American’s Gun Rights Under Attack from All Sides, Get Ready to Keep Yours By Force


Ft Collins, CO –-( “It’s so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been, had it never shone.” ~ John Steinbeck

In Iowa, Sleepy Joe just stated that he wants to “ban magazines that hold multiple bullets.” Since, in all of world history, no magazine has ever been manufactured that holds only one cartridge, Joe conspicuously wants a federal prohibition of all guns with, or capable of accepting magazines. Sleepy Joe is so predictable.

“Beto,” is advocating a “non-voluntary ‘buy-back’” (AKA: forced confiscation) of all currently legally-owned guns that he doesn’t like.

Listen carefully to Kamala! She said, “If elected president and you don’t surrender your guns, I will sign an executive order, and police will show up at your door!”

The dreaded, NKVD-style “knock-on-the-door-at-midnight” is coming to a place near you! At least Kamala is brutally candid, unlike most of her mealy-mouthed commissars.

Buttigieg “supports a new federal ban on assault-style weapons, as well as a voluntary buyback program for existing assault-style weapons.” We all know from past experience that the “voluntary” part is a lie (see Beto, above).

Booker, when elected, will establish a “federal registry” of all guns, plus a separate federal registry of all individual gun owners. We’re all going on a “List!” American citizens who want to continue to own guns will have to “apply,” and then re-apply every few years. Naturally, Democrat’s protective gaurds need not apply.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors (all liberal Democrats) just declared our NRA to be a “Domestic Terrorist Organization.” Simultaneously of course, ANTIFA enjoys their blessing. Individual NRA members are now “terrorists.”

Walmart’s CEO, also a liberal Democrat and who dubiously claims to be a gun-owner himself (they all do), has sanctimoniously declared his stores will no longer sell to us peons “ammunition for short-barreled rifles.” Like Sleepy Joe, he is sublimely ignorant of relevant facts pertaining to firearms, which is not surprising.

Democrats War on Guns
Democrats War on Guns

The dogma from Democrat/socialists is clear, and becoming clearer by the day: When we’re in power, we will come to your home and forcibly confiscate your guns, EVERY ONE OF THEM!

We, of course, will retain ours.

Past pseudo-pious declarations that “We are not coming after your guns” are/were sleazy lies, as we see.

Doubt that at your peril.

“The type of training (rifle/pistol in the Czech Republic) that we went through is currently impossible on my side of the world (France). And I realize how much those in former colonies of the USSR hunger for individual freedom, while how naively citizens of Western Civilization are carelessly surrendering theirs. When you have been brutally enslaved for sixty years by Communist tyrants, the word ‘freedom’ has special meaning.” ~ From a friend in Western Europe


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We are an armed people specifically to defend liberty. Looks like that will be forced upon us by new left progressives who are bent on destroying our Republic. So, show of hands. How many of us have ridden the gray boat or the 707 or 747 off to war zones to defend the American Constitutional Republic? And they think we will not defend it here in the homeland? They are suffering from a very special brand of stupid. Semper Fi


They will never know what’s coming out of the woodwork


Hopefully all have maintained their cb’s etc,phones wii no longer work


NOBODY rode the gray boat or the 707 or 747 to defend “our” REPUBLIC. NO ONE! EVER. The only time anyone was defending anything was during the revolutionary war and when the south tried to defend itself from the northern invaders. You tell me ONE TIME other then that that it was to defend the Constitution. What a laugh.

Wild Bill

@CL, The War of 1812. What is this gray boat?


I rode the 707 alright, but I’ll be damned if it had anything to do with defending the Constitution. Gulf of Tonkin was a fake attack reported by a Democrat president. Ostensibly to protect a small nation from Communists, all we accomplished was the loss of 58,000 Americans in uniform (with those of us who survived still dying at a rate higher than the population as a whole), replaced ultimately by a new minority, many of whom still do not speak English, and for whom we–40 years later–still print ballots and voting instructions in Vietnamese. I’d be happy to hear… Read more »


The oath of enlistment has no expiration date.

