Holding Trump District Democrats’ Feet To The Fire Over Impeachment Vote

Opinion by Congressional Leadership Fund

Holding Trump District Democrats' Feet To The Fire Over Impeachment Vote
Holding Trump District Democrats’ Feet To The Fire Over Impeachment Vote

WASHINGTON – -(AmmoLand.com)- In case you missed it, Congressional Leadership Fund – the super PAC endorsed by House GOP Leadership – went up with new digital ads targeting all 29 Trump District Democrats who voted for impeachment yesterday. See highlights from press coverage as well as the new ads below.

CLF “didn’t waste any time trying to make hay of House Democrats’ vote”

BLOOMBERG: “The GOP didn’t waste any time trying to make hay of the House Democrats’ vote to begin an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. Moments after the House’s 232-196 vote… a super-PAC that supports House Republicans began an online ad campaign targeting voters in the districts of 29 Democrats who represent areas won by Trump in 2016.” (“GOP Ads Target House Democrats on Impeachment,” Bloomberg, 10/31/19)

FOX NEWS: “House Democrats in red districts who voted for the House resolution setting rules for the Trump impeachment inquiry are already under attack after a political action committee dedicated to boosting Republicans launched a digital ad campaign Thursday.” (“Republican PACs are already attacking vulnerable Dems who voted for impeachment resolution,” Fox News, 10/31/19)

“A boon to their efforts to retake the House”

CNN: “But beneath the display of party unity, many Democrats in competitive districts took pains to explain their vote, while Republicans boasted that it would be a boon to their efforts to retake the House … The Congressional Leadership Fund, a Republican Super PAC, announced on Thursday that it would air new digital ads against all 29 Democrats in those districts who voted for the resolution.” (“Vulnerable Democrats face new challenge following an impeachment vote,” CNN(https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/31/politics/democratic-moderates-impeachment-vote/index.html), 10/31/19)

“Republicans plan to deploy the inquiry as a cudgel”

POLITICO: “Either way, Republicans plan to deploy the inquiry as a cudgel against Democrats who touted moderate messages and promises to work across the aisle in their 2018 campaigns. From a tactical standpoint, party leaders said the ongoing inquiry has helped them recruit candidates and boosted their small-dollar donations. … The Congressional Leadership Fund, a GOP leadership-aligned super PAC, released digital ads Thursday morning hitting 29 Democrats in Trump-won seats who backed the resolution and said those members would face “their constituents’ wrath” in November 2020.” (“Few Party Defections Among Vulnerable Members On Inquiry Vote,” POLITICO, 10/31/19)

“The ads underscored the complicated messaging for vulnerable Democrats”

ROLL CALL: “The ads underscored the complicated messaging for vulnerable Democrats when it comes to impeachment. The vote Thursday involved the process for opening the impeachment inquiry, not whether Trump should ultimately be impeached… But that clarification hasn’t stopped Republicans from attacking Democrats” (“Meet the two Democrats who broke with their party on impeachment,” Roll Call, 10/31/19)

“Put many Democrats from districts won by President Donald Trump on the spot”

BLOOMBERG: “The 232-196 vote on Thursday blessing the inquiry, without any Republican support, put many Democrats from districts won by President Donald Trump on the spot by forcing them to decide whether to back an investigation that’s all but certain to result in impeachment. It’s a vote Republicans hope to capitalize on a year from now when those Democrats face re-election. … the Congressional Leadership Fund, a GOP super PAC, said it’s launching a digital ad campaign targeting 29 Democrats from Trump districts who were key to their party winning the House majority in 2018. (“Pelosi Goes All-In on Impeachment But Now Must Win Over Public,” Bloomberg, 10/31/19)
And don’t miss what they’re saying about our ads on local television…

Congressional Leadership Fund

Congressional Leadership Fund

The Congressional Leadership Fund is a super PAC exclusively dedicated to winning a Republican Majority in the House of Representatives. www.congressionalleadershipfund.org

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We need to be sure that they are firmly chained to the sinking ship.

Wild Bill

@Hank and Will, Of course, I don’t know for sure because I have not done a study or even a poll, but I think that even the least politically astute people in the U.S. are realizing that this impeachment is false, and the democrat national socialists are evil.

Dave in Fairfax

USA, “Nuttsy”, I like that. I’m gonna steal it. %-)


Those members of the house who call themselves Catholic or Christian, should be concerned about their breeching the commandment about “bearing false witness,” but perhaps in todays democrat/leftist party it is OK to breech anything to get what they want. They cannot legislate accountability of their misguided actions and the final judgment out of existence. They, like all the rest of us will be held accountable.


The scripture tells us of a great falling away as we approach the last times. There are many scriptural references to what we see going on at present in the middle east. Abortion is a lefty strong point, it will take something stronger than congress to move the killing of babies away from the lefts army of abortionists. The left will kill for money, and abortion is a money maker or they wouldn’t hang on to killing babies. The babies offer no resistance and that is what the left likes. Jesus said it would be better for those who harm… Read more »


The Democrats were so incensed at Trump’s victory over Mrs. “I Won the Popular Vote” Clinton, that in only 19 minuets after he took office, they started the “Impeachment” process against him. Nineteen minutes! What frauds, as they scamper about under the color of political law.


Does have to be their feet… does it have to be fire?????

Wild Bill

@frye, No, it can be their hands, wrists, and forearms secured with a nail gun if that bothers you less.


How about these Dems who favor impeaching President trump saying they are defending and supporting the Constitution!! What a lot of hot air from them. They aren’t supporting or defending the Constitution and haven’t in long time. If they did support and defend it there wouldn’t be all these unconstitutional laws proposed, enacted, and voted, signed into law. I’m referring to the 2A here something they don’t support or defend in the Bill of Rights. Hopefully this whole impeachment fiasco will blow up in their faces, and they should all be charged criminally . The players are known and they… Read more »


Bet you have not heard about this plan. The democrats developed a plan to impeach President Trump even before he took office and even before he spent one day in the white house. Please read this article which exposes the anti AMERICAN democrats for what they are. Hillary lost the election so like Kerry before her the democrats wanted revenge and planned to get the president impeached. Please forward.



The Republicans should be using this hoax as a cudgel to pound on the dems. I wonder how many constituents the dems represent are part of the 128K people that got a job due to Trump policies?