Jamie Schou: A Legacy That Lives On – Family, Foundation, & a Nissan “Send It” Titan

USA – NASHVILLE – -(AmmoLand.com)- Last September, Nissan began its Calling All Titans campaign to celebrate people using their trucks to help those around them. A year later, Nissan celebrates Jamie Schou, a TITAN of the Community who persevered through a rare and aggressive cancer diagnosis to create The Send It Foundation, a non-profit that helps young cancer fighters heal, together, through the joy of outdoor adventure.

Though Schou passed away in 2014 at 35-years-old, Jamie’s kind-hearted, adventurous spirit lives on through his family, his foundation, and his 2006 Nissan TITAN – which, to this day, still holds Jamie’s business cards, spare change and CD collection. The truck also serves as the “Send It TITAN” for The Send It Foundation’s outdoor adventure programs.

Last fall, when Jamie’s 12-year-old TITAN needed some significant repairs, Send It didn’t have the funds to cover it. Following a serendipitous meeting with the Nissan team at a lifestyle tradeshow in California, the company was able to help keep Jamie’s TITAN on the road.

Jamie Schou: A Legacy That Lives On – Family, Foundation, & a Nissan “Send It” Titan

The Send It Foundation has now completed 31 programs and served 150 cancer fighters, and plans for next year are underway. Jamie’s “Send It” TITAN remains in the mountains and at the beach with the Send It team, hauling surfboards, mountain bikes, skis, snowboards and Send It participants – and, most importantly, a bed full of treasured memories.

Jamie Schou
Jamie Schou

About The Send It Foundation

In the last year of his life, Jamie Schou created Send It, an apparel brand, and the Send It Foundation, a non-profit providing outdoor adventures for young adults battling cancer. Send It was born from Jamie’s love of skiing and the outdoors, his community in the mountains of Truckee, CA and his commitment to living each day to the fullest. His vision was to spread this message that while none of us know what tomorrow holds, what we all have is today. Send It serves as a reminder for each of us to live hard, love hard, play hard, and that ‘someday’ is today.

Learn more at senditfoundation.org.


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While I’m generally very happy for Jamie’s foundation and all he had done and had to endure with his illness that took him. Nissan has told me to go fuck myself when my 3 year old Titan had never had correct service from their dealerships before I bought it, and now needs $13,000 in repairs because they dont employ diesel mechanics anywhere. Their campaign was a joke because they have left many titan xd owners in the weeds.


This doesn’t seem like a very good story because it features a foreign vehicle. It may have been made here but the profits go to Japan. The vehicle is the focal point of the article and that is reputable. Sorry the guy had cancer and glad he helped others but there are many of us in the same condition and we do not get anything written about our foreign truck.