red flag laws can and will be abused,” commentator Dana Loesch weighed in.

The president is “Torn between two theories to explain his latest tweet,” Hot Air’s Allah Pundit noted. The options are the president “doesn’t understand why stuff like this will steel opposition on the right to the sort of red-flag bill he’s endorsed” or “He’s playing eight-dimensional chess, deliberately sabotaging the push for a new red-flag bill to please his base by showing immediately how it would be abused by the government once it’s law.”

That second option hardly seems likely. Trump himself notoriously argued, “Take the guns first, go through due process second.” And red herring edicts are the centerpiece of the new Republican push to capitulate on infringements, in the insane idea that there’s no amount of betrayals their desperate core constituents won’t tolerate. Hey, it’s worked in the past.

Option one is the most likely. He wasn’t serious but saw a chance to take a shot at an enemy with a “joke,” and didn’t think through who the butt of it really was, and the broader implications.

The guy with the power to destroy lives doesn’t get to joke like that, at least not with people serious about liberty. Ask yourself this: If Trump does win in spite of his presumptuous arrogance about multiple broken promises on guns, what’s to restrain him from showing “true colors” in his second term, when he doesn’t need to worry about reelection?

Undeniable betrayal is what will finally be the last straw for perhaps a critical mass of disillusioned gun-owning voters. It certainly takes the fire out of their bellies to do all the things necessary to “win” an election, particularly when it looks to be close, and 2020 is Donald Trump’s and an increasingly unprincipled GOP’s to blow.

So what can “we” do to stop the Democrats, who we know will gorge themselves on “gun laws” and pack the courts with fellow disarmament fanatics?

Perhaps the Republicans and the president believe the polls, that “gun control” is what the electorate wants, even though their premises are misleading and the people being asked only know what the media has told them about guns. Most respondents, literally, have no clue as to the fundamental truths behind what an armed citizenry represents and what they’re being conned out of.

That’s why, rather than preemptively surrendering, NRA “A”-rated and endorsed politicians, sold to us as “staunch supporters of the Second Amendment,” need to prove they weren’t just paying lip service. They need, now more than ever, to demonstrate that they actually understand why the Founders knew “the right of the people” to be “necessary to the security of a free State.”

Instead of caving and giving the gun-grabbers another incremental gain in their long march to getting it all, how about if those asking gun owners to trust them with political power use their long reaches and unique bully pulpits? How about if they explain to the public what the right to keep and bear arms is about, why it’s of paramount importance and always relevant, and how those who want to swindle that right away from them are lying?

If you agree with that, and if your rep is not a gun-grabber in a safe district/state, meaning your outreach efforts would be wasted, how about taking a moment to share your expectations with them? And while you’re at it, let the president know he’s risking everything and needs to stop with the infringements.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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The president needs someone to help him on this. Without the protection of ” Due Process”
the democrats would have removed him from office a long time ago.


If Trump signs red flag into law I am done with him the same way I was done with George H. W. when he raised taxes. Fool me once, shame on you. The bump stock ban should have been our red flag on Trump.


Bump stocks were a red flag for me. Look for infringements on rifle caliber pistols and birds head firearms next. Slippery slopes always lead downhill.


@StreetSweeper – Amen to that! Not only a red flag but unconstitutional by every definition. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of America loving, law abiding citizens became felons over night. How steep is the slope going to get – vertical?!

Operator Z

Scary stuff. Suppression of free expression. Red flags are a clear infringement on multiple rights.


As David said, Trump has done a lt for the economy and setting conservative judges but his lip service doesn’t match his thinking when it comes to red flag laws, bump stocks and suppressors. He may not nail us this term but if he gets another term then watch out. That is when politicians pull the stops and go for the real agenda.I hope I am wrong and Trump doesn’t throw us under the bus but I am not betting on it right now.