Deplorable Bill

The way and at least some of the reasoning that brought the United States of America into existence in the first place was governmental overreach in that the government attempted to deprive us of our weapons. There was a skirmish at Lexington but the main attack and attempt at confiscation was at Concord. That started the balls flying and it did not end until we had won our freedom and independence. The right to keep and bare arms is among those unalienable rights given from the LORD to man. There is simply no higher authority, anywhere, period. Unalienable rights are… Read more »


We WILL NOT comply

Operator Z

They aren’t for sale.


The most important 13 words of the whole constitution were done away with in 1903. Those words contain the word NECESSARY and it is the ONLY Place in the whole constitution that word is used. Without those 13 words in force and effect we will start with one and end with many as the new state militias begin forming as intended by the founding fathers. A well regulated MILITIA being NECESSARY for the security of a FREE STATE…. of existence will happen again.

Wild Bill

@CL, The Dick Act was just an upgrade of the national guard forces. The Dick Act has been repealed and replaced by many upgrades since. Neither the Dick Act, nor national guard upgrade statutes have any effect on the unorganized militia. We are still the unorganized part of the militia.


If they do start going door to door thieving private property, the amount of pushback will make the Bundy Ranch standoff look like a playground spat. Just like in Nevada, there are a great many just waiting for them to fire the first shot. We need to keep the moral high ground over these evil would be tyrants. So the waiting game…

Wild Bill

Knute, It would be good to make mutual defense agreements with your neighbors in advance. If the door to door, under color of authority thieves target someone, there will not be much time to react.


Politicians continue to display their ignorance of gun ownership. They will ignore facts and prey on emotions in an attempt to garner some votes. They really could care less about public safety, They have their own security to protect themselves.

Will Flatt

It’s about time that someone notable said what needs to be said out loud. PREPARE FOR WAR, AMERICAN PATRIOTS!! They intend to take all your liberty, but take from them EVERYTHING!!


I’ve been saying that since I was in my 20’s as I’ve seen more and more freedom taken away every year with more and more of their “laws”. Which are nothing but decrees of tyrants when there is no victim involved. A REAL CRIME has a victim. ANYTHING ELSE IS a violation of your natural rights. Buy rope. There is going to be a shortage.

Will Flatt

Actually I’m buying bungee cord, because I want to see them dance.

Wild Bill

@WF, So that explains the price of bungee cord going up, so fast!

Will Flatt

To quote Urkel, “Did I do that?”


: The concern for So Called Innocents in a time of War is exactly Why this nation has not Won a war since WW II. The Hell of War is what defeats an enemy. Leaving Nothing or No One that can continue the fight. This how and why the Nazi’s and Imperial Japan were defeated. If We must enter into a War for OUR Rights. It will require total destruction of the enemy. Until their will to fight is destroyed and their ability to seek power is ended. Keep Your Powder Dry.


Kamala Harris, just like the former PIMP in the WH, is Constitutionally ineligible to run for presidency. Neither of her parents are “Natural-Born citizens”. The bigger question is why hasn’t any Republican brought this up? I do not like having to vote for the lesser of 2 evils but this is what we face in 2020. The GOP are a bunch of pathetic, weak, passive cowards who do NOT stand up to defend the Constitution. At least 2/3rds are former attorneys so it isn’t like they have no knowledge of the law.

Wild Bill

@T, Article II, Sect. 1, clause 5 (Presidential Eligibility) does not address a candidate’s parents. This the presidential eligibility clause does not preclude one from running for the office of president.


Oath Keepers are everywhere! Treason is Not easily forgotten!


Nor should it be.
Treason is the worst of crimes, even murder. Because treason leads to thousands or millions of deaths, not just a few.


I don’t see a positive outcome. People are already being systematically disarmed, with and even without criminal charges. I doubt an “all at once” approach will happen. The highest are already succeeding. If I’m wrong then why is it when someone loses their firearms, there isn’t a group standing outside the local courthouse demanding the return of property? The constitution means nothing to policy but no one will do anything. It was nice while it lasted.


You’re right. Once they disbanded the militias with the “Dick Act” in 1903, the REAL teeth, were taken away from the people. And one slave with his rifle against an army of tyrants looses. HOWEVER, the war of the flea will be fought and the enemies of freedom will pay greatly.

Wild Bill

@CL, As I recall, there is funding language and use of federal military land for training language, but no disbanding language in the Dick Act.


You’re exactly right. Groups need to be formed locally. And on a larger scale.

Wild Bill

@Arny, The FBI brags that it has penetrated every militia group in the U.S.


Among many other lies and half truths that they tell….


The so called door kickers that these lunatics think will blindly follow orders have families and belong to communities as well. The police themselves at large would likely not feel too comfortable carrying out these orders while leaving their families home alone. I would never condone violence against innocent people, but there are those that might.


Most of the folks wearing uniforms are patriots. Feds are a bit different if you have been watching what is going on with the FBI. But local folks and our military are generally patriots except the very top levels where careerism trumps patriotism. The best role model we have for how law enforcement will act under extreme duress is Katrina. Cops simply went home. Bush had to draft cops from 20 different states to man up New Orleans and the surrounding areas because the locals simply melted in to the wood work. Most of the out of state cops refused… Read more »

Wild Bill

@ring, I remember one cop that beat up a little old lady that would not voluntarily surrender her little antique pistol.

Dave in Fairfax

WB, I remember that as well. The take-away is, don’t open the door for welfare checks and make sure it is blocked so that it can’t be kicked in. Gives a new meaning to RESIST!


To those of us that have been watching this for 30 years, this was totally expected. The Democratic party has been going to the left and the current batch of crazies running for president are as far left as one can get becasue to tell the truth they are all communists. Believe it becasue your gun rights depend on it. Communism is a funny thing. It’s a bunch of elitists and uber rich people who want to prove how smart they are by controlling everyone else. Guns have to go becasue when the surfs are fed a steady diet of… Read more »

jack mac

While our government officials are removing rights from the people, they are removing people from rights. Being a law abiding citizen will not prevent accusation of potential law violations. The accusations alone will lead to confiscation of firearms and denial of rights to arms. This is happening now even without new “Red Flag” laws. As we gather to make a stand, our number of legally armed is being diminished. Degrading more citizens into the prohibited person underclass is an effective tactic of our enemies. This reduces the resistance to force required to disarm the population. A force that will require… Read more »

Operator Z

I used to think it was all conspiracy theorist nut jobs but when they turned out to be correct so many times… hold on to freedom and hold onto those guns. We will not be disarmed and oppressed.

Some guy

Democrats are a tumor slowly destroying America. Like any cancer, the solution is to cut the tumor out and toss it into a fire.


Can we please stop with the silly talk of shooting the cops making illegal gun seizures? Or the fantasy of gun rights being restored by armed revolt. No more, please. Nobody on here has the balls to do it. And the talk of such nonsense lulls the dull minded gun owners into inaction politically, figuring, instead of getting active in a political campaigns, or donating serious money to pro 2A candidates, reasoning , “I’ll just hoard ammo and ARs and wait for the big molon labe moment”. Except it never comes. People need to wake the ef up and get… Read more »


T-R-O-L-L!! You just wait and see what happens if they try to confiscate any weapons.. Does the prohibition Ring a bell..How did that work out for the US government.. a quick tap out.. you would see asymmetrical Warfare in this country on a scale like never before… out of 300 million gun owners if only a fraction decided to use force it would be catastrophic to the law enforcement and military communities..have you been paying attention state’s completely ignoring federal law… dope smoking States, Sanctuary States States tracking down Electoral College Law.. states will ignore Federal gun-law too.. go back… Read more »


They’ve been taking weapons. No one has done anything. Unconstitutuonal laws have been passed left and right. If anything were to happen it would have by now. It’s sad really. One guy fights back and he’ll just be painted crazy. Everyone will buy the narrative as most have been.