NFA became law because of one incident – it was emotionally driven as the nation was appalled over the incident. Taxing the ownership of machine guns created a small department within the IRS, maybe a desk or two in an office tucked away in a basement somewhere. This $200 tax meant nothing to the criminals, the mob who orchestrated the Valentine Day Massacre – peanuts to them. But to the average American, this amount was more than the majority had in their savings. Not seeing the long term ramifications, emotions allowed to control, the 2nd Amendment was cracked, infringement resulted.… Read more »


If I worked in law enforcement, I might be concerned with Red Flag Laws (known here in Kommiecticut since 1999 as “Turn In Your Neighbor Laws”) becoming more prevalent, and the abuse of such laws in frivolous manners. Could lead to a lot of dead LEO’s executing such orders against otherwise peaceable citizens.


Very True, Red flag laws or Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO) have them enacted into law in NJ this year. haven’t heard of any cases where this law has been used, but it’s a law this can and will be abused at some future point when there is an incident where someone feels that a firearm owner may be a danger to himself or others. There is no due process with these types of laws which is wrong. Our esteemed Progressive Governor Phil ” Mag Ban” Murphy is very anti gun. Before the President of the United States makes a… Read more »


ALLOWED? What a face-palm moment! Nobody gets it.


Glad to see more srticles pointing this out! This is not s joking matter!

Green Mtn. Boy

As Red Flag/GVRO’s violate the 4 th. and 6 th. amendments and are thus un Constitutional.


When I read of his slam on Cuomo I took it as hyperbole, a great poke in the eye of a nutjob political hack. There was in incident in Seattle shortly after that stupid state enacted one of these red flag things.. a man was merely walking around, handgun on his hip (can’t recall whether it was openly carried or was just really obvious from no effort to conceal), looking in shop windows watching people aimlessly, interacted casually with a few but generally kept to himself, made no suggestions of violence, contempt, or any such thing. He tends to pop… Read more »


The left will be trying to pass unconstitutional law from now on – get used to it. If we don’t seat (and keep) a SCOTUS that believes in upholding the Constitution, we’ve lost the war.

Trump is far and away our best bet at preserving and upholding the Constitution. I’m not too concerned about what he says, as most of it is posturing and strategy. I’m more concerned with what he actually does.


I watched Traitor Trump’s New Hampshire rally last night. Trump, the business man, “Sold” the idea of Red-Flag laws smoother than a used car salesman and the fools audience “bought” it. He brought up the notion we need to prevent those with “mental health issues” (whatever the hell THAT means – to be determined by psychiatrists?) should not be allowed to buy guns. The crowd applauded and cheered. I sat there amazed how ignorant they were to simply accept this JUST because “their” prez said it. Of course, no where did he mention the 4th, 6th and other Amendments already… Read more »


Red Flag laws will give gun owners the shaft.


At this point in time, there’s really nothing I can do about having Red Flag Laws passed or not. I can only hope and pray that we’ll be able to maintain what few freedoms we still have left for a while longer (my lifetime?). Good laws should be obeyed by everyone, bad laws shouldn’t be obeyed by anyone. The Red Flag Laws, if on the books and not applied, as in New Jersey so far, are fair game for arbitrary and capricious application, which is the SOP for all the Federal agencies and most of the States’ agencies. Ignore the… Read more »


Thank you. I am glad you mention that Trump “could be being cute” and signaling that “red flag laws” might readily be abused. Then again as discussed in the essay he might not be thinking that far ahead. Regardless, please help me (us) scenario plan (I expect others may use the nomenclature – “litigation game / exercise / decision tree”). Attorneys (I am not one) ponder the following; no need to opine here but perhaps write a separate blog essay or draft a more authoritative article. Several states have passed “red flag” / ERPOs / GVROs laws. One of the… Read more »


Will, did that!


Interpretation of someone’s (anyone’s) words is subject to a degree of bias and that bias is usually sourced from things that person has said in the past, things they have actually done and lastly things other people have said about the person in question. Keeping that in mind, I don’t recall Donald Trump being the type of anti gun sell out that he is being portrayed as. I interpreted his tweet about Fredo as being a sarcastic jab at red flags laws in general and Fredo is a perfect example of how those laws can be used to target anyone… Read more »

Ej harbet

FOREVER,chris coumo is to be called fredo! Trump should do a exec order for this.