Farnam, you’re consistently an imbecile and a fool, but this is above and beyond. You state in the title to prepare to use violence against sworn law enforcement, yet can’t even use the proper form of the word “yours”. Pure ignorance. You really need to shut up. These articles you write become more and more irrelevant every time you publish one. Ammoland needs to recognize that these whacko fringe views are detrimental to the cause as a whole. Are you really advocating “from my cold dead hands” to regular firearm owners amd enthusiasts? “By force”?? You re an irresponsible and… Read more »

Some guy

Then just turn over the guns and grovel for your rations KC……… You will live as a slave. We may die, but we will die as free men. Do you honestly believe Samuel Whitmore expected to survive when he stepped out of his home to confront a british regiment?


It’s always been curious to me that so many firearms advocates, instructors, marketing and sales professionals are so vocal about gun rights yet so quiet about taking steps to keep Americans safe from gun violence. We have the worst per capita gun violence rate in the world. We have 40% of the civilian owned firearms and 4% of the worlds population. 15-20 veterans kill themselves with a gun daily, another 45 Americans do also , every single day. We are the mass murderr capital of the world. Mofdrn infantry style rifles designed for killing human beings on the battlefield are… Read more »


Hard to believe you could be a member of this site and still be so confused. Your attack on the NRA and that of the city/county of San Francisco has it backwards. No member of the NRA has ever been responsible for a mass shooting. Mass shooters have ALL been Democrats like you. I say we will all be a lot safer if we ban Democrats…not guns!

Dave in Fairfax

Happyjack, ochwill isn’t really a member of this site, he’s one of the resident trolls. He spouts the same oldswill every time he shows up. It’s refuted, but he doesn’t care.

Get Out

Why do you always have to lie? Firearm advocates have always said that we should start enforcing current gun laws on criminals instead of disarming law abiding citizens. So Ochwill do you concur with Kamala, O’Rourke, Buttigieg, Booker and other anti-gun politicians if elected they’d, “If elected president and you don’t surrender your guns, I will sign an executive order, and police will show up at your door!”? Most people don’t react well to threats of violence that these politicians are advocating for any reason. Here are a few (safer) countries you can move to, choice is yours, we do… Read more »


Your post is so long because it’s filled with false information. I don’t believe you’re pro-gun. Every lie you posted is an anti-gunners propaganda line. You need to educate yourself with actual factual information before you come here spewing crap.


98% of what you just said is absolutely false. None of your statistics are valid, not a single one, and as one veteran to another, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Wild Bill

@KC, I forgot to tell Swill that even if his fake statistics were true, his point would still be moot because if there were only one person remaining in the US that wanted to own a gun, the majority could not stop him or diminish his civil right to get a gun or keep his gun.

Wild Bill

@O swill, Bla, bla, bla. Now here is the truth:There are 30,000 gun related death s per year by firearms. This number is not disputed. The U.S. population is 324,059,091 as of June 22, 2016. If you do the math, you will see that is 0.00925% . Statistically speaking, this is insignificant. What is never told, however, is a breakdown of those 30,000 deaths, to put them in perspective as compared to other causes of death: 65% of those deaths are by suicide, which would never be prevented by gun laws;15% are by law enforcement in the line of duty… Read more »


Ochwill is back. It has been a while since we have heard all the leftist progressive dribble time and time again I was able to just scan the dribble and didn’t even have to read it word for word. I wonder if he knows what it means when he just keeps repeating himself, over and over.

Wild Bill

@Tcat, refreshing weren’t it!


Wild Bill kind of like old home week?

Wild Bill

@Tcat, kind of brings a tear to my eye … like chopping onions!


What gun enthusiasts don’t seem to understand is the 2nd Amendment doesn’t give people the right to shoot guns. It says people can keep and wear (bear) weapons. Arms doesn’t necessarily mean firearms. And, owning a gun doesn’t guarantee protection. If an intruder breaks into your home, where’s your gun? No intruder will allow you time to go get it and load it. If you happen to have a gun within arms length at the time you still don’t have a right to fire away. Is the intruder armed with a gun? If not, you’ve got issues. Is there anyone… Read more »


If I understood that comment it goes directly to the top of the top 10 dumbest things I ever heard list ! That is like saying the 1st amendment provides the right to free speech but not the right to say anything. This comment is a very good example of what is wrong in this country. When guns are illegal to own and use the population of criminals in this country will be in the millions. Honest and good people own a lot of guns and much more ammo. It is a right that many have died for just like… Read more »


Check out the CDC stats on defensive gun usages. It’s hard to nail down the exact number, but it’s estimated to be in the millions. Apparently all you see is the MSM version of the ‘facts’.

Wild Bill

@Joe, another propagandist has landed. He flies right up to the correct answer, then makes a hard left. The purpose of bearing/carrying is to make a meaningful defense, which includes shooting. Arms is not limited to firearms, but includes every device needed to successfully eliminate a tyrannical government. If an intruder manages to make it from my front gate to my front door, I would be very impressed. If the intruder has a gun and foolishly decides to use it, then I will decline to save his life. Yep, lot of someones here at home. They are under the porch… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

WB, I’m trying to decide if it’s the same magpie that has shown up before.The writing is a bit different, but the viewpoint is the same. Magpies are smart birds, not this one. Ignorant doesn’t begin to describe him/her. I suspect deliberate intent. Methinks I smell Bloomie.


If you idiots really cared about deaths in this country, you would focus on the drug crisis in this country. Far more are dying every day, but i am sure the politicians have investments in “Big Pharma”. So the media also will be glad to deflect the focus away from this.

Get Out

You’re wrong, the 2A does give you the right to shoot or use the “arm” you’ve chosen to “bear” as intended, and it does imply that if needed it can be. You’re right that “owning a gun doesn’t guarantee protection”, neither does a locked and bolted door, but it does provide assurance of self protection if required. Should an intruder break into your home you have the unalienable right to defend yourself and remove the threat of an uninvited intruder by any means necessary, armed or not. With the current gun control knee-jerk BS that only targets the law abiding… Read more »


No, you won’t “see less instances of defensive use of firearms,” because patriotic, responsible gun-owning citizens will tell the worthless hoplophobic wastes-of-human-skin who propose that “knee-jerk-reaction gun-control BS” to go straight to hell… and to commit an act of auto-eroticism on the way down!

Even Homeland Security sees the second civil war coming, and it formally notified Congress in August of 2016 that civil war is “unavoidable and inescapable” (their wording).

Wild Bill

@JoeUS, If the filth and disease in the cities run their course, there may not be libtards to war against!


We can dream! By the way, an old Jewish adage applies here, and it says, “From your lips… to God’s ear!”


What if?; What if? With this kind of mentality, you might as well give up on life itself. Be my guest. There are NO GUARANTEES in life, only death is guaranteed. Besides, I wouldn’t trust you with a gun, anyway. You lack the required presence of mind. Just leave us alone.


More people are killed in this country every day from distracted driving especially cell phones, than guns I know as I use the jaws of life to pry them out of the wreckage. Where is the cry for a ban on cell phones, oh that’s right the government gives them out with my tax dollars so we can’t give up those votes.

1776 Patriot

If your ignorant statement of lies wasn’t such sad evidence of your delusional state of mind, it would be funny; nothing you said is backed up with true facts and data. I pray you find help for your mental illness.


Wow. I would say that magpie has the brain of one, but no bird could ever be this silly…